Doctor Who

Season 6 Episode 9

Night Terrors

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 03, 2011 on BBC America

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  • Night Terrors

    Night Terrors was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Doctor Who. The story was fun and scary. I liked the action and suspense. It was intriguing to see The Doctor find the boy who called out for help, as there were subtle suggestions to his true nature. It was awesome how George overcame his fear and finally felt like he belonged. Amy as a scary doll was quite scary! I liked how everything played out and look forward to the next adventure!!!!!!!!!

  • night terrors

    Genuinely scary episode of Doctor Who here.

    I'm impressed with the fact that there were able to terrify their audiences without the addition of supernatural elements.

    Nice twist at the end with the boy actually being the cause of his own nightmares which sends a larger scale message that we are all self-fulfilling prophecies.

    Takeaway moments were Amy being transformed to a creepy doll, Rory and Amy falling in the elevator, searching for the boy in the apartment complex, and the Doctor confessing that "monsters are real" much to the boy's father's dismay.

    Solid episode.
  • Anybody getting an Isolis repeat feeling here?


    My god. The Doctor once agian gets a distress call and what do we get? An alien child whose ridiculous fears nearly kill Earth.


    Well, at least this time Rory didn;t face near death again. About time Amy went through something just as bad.

    The Doctor passes himself off as a real doctor again, but it hardly seems likely that he actualy can be good at it.

    Dolls are the monsters this time huh? Well, they had to try something new, but really. Come on.

    Once again the Doctor's memory is having trouble figuring things out, so it seems they really like using the mentally againg gag of the Doctor.

  • The Doctor is back up to steam rescuing a small boy from his imaginary monsters. Or is he...


    A very solidly written episode, containing everything that is to be expected from "Doctor Who": Suspense, scary monsters, the Ponds attempting to figure things out and the Doctor attempting to put the parents minds at ease in his own (very) special way.

    The only tiny downside to this episode is that the authors own phobia for puppets shines through. Of course puppets can be scary if you design them to be scary puppets, but the story doesn't quite explain why there need to be particularly scary puppets in this episode. It's not that they embody Georges fears, they embody the authors fears. But again, now I'm just searching for it.

  • After receiving a distress signal from a boy on Earth frightened by monsters in his bedroom the Doctor and team go to Earth to find the boy and help him.


    I rated this episode as only a 6.5. I just didn't find it to be that good compared to so many others. While all Dr. Who's, of course, are scifi and pretty far out, this just seemed a bit inane. Of course the story is about an 8 year old boy who can't sleep at night because of his fear of monsters in his room. His parents also know there are other odd things about him. After the Doctor, Amy, and Rory arrive the Doctor manages to locate the boy. Meanwhile Amy and Rory are kidnapped and placed in an unknown location inhabited by giant toy dolls which appear like a less horrific version of Chucky. They spend the episode attempting to escape while trying to figure out what is going on with these dolls that turn the people they capture into dolls as well. During this investigation Amy is captured and turned into a doll as well.

    The Doctor enters the house of the boy, George, under the auspices of being a government health worker to help the boy. He works with the boy's father to understand what is wrong and starts investigating the boy's fear of the monsters which seem to be locked in his closet. The boy's father meanwhile gets suspicious of the Doctor but continues to work with him. While discussing George the Doctor figures out that he is not really the couples son which awakens the father to realize his wife cannot have children. The boys fears take over when he hears that and the closet opens and pulls the Doctor and father into the same place that Amy and Rory, and a landlord and old woman, have been taken to.

    The Doctor and father are then attacked by the dolls and fend them off while the Doctor continues to work on figuring out what is going on. He realizes the boy is actually an alien, a Tenza, and simply wants to be loved and raised by his "parents" but has a fear of being taken away and his fears caused the people to be taken by the "monsters" to a giant doll house. The Doctor realizes the boy has to abate the fears to destroy the doll house prison and set everyone free. As the boy enters the doll house the dolls go after him but his "father" fearing him being an alien but loving him more for being his "son" helps the boy to overcome the fears destroying the doll house prison and setting everyone free.

    This was just to me too hokey of an episode and was not scary at all. The main point was people need to accept things that are different and love each other above those differences which was the family getting together even though their "son", George, was not really their son but an alien. I gave this episode a 6.5 and will be looking forward to future episodes now that the second half of the season has fired up again.

  • The doctor investigates a boy who gets scared of everything and Amy and Rory get trapped in some nightmare realm, an average installment.


    This episode was a bit of a let down after last weeks excellent "Let's kill hitler". it's a about a boy who get's scared of everything for some reason and causes monsters to attack everyone around him. the people attacked don't actually die they get sent to some strange dimension where they get attacked by these doll like creatures. I'm guessing this is supposed to be one of those scary episodes and I guess some people would be scared, but i've seen this sort of thing before to be honest, it's nothing new. It wasn't all bad, at least there were some actual monsters, it's been quite a few episodes since we've actually seen some. I wish they'd go for some actual plot though rather than just trying to get cheap scares.

  • The Doctor is summoned to Earth to help a frightened little boy with scary monsters in his cupboard...


    Excellent premise for a top episode (I hate the stand alone moniker, story arcs were never a major part of Who until recently).

    Sadly this episode suffers from poor pacing and, crucially, just isn't scary. Even big kids like me like to hide behind the sofa occasionally :-)

    Alongside 'The Curse of the Black Spot' the weakest of what has been an terrific series so far.