Doctor Who

Season 6 Episode 9

Night Terrors

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 03, 2011 on BBC America

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  • Anybody getting an Isolis repeat feeling here?


    My god. The Doctor once agian gets a distress call and what do we get? An alien child whose ridiculous fears nearly kill Earth.


    Well, at least this time Rory didn;t face near death again. About time Amy went through something just as bad.

    The Doctor passes himself off as a real doctor again, but it hardly seems likely that he actualy can be good at it.

    Dolls are the monsters this time huh? Well, they had to try something new, but really. Come on.

    Once again the Doctor's memory is having trouble figuring things out, so it seems they really like using the mentally againg gag of the Doctor.