Doctor Who

Episode Special

Planet of the Dead

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 11, 2009 on BBC America

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  • There is such a thing as a terrible romp

    This episode has been described as a romp before it was broadcast. I thought that was great, some of the all time classic stories are romps of some sort ('The Daleks' starts of as a romp) but when I came to this story it did indeed feel like a romp, a romp with which the writing was so poor all of the characters are so absurd even within the context of the show.
    So we have Lara Croft there, she steals a diamond or a necklace or something from a museum, my eyes were not on the supposed priceless thing, it was on that fact that 4 guards were needed to protect it and yet nobody thought to put a camera up, or maybe not too look in all different directions so they easily have a blind spot, that isn't "romp", that is poor writing.
    This is all pre-titles, and when the good Doctor finally does arrive he does succeed as he always does to give a good smile and a giggle offering some easter egg to Lara.
    From then on the story is just, well, is there a story? They go to a desert, find some flies, find some clamps and fly back. Now to me you need a little more of a story than that.
    Oh and all those people on the bus had generic or annoying written all over them and at times it felt like a prequal to 'Midnight'.
    Lee Evans is not funny, he is annoying, he wasn't so bad in this but him being cast didn't help for my enjoyment of the story.
    That is all in the writing though, now onto the CGI, regardless of what many are saying I thought those manta ray space thingies were very well done though the flying bus was quite bad, I say quite, I mean alot bad.
    The flies looked quite good but here I see no reason for their inclusion in the story, the story could have been better paced if all that attempting to talk to them didn't go on.

    I hope the next 3 specials are better than this.
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