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  • Completely amazing!

    At the beginning of the first season, my mother didn't exactly like nine, saying he just wasn't the doctor, and that three was the best. Pfft, she changed her tune during parting of the ways.

    Well, we have ten now, and I do think he's much better than nine- just the exact blend of quirkiness and some 'ooh, you're so dead' moments thrown in for good measure. However, some of the last few episodes (Army Of Ghosts/Doomsday in particular) have been lacking... but to this, I say that Mr. Davies needs to watch a few better written episodes with different characters facing off against their biggest foes (Two that come to mind are the "Dracula" episode of Buffy and Danny Phantom- "The Ultimate Enemy") but other than's all good.

    Can't wait for the next season- I hope it's fantastic.
  • The Doctor is back in town.

    I, like many other people, grew up watching Doctor Who and spent most of my time hiding behind cushions whenever the Daleks or the Cybermen came on screen. Yet when i heard they were remaking it, i couldn't wait. I assumed that they could only make it better. And they definitely achieved that.

    The first of the new series was absolutely fabulous. Christopher Eccleston was marvellous as the Doctor, even mocking his own appearance. So i was a little nervous when i heard that Eccleston was leaving and David Tennant was replacing him. Tennant is a great actor, but i was unsure whether he could outdo Eccleston. But i needn't have bothered worrying.

    Tennant is brilliant Doctor, and i would even go so far as saying he's hot in a geeky kind of way. And he wears Converses, need i say more?

    Admittedly some of the episodes in this series were a little duff, but the episodes with the Daleks and Cybermen to name but a few, more than made up for them. The only thing that annoys me about this programme is Billie Piper, but as she's now left.. things are looking up!
  • Hes back, and better than ever!

    With the advent of serious budgets for Primtime TV shows Doctor Who has finally given a push off to the wobbly sets, cardboard backgrounds and scenery (which i suppose added a charm to the show in itself) and gave way to the serious effects and brilliant production levels the shows great storytelling and scriptwriting has always deserved. The storylines have been upped the ante in terms of quality also, though reformatted to be all resolved in one episode as opposed to the standard 4 to 6 and the acting of Ecclestone and Tennant is nothing short of magnifiecent as is worthy of the character they play, there really is nothing bad one can say about this show only that i hope they keep up the great work on series 3 and hopefully 4 and beyond...
  • Who'd have thought..?

    I, like many of my generation, grew up with Doctor Who. Many were the hours I was caught up in the excitement, cowered behind the sofa from the daleks, and looked up in admiration at the Doctor.

    When first I had Christopher Eccleston described to me as the doctor, I was highly dubious. He didn't sound anything like the doctors I knew and loved.
    The Doctor was a grave man, distinguished, intelligent... In other words, the quintessential British gentleman.

    But on the other hand, I was intrigued, so I ended up renting the new season. Lo and behold, instead of the distinguished Doctor, I was faced with a bumbling buffoon!

    And you know what?

    I love him!

    chris eccleston portrays a Doctor wildly different on so many levels from the other Doctors, but it works! I loved the show, and am still trying to get used to David Tennant. Personally, if we never had any other Doctor than Eccleston again, I would be terribly happy :-)
  • This new series of Doctor Who launched itself off in 2005, and many wondered if it would hold up to its 50 year old appeal. Christopher Eccleston, and now David Tennant, show bravery, cleverness and a new kind of humanity in this old family favourite.

    I never watched the old series of Doctor Who. I remember the first episode i ever saw was \"The Empty Child\" and if you\'ve seen it... then it probably wasn\'t the best episode to start with (shudder). Eventually, with the help of my friend Jenny, i started watching the show and, gee, i think i fell in love right there and then.
    The Doctor was Christopher Eccleston at the time, and his Northern accent and fabulous acting sucked me into the show. It was still completely understandable even though i had not watched the previous Doctor Whos, and i loved each and every episode and had every intention of buying the boxset. (If i ever find the money)
    Billie Piper also adds the Earth connection to the show as Rose, and i loved her more and more every episode.
    Now, after Parting of the ways i was pretty upset that they got tid of the 9th Doctor. But i have to say, even though i still love Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor more, i humbly welcome David Tennant in \'The Christmas Invasion\" and can\'t wait for the series to resume in Australia so that we can see the 2nd season with him not just lying around and sweating.
    An absolutely FANTASTIC show and I\'d recommend it to anyone, anywhere, any age.
  • The new show of Doctor Who with Christopher Eccleston at the ninth Doctor, Billie Piper as Rose Tyler the new Companion and of course David Tennant as the 10th Doctor in the season 2 and the other one.

    This is a very good show, i never watch the original series but after being addicted to this one i want to see the original for help me to know more about the Doctor. I am so happy that in Quebec they decide to put this series. She is my favorite now and she win against Supernatural, that is an exploit, because Supernatural was for one year my series preferred.
  • Sequel to the long standing sci-fi classic.

    Being a long time fan of the original Dr. Who program, I was thrilled to hear Sci-Fi was going to run the Dr.Who "sequel".

    My excitement was however.....short lived. The new companion Rose Tyler "Billie Piper" was a breathe of fresh. She was cute and kind of feisty. Reminds of some of the female companions during the Tom Baker period. The new Doctor "Christopher Eccleston", I have mixed feelings about. The whole "survivor's guilt" complex was taken way to far and got old fast.

    The good eps are to few and far between. An outstanding episode like "The Unquiet Dead" (A Time Travelers Delight) was followed by "Aliens in London". What a train wreck that episode was!!! Aliens with cupid doll face and potbellies who were the skins of their victims so they can pass for human. Good news though you can tell that there aliens by.....the smell of their farts?!? CHECK PLEASE!!
    Look, Its not a horrible show but it is certainly not a great one. It is a shame....I really wanted to like this one.
  • A "regenerated" show thats better than the original

    Sorry about the pun, but those who watch the show would get it.
    The Doctor is an alien timetraveler now as a Timelord. A few years ago the show Doctor Who was an out dated, typical British sci-fi show that was needless to say, rubbish.
    But in 2005 the BBC allowed a new version of the show to be aired. And unlike most shows that attempt to come back, it was much better than the original (but thats not hard considering the original).
    Armed with new computer graphics, new enemies, some good old enemies and a new sidekick, Doctor Who entered the 21st century and became very entertaining. I watch it every week.
  • i love it.

    this is a great remake of an already great idea. the show is just brilliant.the acotrs are good the plot is good an the places that it is filmed ar great locations all round this is a very well pt together show. this probably will set a trend fro these types of shows but none of those shows couldlive up to the almight doctor who. i have lost intrest in it though because it does get boring but i do go back to it so it can be good and bad. just try and keep with it and youll like it.
  • Who is great

    I never watched the original when it ran on my local PBS station on Sunday evenings. Then when I heard SciFi was picking up the first season for the states I gave it a chance and I thought it was great. It has good humor with most it coming from the Doctor. Plus it has good weird moments in it. I just hope that Scifi picks up season 2 for the states and it spin off Torchwood when that comes out.
  • glad they didn't try to americanize it

    i used to watch the original doctor who series on pbs when i was a kid. tom baker is without a doubt my favorite. my favorite storyline was trial of the time lord. i watched the fox 2 hour movie in the early 90's and felt it was crap. it was like they tried to hard to pander to the american audience. i'm glad they haven't done that this time around.

    Keep in mind I'm a fan of the Classic series (1963-1989) and have been for over 25 years (and that I'm 34...)

    I awaited the new series with eager anticipation and, in some ways, it is superior to its former self: There is a rich look to the stories.

    However, what did we get? Farting aliens, belching waste bins, sound effects that must have been ripped off from the 1970s Superfriends cartoon, retconning of the Classic series ("retconning" is when a new writer takes events or characters from the show's past and reinvents their history. And the series is disturbingly Earth-bound - the reason? Fear audiences won't like it. Pretty lame an excuse for a show, from whose very first season in 1963, dared to go to other words in every other story!! I didn't like this for the 7th Doctor, so I can't exactly like what's happening now either!), and adding in enough soap opera to make "Eastenders" blush in embarrassment. Did I mention there is no sci-fi here? It's just magical fantasy and dues ex machina. The 9th Doctor himself is appallingly dim and, for 11 episodes, can't seem to resolve anything on his own! He's a coward in the finale, and his final line basically has him saying how great he is. WHAT?!!

    Never mind series 1 reeks of Buffy, compelte with teenage girl getting to call and revisit her annoying mommy from time to time. Yawn.

    I will admit there are some good stories, all things considered, here:
    * The End of the World. (the end of the world)
    * The Unquiet Dead (The Doctor meets Dickens - almost feels like a Classic Who story)
    * Dalek (guess - also feels somewhat similar to a Classic Who story)
    * Boom Town (a recurring alien wants to blow up Earth just so she can survive...)
    * Bad Wolf. (wow, the Doctor is pro-active!)
    * The Parting of the Ways (overall, a good conclusion despite its problems, of which there are many.)

    The rest are more or less garbage.

    Series two is being aired in England right now. It is an improvement, and with a proper Doctor who is well cast (David Tennant, who unlike his predecessor who basically did the show as scripted, with no personal involvement or care), but whereas it isn't quite as soapy, it's just as much pastiche (and shell) of its former self.

    The only episode if series 2 that's a clunker right now is "New Earth". (yes, all the stories are Earth-bound. Apart from one, which could have all too easily been re-written to HAVE been Earth-bound...)

    What both series 1 and 2 have in common are these:
    * A reliance on easy, magical technology to get people out of danger and even to wrap up entire storylines, this is pathetic. The sonic screwdriver is back and with each subsequent use I wish it would blow up from overheating.
    * A reliance on cliches as storylines. ("The End of the World" being an obvious example.)
    * Earth-bound. The 3rd Doctor was at least exiled by his superiors and was anti-authority. What's the excuse for Doctors 9 and 10?!!
    * A lack of intellectual intrigue. They are telling maudlin sob stories to tug at our emotions (much like American pablum from the 1980s (A-Team, Knight Rider, et al); there is nothing for gray matter or even cheesy kiddie fodder (Buck Rogers, to an extent).)
    * Too much sexual involvement for a show that managed to be sexless 99% of its original 26 year run!! (and how some fans want to retcon the classic series is very paper-thin in credibility too.)

    It's been a disappointment. A very (superficial) entertaining yet disturbingly disappointing revival. It's on par with most American "sci-fi" shows of today. It's too common and uninventive and often not innovative. The Classic series is said to be an "acquired taste". But who said that's bad? What happened to individuality being a good thing???

  • Wow! How good is this show? Brilliant! Every episode is full of special effects and madness. It is always full of great story lines, it is just the best show ever. This is actually apart from Lost my bestest show!

    Billy Piper and David Tennant make the show even better. I thought Christopher Eccleston was great as well. I didn't want him to go. I think Doctor Who is sometimes scary and does make you jump. Everybody should watch this you will be amazed! I am glad this show has won many awards in the UK because it deserves them, because they are truly the best show makers ever. I thought Doctor Who was going to be dull and geeky because it came out centuries ago but I was wrong, because it is one of the best shows ever. Well it is to me anyway!
  • Though it has some very corny moments Doctor Who ended up being a surprisingly good spring filler show.

    When I was a teenager in the 80's I caught a few episodes of the older Doctor Who series - I had friends that were fans and they insisted I check it out.
    I was, to say the least, unimpressed. The stories didn't pull me in, and the production quality was almost... no not even almost, it -was-, laughable.
    The new series I actually started watching by accident - My VCR was set to record another show that was previously in this time slot before going on summer break, and I hadn't taken out the programming by the time Doctor Who started up - and since I already had it on tape, I figured what the hek, I'd give it a shot.
    And... it's not bad at all. Not great mind you, doesn't take the place of other SciFi shows I was watching previously such as Battlestar Galactica or Stargate Atlantis, but still pretty interesting.
    The "We can go anywhere at any time" theme allows an amazing amount of flexibility with the story line, yet the writers are remembering to make sure there is some sort of tie-in or link between the different adventures, so that you get a feeling of wanting to know "what happens next" instead of just feeling every episode is random.
    Eccleston did a great job of playing the character, this Doctor being a cynical smart-alec who, now being the sole survivor of his entire race, has a sense of loss and detachment that gives him a "screw it, why not" attitude towards facing danger while at the same time keeping a sense of duty about the whole saving-the-universe thing that keeps him going.
    The finale of season one hinted that they may have pulled Eccleston for season two and replaced him with somebody else - I certainly hope this change isn't permanent.
  • Amazing and good even thought it did start about 1000 years ago

    a show wich first started in 1963 and ended in 1989. but in 2005 it came back with a brand new stories and a brand new doctor.

    This sho is amazing and really up to date, i thought that it would be all old and out of date cos it is an old program but it is not it has all the gragets and thing that would be used today and even in the future.

    cos they no wat things are like to day it give them the pertential to go even further in the future wich in my mind makes it better.

    The show may not go on for very long if the current doctor decides to quit cos the doctor can only regenerate some may times and we are all ready on the 10th.

    Don do wat i did and think that it would be in the past and out dated cos it is deffinatly not, that wat i thought nd missed the first few episodes.

    Watchi it is a great show.
  • Great to see Dr. Who going from strength to strength

    Been a fan of Dr. Who for years so was thrilled to see the series return. Cybermen have been my childhood nightmare yet my favourite too so when they came back in the new series I had to watch! What an amazing transformation! NOW they look like something to be afraid of! I'm an adult now so the effect is different, however, watching my cousins daughter curl up behind a cushion tells me that this new series has reached the new generation too. Nice to see them 'loving' it just as much we did :)
  • I enjoyed discovering doctor who n the 80s and am happy to see the new episodes on more mainstream t.v. i

    I\'m glsd to see the doctor back as I haven\'t been able to find it on t.v. for quite awhile. It is a great show and I plan on watching it as long as they will air it. Too many good shows having gone the way of the wind hopefully Doctor Who will hold it\'s own. As for Captain Black I can honestly say yummy. I was bummed last friday cause the doc wasn\'t on where did u go doc. I hope hes on this friday. Thats all for now folks.
  • Brilliant. Emotional. Romantic in all the right places, new 'Who' is an instant classic.

    Rose: "So where are we going..."

    The doctor: "Further that we've ever gone before"

    This opening snippet of dialogue from Tennant's opening episode 'New Earth' just about sums up both seasons of new 'who'. Going completely beyond the bounds of what classic who even attempted, 'Rose' introduces us to an assistant who has a fully fleshed-out background, and for the first time on Doctor Who (with an assistant anyway) opens the possibility of romance. Coupled with the two new doctors - Ecclestons darker one and Tennant's funnier, this once classic series has been reinvented for the masses. And let me tell you, it's fantastic.

    Long gone are the days where you could see the zip on the back of every monsters costume, or where the Cybermen trounced round in spray-painted wellies. This 'Who' is almost seemless (disregarding the slitheen in season 1 of course) and has once again made little kids across Britain hide behind their sofas.

    And there's more than a little bit of chemistry between the Doctor and Rose...
  • The Doctor and his companion Rose, travel through space and time in the TARDIS, a time craft. They are able to visit all points and times in the universe, which makes for very interesting variety in story lines.

    Doctor Who has been one of my favourite shows since early childhood. I remember watching the show broadcast on UHF from across the lake...snow and all (yeah, before the age of cable everywhere!). The story lines have almost always been interesting and the characters entertaining. The one drawback of the original show was the effects. The BBC gave the show a super low budget (less than $20,000 and episdoe, if I'm not mistaken) and that made for lots of rubber suits and cheap video effect.

    Doctor Who 2005 is a totally different beast. Obviously the BBC realized that there was a potential audience, as the show is a cult classic, and as such the money was poured into the new endeavour to make it a great success. I think the casting was also superb. Christopher Eccleston brought a new, darker dimension to the Doctor and Billie Piper's Rose is quite captivating. So nice to have a female companion who does more than look pretty and scream or cry whenever a monster appears.

    David Tennant is also an excellent choice to play the Doctor. He is quite different from Chris' Doctor, but still entertaining to watch. Different aspects of the character are coming out each week. One thing I have noted though, is that David's Doctor tends to be more of a romantic. Quite a departure from the Doctor's of old. Is it a bad thing? I don't think so, as long as it doesn't become a space soap opera.

    So there you have it. A great show, lots of interesting effects, great acting, and pretty good story lines. I wish the director and producer the best of luck and hope this series will be able to stick around for years to come!
  • Better Than The Original

    DOctor Who 2005 is a remake of the old Doctor who, if you liked the old ones, you'll love this one with better charecture design (Still not good tho) and great specile effects.

    And the new episodes are way better than the first series, like the Cyber men and a werewolf ect, alot better

    The only probbeblem with this show is its monsters, they still dont look that good and still dorky, but it has great specile effects and pretty good story,

    Better start whatching befor its too late
  • This is sci-fi written for the masses.

    It has regular pop culture references and cheesy long winded speeches. However all in all its quite good. The special effects are not bad for a BBC production and the plotlines are generally strong and occasionally quite witty. The 1st series due to Christopher Eccleston was better than the most recent one. However it is still not bad.

    The best one I had Aliens running a school and feeding the kids chemical agents in their chips. I thought it was funny how they were basically demonising the fast food/school dinners industry. Worth watching unless you\'ve got something to do.
  • Funny,Sophisticated with really cool gadgets.

    The first season of Doctor Who so far has been witty and just plain crazy. Christoper Eccleston makes this part his own and he reminds you alittle of the great Tom Baker. Who is probably the favorite of all the doctors. Billie Piper who plays his companion on the great look through time is alot more stable then are fearless doc and seems to keep falling for the wrong guy. (Well except for the doctor.) WINK WINK
  • I think this is a good show to watch. Something to watch when there is nothing to watch.

    even though its based on an english show it it is pretty good. I love to travel to the furture to see myself and all my acomplishments. I think it be awesome just to see everthing. Though i think the good Doctor did not just run in to Rose. I think he chose her. I do not think that i'd want to visit the past it is kind of boring. Well i would like to visit the bell house back when it was haunted by the bell witch. That would probaly be an interesting encounter.( i wonder what ever happen to that witch.)
  • Fantastic!

    I watch it on Sci-Fi Channel. Here it's only midway though the 1st season, but it is my favorite show! It beautifully combines drama, comedy and Sci-Fi. By far the best show on Sci-Fi channel! Though I don't understand why it is that the doctor has to be more or less "killed off" every season so that they can bring in a new doctor. Er, strike that, same character, different actor, you get the idea. All in all, it's a great show, and definitely worth watching. Stupid 100 word minimum! Just need a few more...There! That just about got it!
  • Eccleston's Doctor is the most alien Doctor of them all and his realization is a pleasure. Piper's Rose is the real surprise of the show, she's just very likable and has Beauty Within her soul!

    I never saw any of the old series, I might have wanted to see the ones with Tom Baker or Jon Pertwee (Worzel Gummidge). Doctor Who in today's time is very good, some weird or slightly corny episodes, but still a bloody good series. Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor is really good at being both serious, intelligent and humorous. Billie Piper (married to Chris Evans) as Rose Tyler is really good at helping The Doctor and being fit. They have had some good guests in the series including Simon Day, the voice of Zoë Wanamaker, Simon Callow as Charles Dickens, Bruno Langley (Coronation Street's Todd) and One Foot in the Grave's Richard Wilson. A weird and wonderful journey through the past, present and future with aliens, flying saucers, scary children in masks saying "Mommy?", Daleks and a very good Doctor. I hope the next actor of the Doctor is a good one. Excellent!

  • I just recently discovered Doctor Who and I like it a lot. I live in Sweden and I don\'t think it has ever been shown here, so I haven\'t seen the old episodes but I will definitely try to find some of them.

    I would like to see the old episodes, just to see how it all started. All I know is that it is about a guy and a girl who travel in time in a phonebooth. When they meet people from their past, I have no idea who they are and what they\'re talking about. I just recently discovered Doctor Who, but I will definitely try to find the old episodes, to get more out of the new ones.

    Even though I haven\'t seen the old episodes, the series have a lot to offer. If you like sci-fi you should really check it out, even if you don\'t normally watch sci-fi but would like to see some exiting British comedy, this is it.
  • It's about time!

    We have waited for the Doctor to return for a very long time! We are a year behind in the U.S., currently watching Eccleston episodes, but we are very glad to have them! It will be sad to see him go, but it appears that David Tennant gives us something to look forward to! We can only hope that the producers will find a way to get Tom Baker involved (if he agrees to dye his hair)! Any of the previous Doctors making an appearance would be a treat! It's just so good to have the Doctor back!
  • Quite a change from the old series full of cardboard and tin foil monsters.

    I was ver apprehensive when I first heard that Dr Who was coming back. It was a bit silly because ever since it was cancelled in 1989 I had been hoping that someone would pick it up again. Then we had the terrible movie in 1996 and I figured that there was no way you could modernise the show.
    But I was wrong. The new series is spark and cool. And it's finally got my sister watching it after vowingshe hated the show. Not bad.
  • Not a remake, but a blessing for Sci-Fi

    This series seems to be less about the Doctor versus aliens than really examining the Doctor's relationship with his companions - why he does it, the psychology of a guy who would keep taking on these people and showing them the whole of the universe - and using the science fiction action as a backdrop. It's very Alan Moore actually. The Doctor comes off as a mix of over eager, kind, self-serving, egotistical, innocent, and many other traits. This is the most complex Doctor after Tom Baker.
    Now the feel of the show seems to me to have a cross between the original Doctor Who and Lexx. The complete ability to be strange and out of this world will keep this show fresh a very long time. Sci-fi, I beleive, benefits to have little to no rules to abide by. I am an American and will admit that we tend to make a box for our sci-fi. Even though I find American sci-fi shows entertaining, I find that other countries sci-fi like this show and the for said show Lexx more rewarding do to their sheer ability to be weird.
    This show is like picking up an old sci-fi book back when everything was still fresh. Let's keep this one on the air for a long time.
  • Doctor Who started in 2005 and Christopher Eccleston took the role.

    Doctor Who is so good but I am not so keen on that David Tennant because Christopher Eccleston is a great actor. I was`nt going to watch it but I did! The 2nd to last episode was so funny :). And so was The Christmas Invasion all hail The Doctor!
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