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  • New Doctor Enduring Fan

    Watched Doctor Who since I visited England in 1969 and was treated to three episodes of the then Doctor. In the middle of a story and although I love science fiction, it made no sense at the time. Fast forward two months after I returned home and the local PBS station started showing a "new" show Doctor Who. Fell in love. Doctors reincarnate (come and go for non fans) and I have loved every one at one point or another. It is the enduring quality of the show that makes me tune in with no preconceived expectations
  • The Doctor is in!

    Awesome this new Doctor! He is kind of confused all the time, at the same time he is cryptic and reflexive. Totally different from the previous Doctor, which is my favorite so far. Matt Smith's Doctor was kind of childish, Capaldi's Doctor is too old. I think it's Clara that will define this new Doctor.
  • Into the Dalek

    The best Dalek story since the 9th Doctor episode "Dalek" It was nice to see Daleks as a genuine not just the Pepper-pot Nazis that they so often are.

    I was expecting to like this series but I'm still blown away so far. Ever since Capaldi and Coleman sat down for lunch halfway through Deep Breath it's been a 10/10 for me. Love the new style.
  • Ooops!, caught on film.

    20:51+ Doctor has fillings just like humans...

    23:40 clothes got really dry really fast...

    lol,... but still a good Dalek Show. and Capaldi is the correct age for The "Doctor" IMHO. Younger Whovians might enjoy the younger Doctors but they just don't do it for me.


  • Deep Breath

    I did not enjoy The new Dr. Who at all. Too old, not funny, does NOT look the part. The writing was OK He is a good actor, I have seen him before BUT NOT as Dr. Who. Matt Smith, Fantastic!!!!! David Tenant, Fantastic!!!! Forgot his name even the Dr. before David was great. Did I miss where Amy & Rory went? I LOVE River Song, And Grace so good!! Martha Jones, Great, Yes Clara is GREAT also. It's hard to accept new actors. You did well up to now. This new Dr. has to go!!!! Sorry Wrong choice. I want one of the others I mentioned BACK, Especially Matt & David
  • Yey 12 Doctor Who

    The new Doctor is BRILLIANT! he is fanny , smart and sassy .

    And finally an adult Doctor . Tennant was a love boy and Smith a awkward and uncertain boy . But Capaldi finally, he is a real doctor .
  • I can't think of it without smiling :)

    It's cheap Sci-fi, but it sure has its moments. I agree with dhruvapatil5, Moffat ruined it.
  • Quirky, but enjoyable

    T'was a boring Sunday afternoon, and there was nothing to watch. I accidentally turn the channel to a starting episode of and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. It seems like the Show is about a scientist who find relics and often time-travels. I'm not really into nerdy-sci fi per se. but it was quite interesting to watch, so I can't complain.
  • "The End of time" was the end of Doctor Who

    (Contains a few spoilers)

    Never watched the classic Doctor Who series. Started off with the 2005 reboot. The stories were quite good, the acting was "okay" to say the least. Season 1,2,3 and 4 under Russell were pretty good. Was starting to like the show. And then Steven Moffat happened. With episodes like Blink and the silence in the library, I thought season 5 would exceed my expectations. But it was one of the most disappointing seasons of Doctor Who.

    I am not saying Russell's stories didn't have plot holes, but they were not as major as the ones Moffat's stories have. The story arch(s) of season 5-7 are really messed and extremely inconsistent. Moffat tries to be smart and ends up being the exact opposite. Russell didn't try to be smart with "Time travelling paradoxes' for the most part. He tried to be smart writer and was pretty good at that. Moffat's time paradoxes are extremely rubbish. And people who think Moffat uses any science whatsoever are really fooling themselves.

    Season 1,2,3 and 4 finales felt like finales. The scale was big. There were real things in jeopardy. Real consequences after it. And season 4 finale was the best Doctor who finale. All the important characters from the 4 seasons teamed up to eliminate the big threat. Season 5-7 finales were just normal "Moffat" episodes where major plot points are swept under the rug and he tries to sound smart while doing it.

    The end of time (part 1 and 2) were brilliant. It tied up so many things in such a good way. The Doctor's farewell was probably one of the most emotionally intense scene I've seen on Doctor Who. The essence of the show died with David Tennant's Doctor.
  • The best show on television

    Ever since 2005, Doctor Who has been the best thing on television by some considerable distance. It can be easily considered to be one of the most imaginative, multi-faceted, clever, brilliantly acted, emotionally engaging and unique shows ever made. Although I personally feel the greatest episodes and arcs reside in the near flawless Series 5 and 6 (under the stewardship of the vastly under-appreciated storyelling genius that is Steven Moffat), every series of this wonderful show brings something brilliant to the table.
  • Love it

    Although this show is not as great as supernatural I still love it. I do miss the Bad Wolf but they have to move on at some point. And a new companion please.
  • A delightly quirky adventure through, space, time and some boring humans that get in the way

    A fantastic sci fi drama, that delivers spectacular acting, suspenful stories and dramatic music to go along with, yet for some reason i cannot explain why it is my favorite show, it just is.
  • Just let go and ENJOY!

    People sometimes try too hard to make sense of this show. What it really is is a roller-coaster; fast-paced, ups and towns with twists and turns. So if you want to have a really fun time then just let go and... well, you know!
  • Hooray Doctor Who!

    i can't believe people say this is bad (coff, coff comments below coff) maybe i can't give a complete opionion of the show because i didn't really wacth it from the first doctor, I started with the Ninth but c'mon! This show is amazing, interesting, heartbreaking and fantastic. I bet it was really nice to grow up with a show like this. All the actors have given the doctor amazing characteristics and it's impossible not to love each regeneration, at least something of it. Also, the complex of each episode and the companions! I love this show, keep going Who!
  • Don't even think about it.

    Doctor Who used to be good back when it was on in the 1960's, but since it was revived in 2005.. well.. they made a big mistake. with terrible acting. bad special effects.. it will really bore you to tears.. uncreative and overused plots, whatever you do, don't watch this unless you plan on making fun of it. other wise, stay away.
  • What the heck just happened?? -- Semi Spoliers

    People are raving about the regen cycle and how deep the last show was...

    Think about it, The prophecy about the doctor dying ... pointless... The silence, explained in 1 minute

    ( didn't they spend at least 4 episodes building this stuff up?)

    Why did he stay in that town? He had the tardis it could have evacuated everyone to anywhere they wanted to go. Yeah thats not like him... but he is a fighter

    Matt Smith's Doctor had a great run with alot of story behind him and honestly nothing was resolved, I haved loved the show since its reboot in 2005 but the the story ARC is what makes the doctor... the doctor and Im so frustrated at this point that Im not even looking forward tot he next series..

    I might stop watching all together, if they keep up this horrible story set up and then fail we might just be seeing the doctor cancelled for another 10 years.

  • Moffat! argh

    Steven Moffat, he's the series executive producer and head writer - the show-runner. Ever since R. Davies left, the show seems to have taken the hive dive into an empty pool over and over again. Don't get me wrong, I still love episodes of his like "Blink" and "The Empty Child", but lately everything seems a bit too messy/redundant/disjointed/emotionally bland/forced. Instead of cleaning things up, everything always seems to be swept under a "clever" rug, not even by him, but die-hard Whovians. Admittedly, I have fallen into that category many times, but unless the show stops feeling like Indiana Jones (and the crystal skull) on Nickelodeon/Disney, I'll stop trying to jump back on the Who-wagon.

    I won't get into specifics, but if you would like some, just google "moffat betrayal"

    Also, nothing against Matt Smith, he's a lovable "cool" guy. I really like his rendition of the doctor.
  • The Only Sci-Fi show I don't mind watching

    The Doctor is a fun character, the story is good, and you feel smarter after watching an episode.
  • The Longest running Sci Fi show of all time!

    The reason why this show is so good is this.

    The show is called Dr Who. It is a show about a guy/alien called the Doctor. He is quiet a deep and complex guy. He is one of the tragic hero types. He does what ever needs to be done to stop and prevent things from happening. But the thing is if you asked people who is the Doctors biggest enemy is - a lot of people would say the Daleks, I think his biggest enemy is Himself. He has a good funny side but he also has a dark side. Every so often this dark side comes out. if you strip back everything. Forget who played which doctor and the scripts and writers and aliens. The story is about this mysterious man who is fighting an internal battle with himself. When left on his own long enough, there are several episodes that show this like Turn Left, what happens when his dark side gets the better of him.

    He needs someone there to help him and pull him back when he goes to far. This is the role of the companion. He has also fallen in love with the earth and humans. I think he sees himself in us a bit. We have a light side and dark side too. But the people (not always human) he choose to let in to his TARDIS are there for him to bounce off and show off too.

    But there is a catch. Before they even set foot in the TARDIS he already knows there will be an ending. He (Or the TARDIS) is constantly looking to try and fix things and this often puts him in dangerous situations. People are always willing to risk there lives for him. He knows his companions are going to leave him. Either by choice or by force or sometimes they die. It is when this happens that he is hurt the most. He picks these people up our of there lives. Flies them around the universe, gets attached to them and then they leave him. leaving him alone. This is when he is hurt the most.

    Sometimes every so often the Doctor puts himself in harms way and changes. But even though his face changes. Deep down he is still the same man. Go back to 1963.

    50 yrs later he still flies the TARDIS, He is still learning about the earth and still be amazed(or appalled) at humans. He likes to solve things with his mind than with guns and he still he is still as mysterious as the day he emerged from the junk yard. And we still don't know his name. Doctor Who?
  • "brillant"

    It certainly is one of the most imaginative shows ever. The "you can go anywhere, anywhen" is a fantastic premise, and the writers use it to full extent ( most of the time ), all that with lots of humor. The show can even be totally nuts, in a good way ( see : "The Big Bang" or "The wedding of River Song"'s opening ) , and can boast very original monsters : you'll be scared of the shadows, of statues, or even of creatures under your bed or in your cupboard again ! Some of the plots are hits and misses ( too many TARDIS- or screwdriver-ex-machina ), but the writers know how to use time travel elements to break your heart : see "The Girl in the fireplace", the 2011 Christmas special or "Vincent and the Doctor", my own personal favorite.

    Happy 50th birthday, Doctor !
  • A show that defines good television

    There are practically no words to describe the brilliance of this show.

    I have never seen Classic Who so I have only watched from the Ninth Doctor but even so the scripting, the acting, the little quirks. Everything converges to create a show that is worth watching (at 4 am because of where I live).

    If you love sci-fi and think that time travel is cool then this is the perfect show for you.
  • 50 years of pure greatness

    This is like one of the only good shows left in these days. The Simpsons and this plus Futurama (sadly cancelled on September 4th) are my most favorite shows that have new episodes that are good.
  • When you get to the end of the first season, youll realize how great it is.

    The first few episodes of the first season were mediocre, no offense. I just didnt like the aliens and the "living plastic". But because of all the recommendations, I decided to give it another chance, and I realized how good it was.

    All the characters in DW is well developed and likeable, except for those that are supposed to be disliked.

    Overall, 9/10.
  • Doctor Who is amazing!!

    Well, I can't exactly describe the show without sounding like a lunatic, honesty. There is really words to describe it. I just know it's amazing. There is plenty of humor however it is also serious at moments. The plot may be confusing at times, but if you keep re-watching and/or check out the wiki you'll get it. This is my favorite show and I don't want Matt (current doctor) to go away!! :(
  • Doctor Who is the finest scifi television ever to grace the planet.

    What can I say about Doctor Who that hasn't already been said? It's the show that inspired so many other great things after. It influenced Star Wars with R2-D2 and C-3PO. The Daleks and The Cybermen were the original versions of the robotic duo basically.

    I don't know of a show that is even more epic than this golden gem of television history. Of all the doctors, I would have to say that my top three favourites would be Tom Baker, Peter Davison, and David Tennant. I hated seeing him leave the show.

    I love not just the new version, but also the classics. Doctor Who is an all-round fantastic show, and surprisingly moving too.

    If you haven't seen Doctor Who yet, do yourself a massive favour and start with the David Tennant episodes, and welcome to the greatness that is the finest science fiction show ever created.
  • I love Doctor Who

    Doctor Who is great. I love it and it is so much more than a TV show to me. That maybe weird to say, but I don't care. I love how it messes with my emotions, it makes me think, and it just pulls me into it, like I am actually apart of it. All the Doctors have their own unique personalities as well as the companions. It's just amazing, I am glad my friends talked me into finally watching it. Now I am a huge fan.
  • Hmmm...

    am a big fan of the genre of SF & I liked watching shows like Babylon 5 and even Brit SF show Red Dwarf despite it being kind of goofy. I watched a few episodes of this show and I thought it was only fair. Not bad in the special effects department though. It is aimed at younger peoples and I do realize and I am no longer in that category but I do appreciate good SF. This is very unlike the earlier British SF character called Doctor Quatormass-which perhaps inspired this series-I'm not sure. The Quatermass character was turned into a few films back in the 1960's in England. I think based on a Brit TV show of the same think there was/is much more drama in Dr. Q-see the Dr. Q film '5 Million Years To Earth' if u can-renamed 'Quatermass & The Pit' for some obscure said.
  • fantastic show

    Matt smith is the best doctor. David tennant was great as the doctor but i think Matt smith is better
  • Why steven moffat?

    Matt smith i s a good doctor its just fans got over obsessed with David tennant and cant get over him, its steven moffats bad writing witch is killing doctor who of what it used too be, russel was a great writer why did he leave
  • Why Matt Smith?

    I really loved this show... loved the 9th doctor and his "Fantastic", loved Billie! David Tennant was even better and Martha was great. Donna maybe gave me the creeps, I dont know why... The fourth season was maybe the best with a great ending.

    But the 5th Season with the 11th doctor.. I dont know how to say it... it is just no more what it used to be. Just crap, the humour is gone. Amy is very pretty, but something is missing... I wont watch this series anymore, til a new doctor arrives! *sad*
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