Doctor Who

Season 7 Episode 12

Nightmare in Silver

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 11, 2013 on BBC America

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  • First half was lacking, second half was a fun ride.

    Of course it's no Doctor's Wife. Of course it's not. But for all the people moaning about this episode, give it a chance. The last monologue is worth it alone. I don't know, I just love how he wrote for Matt Smith in this episode, and what Matt did with the material. I keep forgetting he's an actor and not just the guy who plays the Doctor til this one :)
  • A total snooze-fest

    I didn't think Neil Gaiman's first episode was as brilliant as everyone else did, but this one? I think I fell into a coma about ten minutes in. Years from now I won't even remember this episode exists. As with Diana Rigg and Rachael Stirling last week, Jason Watkins and Warwick Davis deserved better.
  • Finally! A GREAT Cyberman Episode! It's about time! (Yes, pun intended)

    Reading a lot of fan reviews, it seems that the people that were disappointed with the episode were those who had super-high expectations that it was to be the greatest episode ever as it was penned by Neil Gaiman. However, my first reaction was even though it was penned by "The Doctor's Wife" writer Neil Gaiman, it was still a CYBERMAN episode, which gave me fairly low expectations. Ever since the Russell T. Davies Cyberman reboot "The Age of Steel", I just couldn't like the new Cyberman and did not find them at all interesting but a cheap knock-off from Star Trek's Borg. Those who remember "The Pandorica Opens" will remember the Cyberman head telling Amy "You will be assimiliated!" for instance. The Cybermen had never been portrayed properly and have been a far-cry from the Second Doctor's brillant "Tomb of the Cybermen".

    But Neil Gaiman has done the impossible - the Cybermen were so menacing and the threat was certainly real here - with every upgrade the Cybermen were one step closer from defeating their enemies and retaking the world.

    And kudos to Matt Smith. Mr Clever was such a great villain to watch and the dialogue between the two doctors was so much fun to watch - not to mention their fun interactions with Clara.

    And while some feel that this was another Deus Ex Machina, I disagree. Throughout the episode they made multiple references to the bomb, there were some extended shots of the Emperor wax-work that indicated that there was something more than just a fleeting comment, and they explained that the "hand buzzers" were an EMP device. I felt the ending was quite clever and much more well-earned than the ending to "Closing Time" where I felt ill after the Cybermen were defeated by a father's love for his baby.

    I'm definitely looking forward to the next Neil Gaiman episode. I feel he is easily becoming the second best writer for Doctor Who after Steven Moffat.
  • What a let down..

    When I heard that Neil Gaiman was going to write this episode I was so happy. I love love the Doctor Wife I think one of the grestest episodes of Doctor Who in a long time. But this time it didn't work. It was off some how and it was nice to get into the Doctor head for once and see the new cool looking cybermen but other than that this story was all over the place. The Kids were really bad actors not sure why we really needed Clara she didn't really do much and as an Companion she kind of boring. I know she the girl who die twice but other than that she just another forgetable companion to me. (Believe me you will forget her in a couple of years). Maybe Neil Gaiman can come up with a better episode but this one falls by the wayside.
  • Cybermite

    After Gaiman's last episode, this felt over-written and not terribly progressive. By now, the Doctor should know that any "last" of anything is bound to return to life somehow when he's around, that he should never trust that it's contained or dead or what have you. The kids felt tacked on and their dialogue was stereotypical. I got angrier and angrier each time the girl said something was stupid. It seemed that was all she said and she didn't lose that attitude at all by the end of the episode. As for Clara re-learning the Doctor calls her the impossible girl, that was progress, but about all we had. I will say that this felt very classic Who but probably would have benefited being a multiple-part episode, of which we've had very few this season. Mixed feelings overall.
  • Cyber six flags

    Well, this episode certainly was different. For some part i really hated it and for some part i really loved it.

    It has been quite a while now since we've last seen the it just me or did anyone else not quite appreciate the amount of 'upgrade'? I know it would probably make your enemy scarier to upgrade it with even more special skills but whereas the cybermen used to creep the living hell out of me the creep-o-meter didn't rise that high this time.

    Plus i was really annoyed by the new design since it looked pretty much exactly like the Borg of the star trek empire. Apparently the cybermen also have been assimilated.

    Also, why does a weapon that is supposed to cause implosions lead to an explosion?kinda messes up your evacuation-field-calculations doesn't it? And why did i feel like this was a sarah-jane-adventure all along??ok now. enough about the downsides...

    On the plus side: warwick davis for starters. just because he's warwick.

    Secondly i was positively surprised by matt smiths acting skills. for once i felt like he is genuinely using them to live what he's playing. Thumbs up and more of that please.

    Clara finally stopped looking like a freightened bambi and took action which suited her soooo much better. what a relief.

    Also: Quite interesting to see the insides of a timelords mind,even though the deeper parts were shielded. Question: is it just me or does it appear that leonardo da vinci must have been a timelord??!!

    It started out not being the greatest storyline ever written but it ended in quite an interesting plot. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of those upgraded version cybermen and those nano-insect-bug-thingies. I hihgly suspect the phone to be 'bugged'. Why else would it have been brought up in the first place and furthermore repeatedly? I didn't quite see the point of bringing the kids along anyaway as they didn't really contribute thing i really appreciated was the advise on how to react when being asked to be the queen of the universe. Clever one...

    To sum up: it started lame but eventually turned out to be entertaining in the end.

    Thoughts on next episodes though? I hope they're not stupid enough to really go through with the headline- but,reevaluating this season, who still knows?
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