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  • Doctor Who is the longest-running TV sci-fi show. It originally aired between 11/23/1963 and 11/22/1989, got a TV movie in 1996, and revives since 2005. Eleven actors (as far as of July 2010) have incarned the lead role, the Doctor, a Time Lord.

    I discovered this show one rainy day, while looking for an interesting program on the French digital TV. 'Cause I'm French. If I remember well, the episode broadcasted was "Doomsday" (Adieu Rose, in French), the final episode of Series 2. When I compare the French titles to the original titles, I often think that the French show spoils a little the suspense, and sometimes they make us want to know more. One thing that disappoints me is that sometimes, references are simply deleted in the French version, and another is that the actor that dubbed Eccleston also dubbed Tennant. Btw, he is far better with Tennant.
  • Doctor Who starts off Fantastic but keeps degrading. The plot is enough to keep you entertained most of the time but the production has other letdowns in mind to nag you with.

    Fresh, amusing and free of most of the typical BS that comes with shows, Dr. Who is quite enertaining. That is before they replace the first Doctor playing the role (Christopher Eccleston), with a funny little guy that most people wouldn't take serious even if he was president of the wrold.
    Its agony, its like having someone play the perfect part of Jack the Ripper and then replace him with Rowan Atkinson and him starting to make them funny faces.
    I don't know the inner production arrangements but on the outside it looks like each new season they try and find worse actors than the previous. Its amazing actually. I don't mind the other guys taking a shot but its OBVIOUS they are no good for it. Who knows the series may be cutting budget, next thing the doctor will be a homeless guy and he will pick a girl companion off an elderly house so they make it. "Doctor Who and Grandma What"

    If you can live with the actor change you should watch beyond season one. Some people say "at least they made the switch into the plot not like these old soaps that you have to watch a new face and pretend nothing happened", Well yeah but they can change back just as easy.
  • Brillant show.

    I love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss David Tennat though, I wish he hadn't left the show, its just not the same without him. He was a great actor to play the Doctor. Matt Smith is good but he's no David Tennat. I love how there's so much build-up and clues to what's coming in the finalies and how its always something so epic. This show certainly doesn't disapoint. It truly deserves a perfect rating. I liked Rose and Donna and Jack and Wilf and thought the other companions were mostly okay, but I'm not so sure about Amy Pond and Rory Willams. I don't really think they have what it takes to be true companions. Besides the thing with the Pandorcia they haven't really proven themselves against a true threat and when they have come up against one, its always been the Doctor that figured out how to bail them out of it. At least other companions would come up with their own plans whether they were used or not and they tended to be brillant. The Doctor basicaly said he took amy because she made no sense and Rory to help Amy out emotionaly and because she was getting married. I think they should've done a Martha with them: get rid of them after one series and get him new comapnions. Donna and Rose were the ones they should've kept around: those two were perfect for the show and they got rid of them even when they managed to bring Rose back.
  • Amazing. Doctor's Girl Forever!!!

    " Best ", "AMAZING", " Fantastic! ", " Brilliant " . Best Show On TV ! ! ! ! This Show WILL Be Around For Ever And Ever! Series 4 Is My Favorite . Catherine Tate And David Tennant Make A Great Team. GO DONNA ! ! But It Mad Me Sad That David Tennant Had To Leave The Show. *Sad Face* :( David Tennant Was Ans ALWAY S Will Be The Best Doctor . And If You Have Anything Wrong With That Bring It . . . . . (Pleased Don't, Really I Cant Fight At All) . So Yeah .
  • When speaking of Doctor Who, one simply cannot avoid such epithets as brilliant and fantastic.

    The show has been on, well, almost forever and ever, and with many other shows that would mostly mean that such a show would no more be able to bring anything new or exciting. But it isn't the case with Doctor Who. And no matter if you are an old fan, or just recently started to watch the show, the show will deliver its promises and even exceed them no doubt.
    Doctor Who is always surprising, exciting, adventurous and simply fascinating. And one just never can get enough of it :D No joking here as Doctor Who might be the best sci-fi show ever.
    'I'm the Doctor, run for your life!'
  • A new review for a brand new Who...

    When Christopher Eccleston left Doctor Who, I lost my favourite Doctor. But when I thought that all hope was lost, David Tennant came in, he wasn't as good as Eccleston to me, but he deffinitely kept me watching. When Tennant and Russel T Davies left, it gave me complete satisfaction knowing that Steve Moffat would be the new head writer and executive producer. Because of the fantastic (and might I add scary) episodes that Moffat has written, I was comforted by knowing Russel had placed Doctor Who in Moffat's hands. Matt Smith is excellent! He is ever so different from Tennant and most of the other Doctors, which is great. I love to see a new personality in the series. His new TARDIS interior and exterior has a great design! Amy Pond (Karen Gillen) is a great assistant/companion so far aswell. The episodes of this new series are THE most entertaining and cleaver episodes I've seen on Doctor Who. Steve Moffat is deffinitely giving me an exciting thrill everytime I turn on the Television to watch Doctor Who. I hope that this great series continues to amaze me!
  • Simply brilliant...

    One of the most interesting and entertaining serial of the modern day, doctor who is the perfect example of what an complete family show should be. Season one began with the 9th doctor portrayed by Christopher Eccleston which was a bit slow to start with but ended on a high with 'bad wolf' and 'parting of ways'. Then came the era of david tennant as the 10th doctor which delivered some of the best episodes in the history of the show. Episodes such as 'blink', 'the satan's pit', 'the stolen earth' and the 'journey's end' come to mind. David tennant's era came to a close with 'end of time' with an emotional regeneration scene which will live in the minds of the viewers for a long time. Even though, david's departure had left a huge void, Matt Smith ably stepped into the role and has so far delivered some excellent performances in season 5. One hopes that he continues to excel and cement himself as one of the best doctors in the history of the serial.
  • The Earth is taken away by ancient enemy Davros, creator of the Daleks. The Doctors' companions band together to contact him. The episode ends in the middle of the Doctor's 11th regeneration.

    Just where is the story here ? So much time is spent rushing from character to character that nothing is
    developed. We all KNOW the Doctor will prevail at the end ... it's HOW he gets there that makes any story interesting. The writer seems so intent on dragging bits and pieces of the Doctor Who legacy into his story that he has lost sight of what makes it enjoyable. I don't believe this episode could be enjoyed in any way by someone who was not an ardent follower of the series and it's latest spinoffs. I didn't believe it could be done, but even the " yes, we know who you are " line that I thought was inspired when first used, was overdone enough to be expected. This is cheap thrills .. there is no "there" there.
  • A brilliant show that keeps lasting forever and ever.

    I'm not sure how to describe this show without breaking up my review. There has been so many seasons and so many doctors that it's hard to sum it all up into merely one review.

    I think what is so brilliant about this show is that it can last forever because the main characters can always change but essentially still be the same.

    The plot of the show was original back in the day and still is one of a kind. Nothing can quite compare to Doctor Who and it has aged brilliantly.

    I haven't seen all the older ones but I really enjoyed them as a child and the newer ones are just brilliant. I always love how everyone worries about the new 'Doctor' but the stories will always stay brilliant.

    I have to shamefully admit I am and always will be a huge Doctor Who fan.
  • doctor who always the best

    Doctor who the longest running scifi series in history and one of the longest of any show, is a destiment to how great it is to how perfect a show evry doctor brings something new, as does every companion (except Martha I hate her). it is almost always perfectly written whether it's an episode that makes you laugh, or think or cry they are all great evn the classic doctor who, which didn;t have modern effects and sometimes had poor sets was incredibly written with stories that keep you guessing. On the outside doctor who is just another sci fi adventure but on the inside it has heart. any show that can make you think and even raise modern issues while still letting you have a good timew has to be one of the best
  • Dr Who one of the best and most adaptive shows ever created.While Dr Who 2005 can be stand alone great , it also feeds the old fans enough meat for us to thoroughly enjoy as well.

    In the old series Dr Who often flowed with the times . the 1st Dr was in many historical eras while the 2nd opened up more to aliens . The 3rd Dr was a defender of the Earth and the 4th transcended nicely from planet defender to space traveler to universe defender.and so forth and so on . Thus the cannon of the old Dr was established . he was the anti-hero ,rebelling against authority to do what was right moral and just . The new series comes along and skillfully changes the entire dynamics . Where as companions were of minimal use and usually caused more problems in the classic episodes in the new series they are the key to many of his victories . Where as the Time Lords used to keep the Dr in check , the constraints are now off of him and he projects a sense of authority that he once rebelled against .
    bottom line is the newly renovated series is tied in nicely with the old series but in a fresh new way that makes this extremely fun and enjoyable to watch .
  • Doctor Who is about this Time Lord (the Time Lords are an alien race) that travels through time and space in his home grown Tardis (time and relative dimesions in space).

    He is currently in his tenth form (he regenerated nine times). It seems to me that everytime he regenerates, he gets younger. Anyway, in this form he has had four companions that have been in more than one episode. First there was Rose. The doctor met her when he was in his ninth form. Along with Rose there was Captain Jack Harkness, my personal favorite. He was killed by Daleks and was brought back to life by Rose, and because of that he could never die. After the Doctor regenerated, Rose remained with him for a while until she was teleported to another dimension. Then came Martha Jones. She remained with the doctor for a while, but after she had her fun, she wanted to get back to her family. So after Martha came Donna Noble. She's not my favorite, but she works I guess. She left the doctor because she had information overload, snd because of that the doctor had to wipe her memory of everything they did together or she would die. Now, I'm done with my review.
  • OMG....I netflixed the seasons and I watched the entire four seasons in one Month.

    OMG....I netflixed the seasons and I watched the entire four seasons in one Month. I'm addicted. I love it. I can't get enough of it and I have only one disk left..and then that's it. It makes me sad that this will be the last one. I hope to see more. I think it's an awesome show. It keeps my wit sharp and since I started watching it. I need's my drug. Anway I think Doctor Who is awesome. I bought red shoes just because so I could wear them with a suit when I go to a wedding this weekend. I love how new women come into the mix every sesaon. How extra characters are reused again later. No one is just there. They have a purpose. Good stuff, good stuff.
  • Doctor Who is the perfect mix of action/ adventure and sci-fi, and is, overall, a completely awesome show that simply must be watched.

    Doctor Who is a show that I have been watching since 2005, and I have loved it since the start. It uses great acting and loads of exciting special effects and sci-fi aliens that totally rock. The show started originally back in 1963, when William Hartnell stepped in as a pequiliar fellow named the doctor, who lived with his neice in a police box. His niece's teachers wanted to meet him, so they broke in to the police box, only to find out that this box was a time machine, and they were suddenly whisked away on a series of strange but wonderful adventures to numerous other worlds.

    The series ran until the 1980s, having many people play the doctor, Tom Baker being the most popular. The Doctor has always been facing the Daleks and the Cybermen, his 2 worst enemies. The 2005 series started when Rose Tyler, who was soon also about to be taken away by the doctor to travel to other worlds, came into a sticky situation with living shop window dummies, the Autons. After this thrilling opening to a show that reurned with a bang, The Doctor and his brand new companion Rose started on numerous adventures around the universe.

    Since 2005, The Doctor has lost, and gained, friends for various species' and got into situations with some ghastly aliens, but, as he always has to do, gets out of these situations, usually at a cost of some unlucky human(or, in some cases, aliens)'s life.

    The series has loads of very hard-working crew members working to create top-notch special effects, great costumes, superb environments, scary aliens, that good old british feel you get when watching something from BBC, believable sciences, and, the fact that is appropriate for anyone to watch, no matter what age(although some are kind of scary), is a bonus.

    Overall, I have rated doctor who 10 because it is just the best show I know of(That is Sci-Fi), and you simply MUST watch it.
  • I wish I could change the classification to "Fantastic!" or "Brilliant!", because that's exactly what the adventures of the Doctor and his companions go through, passing dimensions, worlds, and time.

    What can I say about one of the longest running TV shows in history... First off, its FanTAStic! Back in the old series, the show was fascinating, intriguing, and entertaining, and now, a new standard of tv has been brought up, and Doctor Who has expanded into more then a TV show. One of the things that have only been mentioned a couple times as of the old series is the moral preference of the Doctor. One on side you can see a bright and brilliant man of space and time, and the other you can see a heartless killer, closing out anyone who's ever met him from his life after it's over. On its outside, the show deals with the typical Sci-Fi stuff, at the cusp of imagination. Look closer, and in some episodes, it becomes downright frightening. Most notably "Blink", and it really shows that it's not all about the Doctor, as the ones who are closest to him show how much their lives revolve around this mysterious man. Confident and thoughtful, boastful yet brilliant, Doctor Who stands as one of my favorite shows of all time.
  • A brilliant update on an old favourite that's been going strong since 1963!

    What can I say about the New Who that has not already been said? 4 brilliant series with 4 christmas specials and it is still fresh in its genius. The 11th doctor will come to us in 2010. In the meantime there are only a few specials (4 I think) in 2009 to keep us going. Both the new Doctors, Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant, have played the part extremely well and have kept to the traditions of the old series as well as bringing fresh ideas to the whole thing. I am so glad this much-loved show got such an excellent makeover to make it fit with the post-millenium audience.
  • "He seemed to see the threads that hold the universe together and have the ability to mend them when they break."

    On November 23, 1963, a brand new show was launched by the BBC. It was a new series of adventures in time and space, and it was called DOCTOR WHO.
    I wonder what they would say if the origional cast and production crew could be shown what has grown from their idea and vision?
    Would they be proud of what has come since? Yes, I think they would be VERY proud of it.

    In rerun and thanks to PBS stations, I have been able to watch the origional (classic) series and I have also been able to keep up to date with the revival, and I have to honestly say that I am very excited to see where Doctor Who goes from here.

    My only regret is that with the 11th Doctor soon to make his appearance, there will only be two more after him.
    But, as I went back and watched the origional series, I did find more than a few ways in which the character of the Doctor could continue well past his final regeneration.
    I hope my grandkids have to opertunity to watch fresh and new episodes, just as I and my own son have.
  • So Matt Smith is the 11th Doctor Who (sorry, but for me the 12th as I DO count P Cushing!).... Anyway, EXCELLENT ... This chap, young as he is,has all the quirks of the next (best) Doctor.

    So Matt Smith is the 11th Doctor Who (sorry, but for me the 12th as I DO count P Cushing!).... Anyway, EXCELLENT ... This chap, young as he is,has all the quirks of the next (best) Doctor. Sorry but none of the other 'suggested' nominees (Not John Simm, David Morrissey, James Nesbitt, Russell Tovey, Paterson Joseph, James McAvoy or, thank the Lord, David Walliams. Not Amy Winehouse, Catherine Zeta Jones or Lesley Sharp, all of whom were - somewhat mischeviously - suggested by outgoing showrunner Russell T Davies.) could have stepped into the shoes of one of the longest running 'timelords'..

    Personally, as a 40+ fan (apart from those mid years, low effects budgets periods!) I and the family were breathing serious sighs of relief as the BBC announced the new 'intern'.

    Good luck mate, you shouldn't need it judging by your performance as yourself on BBC tonight (you ARE the doctor or at least an off-spring, I'd check your birth certificate mate !).
  • Doctor Who is fantastic

    Written by Kane

    Doctor Who has always been a great show, from the old show to the excellent new show. All the seasons are really good but Doctor who has become even better when releasing the new seasons 3 and 4. The new seasons 3 and 4 are just that much better to say that those seasons are fantastic. Next year 2009 are staring the 5th season and is going to be the best season ever.

    Doctor Who - season 1 - (75%) really good season
    Doctor Who - season 2 - (80%) really good season
    Doctor Who - season 3 - (90%) very very good season
    Doctor Who - season 4 - (99%) excellent season
    Doctor Who - season 5 - (N/A %) N/A - out 2009

    Written by Kane
  • Where can you get Action,comedy and sci-fi at the same time? Doctor Who...

    Probably the best show I've ever seen and it never dissapoints. The longest ever sci-fi ever is totally the best sci-fi ever. If you hate sci-fi you may even like it, there something for everyone. Unlike torchwood anyone can watch it what ever age you are.
    Anyway it starts off with the strange dude called the doctor who ends up in london. A girl meets him called rose. She curious who he is after causing a massive explosion in a clothes store where she works. She finds him and finds out hes actually and an alien and the last of his kind. He has a time machine which can go anywhere at anytime as he saves everyone. Its pretty good and you should give it a try cause its pretty awesome...
  • Everyone loves this show. It is good old fashioned family viewing.

    it isn't often that an old cancelled show can be remade and remade well, especially a cult classic with a huge and (lets be honest) geeky fanbase already in existeence. But somehow this show has managed with bells on.

    Before I start singing the praises of David Tennant (who is arguably the best Doctor since Tom baker... thats right I said it!), a moment should be spared for Christopher Eccleston. He did after all undertake the title role for the first series of the revitalisation project and to be honest he did it well too.

    Since then the show has gone from strength to strength (with the possible exception of last years christmas special.. I mean any show that casts Kylie as a main character has issues... anyone remember Street Fighter?!) Plus it is British - Like me!
  • You either love it or hate it. As for me, I LOVE IT! 'nuff said

    I have been a fan of Dr Who since the 80s. This is a program that makes you think. Really think. What could happen if one traveled through space and time? What could you see? Who could you meet? How could your visit affect history? It also includes a tad bit of a soap opera for those who arent just sci fi geeks.

    And the show has been around for, well, since forever so that must mean that the producers have a plan that works. I believe the doctor only has 12 lives and we are starting to go into the 11th. Perhaps something will happen when the 12th doctor decides to move on so the show will not end, but continue, well, forever!

    You either love it or hate it. As for me, I LOVE IT! 'nuff said
  • this is defenetly the best show ever!!! I love the way this show just sucks you in and you just cant stop thinking about it! the doctor is just such a perfect character that ev eryone can relate to!in one way or another.

    Everytime i watch this show i just have to keep watching it and can't stop!
    The doctor is just such a clasic show,
    it goes back soo far. he has touched soo many peoples lives. and he changes them all.
    I just love all the characters. This show is defenetly the one show that i would do anything
    to keeep watching. I really liked Rose and i was
    soo sad when she left the show, but i also really liked Donna, and Martha. i cant wait to swee who is coming next.
    The Doctor just brings out the best in people. most of the time anyways.
    The Doctor is just the perfect character.
  • Doctor who is a fantastic program. It is about the Doctor and his tardis flying round the universe and saving the world (a lot). The aliens and creatures are truly inspriational.

    This is a fantastic program. I absolutly love doctor who and think that it can do no wrong. The characters are amazing and the writers are vey creative and inventive.
    Doctor who is without a doubt my favourite television program- i never really likes sci-fi before but now i have got into doctor who its amazing.

    I very much like talking to other people about doctor who, sharing ideas and searching for news on it.

    The fantastic thing with doctor who is that you can search the net come across loads of spoilers but it still surprises you becaus ethe majority of spoilers turn out wrong so this show has that amazing element of suprise whihc makes it all the better in my opinion
  • This is my worst Sci-fi program.

    I only like the first and second series when it first started but after the 2nd series i started to find it boring. The Only thing in the show which made me want to watch the first 2 series was the doctor's first assistant Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper! She was the best character in the show! The 4th series is the worst with Catherine Tate. She is the worst Doctor Who assistant ever. Doctor Who was to much of a comedy then a sci-fi show with her in it. I did not find anything funny with her in it. The comedy was far too over the top that i did not find anything which was suppose to be funny actualy funny.

    I found the 4th sreies far to confusing for a doctor who series.

    Surprisingly i give this show 7 out 10 even though i hated the 3rd and 4th series, that is because of Bille Pipers character was so good in this show.
  • Purely fantastic, fell in love within the first few minutes.

    The first season I have to say wasn't my favorite, but the 'New Doctor' has to be THE best doctor of our time. Well, more like all of history.
    The writing is pure genius and has something new to give with each episode. I love Dvid Tennent and he has a great sense of humor which helps his cause oh so much more. The chemistry that he is able to make with Rose, Donna, Martha, everyone he meets he makes that connection that whenever one has to leave, it leaves you in tears. I love Doctor Who and will ALWAYS will. ^_^
  • Quite possibly the best show on TV, ever. From 1963 this show has mesmerised generations, each with their own Doctor, and thank god the latest generation can have 'their' Doctor now. Here to stay this time (26 years was just not enough, he he)!

    What can I say? Since a child this show has captured my imagination. Peter Davison being my own Doctor, my first memories are of the doctor running up and down stairs (Keeper of Traken) whilst looking at Pyramids (Castrovalva) and eventually regenerating in a barn (Logopolis). Whilst this adventure never existed in Who, and is just a childs memory confusing things (it was the bottom of a Radio Telescope, not a barn - I was a weird kid), for me to remember anything from that age is amazing.
    A story about an Alien from an all powerful culture (the Timelords from the planet Gallifrey), who left because he wanted to help others rather than see them destroyed by the evils of the galaxy has enough potential. But when you consider he is able to do this at any point in time, in any dimension, the opportunities are endless. Not only that, but he does this with companions who are there to inspire us, and bridge the gap between us and this all powerful hero. But if the all powerful thing is too much for you, then this is also a character with flaws, he needs to companions to help him understand what is right and wrong beyond his own understanding, he has died (although he can regenerate himself up to 12 times), and he travels around in a semi-sentient TARDIS time machine that is out of date and only works when it feels like it, or if it senses danger itself.
    I'm sure you realise that I could go on about this show for ever, telling you every single nuance that has been given on screen (and off in the Books, Audio adventures and Fan Stories). But the best thing to do is delve in yourself. The new Series has given people a good place to start, introducing you to the backstory a bit at a time, as well as possible future stories. But don't forget the classic series, it lasted for 26 years, unprecedented for such a show, and yet it worked. This could be due to the shows 'Britishness', or because it's not Sci-Fi in the usual sense, and therefore does not alienate the common viewer. The story of a lone hero, who changes as well as his companions has meant it has been able to stay fresh for decades.
    As a 5th Doctor fan, my stories to start with would be 'The Five Doctors', 'Black Orchid', 'The Awakening', 'Revelation of the Daleks' and 'Frontios' (okay, 'Curse of Fenric' and 'Remembrance of the Daleks' are a must too). These display the show in it's many genres (historical, futuristic, dark and moody, combinations and the good old fashioned self indulgent romp [sod continuity, the Five Doctors just works]). However there is a lot to be said from watching it from the start, as long as you don't mind the initial black and white episodes. This way you see the character evolve, and learn of his back story as it was invented.
    Whatever you choose to do, enjoy this truly unique show.
  • The best show on television.

    Let me first say up until 2007 I had never watched Dr. Who, though I had heard of the long running series. So I did really pay attention to the new series. Until one day on one of my days off from work the Sci-Fi channel was showing their daily marathon of shows, and the show happened to be the new series of Dr. Who. I had nothing else going on at the time and decided to watch. I haven't stopped watching yet.

    The series is a breath of fresh air compared to a American television. I had seen nothing else like it here in the USA. It was truly original at least for me. The story telling was wonderful. The acting was great you could just tell the actors enjoyed what they were doing. The special effects were really good for a television Sci-fi series, and the music is just wonderful. Sure seasons only last 13 episodes, but those 13 episodes are better the entire seasons of any USA show.

    The series has produced some of my favorite episodes(Father's Day, Bad Wolf, The Parting of the Ways, The Girl in the Fireplace, The Impossible Planet, The Satan Pit, Army of Ghosts, Doomsday, I could go on, and there are many more. The series also have some of my favorite characters. Dr. Who(my favorite is David Tennant), Rose Tyler(who I think is by far the best companion), and Captain Jack Harkness who I just love.

    This is by far my favorite television series. So if you are looking for something new and different from the same old USA television check out Dr. Who, you won't be disappointed.
  • Brilliant

    Before I start this review I have to admit that I have never really saw complete episodes of the original Doctor Who-show, but after I watch this new series I became a huge fan of doctor who, the show its funny, interesting and terrible addictive.
    It is a shame, though, that Eccleston has decided to move on to other things when the show finishes its run. I would have liked to see another couple of series with Eccleston, at least, before a new hand takes the helm. The new doctor David Tennant by the way did an excellent job preserving the eccentric and wise style of the doctor. Give it a chance you won't regret it.
  • New Generation

    Doctor WHo its a nice program and the predecesors are as good as this generation always the same problems and case Doctor Who i did not watch the other generation but my brother told me about so i can stay at range with the Hole Generation of Doctors Still good this gebneration i did not miss a siongle episode about the TV Show great show indeed

    I give this show 9/10 as always the other generations i should watch them to see the other doctoers on stage but this was uits a great TV show really good tv show really hice
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