Doctor Who

Season 6 Episode 9

Night Terrors

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 03, 2011 on BBC America

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  • After receiving a distress signal from a boy on Earth frightened by monsters in his bedroom the Doctor and team go to Earth to find the boy and help him.


    I rated this episode as only a 6.5. I just didn't find it to be that good compared to so many others. While all Dr. Who's, of course, are scifi and pretty far out, this just seemed a bit inane. Of course the story is about an 8 year old boy who can't sleep at night because of his fear of monsters in his room. His parents also know there are other odd things about him. After the Doctor, Amy, and Rory arrive the Doctor manages to locate the boy. Meanwhile Amy and Rory are kidnapped and placed in an unknown location inhabited by giant toy dolls which appear like a less horrific version of Chucky. They spend the episode attempting to escape while trying to figure out what is going on with these dolls that turn the people they capture into dolls as well. During this investigation Amy is captured and turned into a doll as well.

    The Doctor enters the house of the boy, George, under the auspices of being a government health worker to help the boy. He works with the boy's father to understand what is wrong and starts investigating the boy's fear of the monsters which seem to be locked in his closet. The boy's father meanwhile gets suspicious of the Doctor but continues to work with him. While discussing George the Doctor figures out that he is not really the couples son which awakens the father to realize his wife cannot have children. The boys fears take over when he hears that and the closet opens and pulls the Doctor and father into the same place that Amy and Rory, and a landlord and old woman, have been taken to.

    The Doctor and father are then attacked by the dolls and fend them off while the Doctor continues to work on figuring out what is going on. He realizes the boy is actually an alien, a Tenza, and simply wants to be loved and raised by his "parents" but has a fear of being taken away and his fears caused the people to be taken by the "monsters" to a giant doll house. The Doctor realizes the boy has to abate the fears to destroy the doll house prison and set everyone free. As the boy enters the doll house the dolls go after him but his "father" fearing him being an alien but loving him more for being his "son" helps the boy to overcome the fears destroying the doll house prison and setting everyone free.

    This was just to me too hokey of an episode and was not scary at all. The main point was people need to accept things that are different and love each other above those differences which was the family getting together even though their "son", George, was not really their son but an alien. I gave this episode a 6.5 and will be looking forward to future episodes now that the second half of the season has fired up again.

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