Doctor Who

Season 4 Episode 1

Partners in Crime

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 2008 on BBC America

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  • Partners in Crime

    Partners in Crime was a perfect episode of Doctor Who and I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome, the characters were amazing and the aliens were interesting. I liked the plot lines and the idea behind spawning a generation of alien children, and it was cool how The Doctor made it clear he knew it was a violation of The Shadow Proclamation. I liked how the story played out and it was superb to see The Doctor and Donna together. I liked the ending and look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • The Donna Noble character just doesn't work for me

    Sorry, but the Donna Noble character just doesn't work for me. She comes across as a constant irritant, as a nag, and a shrill one at that.

    She is hardly the sort of a person anyone, man or woman, embarked on a great adventure would ever want to have along for the ride.

    Why would anyone out to accomplish great things, struggling valiantly to save the world, put up with all that yammering in one's ear?
  • If you would have told me I would like Donna Noble a year ago I would have laughed my heart out!


    Cathrine Tate returns as Donna Noble The Doctors newest companion, well technically not new but you get the idea.

    I'm sure many of you rember Donna's debut in "Runaway Bride", she was the bride that complained about everything and was yapping (much like the doctor). The episode itself is a chrismas special and is comic relif for doctor who fans after the season 2 finale in which Rose and the Doctor were seperated.
    That mad me sad but this made up for it as one of the funniest Doc who episodes ever!
    (I'm speacking about Runaway bride)

    Back to this episode, after a year since Donna last meet the Doctor and turned him down on the offer to travel with him, Donna now regrets it and is searching for the Doctor hopeing for a second invintation. The best way to find to Doctor is to find wired trouble, after many try's she finally finds a big one that leads her to the doctor.
    A crazy alien woman named Miss. Foster uses slim pills for a weired baby alien project. As she is bousting her evil plan to a captive reporter the Doctor and Donna meet face to face agin throw windows of the room Miss Foster is in (the Doctor on the outside and Donna on the inside).
    The two have a funny conversation as they read eachothers lips throw the windows, and then they are discovered. Long story short the two save the day and Miss Foster gets killed of her own undoing and Donna joins the Doctor on his travels.

    I got to say the 'Doctor who' show really makes you start likeing character you normally wouldn't.

    Great episode and great way to start a season, it will be interesting to see how things will develop as this is the first time the Doctor has had an partner who talks back to him and enjoys slapping him!

  • Cartoonish

    It is good to see the Doctor team up with another mate, but the whole thing seemed a little bit mild and soft. First of all, there was never a real sense of danger. It was hinted that a million people might die, but it did not feel possible. And of course, who could ever believe that those adorable little Adipose creature were really harmful? They were probably the cutest villains in Doctor Who.

    Another episode, which made this episode feel out of place, was the nanny defying the laws of gravity. It can only be seen in cartoons and they should never do it again.

    However, it is good to see that Donna is not as irritating as in 'The Runaway Bride' and that she can also deliver a few hilarious lines. Also, seeing Rose at the end of the episode was ominous and I will certainly be more interested to find out what has happened to her.
  • Another weak Russell T Davies Script

    Davies has consistently showed himself to be one of the weakest writers for the new show, his scripts alternating between plain slapstick and mawkish sentimentality.

    This one is no exception. Once again we are treated to an entirely unconvincing CGI alien, except rather than comedy he seems to have gone for the cute factor here. One of the things that he needs to realise is that he is nowhere near as clever as he thinks he is. Calling the fat aliens adipose (for those of you who are unaware, adipose tissue is where the fat cells are stored in the body) probably seemed very clever at the time, but it's not. It's trite and makes about as much sense as Star Trek having 2 races called Romulons and Remans.

    I know this makes me sound pedantic, but the best humour from Dr Who should come from character interaction, not goofiness or word play. Davies should watch City of Death if he wants to see how real Dr Who comedy works.

    Otherwise, Donna was not quite as horrible as I feared she would be. Hopefully she will be a bit more subdued in future episodes, and less like her character in The Bride. One caveat though, I think we've seen enough drama with the families of the Doctor's companions. When this was first introduced with Billy Piper, I welcomed it as a new direction. However, basically the same drama was played out with Martha and we see the beginnings of it here with Donna as well.

    The rest of the episode was pretty uninteresting. There was no sense that the Doctor or Donna were ever in danger. The slapstick scenes of the Doctor and Donna missing each other over and over have been played a million times in a million different comedies.

    Overall, pretty porr writing and a poor start to the season, but that's nothing new. Hopefully this season will see more of Steven Moffat less of Russel T Davies.
  • What is this? Doctor Who is way better than this episode!

    Terrible episode - no real storyline and the only good bit was the appearance of Rose near the end. It added some REAL drama to the episode we had been waiting for for a year. And that was it on the interesting front. Noramlly Doctor Who owns, but this was wierdly and uncharacteristically bad. I mean, just look at the "storyline": Doctor meets up with Donna (fine), deranged nanny helps to transform Earth into a clone planet (at this point we start thinking "huh?") and then it gets much worse because random little baby globs of fat forming out of obese humans swarm all over the planet. At this point we realise exactly how drunk or otherwise insane the writer must have been while arranging this episode.
  • Lacklustre for a first episode

    A fairly typical storyline makes this a bad start - but its what I was expecting. There was absolutely no threat hanging over anyone or anything in this episode - people taking the pill aside.

    There should have been and this is what happens when you dumb it down for children - it become comedesque!

    Tate is just not a Dr companion. Her role stinks of some executive trying to band up viewing figures but adding an established favourite into the cast! For me it doesnt work, and we shall see if Im right!

    The only real exciting point of this entire episode is the very brief glimpse we get of Rose Tyler (aka Billie Piper). Hope she makes a return later on.

    Overall not impressed. I ciould put all my dislikes aside of how this show has gone if they could only return to more adult themed storylines and plotlines - esp. w/o the campness and crassness in early Torchwood!

    Oh well, its going down the toilet!
  • Although not the best doctor who episode it was quite funny to watch!

    This episode is when Donna finds the doctor again. She's been looking for him for a very long time and eventually she finds him. However it's not that easy, they keep coming so close then missing eachother by a matter of seconds. The episode is based around these so called diet tablets by adipose. Yet of course it's not what it seems. They turn you're body fat into marshmallow like creatures that are born from the fat. Miss foster is leading the organisation and mysteriously has a sonic screwdriver remarkably similar to the doctors. At the end Donna leaves with the doctor to travel the stars!
  • While not the greatest of all the episodes I have ever seen it was crafted rather well.

    I will not get into name calling or giving my opinion of who acted well and who cannot act, that is not my job, they pay people for that, some of them should give their money back.
    I was waiting for it seems like forever to see a new episode.
    I enjoyed this one, it had a little bit of everything and just enough tongue in cheek to keep you smiling.
    The choice of the new companion for the Doctor would not be my first choice, I loved Rose and really liked Martha, I will have to do a wait and see here.
    I think what Russel tried to do with brining back the father and working a schedule for the shoot around him is commendable, sorry it did not work out.
    Is this an episode that will stand out in my memory, yes, for that one last scene where they bring Rose in for a screen shot. That one shot made it memorable. I miss her.
  • Is The Doctor bovvered?

    Ok when I heard that Catherine Tate had been given the assistant roll in the new series of Doctor Who I was very very worried as were quite a few of the fans. The Christmas episode she was in as an episode was OK but she was utterly dire, Catherine cannot act, is just shouty and nothing more than a one trick pony.

    However it appears that since that Xmas ep and the series opener the doctor who production staff, writers etc realised this and have made the character of Donna slightly less of an annoying cow. Also she can act much much better now and not rely on catchphrases or shouting swearwords.

    Initially getting the series opener off the ground without repeating too much of established history is always hard but I have to confess alot of this episode felt like the series 1 opener Rose. Doctor on his own, turns up to investigate something, character gets tied up in adventure, goes of with doctor. However it was a good episode, although at times it did feel a bit pantomime which I hope is just the opeing ep. Overall a good solid performance from all, Catherine Tate has learnt to act without shouting or going back to the one trick pony that is Lauren. She looks like she has an actual range of emotions not just, oy no and ahh fluffy. Her character at points, investigating strange occurances did feel a little like Sarah Jane but only a little.

    Effects were good as well although Sarah Lancashire did ham it up something rotten when being "taken back to the mothership".

    I liked this ep but my only worry is old one trick not slipping back to shouty, we dont want that we want acting please.

    David is now looking very relaxed in the role and I like how he portrays the doctor as someone who is feels geniune emotion when people get hurt by him.

    I am hoping some of the rumours about this series are true, such as Davros, guest appearence by 8th Doctor Paul McGann (who never got a good shot).

    Not the most stand out ep but a good establishing ep for the series.
  • ALright episode but needed some work...

    It starts up with the doctor and donna investigating the same thing but they never bump into each other until the middle of the story. They are investigating an organisation where there are tablets which make people loose fat. But suddenly the fat are turning into small little silly harmless creatures. Miss Foster chasing the doctor and donna with her sonic pen (that was a bit corny). I was kind of hoping that Miss Foster was a time lord, but thats a bit far fetched. At the end of it you see Rose which luckily from this episode doesn't make you not want to watch doctor who anymore. Really Roses face kind of saved this ep but doctor who has its corny pointless eps now and then...
  • 'I had that one day with you and I was gonna change. I was gonna do so much. Then I woke up the next morning. Same old life. It's like you were never there' (SPOILERS).

    Behold and much rejoicing, Doctor Who is back! Back for a fourth series, with a new companion- well, technically an old one- for a new stretch of thirteen episodes, it's the most wonderful time of the year! The series opener- Partners In Crime- sees Donna Noble on a mission; she's looking for the Doctor. Infiltrating Adipose Industries, a company peddling a revolutionary weight-loss method- where the fat walks away (literally)- she hopes to find the errant Time Lord. True enough, he too is investigating the company. Between them, they uncover a sinister plot: to produce an alien invasion from within the body. However, the powerful Miss Foster has other ideas… It's a nicely brisk and frothy adventure, but perhaps lacking the bite of previous series openers. Catherine Tate reprises her role as Donna Noble, last seen in a wedding dress disrupting a grieving Doctor in 2006 Christmas special The Runaway Bride. She gives a mostly decent performance, going a bit over-the-top on occasions but it mostly works. The script does tend to play to her comedic skills- most notably the gloriously OTT mime sequence where Donna sees the Doctor through the window of Adipose Industries- but there are a few quieter moments (such as with her grandfather Wilfred and with the Doctor when she discusses her life after meeting him) that show her more dramatic side too, which is convincing. It will be interesting to see Donna develop as a character and Catherine as an actress as the series progresses. David Tennant is as good as ever as the Doctor, by turns quirky and cheeky, steely and determined, yet lonely too. There's a lovely scene where he's examining the Adipose pendant excitedly; he makes a comment and then realizes he's alone. This is Tennant's third year as the Doctor and he truly has made the role his own.

    Of course, Donna's home life also comes under the spotlight. Jacqueline King returns as Donna's no-nonsense mum Sylvia who is frustrated at what she sees to be Donna's lack of direction and focus in life. The wonderful mother-daughter bickering is played to the hilt between the two women. Bernard Cribbins- seen as a newspaper vendor in 2007 Christmas special Voyage Of The Damned- also returns as Donna's grandfather Wilfred. Due to the passing of the actor who played Donna's father in The Runaway Bride, the character was retired and then changed to be her grandfather. Wilfred is tender and encouraging towards Donna and that scene is a lovely little gem. It's also a lovely moment that she goes to him (in the TARDIS) at the end to let him know she's found her man. Plus its hilarious that Wilfred- the ardent skywatcher- is completely oblivious of the Adiposian ship flying across the stars.

    Yes, the main villains of the piece are an unseen family who require to breed a new generation of children. Entrusting this task to a nanny, the Adipose tablets which help people to lose weight are actually a kind of seed from which a small baby Adipose will grow. The design of the Adipose creatures is terribly adorable and they're perhaps a little too cutesy to take seriously as any kind of threat. The en-masse effects used to create them are astounding and the streets full of Adipose really do have to be seen to be believed. Sarah Lancashire turns in an impressive performance as effortlessly efficient yet slightly sinister Miss Foster (the Adiposian's nanny). She has an amazing quality, much like David Tennant, to turn on a sixpence and become quite malicious. Her eventual demise is a wonderfully cartoony moment- the villain looking down only for gravity to kick in. The design of the massive Adiposian ship was also pretty brilliant and it looked amazing, dominating the skies to take the babies home.

    With Donna onboard the TARDIS (which is what this episode is all about), the episode deals one hell of a surprise. Ditching her mum's car-keys in a bin, Donna stops a blonde woman and asks her to tell Sylvia where they are. Donna excitedly bounds off; the blonde woman turns around and we see… it's Rose Tyler! Yup, Billie Piper has a wordless cameo in this episode. That was a moment of pure delight. Rose turns and walks away and vanishes. This tantalizing little clip has set the net alight with theories and ideas. Personally, I think its amazing that a spoiler of this magnitude was kept secret! You could have knocked me down with a feather when I saw that.

    So, all in all, it's a perfectly serviceable opener that gets things off to a rather cracking start. Next stop- Pompeii!

    As if there isn't enough hype about us poor fat people battling the bulge, now there is another fearful element in the fat war. You know I hate taking pills anyway but where was the health authorities in all of this? How many times have we seen this in real life? Whoops sorry we should have tested the drug a little longer. Anyone remember Vioxx?

    Okay! Okay! Over the top I know - but a lot of fun.

    Loved this episode. And wern't the little adipose cute! And weren't we all happy when the nanny Miss Foster got her wherefors? And a sonic pen as well. Just how many shapes and sizes do those things come in. Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!

    Okay - storyline was good and I loved the way gramps got to see his grand daughter get the guy and go off and be happy. And due to so many weird things happening in Doctor Who's London of late (you know titanics, spaceships etc) this would be one story he could tell his buddies down the pub knocking back a pint or two, that would be eagerly believed. It was good to be introduced to another baddy other than the cybermen and the daleks. And of course with the nanny being from another galaxy other than ones mentioned previously, we are introduced to the possibility of even more baddies out there in outer space.

    And what about that spaceship at the end? Great design guys! Can you make a desktop of it? I loved the way we saw the spaceship and the outline of the buildings as well just before it took off. That would look good as a desktop.

    Oh. Did Donna's mum get the car keys? I s'pose we will never know as "you know who" just disappeared. Rather rude that!
  • Music overpowered a story of fat busting pills turning peoples cellulose into aliens. The Doctor thwarts the invasion as usual while meeting up again with the runaway bride.

    The dominating music and poor sound levels made this episode unwatchable. The overpowering music often poorly matched what was happening while it drowned out the dialogue. Sound effect levels were either non-existent or incredibly low. Gun-shots were as loud as words, confusing the senses. If this was an experiment in audio it was a grand failure, or something went wrong with the audio, possibly left unedited. If this series hadn't already established itself as an excellent show this would go down as one of the biggest tv blunders in history. Hopefully in the future of Doctor Who they will show the TV show and not background music.
  • AH! (No spoilers)

    Overall, I thought the episode was okay - good, but not great. I was never a very big fan of Donna's character (the ditzy damsel in distress, especially when compared to the comanding personality of Rose tyler and the "brilliance" of Martha Jones. On the whole, I thought that the plot was a bit slow to develop, and having just watched the Torchwood series two finale, I expected something a little faster paced. I would have given this episode just a B, maybe a B+, but those last two minutes really blew my mind. I don't want to give anything away, but suffice it to say that you will not see it coming. A very unexpected twist indeed!
  • The Doctor and Donna i just loved it.

    Partners in Crime, what a brilliant episode great start to the new season. The Doctor and the Tardis are finally back,with the Doctor's new companion Donna.
    The Doctor and Donna make a great team, they work really well together. I found this episode to be quite entertaining in its humour and adventurous drama.
    Catherine Tate is just wonderful as the doctor's new companion; she is such a lovely character. I only had one problem with this episode and that was the short
    appearance of Rose, I felt this took away the limelight for the special moment for Donna as the new companion. This episode was well written and entertaining I can hardly wait for the next.
  • Donna Returns

    I really like this episode. I actually was one of the people who didn't completely hate Donna after her appearanc ein The Runaway Bride and I actually looked forward to seeing her again in this.

    It wasn't a disappointment. Donna is still a fantastic character. I love the humour she brings to the show and how she doesn't take any rubbish from the Doctor. It's refreshing to see a realtionship that isn't romanatic.

    My favourite part was when The Doctor and Donna were talking to each other when she was outside the door and he was outside the window. The look they got from Racquel (Sorry; Miss Foster) had me in stitches. I can't wait to see how the relationship develops throughout the series.

    And we saw Rose. To be perfectly honest I was never a Rose fan and so I am ambivalent about her involvement in this series. Oh well; I'll just have to wait and see.
  • Nothing really happened but ridiculously funny. if you don't like doctor who and wish to find a similar experience... well i can't think of any. Painful to watch but only to my sides which split.

    Much of the episode was filler of the doctor and Donna having very near encounters, now i didn't say it wasn't good filler. Miss Foster or whatever her name is was a very charismatic and interesting villan to watch. The doctors technobabble to himself really expressed his lonlieness and pushed the episode to higher steps on the ladder.

    Catherine Tates perfomance was much better than what it was in the runaway bride and she has most certainly became more bareable until she starts turning line at which point she just turns downright hilarious. The "you aint mating with me sunshine!" is probably one of tates best moments, that and the mime sequence. not only is Tate able to convey humour but also the emotions of donna.

    The "Blond Womans"(to avoid spoilers) appearence sent shockwaves through me as i wasn't expecting an appearence until "Turn Left". It was short but said much.

    overall this episode was fantastic and i can't wait for the fabulous looking "Fires of Pompeii". WELL DONE to everyone involved.
  • Unimpressive in places, yet delightfully zany in others. Season 4 gets off to an average start.

    A frothy piece of escapist fun this, but those looking for a little more depth will be left a little disappointed. As a season premiere it's little ho-hum, with little spectacle on offer or any true sense of wonderment -- yes, the little critters looked cute as a button, but the entire adipose development was a little underwhelming (especially when you consider the audaciousness of "Smith & Jones").

    Then again, if I were to focus solely on the adipose plot, which is truly the weakest link to the episode, I'd be missing the point a little. Russell just needed something lightweight in order to re-introduce the interesting dynamic between the Doctor and Donna. If we were whisked into an end of the world ordeal, it would have been a little bit too jarring to Donna's introduction, as she was received with mixed results in "The Runaway Bride" - ultimately, her character needed to appear larger than life; essentially larger than the main storyline, and it worked.

    So, how does she fit into the Who-verse?

    Rather well, it would seem. As a fan of Catherine Tate, I enjoyed seeing her onscreen again, and she offered up some genuinely humorous moments throughout. I found it a little bit iffy at times when she'd deliver certain lines, though, as I was thinking "Oh, now she's echoing so and so a character from her sketch show!". At times I couldn't really get her character, because she seems so similar to a number of her comedic ones. Still, there are enough subtle moments in the episode to give Donna that extra bit of likeability. The most noticeable being her rapport with the Doctor, we have none of that gooey eeeewy puppy dog eye stuff going on. It's quickly established that they're friends and friends only.

    "Mad Martha, that one. Blind Martha. Charity Martha!" I loved that bit.

    Pity about the Looney toon moment that followed, with the Nanny plunging to a hideous death in woefully Wile. E Coyote fashion. Although complaining about how a plot about walking, waving fat ended badly is a little too ridiculous. So I'll just say it was a fitting end to an utterly whimsical outing.

    Overall, a decent candyfloss opening. Catherine fits in rather well here, and with the sudden appearance of ROSE, it's a nice reminder that this particular season of the show will surely become a little more complex than usual, if anything, character-wise. It's a pity things are dealt with a little too light-heartedly, but next week looks to balance that out. Smashing special effects, too.
  • The return of our favourite Time Lord, the re-introduction of an old friend (or two), and a novel weight loss programme.

    Well the moment has finally come, and the Doctor and his companion have returned to our screens! The Doctor's 'new' companion is not new at all – she's Donna Noble who we met in The Runaway Bride, the 2006 Christmas Special.

    In the beginning we see that the Doctor is now once again travelling on his own (since he and Martha parted company at the end of season 3), doing what he does best - tracking a strange new alien 'menace' which somehow threatens the earth.

    The Donna character is more toned down since we last saw her in the Christmas Special. It would have been difficult to maintain the character for a 13 week series if they had tried to maintain the shouting, aggressive and confronting Donna Noble from the Runaway Bride. This will hopefully give the character more depth and make her more bearable to watch for a full season.

    Donna, who despite her claims at the end of The Runaway Bride that she will travel, see the world and "go out there and do something", appears to have much the same old life and is now living back at home with her mother and grandfather. Since we last saw her however, she has realised that she was a complete fool in turning down the Doctor's offer to travel with him in the TARDIS. Donna tasted excitement when she met the Doctor previously, and obviously having realised there is so much more to the universe, is now actively seeking out the strange and unexplained in the hope of someday meeting up with the Doctor again.

    The 'villain', Miss Foster (played by Sarah Lancashire with a nod to Jo Frost's Supernanny), is the foster mother of the Adipose children which are created from the fat of unsuspecting humans undertaking the Adipose Industries weight loss programme – "The fat just walks away".

    The entire episode is more comedic than scary, and the first 20 minutes of the episode are of the Doctor and Donna narrowly missing one another as they follow the same investigation in true comedy farce style. When they do finally meet, Catherine Tate puts her comedy background to good use with a wonderful mime conversation between Donna and the Doctor.

    The purpose of this episode is to re-introduce Donna and her family to the Doctor (and to the audience), whereas the alien menace of the week is more cute and funny than threatening.

    The episode sets the tone for the Doctor and Donna's relationship as travelling companions, introducing a new dynamic from those companions of the previous three series. We were also provided with a delightful and unexpected teaser/twist at the end (which I will not spoil for you) and we will hopefully see it drawn out over the coming weeks to come to a head around episode 11 of the series.
  • Trimming The Fat Written by Russell T. Davies' Directed by James Strong

    Donna: "You don't want me".
    The Doctor: "I'm not saying that".
    Donna: "But you asked me. Would you rather be on your own?"

    Fresh from seeing poor Owen and Toshiko getting killed in the Torchwood finale "Exit Wounds", I was looking for something a little on the frothy side of things. For the most part that is exactly what the opening episode to Season Four offers.

    In the last two months, we've been bombarded with trailers, consistent press coverage and thanks to Radio Times, we know the basics of every episode and we've even gotten close to knowing to who the big threat in the finale is. Of course instead of looking forward, I really should concentrate on the present.

    Donna Noble – of the all the potential would be companions to bring back, I will openly admit that she wouldn't have been on my list at all. Although I had softened to her halfway through "The Runaway Bride", I just didn't feel the need to see anymore of her.

    The great thing about nine months since it was announced that Catherine Tate would be back full time is that I've had a chance to get used to idea of Donna around for a full season. In fact judging by the adamant from everyone that Donna would harbour no romantic designs to The Doctor, I've come to the decision that she could be a lot of fun to have around. Oh and this episode just goes to confirm my good feelings about her as a companion.

    Since her encounter with The Doctor, Donna made the vow to go off and enjoy her life. Like many things, it was easier said than done as she's unemployed and living with her mother. Plus there's also the fact that she has to deal with both Lance and her father Howard's, it's fair to say that Donna has had a bit of bad time lately.

    The only thing that is worse than drifting and feeling down is then having people state the obvious and bombards you with unhelpful advice. I know Donna didn't exactly tell her family what really happened on her not a wedding day but Sylvia's lack of sympathy did suck. At least Jackie and Francine (as super critical as they were) showed just concern for Rose and Martha. Sylvia just basically treats Donna as an imposition.

    But then again, it's not like Donna is actually useless either. She admits later on in the episode that her eyes have been opened and she also seems to be actively seeking The Doctor. If there weren't later scenes to suggest otherwise, you could believe that Donna did have a romantic interest in The Doctor. The reality is that she just wants to go travelling again.

    Better than that is her conversation with her granddad Wilf. He was the vendor from "Voyage Of The Damned" and I personally think it's great that the writers have found a way to use him in the series. With Howard dead, it's nice that Donna has one male figure in her life that has a good influence on her.

    Wilfred not only provides welcome relief from the nagging that is Sylvia but his belief in UFOs make him the best candidate for Donna to tell someone about The Doctor. There's something rather touching in the way these two do interact with each other and you can only hope for some of that during the season.

    Another good point about Donna is that not only does she believe in the bizarre but she's actively seeking it out. Okay it's in a bid to get to The Doctor but points for assertiveness no less. It's also because of this that Donna gets caught up in the big nasty of the episode.

    In every season premiere, we've had something relatively different. We've had the Autons for "Rose", Cassandra and cat nun nurses in "New Earth" and in "Smith And Jones", there was brilliance of the Judoon and the Plasmavore. Here is no exception as the company Adipose Industries is up to no good and it's not just Donna and The Doctor who can sense that.

    Nope thanks to the rather shrill and calculating owner Miss Foster, a journalist called Penny also seems to be interested in what really is going on with this place. Okay so you've Miss Foster bragging about the fat walking away because her special pill is the best thing someone with obesity can use but I've always been suspicious of diet pills, so I'm with Penny on this one.

    Seeing both The Doctor and Donna trying to investigate Adipose but missing each other continuously for the first half of the episode was silly. However I wanted light hearted and this was where the episode delivered. Pretty inventive how they managed to miss each other when they were in the same building and neighbourhood doing the same thing.

    Donna's turned into a bit of a Sarah Jane with the investigation lark. She was able to pose as a Health and Safety worker (she had actually quit two days prior) to get a client list and even managed to get talking to one of Adipose Industries victims Stacy. Okay, The Doctor did the same thing and talked to a guy named Roger but he's got way more experience so it looks clever with Donna doing it instead.

    As for Stacy, this show could've gone for a grisly outcome with the consequences of her taking those pills but settled on something more differently with the fat from Stacy's body morphing into an Adipose creature. Worse still things got so bad that her entire body ended up becoming loads of them. Certainly not a good way to die.

    The Adipose themselves however are the cutest little things this show has ever done. I mean seriously you want to pick one of those things up and keep it as a pet but given that they come from fat and are under the care of ice queen Foster, the odds of them being entirely benevolent aren't that high.

    With both The Doctor and Donna then heading back to Adipose Industries, the episode does begin to progressively speed up some more. Donna's more than happy to put herself in mortal danger than having to deal with her mother and hiding in the bathroom at Adipose Industries is an okay enough plan to try and get some more information.

    However I did think for a second that she was screwed when Miss Foster rounded her guards and invaded the bathroom. The thing with Penny was a little bit of a cop out but given how cynical Penny was about the diet pills, it makes sense that she would in turn go snooping.

    The funniest sequence of this episode however is how The Doctor and Donna end up reunited so to speak. With Miss Foster basically telling Penny every part of her plot, both our heroes spend time trying to communicate with each other via separate glass windows. It's moments like that show why Catherine Tate has done so well for herself in the comedy field.

    Even funnier is Miss Foster interrupted their exchange when the evil bint cops on that she's being spied. After then waiting a good deal of time, it's nice then to have Donna interact with The Doctor. If he was hoping that she would've calmed down since he last saw, he can think again.

    Donna's first reaction to see him is a rather cheeky one but she doesn't hold back on being glad to see him. She might not have enjoyed adventure two years ago but now she's game for it. That doesn't stop her blaming The Doctor when Miss Foster nearly has them killed on the outside lift but the camaraderie these two have is brilliant.

    Even Miss Foster is a brilliant villain. I've never been the biggest fan of Sarah Lancashire but she's pitch perfect for this role and oozes enough nastiness without going into panto mode. It's also interesting that the motives for the Adipose are for once not quite as ambitious.

    Miss Foster has no real interest in killing humans or destroying earth, she's basically just a glorified nanny who's been paid to produce as many of the Adipose kiddies as she can muster. Naturally she doesn't take too kindly for The Doctor trying to stop so there's some predictability in her trying to kill have him and Donna killed.

    As for the invasion of the Adipose kids – that's something that has to be seen to be believed. Okay it is frightening to see a few people die in order to become these things but their little march is hilarious and on the cute side of things as well. Plus while The Doctor and Donna actually stop Miss Foster from producing more, he doesn't have any intentions of killing them. Even Donna takes notice of that.

    Miss Foster on the other hand isn't so lucky. She might not get to see a jail cell or The Doctor's wrath up close and personal but thanks to her contractors; she does get to be dropped from a great big height. Perhaps every now and then, maybe a villain on this show should listen to The Doctor, if only to avoid getting killed.

    Donna meanwhile has her own decision to make. Instead of being asked by The Doctor whether or not she can travel with him, she insists on it. When The Doctor does show some reservation, I have to admit I did feel bad for Donna. Her excitement over the idea of travelling in the TARDIS is contagious.

    Given his previously bad experiences with companions, it is good that The Doctor is being wary. He points out to Donna that he did treat Martha rather badly and there's some genuine remorse in his voice too. He also points out that Rose is still gone as well but when Donna does challenge him about being alone he accepts her onboard.

    It's a good thing for him to do and it's even better to see Donna and The Doctor wave at Wilf at the end of the episode. I liked that while Wilf wasn't envious of Donna, he did applaud her for doing exactly what she wanted to do. Donna found her Time Lord but it wasn't the only thing found on this episode.

    For months, it's been well documented that Rose Tyler was returning to the series for the last three episodes but to see Donna pass Rose by and tell the girl to pass on a message to Sylvia was a big case of "WTF"? It doesn't help also that a large chunk of this season will have to pass by before we get any continuity on Rose, nor it is explained how she also faded at the end. But it's an amazing way to reintroduce the character.

    Also in "Partners In Crime"

    The new credits look a little better than in the previous episode. It's Catherine Tate who's added back in as well.

    Miss Foster: "Oh Penny. If cynicism burned up calories, we'd all be as thin as rakes".

    Anyone else the introduction of this episode was a reverse of "Smith And Jones"? Given that Donna is supposed nothing like her predecessors it does make sense.

    The Doctor: "What's that?"
    Claire: "My telephone number".
    The Doctor: "What for?"
    Claire: "Health and safety. You be health and I'll be safety".

    The Doctor: "The thing about cat flaps is they don't just let things in, they let things out as well".
    Roger: "Like what?"
    The Doctor: "The fat just walks away".

    Although it isn't subtle, it did take me a while to realise that Miss Foster was dressed like Supernanny in the episode.

    Wilf (re Venus): "That's the only planet in the solar system named after a woman".
    Donna: "Good for her".

    Wilf: "You seem to be drifting sweetheart".
    Donna: "I'm not drifting, I'm waiting".
    Wilf: "What for?"
    Donna: "The right man".

    Donna ran away when she was six after Sylvia refused to take her on holiday. I wonder how Sylvia will react when she realises that Donna's further away now.

    Sylvia: "It's my turn for the car. What do you need it for?"
    Donna: "A quick getaway".

    Sylvia: "Why are you whispering?"
    Donna: "I'm in church".
    Sylvia: "What are you doing in church?"
    Donna: "Praying".
    Sylvia: "Bit late for that madam".

    I think this is the first episode in which we've seen that tracking device of The Doctor's.

    Penny: "You can't tie me up.What sort of country do you think this is?"
    Miss Foster: "Oh it's a beautifully fat country and believe me, I've travelled a long way to find obesity on this scale".

    Miss Foster (to Penny): "I'm surprised you never asked me about my name. I chose it well. Foster as in 'foster mother'. And these are my children".

    Originally instead of Donna, we were supposed to get a companion named Penny with a lot of Donna's characteristics but instead we just got a character called Penny.

    Donna: "This is all your fault. I should've just stayed at home".
    The Doctor: "I won't be a minute".

    Penny: "Is anyone going to tell me what is going on?"
    The Doctor: "What are you, a journalist?"
    Penny: "Yes".
    The Doctor: "Make it up".

    Yet another bondage theme this week. First Torchwood are anti-bondage (well just Jack) and now Doctor Who are pro-bondage (given how much Penny is tied up in this episode). And I thought this was a family show?

    Miss Foster (to her guards): "Tie her up".
    Penny: "Oh you are kidding me".

    The Doctor: "I had this friend, Martha Jones. She was brilliant and I destroyed half her life. But she's fine now, she's gone".

    Donna cracked me up with she dubbed Martha "mad", "blind" and "charity". I'm really looking forward to seeing how these two interact in the next three weeks.

    Donna (re Adipose family): "What are you going to do? Blow them up?
    The Doctor: "They're just children. They can't help where they come from".
    Donna: "Well, you've changed since we last met. That Martha must have done a number on you".
    The Doctor: Yeah, she did. Yeah. She fancied me, you know.".

    Donna (re alien stuff): "Some people just can't take it".
    The Doctor: "No".
    Donna: "And some people can. TARDIS. Come on".

    All the bags that Donna packs definitely showed a practical side. It also means that there's no excuse for Catherine Tate to wear the same outfit for the first half of the season as well.

    The Doctor: "I just want a mate".
    Donna: "You want to mate?"
    The Doctor: "I want a mate".
    Donna: "Well you're not mating with me sunshine".

    There's some specific chronology, so I don't the distance between this and "Voyage Of The Damned". On the music front, there was the "Doomsday" score when we saw Rose and the Donna theme is quite lovely.

    I won't lie. Anyone who knows me knows that this is my now favourite show and thanks to "Partners In Crime", I'm now totally convinced that The Doctor/Donna team is gonna be every bit as brilliant as the ones with Rose and Donna. The humour was fantastic, the Adipose were cute, Rose's brief appearance made me jump for joy and overall, I'm ecstatically thrilled that this series is back. Not too sure about the early timeslot though.
  • We have here what is known in the trade as a modern miracle – the first decent season premiere episode in three years.** CONTAINS SPOILERS**

    OK, so it doesn't have to have the touch of class about the scripts that Tooth And Claw or Blink has, but the opening episode of a year has to tick various boxes on its way to greatness. Our hero has to be slightly altered by tumultuous events over the past year. Recurring or new assistants have to do more than just stand in a corner moping before being swept up for the ride – in other words, they have to contribute to the plot. (Sorry if I am following well established moaning paths here, people, but PLOT IS KEY.) Nasty characters or monsters are NOT – I repeat NOT – allowed to be cartoonish in any shape, size or form. And a big action sequence or little teaser for the year arc encased in a jaw-drop moment is always nice.

    Oh , and I almost forgot, Russell T Davies is strictly forbidden from ladelling on the camp factor in massive doses through excessive uses of "bodyswopping" or "genetic transfers". I realise here I've just summed up "Partners In Crime" nicely. Here I am, having built up an aversion to first episodes (especially during Season 2 and 3) and just when I'm not expecting anything, a pleasant surprise like this lands in my lap. Plus , RTD has pulled off the impossible of making Catherine Tate likeable. Must be the combination of the alien Time Lord and that dodgy time vortex at the centre of the TARDIS. It turned poor old Rose into a she-devil with mad hair and glowing eyes. (More of her later, of course). It destroys half of Martha Jones' life. And now it has given Donna a life plan and a purpose. But this was always RTDs' plan. Its called continuity and character development. It's a lovely moment where the Doctor is trying to dissuade Donna from joining up by admitting that he basically ruins folk. However, he's fighting a losing battle here. When he has managed to transform Tate from the old cliché "am I bothered?" into a sassy eyes-open and aware heroine, he has to take the help and the companionship – its for his own good, anyway – All work and no play, as well we know, makes Jack a dull boy. The danger (and life trashing) comes later on – and only a few will make it out alive.

    Of course, with all this new assistant setup going on, surely the monsters are relegated to third string with no development? Amazingly, no. The only truly evil girl out there is of course is Sarah Lancashire – and she gets her just desserts. The real stars of the show are of course the Adipose – fantastically realised by those genii over at the Mill effects house. Instantly cute and cuddly, of course – even though they lead to complete cellular breakdown. It's not their fault. They just want to be loved – and reach a home they can call their own (with the help of a lift from Mum and Dad.) Where a previous years Tennant or past Doctors might have viewed the fat friends as a threat to be wiped out, our new caring sharing Time Lord realises his debt to Martha while still retaining his hard edge for Miss Foster. And the wonderfully-stirred kitchen sink mixture still has time to throw in a kickin sonic battle, a lovely Close Encounters pastiche and a lovely turn from Bernard Cribbins.

    And that's all before Piper enters the fray.

    As you may or may not know, looks like Rose will take centre stage on episode 11 ("Turn left"). So to see an early appearance from Billie was both beautiful, staggering and very intriguing. If she has learned to break out from parallel Earth as it seems , has she worked out the formula on her own? Has she arrived of her own volition? Or is her hand being forced by forces (or organisations) unknown ? Is it basically, as I believe it to be , a big old trap?

    Looks like the cards are all slowly coming into play for what could be a massive Season Four. It needs to be with only four feature length episodes planned for 2009 – a "Last Of The Time Lords" style foul-up with such an extended break on the horizon doesn't bear thinking about. RTD needs to learn his lessons – and not crack under pressure looking for desperate fillers. And breaking the opening episode jinx is a good start – lets hope that he uses the same pen and the same brain where "Partners In Crime" came from a few more times during 2008.
  • He gets by with a little help from his friends...

    It's a pity Russell T. Davies can't tell the different between a joke and a cliché—or, at least, can't finesse his cliché's better—because this episode is more than another custard pie in the face – there's a rolling pin hidden under its seas of frothy cream.

    The substance comes in a climax that requires the Doctor to do more than press buttons, connect wires, and babble: he has to grow. It's brilliant to watch Donna asking him "what he needs", so she can enable him; and akin to watching Ian put the first Doctor in his place.

    Rose's return was unexpected, perfectly judged, and completely sinister. Annoying that we have another bloody family. (And despite being a national treasure, Bernard Cribbins mugs shamelessly.) But my real complaint was the Donna was the teensiest bit understated. I expected something a bit more...volcanic. But maybe we'll get that in the next episode.
  • The series returns gracefully in a light-hearted and halirious style, making it the best opener since 'Rose'.

    Only Doctor Who could think up a Story like this this, and only Doctor who could do a story like this. Partners in Crime is everything Doctor Who is about. They say darkness follows the Doctor, but so does stupidity. This episode brings smile after smile with great charecter chemestry and nicely timed comedy. Already theres a feeling Donna will bring out the Doctors personality in ways we havent yet seen. This is everything a opener should be, a simple story which leaves room for charecter establishment and a good time, and thats what you get.

    The story as you probably already know involves a new diet pill on sale in the UK, with a sinister but potenitally harmless alterior motive. Alien super nanny Ms Foster has come to earth to find a breeding ground for an alien race, and using obese peoples fat is the handy solution. This can go bad as is seen early on in the episode in a sweet bit of CGI, and of course almost happens at the end.

    The relationship with Tate and her Grandfather (the fantastic Bernard Cribbins) was great to watch, and the scope for his future involvement is storyline is left open to many a good idea, as well as her mum making it public news what her daughter is up to!

    This is not the best Doctor who episode to date and series 4 will obviously out perform it first episode, but Partners in Crime is no dissapointment, and its great fun and totally refreshing. Your in for a treat, so long as your not expecting serious hard-core sci-fi.

    As a fan this does everything I like about Doctor Who, and I think is faithful to its roots.

    Put simply, A great laugh.
  • This is a very classic example of Dr. Who. And it sets up what is going to happen in the upcoming season nicely.

    This episode was quite odd, not amazing, but it started to set up the next episode very well. It had a decent villain, but it was just more happy go-lucky then anything else, and it was a little out of character for that reason.

    In the episode, the Doctor saves the day, like normal, but he seems to be much, much more passive in how he does it. As compared to his much more active role. It was an episode where he was getting a new companion though, and it focused as much on her as the Doctor, that drops this episode down some in my mind.

    However, an old friend returns for this episode, so that was fun to see, as it tells a good amount about what will happen in the next season, without really giving up too extremely much.
  • The Doctor? "DOCTOR WHO? " Exactly! Back again for a fourth season, Doctor who comes in with a bang! Great Story, Good family Viewing!

    The Tenth Doctor is back for another season of fun and high adventure! David Tennant
    ( Born David John McDonald ) returns as the time traveling adventure "the Doctor"; Starts off the fourth season with a Good story and the help of Catherine Tate, who reprises her role as Donna Noble the newest Companion to ride along with the doctor in the T.ime A.nd R.elative D.imensions I.n S.pace "Craft". ( or T.A.R.D.I.S. for short ). I'am not going to give you a blow by blow account of the episode ill just Tell you to run to go see it, and bring the whole family. its worth the watch! And if your a long time fan....wait till you see who makes a Quick appearance near the end. : )
    Oh! and high marks too the Special effects people. good job!


    Samuraikuroi USA
  • The beginning of a fourth season

    Doctor is investigating Adipose industries cos he thinks there is sonething sinister there, Donna is investigating there cos she wants to meet the Doctor again and go travelling with him. they eventually meet up and join together to fight the villianous Miss Foster who is trying to kill people to make loads of cute little creatures called the Adipose. The doctor and Donna manage to stop Miss Foster from killing 1 million people by stopping the process. The king and queen adipose then take the cute little adipose babies onto their ship and kill Miss Foster. Donna joins up with the Doctor and (unknowingly) talks to Rose!!!
  • Donna Noble joins the Doctor as his next companion. Will she become as beloved as Rose and Martha? She brings a different dynamic to the table.

    As a US resident, it was amazing to be able to watch this episode just a few hours after it aired on BBC One. The opening was very smart, with Donna and the Doctor both after the same goal yet continually missing each other until it was critical that they find each other. One benefit to this season opener was that we'd already met Donna two Christmases ago, so less focus on who she is was necessary. I can't say I love her character yet, but I didn't think I'd like Martha after losing Rose, and my opinion certainly changed soon enough last season!

    The plot/villain was a little more lighthearted than many, with the cute little Adipose CGI creatures running everywhere. Miss Foster was chilly and a little bit creepy, but in the end proved to be just a pawn. One lingering question I had was, what do the adult Adipose look like? Somehow I doubt they are as cute as their offspring!

    I found myself wincing a little bit towards the end when Donna seemed to be absolutely throwing herself on the Doctor, which came off to me as very desperate. I was nearly afraid that he would tell her she couldn't come with him! However, the "mate" dialogue exchange set some needed boundaries for this new pairing.

    Of course, seeing a certain blonde at the end of the episode left my mouth gaping (and very excited to see her again).
  • The Doctor returns. As does The Bride. And someone shocking (although, only in a cameo)...

    Well, it's back. It's been a long wait since the end of last series, but Doctor Who has finally returned to Saturday nights, albeit at an earlier, stupider time. Last series saw the Doctor leaving Earth following a lost year of torment at the hands of the Master, who has now died. Martha, his loyal, yet utterly crap assisstant quit, choosing to stay with her family. So, the Doctor left and went on to save the Earth in the god awful Christmas special with Kylie Minogue.

    What we didn't realise in that Christmas special is that the Doctor met someone who is linked to his new assisstant. The Doctor spoke to an old man in the abandoned London streets - that old man is Donna Noble's grandfather. Donna Noble was the runaway bride two christmas's ago, and now she's back as the new sidekick.

    And she rocks.

    Gone are the weaknesses to her character that were present in the christmas special. Now, Donna Noble is a worthy assisstant. Granted, she's not exactly the brightest tool in the shed, but she is worthy nonetheless. And Catherine Tate plays her with enough relish to make a burger taste funky!

    So, on to the episode.

    "Partners in Crime" revolves around the Doctor investigating strange goings on in the diet clinic of Adipose Industries. Meanwhile, Donna is doing the exact same thing. The two keep missing each other by seconds, and this brings forth much of the episode's comedy. It turns out the revolutionary Adipose drug is actually a seed, creating little creatures made up of fat. Somewhat gruesomelly, they can also absorb people's bones, hair and organs, meaning they can kill via birth. However, the Doctor realises it is not really their fault and the fault lies with the Nazi-lite head of Adipose Industries, Mrs. Foster.

    This episode is fantastic. While not a classic episode, it is still really, really good. The chemistry between the Doctor and Donna is there from the get-go, and some of the comedy is priceless. The family dynamic is much more interesting than the terribly poor one present throughout season 3, and Bernard Cribbins pretty much steals the show as Donna's eccentric uncle.

    The highlight of the episode is the mimed first encounter between the Doctor and Donna, which is one of the funniest scenes in the series, and a reasonably good re-introduction to their relationship.

    The biggest shock of the episode, however, was the cameo by Billie Piper as Rose Tyler. Presumeably, Rose's return will be the running theme through the series leading up to the finale.

    Overall, a cracking first episode. The best season premiere the show has had.
  • Surprisingly ordinary.

    An oddly tension-less and silly series opener... While Miss Foster is an okay villain, and the actress playing her does a very good job - never going over the top and delivering some superb lines, there is never a sense of real danger, even when the lives of a million people are at stake. Also...I'm sorry but the Adipose are just silly, like the Tribbles in Star Trek or something. Cute, fairly okay CGI wise, but nothing more. Another thing I disliked was the Doctor and Donna not meeting for the first half-ish of the episode. Sure, at first it's amusing but after awhile it gets really, really old. Now, the good stuff: Catherine Tate isn't annoying. Phew. She's great, in fact, which is one good thing. Mr Tennant continues to play the Doctor to perfection, as always, and seeing Rose at the end was a very good little moment, which Doctor Who should do far more of. Hopefully the next ep is better...
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