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Doctor Who

Saturday 8:00 PM on BBC America Premiered Mar 26, 2005 In Season



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  • Doctor Who maybe a UK tv show but it's very under rated and it's brilliant. I'm talking about the new series from 2005, not the chrappy old ones.

    Doctor who is a great TV show with brilliant costumes and special effects. The whole story lines of each episodes is amazing and the main theme; Humans and time lord vs dialect. I'm really glad they actually show the doctor changing on the show and make it seem interesting unlike the James Bond movies where James Bond changes without anything in the script explaining it. The 1st season was awesome, the 2nd and 3rd were alright and the 4th was truly fitting. The last 2 episodes of the 4th season were uncomparable. It's sad to see all the characters breaking up at the finale.
    Christopher Eccleston was better as the doctor in my oppinion but David Tennant is also a good actor, no doubt. I just liked Chris as doctor more. The doctor had great companions, I thought Rose Tyler was hot.
    Doctor Who is a great and beautifully written TV show that is very under rated and not should be watched worldwide, not just in the UK. BBC have done a great job with this TV series, there should be more english TV shows like Doctor Who, no documentaries, just pure sci fi.
  • A classic continuation from the older series of Doctor Who

    Having watched various episodes of the 'older' series, I was quite excited when I found out about this new one. Right from episode 1, I have became a huge fan of this series.

    Filled with additional CGI, and unique storylines (along with that extra bit of humour that goes around) this show is a popular remake of the classic many of us grew up watching.

    From the Daleks, to the Cybermen, to the Sontarrans (spelling). There have also been numerious other species created for this show, along with more of the older ones being seen again (though in a new shade).

    The companions too are also worthwhile, and on top of that, Torchwood (another great sci-fi show) was created as a spin-off. What more could we ask?
  • When I saw the advert for this I thought what?Dr Who?But I watched Rose and was impressed so I watched next week and was hooked but when Chris left and Dave came I vowed never to watch it again series 4 has killed it cancel it now before it becomes hated.

    In April 2005 Dr Who graced our screens once again with Christopher Eccleston in the title role and Billie Piper as his assistant Rose Tyler. The first series saw the Doctor's adventures across time and space and was really enjoyable. Then when Eccleston regenerated into David Tennant I knew he wouldn't be very good. Series 2 wasn't too bad it followed the thing really but weren't as enjoyable, but it was getting worse every episode by the time series 3 arrived, the stories were really far-fetched. Series 4 was the worst yet and reckon David Tennant should regenerate and never come back because he has almost killed the show please regenarate him before it's too late, RIP Dr Who.
  • I remember the first time I was introduced to this show. It was the UK version and they were introducing the ninth Doctor.

    Doctor Who as long as I can remember was always at the top of my list when it came to Sci-Fi shows. It was witty and Adventurous. Although my history with the show doesn't go back to the beginning, I still got a nice fresh start with the ninth Doctor. David Tennant is amazing as the role of the Doctor. Through whoever had ventured with him it had brought comedy and that witty British accent to the television show. It seems that in every episode the doctor brings a new story into the ever going chapters of Doctor Who. I am looking forward to venturing on with the doctor!
  • The Doctor puts the Regeneration energy in hid hand. Later when the Tardis is about to be destroyed with Donna inside Donna touched the Hand and another Doctor grows out of it. Who saves the day. Donna is Part timelord and has her memories wiped.

    I think Russell T Davies deserves alot of credit for this. It was brilliantly written and directed. All the actors were great and it delivered the knuckle biting episode I was hoping for.

    The good stuff: The storyline and plot was fantastic! Everything fell into place in this episode. When Donna became part Timelord part human she called her self the Doctor/Donna just like the OOD said. Dalek Caan said "the death of the most faithful companion. Which is Donna, although, she didn't literally die only her memories did. It was great to see everybody together again and when they "fly" Earth back home it's a fantastic moment. The epsiode had me wiping away tears from my eyes. Their were really fun moments including when the new Doctor realises he is part human.

    The bad stuff: Davros was better, but not the best. Also I noticed when he said "this is my ultimate victory, DOCTOR" that when he said "Doctor" he sounded Irish. Freema Agyeman wasn't great either. Also Although I loved seeing everybody together I felt their was too many people too follow.

    With a little help from Donna Noble and the Doctor here's my favourite line:

    Donna: Oi, watch it spaceman! Doctor: Oi, watch it earth girl!
  • It's till on as far as I know

    I love watching Dr.Who and so does one of my friends. She and I think it's a totally awesome-sawesome show. We agree it's one of the best sci-fi shows on television. My favourite episodes are the Unquiet Dead, Aliens of London with it's part two called World War 3 and The Empty Child with part 2 The Doctor Dances.
    In this show one of the most notorious enemies are the Daleks. Daleks i think were some sort of Robot. I love this show and want to watch it all the time! I give it a double thumbs way way up and the acting as well!
  • Entertaining. Unlike anything else. Great format.

    Very entertaining. Very funny. Very different.
    One of the few shows my husband an I watch together.
    We caught it by accident once and were hooked. We now have our DVR to record every episode. I would love to own it on DVD, but it is very expensive.
    Well worth watching. A definate guilty pleasure.
    Entertaining. Unlike anything else. Great format. Fun for the entire science fiction loving family.
    The characters, villians, and heroes are fantastic.
    Funny without trying to be.
    I have never seen any of the originals from the 1960's, but the show is set up so it explains everything in the first few episodes.
  • This is a great show with great plots and great stories. It's directing is always pitch perferct. The effects are brilliant and the wrting make themes of this Sci - fi Drama seem possible. Acting on this show is always great from all.

    Doctor Who originally aird from 1963 - 1989 and in 1996 there was a television movie with the Time - Lord Doctor as the main character. In 2005 it hit our screens again with a new doctor (number 9) a new companion in the name of Rose Tyler and Show Runners Julie Garderner and Russel T Davies enthusiasm for the show made it a instant succes. When the original Doctor (William Hartnell) wanted to leave the show producers at the time came up with an interesting concept of regeneration where if the docs body dies or is injured he can 'morph' into a new one, with each one having different personallities. When it came back in 2005 no one knew what to exspect but as said above it was an istant success. Rose Tyler and Doctor No. 9 were soon replaced/ partened with Doctor No. 10, Martha Jones, Donna Noble and Capt. Jack Harkness and now Russell and Julie are leaving the show being replace by Steven Moffat and Piers Wenger. Old companions have also stared in the revive series in the form of K-9 and Sarah - Jane Smith
  • Getting alot better.

    While the old Dr Who series required a MD to imagine what the props would look like if they had money, the new series have no such shortcomings. The original Dr Who of this new series was fantastic. The one they replaced him with is well, a tad light in the loafers. He's every metrosexual man's wet dream, and the womens lub him because, well- he's just like them.

    But this slant is degrading now that the fruit loop director has been replaced with a "breeder". No more purple ties and yellow socks for the Dr. Who actors. Their new leader actually has balls. And it shows. The plot is more focused. No more pointless taco slapping, mangina pumping stupidity to destroy the sci-fi plot of the story. The last few episode's have been the best of this new season have been the best. Even with the metrosexual Dr Who.

    Luckily, Dr's can be replaced. Which is what we'll get to see next season. Out with the cherry mahagony hair gel, and in with the lab coat and getting down to business. I'm very glad Dr. Who isn't going into the same toilet as it's spin-off Torchwood. The same people are there, they just aren't having a pointless homo-fest every episode. Which is nice. If I wanted to see sodomy, I'd subscribe to mangina spreaders weekly- not sci-fi. So all in all, great stuff in the future. I see actual sci-fi in Dr. Who's future. Imagine that.
  • Don't Blink. Don't Even Blink. Blink and You're Dead. They Are Fast, Faster Than You Could Believe. DON'T Turn Your Back, DON'T Look Away, and DON'T BLINK. Good Luck. ;)

    A very witty and intelligent show with a few episodes that are quite stupid. While when the good episodes are on the show is the must brilliant TV you will ever see. I love Science Fiction, Drama, and Intelligent Comedies. This is a Brilliant mixture of all 3. The best Science Fiction show I've seen. Although possibly beaten by "The X Files" A Very Good Drama and Comedy aswell. The Doctor is always very witty. This is a perfect show. With some episodes that fail to please it still makes up for them 10 fold with some of its greatest episodes. Which my personal favorites are Blink and The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances.
  • The adventures of the Doctor and his various companions through Time and Space in a little blue police box known as the TARDIS - (It's bigger on the inside!) more often than not, saving the world while they're at it!

    This show is terrific. It has sustained itself with sheer narrative strength through two Doctors, three companions, and multiple "end of the world" scenarios - never a dull moment and always a pleasure to watch. Unending creativity in the Imagination Department, and thoroughly satisfying for a PG rated sci fi show which little kids watch, this show is packed with all kinds of fascinating aliens, characters, and personalities drawn from throughout time and space. They include: the Slitheen, the Jidoon, Agatha Christie, William Shakespeare, Daleks, Cybermen, Charles Dickens and Madame de Pompadour, among others.

    If anything, I would call this a space opera, for all it really needs now is a song and dance, it's got everything else!
  • Doctor who is amazing and probably one of the best TV show in the whole entire world!!!

    Doctor who is about Time traveller who travels through space and time with companions. Since the show restarted in 2005 there has been Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Captain Jack Harkness and Sarah Jane Smith. The Doctor's real name is unknown and hidden in the "medusa cascade". Doctor who is full of suprise fun and heart ache. Where ever the doctor goes trouble seems to arise ! The doctor always meets weird and wonderful creatures across the universe on different planets. The Doctor isn't even human himself. He's a timelord from the planet Gallifrey (which has been gone since the time war. He is the last of his kind!
  • doctor who is about a time lord that can travel through space and time. he always travels with a female companion and gets up to dangerous but exciting adventures in every episode.

    doctor who is both amazing and brilliant. it is more of a drama than a sci-fi show. the new series is much better than the old series. i like david tennant he is clever and funny. i didn't really like christopher eccleston because i always thought he was so fake on screen. there has been so many brilliant doctor who assistants in the past such as billie piper, freema ageyman and cathrine tate. i think billie piper as rose tyler was always the best. i don't like captain jack, played by john barrowman, or torchwood. torchwood is not as good as doctor who. doctor who is loved by all. i have recommende it to all my friends. i would suggest watching from season 2 onwards because season 1 is boring. but doctor who is a show that will amaze you.
  • Easily the best show on TV.

    The only show ever worthy of a "10", Doctor Who 2005 is an amazing example of a truly worthwhile time. With hilarous dialouge, perfect timing, and the some of the best actors ever, this show has it all. Those of us living in the United States may scream of boredom waiting for the show that is already airing in the United Kingdom. Doctor Who, starring the ninth and tenth Doctors, played by Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant respectivley, and a entourage of travelling companions such as Rose Tyler(Billie Piper), Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman), and Donna Noble (Catherine Tate). So sit back, relax and enjoy because Doctor Who will make you laugh.
  • good show, with greater and more diverse story lines than any other show I have watched for a long time but it does have flaws.

    i have seen most of the this series an feel that the show is not as good with Catherine tate (Donna Noble), she seems to be a below par actor. I think that they should bring back Billie Piper (Rose), she is such a great character.

    But this is one its very few flaws, the writing of the show is great, with Russell T. Davis and a few more writers they have done an excellent with the show.Never saw Doctor Who before (at least not in any focused way), so I was new to the concept. I have to say that the new show works very well. It's funny (it really also ought to say "Comedy" in the genre description; many plot turns are only acceptable because of their comedic value),it's making a meager budget go a long way. The human dimension is very strong and engaging, which is very rare in current TV shows.

    This show is a Gem, Keep it going with David Tennant at the helm of the show.
  • Fantastic!

    I never watched the old series of Doctor Who Basically because I wasn't even alive when the old series aired but I started watching this new series. I figured I would give it a chance, I had heard that it was corny but it's not. I've got the first series on DVD and I watch it over and over because it is that good. Christopher Eccleston's performance was amazing and then we got to David Tennant who was even better. This is one of the best science fiction shows out there today and hopefully it continues for years to come. I can't wait until the series 4 finale airs.
  • A great Adventure through time and space.

    Doctor Who. Probably the greatest English Television series ever. I never saw the original and when it premiered on American TV in '05 I thought "I don't know if I would like this." Man was I wrong. It is one of the greatest Sci-Fi series of all time. It is also very VERY funny. It can make you think of aliens in a different way. It also has a lot of action and adventure. Not to mention morals and historical information intertwined into its plot. It has the potential to last forever. If you haven't seen this show... what is wrong with you!
  • There's NObody like The Doctor (alien, extremely smart, funny, devoted to his ideas and understandings, ready to save the world whenever and wherever... no matter if the year is 500,000,000,000 or the place is somewhere... beyond ur imagination!

    I never was much of a tv-shows fan but Doctor who series started it all for me!
    I think the idea of the show way back 44 years ago was very genuine and so is now. The adventures of the Doctor always makes me feel thrilled with excitement. We get to "see" other worlds and a lot of strange and sometimes evil aliens, trying to conquer the universe or just the world in order to fulfil their dark plans. In this show, the Doctor is the one who has taken the responsibility to save us all and fight the "bad guys" whenever and wherever! However, "saving the world" is not the only thing this show offers. It's entertaining, emotional, loving, anything u imagine! :)
  • Still good, but missing the interesting episodes this season.

    So I was really excited when season 4 started, but I have to admit that so far it has not lived up to expectation. I absolutely loved season 2 and season 1 was also very good. But the stories told in season 4 are just not that interesting. The whole sontaran episodes I just found mildly annoying. This is bad course I really don´t want to say something negative about this show. There is one aspect that I really like though, and that´s the new companion. I think Donna Noble is a great addition. Like two mates having fun, instead of the cloying Martha who where just pining over the Doctor, simply annoying in the long run. Well there is still half the season to go so I´m hoping it will get more exciting.
  • I love this show so much! It's the basis of my life now.

    That summary I mean quite literally! My computer covered in stickers. My iPod TARDIS blue. My room smothered in posters. My pillow and bedcover. My folder. All my images. My art. My writing. Even my pencil case and everything in it. From 2005 without Doctor Who I would have had nothing. Including an obsession with it, anything related and the lovely David Tennant. Who, like me, is a factoid but so much more of one! There is rarely anything he doesn't know! I've barely seen any classic series.
    This is definately a show anyone can and should watch! Get yourself involved in the whoniverse and become a whovian! Because, trust me, even though you may have already read something, there's always some thing more to know! It's easy to empathise with characters and it's quite literally the best flagship show on television in all time!

    go Doctor Who from 1963 to present day with all your fantastic Doctors, cast, production team, writers and fans! william hartnell, patrick troughten, john pertwee, tom baker, peter davison, colin baker, sylvester mccoy, paul mcgann, christopher eccleston and david tennant!! did it with no cheating and no glitches! HA!
  • This is a show that i use to break my boredom.

    This is a show that i use to break my boredom. Which, UNfortunstely is the highest praise of which i am capable of giving.
    This is not a mere remake of the original doctor who series. This is moreover a "20 years later" scenario. I think that this is kind of what makes a tiny dissapointment when standing in the shadow of the grandeur our parents speak of about doctor who without 2005 tags.
    But enough talk of what dissapoints us, lets speak of wqhat enthralls us.
    For example:
    1. Hotter babes.
    2. Hotter guys.
    3. and of course, better effects.
    All mixed in with a very big revenge dealie, makes for this show to have that little bit of extra kick it needed to get going.
    See ya!
  • the best show on tv in my opinion, never miss it!

    Ok well this show, is about a lonely alien traveller called the Doctor, he's the last of his race the Time Lords, who were wiped out in the last great time war with the Daleks. His home planet Galifrey was distroyed and so know he travels through space and time helping those who he can, he generally has a companion with him who he picks up along the way, they come and go the most rescent one is Donna Noble played by Catherine Tate, personally my favorite companion by far was rose, played by Billie Piper, however i also love Captain Jack played by John Barrowman, who was his companion along with rose for a short time. Its basically just a quirky feel-good sci fi show, absolute genious!!!!
  • This is a show about a lonely time traveller known as The Doctor, who travels through time and space with his companion at his side. They travel to other planets and battle alien enemies such as Daleks, Cybermen & The Ood.

    When this show was first announced, I remember thinking that it will never be as good as the classic series. I was wrong. The show is still as good as ever, if not better. Each episode is amazing, with only a few exceptions. A great choice of actors, Christopher Eccleston was the perfect choice for playing the Ninth Doctor. He reminded me a lot of Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor, who was always one of my favourites. David Tennant has also done a brilliant performance in his role as the Tenth Doctor, the next actor to play The Doctor has some pretty big shoes to fill.
    I am looking forward to seeing the rest of series 4, it looks like it should be quite interesting.
  • Sci-fi and British at its best

    Theres no need to go around the houses about it, this show it totally brilliant. Even when its bad it better than most average episodes of any other show sci-fi or otherwise.

    Doctor Who has a great way of slapping Sci-fi conventions in the face. This show sets out to do its own thing and poke fun at the style of sci-fi as well as its own past. "Give me some spock!" (ROSE)

    The doctor has a ship and a screwdriver that can do anything he wants them to do, just about, and thiers really no reason he should explain how they work or anything for that matter.

    Doctor Who gets on with a story without wasting time filling you with too many complex ideas. There is a lot of lore of course and some technobabble, but it tends to keep it to what you want/need to know, and find much more fun ways of explaining it. Doctor who is the Theme Park of sci-fi's. Its premise sets it up naturally with the abilty to do just about any kind of story it wants, so long as thiers a bit of sci-fi in there. Its flexibility is its strength and what makes this show so unique. Doctor who is good clean family fun that anyone can enjoy if there somewhere in between easy-going/up for a good time - and not put off by the sci-fi label.
  • One of the all time greatest.

    This series brilliantly brings the world of science fiction to life. It is unmatched in its capacity to weave a tremendous plot around the mystery associated with the doctor, his relationship with his companions and clever time twisting paradoxes. At times the enemies may be a bit too predictable and anyone who has seen it can tell you that the show is a bit camp but that does not detract from this wonderful series as its camp appearance is part of the show's long standing charm. The show has been blessed by the acting talents of Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper in its first season and now continuing with David Tennant and others. The background music sets the pace and skilful writers make quite imaginative plots so very believable. All in all one of the all time greatest.
  • Best sci-fi show ever made.

    Doctor Who is the best sci-fi show ever made. I've been a Doctor Who fan since Tom Baker in the 70's and 80's. After Tome Baker left, the show kind of went down hill, that is until the 9th and 10th Doctors came along. Chris and David are both nearly as good as Tom was. Now it's better than ever and each season is better than the last. I can't wait for season four to come to America, right now we are getting Season three again this year (already saw it last year on SciFi, now it's playing on BBC America.)

    I totally love the new Daleks, they are better than ever.
  • a most wonderful show!

    i've seen all of „doctor who" pretty much in a row and i've gotten completely hooked! It's funny and eccentric, it gives us exciting, highly imaginative stories, it's dramatic and even sad at times, it has great special effects but most of all it provides most wonderful acting! to be honest i had a hard time imagining that somebody else could do as good a job playing the doctor as christopher eccleston did (i haven't seen the old show so i can't compare with that) but david tennant is a really worthy successor! they both are most brilliant actors, witty, intelligent and providing a lot of depth to their roles. the same thing happened between billie piper and freema agyeman. i had been really worried that freema agyman would have troubles following great billie piper and that the magic between the doctor and his companion would get lost. i had tears in my eyes when rose and the doctor had to split up but freema agyeman's martha is such a great character and she's such a talented, wonderful actress that my worries didn't last too long.

    speaking of companions … there have been quite some changes in the first three seasons, there have been the ninth doctor and rose, the tenth doctor and rose and the tenth doctor and martha and every time i feared the wonderful interaction between these characters to vanish but it's always there no matter the combination. there always is this warm and touching chemistry, this great feeling that pulls you right in and somehow makes you feel at home and really care for the characters and there's something that rarely ever happens in shows … a lot of them tend to lose it somewhere along the way and to get weaker but „doctor who" gets stronger by the season!
  • A superb revival of the 60's Dr. Who series.

    A cutting edge revival with afantastic cast, crew, and superb writing. I've only been watching for about 6 months. I caught 1 episode and became instantly addicted. The 10th incarnation of The Doctor played by David Tennant is outstanding. He manages to bring the Doctor alive with his raw energy and vitality. He is energetic, enthusiastic, irreverent, and humorous in bringing the main character to life. His great talent and the shows superb writing make for a wonderful hour of watching ecstasy and Once you start watching you can't stop! It's like eating Lay's potatoe chips. Nobody eats just one!
  • The Doctor gets better with age...

    My only problem with the New Doctor is his new companion. It's not that Rose was better but I liked her more than the new girl. But the Doctor seems to get more and more involved with every season. I hope that it will continue to grow as a show. Great show as long as they don't try and make everyone happy and stick to it's true fans....also get Stephen Moffet to write a few more episodes, I love every one he has written. I like how Sci-Fi is playing the show but they need to keep it up, play some more of the replays during the off season. I enjoy the show and hopefully you will as well.
  • I love this show. Plain and simple.

    I don't remember much from the Old Series, but the New Who is amazing-ness in a little/big blue box. If I miss an episode, I feel just terrible until I can watch it. Granted, some episodes I could live with missing, but I still feel a strange need to watch them.

    And now to put my own spin on what everyone else has probably already said: Chris and David were and are wonderful additions to the line of Doctors, and most of the Companions, along with the rest of the cast, made me love them the minute I saw them. Note the 'most' there. I can count on my hands the episodes I don't like.

    In short: LOVE IT!!!!!
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