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  • I Would Join Dr Who in a Flash!

    I Have watched Dr Who throughout yrs and love David Tennant as the Doctor. Matt Smith takes time to get used to. I watch it although these episodes are confusing at times. Where is Riversong? She made the show a little more exciting. Sometimes I find that the episodes tend to get mindboggling. Sometimes Amy gets to be to righteous, and I think she does not have the right to tell the doctor what to do. Put Riversong and Martha back on, time to time, and give us some exciting episodes.!!! I sure miss David Tennant !!
  • worth the watch

    i love this show. time travel is a fasinating and this show explores it. while david tennet was my absolute fav doc, matt smith isn't so bad. while some of matt's storylines were just horrible ( pirates? really?) his acting was actually good. where david was the serious doctor and made you feel for him, matts more playful character shows that he is not just an old man that broods alot. i love all the companion but my fav is rory and river. they should put more river in the new episodes. i want river and jack to meet.
  • Bow ties are cool

    I absolutely love this series it is so good
  • The rating is for the 2005-2008 Doctor Who.

    I really don't even know how to rate this. The days of Eccleston and Tennant are enough to give it a 9 but ever since Russell left and Matt Smith came it has been reduced to a flimsy, unnecessarily confusing kids show with crappy characters and forgettable plotlines. It has been RUINED. Yeah, you saw that, CAPITALS. The most frustrating thing is that it has such a huge fanbase of people from America and stuff and I feel like such an outcast; does NO-ONE remember how good it used to be? The drama? The twists? There is NONE OF THAT IN THE NEW SHOW. Honest, I tried, I tried so hard to like the new one because everybody else did. The stories are nothing compared to the oldies and Matt Smith is unoriginal in the way he portrays the Doctor. He's like a younger, amateur imitation of David Tennant. He tries to be quirky and instead it's just plain annoying. People who like this I'd recommend going to the earlier series and seeing the big freaking difference because believe me it's heartbreaking. I watched Doctor Who like it was a ritual or something and now I've barely enough interest to see if it's still going. R.I.P
  • I Miss Tennant

    I absolutely LOVE Doctor Who. I only have a couple of friends who watch it and am very sad that the others don't watch it. I don't mind Matt Smith but when he first came into the series my expression was just :( and now it's :S BECAUSE I NEED TO SEE MORE DOCTOR WHO. I thought David Tennant was an amazing doctor and I just can't get over the fact that he's gone. But overall I would have to say that I still love Doctor Who and although Matt Smith is good, I can't help but watch old episodes a thousand times over.

    And remember!

    The Angels Have The Phone Box!

    Always, WeepingAngel
  • River song

    my personal opinion for the show is that its absolutely fabulous the one thing i would suggest is that river be in it more because who doesn't love river shooting the doctors funny hats and making the doctor look foolish and besides we need at least one good guy with a gun
  • It's called AWESOMENESS!

    Time Travel itself is a big thing to love. But, the doctor makes it better. David Tennant is the best doctor ever! And Amy Pond the best companion, after Sarah Jane Smith and the Brigadier i guess. It's awesome. The concept and the ideas. And the actors, they do brilliant jobs. the doctor is supposed to be crazy and fast, Matt Smith and David Tennant and all who came before them did so. The stories are excellent. And the imagination too. AFter all the show has been running for 49 years! Ok, it stopped in between but its back. WHY? Because it's just amazing!
  • The Best

    Doctor who is the best, and i really love it, i own all the new series, and some of the classics, thunbs up if you really like this show, and think all the Doctor's are really pro!! My favourite Doctor is David Tennant because he is so funny (thunbs up if you agree) I also like Rose, Donna, and Sarah Jane because they rock! I will keep on watching Doctor who for ever!!:D
  • The Next Series Should Be Better

    I've loved loved Dr.Who for as long as I can remember. And while the whole "who is Rivier" thing definitely got old, I have extremely high hopes for the next series! And Steven Moffat is an AMAZING writer. He just needs to write more episodes!
  • The new Doctor? ...Meh

    When Doctor who started out again I sarted watching the episodes I thought they were pretty good. christopher eccleston was an alright doctor who and I throught rose (Billie Piper) was pretty amazing. They worked fairly well together.

    But once david tennant came onto the sene I loved it! He was such a good doctor and an amazing actor. I loved every episode he did. It was sad to see him go but I had high hopes for the next Doctor.

    But not anymore. I suppose its not all his fault that the storyline has gone downhill. It starts off alright and theres a great build up of suspense, but when it comes to the final episode all I have to say is...meh. he's been in 2 series now and both endings to the series were a let down. Getting rid of david tennant was a big mistake. some serious improvements need to be made inorder to keep people interested.
  • Review? More like an Opinion Poll - NEXT AIR DATE - should it be on the show's Overview Page?

    Rate 10 for show 0.5 for Next Show Date Handling: Is it just me or do the rest of you depend a great deal upon information to not only be reliable but timely as well? Ah, Time! What TIME is the NEXT AIR DATE and/or maybe I should ask.... Where did the folks Easter Egg it? Am I the only FAN who likes to know even the possibility of an Air Date? I like having things to look forward to; Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays and most especially WHEN MY FAVORITE SHOW IS GOING TO BE ON AGAIN... or is it just me?
  • Love it

    This has been one of my favorite shows for many years, and instead of getting worse over time like so many shows do, it just keeps getting better. all the twists and turns definitely keeps it original and keeps me wondering when the next episode is coming on!
  • Doctor Who 2005

    I love this show, has to be my favorite sci-fic Tv show. I can't decide which Doctor I like best but I just love how the Doctor is protrayed as a hero and a destroyer with a mixture of good and darkness. What's not to love about him?
  • It has it's ups and downs, but for the most part, it's highly enjoyable.

    I like Doctor Who. I started off with the fantasic Tenth Doctor and was thrilled to find out there was decades of this stuff ready for my American eyes to feast upon. And not only that, there was a completly new season (5) that was just finishing up airing that I could catch up on. Wonderful! I loved the last two Doctors so this one should be great! Right?

    Well, no. The Eleventh Doctor's episodes are definatly the lowest point of the revamp stuff. The Doctor himself isn't that bad, they just didn't give him enough to do. No, what makes the Eleventh Doctor episodes so unwatchable (to me at least) is Amy, and by extention, River Song. No complaints on Rory, I rather like him. Amy is just unlikable. She got a halfway decent start, but the writers have this desire to give her solo episodes every chance they get. Compaire Rose. Rose is far from my favorite compainion, but she at least proved herself worthy of being beside the Doctor on his adventures. Amy has done nothing. She comes off as a Mary Sue; a tough girl with a tortured past who has a boyfriend who adores her even though she treats him horridly and will ditch him at a moments notice if the Doctor so much as comes up in conforsation. I could understand it with Rose, or even Donna, because we at least understood that their lives were pretty boring until the Doctor came around, and they would want to continue adventures with him. Amy... ugh. I don't get her. Everyone in universe loves Amy. Rory will do anything for Amy. Now, River Song. I'm not a big fan of the Doctor being romantically involved with anybody or anything. This is a science fiction program. It's Ok if the compainion is with somebody, but the Doctor himself should never be subjected to it. Ever. The reason I bring this up is because this is what River Song is setting up to be. Look, Moffet, we already have a very painful and poorly written love triangle with Rory, Amy and the Doc. (Yes, a love triangle in Doctor Who. I am not making this up.) The Doctor is set in the love department. Please. Stop. River Song herself is just horrendous, in theory and in writing. She out-doctors the Doctor any chance she gets. And I can't stand that! At least when the Tenth Doctor had her it was only for two episodes and she wasn't the main focus. River isn't as much a character as she is a Mary Sue, similar to the problem Amy has. I can forgive a lot of things in Doctor Who, but if the characters suck, I'm changing the channel. Despite the problems that Steven Moffet brought into the series (I might be one of the few that don't like him. I find him episodes dull and full of characters that aren't the Doctor.) I rather like the Russel T. Davies stuff and will watch most of it it any time it's on. Maybe it's just me, I don't know.
  • The long-running BBC sci-fi series returns bigger, better and higher budgeted than ever before...

    Burgeoning Brit-TV mogul Russell T. Davies Queer as Folk" & "Casanova") and companion Julie Gardner ("Casanova" & "The Chatterley Affair") regenerate the long-running BBC sci-fi series as prime-time family entertainment which has won a host of BAFTA, Hugo. Saturn and National Television awards and nominations.

    The great Time War between the Time Lords and the Daleks has left the recently regenerated Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) wandering alone and aimless across time and space in his decrepit TARDIS when a chance encounter on twenty-first century Earth with a young shop assistant called Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) gives him the chance to heal in the set-up for this series reboot.

    David Tennant makes the role his own after he takes over the lead as the Tenth Doctor, with assistance from a series of diverse but superb companions including Billie Piper, Freema Agyeman, Catherine Tate, Camille Coduri and Noel Clarke, but it was the magnificent performance of his predecessor Christopher Eccleston that made the relaunch possible.

    The Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) is shown at his most vulnerable and lost and with the companionship of Rose (Billie Piper) he enters far more domestic territory than ever before in an intriguing first season that also introduces Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), and guest stars Zoë Wanamaker, Simon Callow, Eve Myles, Penelope Wilton and Richard Wilson.

    The Doctor (David Tennant) quickly gets through his usual post-regeneration crisis in a Christmas special which leads into a strong second season during which romance begins to burgeon and the seeds for spin-off series "Torchwood" are sowen with the return of Penelope Wilton, Elisabeth Sladen and John Leeson and the debut of Freema Agyeman.

    Christmas companion Donna (Catherine Tate) and seasonal sidekick Martha (Freema Agyeman) spice things up as they help the Doctor get over the loss of Rose in a thrilling third season which builds to the return of an old arch-enemy with some well-dodgy Daleks, a Hugo Award-winning one-off horror and superb performances from Derek Jacobi and John Simm along the way.

    Christmas companion Astrid (Kylie Minogue) pilots a slightly misguided Titanic spoof and the inspirational Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) makes a brief charitable appearance before the full-time return of a thankfully toned-down Donna sets up the absolutely fabulous fourth season featuring a celestial host of previous sidekicks in a star-studded seasonal spectacular finale. The producers have captured the finest elements of the original series and distilled them into a slick modern television series although the new 45min format may lack the charm of the old serials and often leads to rushed deus-ex-machina denouements it does along with improved effects and production values create a far more watchable experience.

    Did you miss me?
  • "Fantastic!" "Brilliant!"

    My favourite show, along with Supernatural. Quite a contrast between the two I know but hey. This show can simply do anything; The Doctor as a charactor is quite possibly the most interesting and amazing charactor ever invented. And we've seen 10 different versions of him.
    On the whole, everyone has there favourite doctor, dubbed as "there" doctor. The latest and soon to leave, David Tennant, is my doctor. He just is the Doctor. Truley superb perfomances from him week in week out. But aside from the Doctor, this show produces some of the best villians ever seen. Daleks; even those who don't watch the show know who they are. The Master, a villanious alterego for the Doctor to fight. And of course the companions; ordinary people that find there lives changed so much just by the life of one man.
    It has a few dud episodes, but on the whole it is thrilling viewing and has very much deserved the success its had. No surprise it has spawned two spin off shows. It dosen't get much better than this.
  • It's ok, just way too predictable.

    I used to be one of those real big fans a few months ago, but I started watching different shows like Death Note and I suddenly realised just how predictable doctor who really is. I mean, don't tell me you start watching a doctor who episode and wonder whether or not the doctor or his sidekick is going to die at the end, because that would just be a lie. It's blatantly obvious that nothing bad has ever happened, nor will it ever happen, to any main character. I was thinking about this, and then it hit me that this is because the characters are total mary-sues (please tell me you know what they are, because I REALLY can't be bothered explaining on another review).

    Just take a moment to contemplate the idea - the doctor never has any harm done to him at all. Every time he should die he just seems to regenerate, and even when his hand gets cut off it just grows right back. He's meant to be a timelord, some alien who lives for a long time and has a tardis so he can travel through space and time. I don't remember it ever explaining that he was also a superhero and an Xman too. Also, I hate how he just somehow saves the day, with barely any explanation at all. It's like, the machine they've just been working on can suddenly do this, even though it either wasn't working or had a completely different purpose before, and so the doctor uses it and bang, all the baddy aliens are gone. You can tell the writing staff couldn't make him win in a reasonable, logical way, so they just came up with something ridiculous in about 5 seconds flat.

    Don't get me wrong, it has some good aspects, but I think if they just made it a tad more realistic, instead of the good guys whooping the bad guys asses without breaking a sweat every single time, then it could be really interesting. Since that's never going to happen, I suggest all you sci-fi fans out there that haven't already, give Torchwood a try.
  • Oh dear...

    I was prepared at the start of the new series to cut all involved, (MS / KG /SM), some slack, but I just can't any more. It's the scripts that are very badly letting down this series, the acting for the most part is passable enough, although to me Matt Smith just isn't a Doctor, he's just a bit too.....limp. Amy is annoying at times, but not a terrible assistant, indeed it seems more and more that she saves the day more than the Doctor does, and I can forgive some hammy acting with some great legs.

    I dunno about others here, but even in my advanced years of 43, Doctor Who was a program that was a 'must-watch', certainly from the first showing with Christopher Eccleston in, and me and the missus have watched religiously. Sure, regardless of who was playing the Doctor there were good episodes and bad episodes, but the bad were never THAT bad and the good ones could be amazing. However, this new series just isn't working, at least not for us, and sure, everyone has their own opinion and I respect that, but for me Doctor Who has gone from a 'must-watch' to a 'if it happens to be on at the same time and same channel as I'm watching then fine, else never mind'.

    Take this week's episode.......well, you'll have to tell me, I was at a barbeque, but from what I saw trailer wise it was set with Vincent Van Gogh. I suppose at least it wasn't set in Wales, which seemed to be a favourite recently, or even the UK. And yes, I know it seems I'm axe-grinding here, but PLEASE set just ONE episode somewhere not on bloody Earth ! With the exception of the Spaceship UK episode, (even that having some connection with Earth!), has there been one episode so far this series not involving our Blue Planet??? I'd settle for some 'Blakes Seven' type outer space animation if it meant that the Doctor could actually set foot on another planet ! When I was a kid I remember loads of DW episodes being set on random planets in random galaxies, (although Jon Pertwee seemed to be on Earth quite a lot, to be fair).

    Anyway, rant over, let the red arrows of downwardness come forth !

    p.s. I'm not sure if this has overwritten my previous review!
  • A Timelord who is the last of his kind (or is he?)He is trying to deal with the guilt of out living the rest of the Timelords while trying to ensure that the universe keep running. He is sad and alone but looking for something.

    The more the staff work on the show the better their understanding of what Doctor Who is the better the show gets. David Tennant is a mix of Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy and an improvement over Christopher. Those who are new to Doctor Who need to check out Davison & McCoy\'s Doctors.
    The storyline does need to move off of Earth some and need to pick up where the McCoy\'s stories left off. We was starting to learn some things about the Doctor\'s past and darker side of life.
    It is also time for a reunion show.
  • I just discovered Doctor Who! This is the show I've been looking for my whole life, without even knowing it. Great characters, great stories, and great writing, with aliens, time travel, historical figures time traveling with aliens, and much more.

    As an American sci-fi nut, I feel like I've been missing out on one of the best shows of the twentieth century. I'd heard of Doctor Who, of course, and thought I'd check it out someday when I was bored. Then, a few months ago, I found myself thinking, "They should make a show about some people who get a time machine from a mysterious alien and go to different time periods, while solving a bigger mystery over the season," or something like that. I actually started writing an outline, thinking it would be something no one ever saw before. Just in case, I did a search for time travel shows, and of course Doctor Who was at the top of the list.

    I'm so glad I started watching this amazing show, and have even started watching the original Doctor Who. It's a great ride, and so much better than anything I could come up with. My favorite episodes so far are all of Stephen Moffat's, of course, and "Vincent and the Doctor".
  • My Favourite Show

    Fun show, but what exactly is the big deal? I asked myself those questions after my first few viewings of Doctor Who. 6 months ago I began watching episodes based on the amount of buzz I heard on the Internet. With my first few viewings I knew there was potential. This was something different. The Doctor is a mysterious character. There is humour, action, time-travel, and the Doctor doesn't solve problems with guns. However it took me about a month of viewing to really "get" the show. Love and Monsters had me excited because it was so weird, bizarre, and daring. Human Nature/Family of Blood won me over simply because of Jessica Hynes from Spaced, but it floored me at the end with its emotional impact. Next was Blink which is quite simply the greatest story ever told on screen in 45 minutes.

    At this point I really liked Doctor Who, but I still occasionally missed shows as they appeared on TV. I missed the Series 3 finale. Was crushed by Martha's departure, but delighted by Donna's introduction. Series 4 was ultimately what hooked me and made me fall in love with the program. The build up to the finale and ultimate conclusion in Journey's End was stunning. At that point I determined I HAD to watch every single episode of the new series'.

    So now, having watched every episode, I can say I still love and am still hooked on Who. The things that attracted me to the program are still the things that are great about the program: the adventure, the unpredictability, the emotion.

    I'm rating this a 10, not because every episode is perfect. A series that is this creative and changes itself so often, sometimes falls short. There are some weak episodes. In some episodes the guest stars are simply not strong enough. Series 5 as a whole seems to be missing something. The episodes with The Master tend to be weird in an unpleasant way. But the series always seems to correct itself and go in the direction it needs. I mentioned Series 5 seems to be missing something. At the same time it seems to be setting itself up for something in Series 6. There are unanswered questions. There is River Song and the Silence and the Darkness. Matt Smith is brilliant and you can't help but feel optimistic with Moffat at the helm. I can't wait.
  • the first two seasons are great and entertaining, but the reason i rated this show as mediocre because from 3rd season onward this show get really repetitive.

    i don't mean to be to nay sayer, i agree that this is a great show, but my problem with this show is the lack of ability of the producers to come up with any better new content. if you have watched the entire series up until fifth season, this show always revolve around five race of aliens and on every episode it just keep showing one or two of those aliens. like the tin can monster dalek,(we were told that they got wiped out from the universe by Doctor in one episode, but they just keep returning miraculously) and the metalic cyberman, they were driven out and exterminated then thrown into the void between the world but somehow they were able to build this gigantic spaceship and invade earth? i guess void is also a land now, can there be void land? maybe we could go visit it someday too, it doesn't seem too bad. Also in the later seasons doctor doesn't seem to be the doctor anymore, he is too biased and un-timelord like. let's face it, from season 1-2 doctor is shown as protector of the universe, but everything change from 3-5. at season 3-5 its basically about doctor destroying all other race to save the earth. especially Daleks, oh yes always about Daleks, those tin-can monsters just keep coming back like a vengeful ghost that just will not die after tens of thousands of doctor who episodes, oh yes, i am exaggerating but you get what i am saying, this Dalek thing is SO DAMN repetitive it gets on my nerves. why can't they just let the Dalek go and come up with something else?
  • It had a good start but since the last season...

    I used to this show as a kid, really liked it I had everything you could want from a show, action, plenty of laughs and it was also family friendly. After the first season I kind of stopped watching it because I had other things I wanted to do although I would watch a few and most of the finales. Watched the one where David Tennant leaves and I didn't really liked it because they brought everyone back from the doctor's race and then just killed them off I mean WTF? Anyway decided to stop watching the show for good then I hear its on again with a bunch of new writers and everything so I decided to check it out.
    The first episode was alright so I decided to keep watching although I wished I didn't. There are alot of things I didn't like at all about the new season like Amy coming onto the doctor, The doctor getting rory killed for being a complete idiot, grandma zombiez, the doctor with a gun.... again and a cracks in time story arc leading up to the doctor running around a museum making nosense. But I have to admit Matt Smith is great as the doctor but I'm sick of him saying "I'm the doctor, search me up, now RUN!" I'm sorry but for goodness sake give the poor bloke something to do instead of telling everyone how awesome you are its pathetic. Still after watching series 5 with no sane explaination about what the hell is actually going on in the story I have offically given up on this show goodbye
  • Doctor who is about a man who travels through time and space with a companion.

    Doctor Who is great. Its about a man who travels in time and space and saves the world and the world don't even know it. He travels with a women named rose. She is a Londoner. Her mum does not like the doctor much but she trusts him deep down. Roses boyfriend mickey is jealous about the doctor and rose but he is really happy when he gets to see her. Her dad died when she was young he was in a car crash. She has no other siblings. All she wants to do for the rest of her life is travel with the doctor. The doctor loves rose and cares for her but not in the same way rose feels about him. For more info email me at x
  • Doctor Who the longest-running sci-fi show and one of the best shows ever.

    The only thing not to love about the show is the fact that it only runs for 13 episodes a season. Plus a bones episode at Christmas. We need more episodes a season.

    After falling in love with the eleventh Doctor and Amy in the first episode of season five I had to know more about the show so I went online and found out that I wasn't watching the first episode of a new show. No I was watching the first episode of season five. Not being able to help myself I set out to track down the first four seasons of the new series and was absolute blown away. The story lines were a good mix of action, drama and inter personal relationships. The show had everything you would exspect in a good sci-fi and plenty you wouldn't exspect. It was fun watching the Nine (Christopher Eccleston) and Rose run around London as Rose was brought into the Doctors fantastical world. With Rose's boyfriend Mickey and her Mother in the mix. We watch as Rose leaves both behind as she runs off with The Doctor and his little blue box.

    As we watch the show it is reveled that the Doctor's world was destroyed along with all it's people. Leaving the Doctor alone and bitter. Throw his relationship with Rose he slowly starts to heal when they get dragged into a fight with his worse enemy the Daleks. In order to save Rose he sends her and his ship the TARDIS back to Rose's time but Rose refusing to leave the Doctor to die rips open the hart of the TARDIS so that she can fly it back to the Doctor.

    She saves The Doctor but at a cost. To save Rose from the power she had absorbed from the TARDIS he tacks the power then returns it to the TARDIS but the power had done to much damage to his body so he was dieing. The Doctor breathy try's to exsplant whats going on to Rose before he regenerates.

    After regenerating for the ninth time, the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) explains what happened to a disbelieving Rose. After a breath stop home Rose decides to continue traveling with the new Doctor.

    This New Doctor was both lighter and darker then the last Doctor. Being more carefree and eccentric then the last Doctor David Tennan brought a hole new energy to the show. We find out early on that that although this new Doctor is much more of a free sprite, when you get him angry he is willing to do things that his past self wouldn't have condoned.

    At the end of season two I watched in tears as Rose, Mickey and her mother get sealed off in a papalell world. Leaving the Doctor once agine alone. Only for Donna to come along when she somehow gets onto the TARDIS as she was trying to get married. The Doctor still upset over loseing Rose nearly gets himself killed when the try's to save the world from this weeks moster.

    Donna after refusing to come along as the Doctors new companion tells the Doctor that he needs to find someone to stop him sometimes.

    In season three we meet Martha (and in my opion., she was the worse companion in the show.) who falls for the Doctor. After spending the season on her one sided crush on the Doctor, she saves the world and desides to leave the Doctor. Despite the presents of Martha in season three, it had some some excellent plot twist and great episodes.

    In season four Donna's back. And is the first true friend the Doctor has had as a companion. Season four had two of my favorite episodes in it. Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead. Where we meet my favorite companion River Song. A woman surround in mystery. At the end of season four the Doctor has to take the memory of his-self from Donna before returning her home. After what amounts to four filler episodes the Doctor saves Donna's grandfather at the cost of this regeneration. The eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) is if you can believe it more eccentric then the last incarnation. This new Doctor has let go a lot of the darkness he previously had but has gained an obsession with having a bow-tie. Matt Smith the youngest actor to play the Doctor can play the tired old man better then the last two. This Doctor relies on current companion Amy to help bring out the child inside. As we see more secrets of this universe. And the Past, Present, Future and beyond! This is one show you have to see.
  • Predictably average, and occasionally cringe-worthy, Christmas nonsense.

    I'll start positive. David Tennant nailed the character of the Doctor way back in his first Christmas special, and he excels here as always, even if all his 'allons-y', talking fast, silly jokes etc have become entirely predictable. When he mentioned that the year was a bit boring at the beginning, I sighed, cos we've had similar dialogue before and if I want a repeat, I can just go back and watch that (far better) episode (Girl in the Fireplace). Another good point about The Next Doctor is how it looks. It looks big and flash and expensive, and the period setting is nicely realised. It looks great. Apart from that, however, I found little to enjoy. David Morrissey - I'm sure he's a great actor, but he merely came across as irritating here, and his 'companion' was as one dimensional as they come. The plot's convoluted and not very interesting, and the whole 'they killed my wife', 'oh I have a son' routine is done so half heartedly it fails to be moving. I wanted to enjoy this, but like the past two series of Doctor Who, I'm finding it more and more difficult to care. I look forward to Series Five and the other specials, I just hope they can do better than this.
  • My favoruite show will always be this no matter what happens....

    To me, this show is perfect! I've never really liked dramas or science fiction, until i watched this! The cliffhangers are very good because they keep you at the edge of your seat and the characters and monsters almost seem real. The Doctor is the best character because he can become a entirly different person each time he regenerates. I hope the show will last for a very long time and I have got use to the new feel of the series now. The only problem i have with the new series is that Eveyone keeps on dying! Oh well, but Steven needs to think straight and stop killing off the main cast. Anyway, My favoruite show will always be this no matter what happens....
  • Doctor Who Forever! It is just such an imaginative show and, until the world is blown to smithereens by Daleks, those darn good writers will keep on thinking of new material for the longest running sci-fi show of all time, Doctor Who.

    Doctor Who is awesome!!! It is suspenseful, yet not bloody and gory (like most sci-fi shows are)and every episode is just as special and classic as the next. Aliens, suspense, time travel and, as a matter of fact, humor all help to make this timeless, 46 year running show. Ha ha ha! Take that, stereotype of British TV that always says it is horrible! Anyway, if you've never seen the Doctor, tune in now. Even though each episode is as good as the next, I would reccomend seeing the most are "The Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances." Both are interconnected and my personal favorites... Moooomy!
  • In the U.K., this series about a time-traveling sleuth is as much of a stone-cold classic as The Twilight Zone is here.

    It's also equally period-bound, bringing to mind the black-and-white series of the late '60s and early '70s, with those fakey sets and sinister electronic background music. The famous futuristic theme tune-an invitation to a generation of children to prepare themselves for a weekly dose of palpitating terror-has survived, but it's been gussied up with unnecessary orchestration, setting the tone for this attempt to update Doctor Who in the age of CGI.

    Arriving in contemporary London in the Tardis (a timeship disguised as a police call box), the Doctor saves the city from a zombie army of store mannequins (don't ask), along the way recruiting a young female accomplice named Rose. The Doctor is played with gusto by Christopher Eccleston, the ninth actor to take on the role, while Rose (former U.K. pop star Billie Piper) exudes the perfect post-postfeminist mix of tomboy pluck and girlie cuteness. The second episode of the series hurtles the duo 5 billion years into the future, where a gaggle of mixed-species tourists arrive to watch Earth explode. Cue plenty of cool alien costumes: a giant head in a vat and the Last Human, a flat surface of facial skin that turns out to be the end product of millennia's worth of cosmetic surgery. "Moisturize me!" the Last Human constantly orders her minions. There are plenty of other good gags to prove this entertaining series doesn't take itself too seriously. When Rose goes into culture shock, she ruefully notes, "They're just so alien . . . the aliens."

    The Doctor has generally been played as a relentlessly cheery type, with a Peter Pan quality of prepubescent sexlessness-a geek whose brain beats brawn in every corner of the universe. Although this remake attempts to add tragic depth to the Doctor, it lacks true darkness. The early series overcame skimpy budgets to conjure the uncanny; this was cosmic horror as H.P. Lovecraft would have understood it. The real disappointment of the new Who isn't its use of (slightly) slick special effects, though. It's a structural problem: Instead of stretching a storyline across a whole season, each adventure is resolved within a single episode, making this closer to your average detective series. The thrill-filled cliffhangers of yore are gone, taking with them with the child's urge to watch TV from behind the sofa, breath bated.
  • Doctor Who is the greatest television show of all time!

    This is the absoluteley most amazing televion series of all time. A story about a madman who stole a magic box and ran away. I have been a fan since Davison, but the story started long before. I have seen every story including the revisions of "lost" episodes using the original soundtracks. I love every actor that has taken the role as The Doctor. Series 31 was the best ever! Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill are the best "one on one" team since Patrick Troughton and Frazer Hines were in the late 60's!!! That's saying a lot! I've been a fan since the 80's, and I don't see my love for this show ever ending!
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