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  • The Doctor gets better with age...

    My only problem with the New Doctor is his new companion. It's not that Rose was better but I liked her more than the new girl. But the Doctor seems to get more and more involved with every season. I hope that it will continue to grow as a show. Great show as long as they don't try and make everyone happy and stick to it's true fans....also get Stephen Moffet to write a few more episodes, I love every one he has written. I like how Sci-Fi is playing the show but they need to keep it up, play some more of the replays during the off season. I enjoy the show and hopefully you will as well.
  • I love this show. Plain and simple.

    I don't remember much from the Old Series, but the New Who is amazing-ness in a little/big blue box. If I miss an episode, I feel just terrible until I can watch it. Granted, some episodes I could live with missing, but I still feel a strange need to watch them.

    And now to put my own spin on what everyone else has probably already said: Chris and David were and are wonderful additions to the line of Doctors, and most of the Companions, along with the rest of the cast, made me love them the minute I saw them. Note the 'most' there. I can count on my hands the episodes I don't like.

    In short: LOVE IT!!!!!
  • Best thing ever.

    When something is born in 1963 and is still running strong -- and better than ever-- 45 years later, it can't be a fluke. Doctor Who really has something that no other television series (not just SciFi or Fantasy, but of everything) has ever had. The recent regeneration of the show, bringing it back in 2005, has taken this genius idea, which was limited by money and technological capabilities for its first 26 years, from good to great; from scifi to mainstream. Even while it was off the air, 1989 to 2005 (with the exception of the 1996 TV Movie), the shows fans did not let it die. The fact that it was able to come back in 2005 is a testament to the fan base and the original genius of the idea. It doesn't matter if it's a Science Fiction show about an Alien with Two Hearts that runs around the galaxy in a blue 1950's police box. The messages of that the scripts convey are real, meaningful, and universal: Things that are different are not always evil. Everything has it's time. Not even a man with the power of the universe in his grasp can save everyone or bring someone back from the dead. It even tells kids to eat Bananas. The new series, particularly, focuses a lot on the emotion of the relationships between the Doctor and his companions. Some of the traditionalist fans don't like this. I, although i did grow up watching Tom Baker and Peter Davison reruns on PBS, think this change, among a few significant other changes, really has made this show much more than just a ruddy scifi programme that virgin 40 year olds living in their mother's basement would watch (i mean no offense, i simply have employed a stereotype). It's a real show with real emotion that anyone can connect to--even if your not from another planet. If you hear the name "Doctor Who" and think: wobbly sets, rubber monsters and sometimes ridiculous situations, it's time you took a look at the NEW Doctor Who.
  • One of the best Series, EVER.

    Well, the title says it all. It's not that's it fresh, or even all that new, but you must remember, it just had it's 44th birthday! Yes, ladies and gents, it's been around since the day after JFK's assassination in 1963. Of course, it was taken off air in 1989, but it's since been reconstituted into one of the most popular shows in Great Britain today.

    The Doctor Is a time-and space-traveling Timelord, 903 years of age, who likes to surround himself with pretty girls and danger. He also carries with him a heavy burden of guilt, a sonic screwdriver, and travels in a TARDIS, last one in existence, which resembles a 1960's police box. Does that about sum it up? No, but it will do. just try it out. I promise you won't be dissapointed.

    I recommend as a starter episode 'Blink' or the two parter, 'The Empty Child and the Doctor Dances'
  • Doctor Who is the best thing on tv!!!

    I live in America so it is not easy to get a hold of Doctor Who. But I stumbled upon it one evening on Sci-Fi and I fell in love with it!!! I have never seen such a show, it held my interest; even with aliens and scary monsters. It has everything I love in a show, suspense, humor, plus David Tennant is not bad to look at either. *wink* *wink* I consider myself a complete Doctor Who fanatic. I am so glad I turned on the Sci-Fi channel, it seems now I can't shut it off. I can't wait for season 4 to get here, hurry up! Us Americans are dying for the Doctor!!!
  • Surfing cable Tv I saw myself emerged in a new world of adventure, imagination and drama. Pure Sci-Fi and very entertaining. I had never heard of Dr Who before and i just loved the actors, the plots, the sets. Here is a show I'll keep watching for sure!!

    If you are like me trying to know if should start to watch this show here are a few ingredients that made me see the 3seasons almost in a row and few that almost made me give up.

    Uppers: Sci-Fi, Emotional Tension, Great Plots, Action all the way (not like Lost or Prison Break that go on and on and nothing really happens), great actors sets and special efects (nothing really fancy like Star wars just enough, the right amount).
    Almost every year one of the major Actors/characters leaves the show. no stability :-((
    Two and three part episodes.
    The loud soundtrack almost muffing the dialogue.

    I just finished watching the complete series (Season 1, 2, 3 and some of the specials) and I am sure going to keep my eye on the 4th. There isn't anything really bad i can say about this show and I believe all of u reading this allready know the good stuff. All I can say is that I miss Rose/Billie Piper. Nothing against any of the Doctors new companions but Rose for me was the one! As for the doctors both of them were really great.The 9th was energetic and funny and the 10th is charming and pompous (in a good britsh way). Both are electric and fun to watch. Really great work for both although I prefer David Tennant.
  • The Doctor and his companion travel the universe saving lives in this update of the classicsci-fi series.

    I am going to be honest and to hell with people throwing vegetables at my house (please stop by the way I will continue making posts despite what you want) but I hated the original series. Ever since my dad made me watch it on PBS (which may explain my hatred of PBS) however when I saw this show being advertised I decided to watch it and ignored all my friends (okay I have no friends). And when I watched it I liked it. I liked it a lot. I liked it so uch I went back and watched the old series on PBS (still hated the original though). This series has everything. Period pieces, sci-fi action, great drama. This is truely a hodge podge (my favorite type of series). I have to say that my favorite Who villains have to be the Daleks. They are the scariest, evilest, dubmest looking things ever to be created. Yet when they yell EX-TER-MIN-ATE I get chills.
  • Production for a TV series will never be the same after Doctor Who. The cameras, the Music, make-up, scenaries, this is TV with Movie-like production and acting. (Contains Spoilers)

    When I saw Eccleston leave I thought I wouldn't like it anymore, but then came Tennant, and made the show even better (sorry 'bout that). Then Rose left and I thought things would never be the same... but they did. Then I thought to myself. I would still be good even if they changed EVERY actor. And they did. They created Torchwood and proved it. I think I'll even like "The Sarah Jane Adventures" even if it's supposedly aimed at children. One of the things I like the most is the music here, and that's something that takes some time to notice, since your senses are bombarded from different fronts here.

    But at the end of Season II, when Rose and the Doctor are split for ever, the music is overwhelming enough to make even that cold girl cry.
  • its the best.

    I love doctor who its the best show i've ever watched it gets better every season like in the the first season the daleks had returned, then in the second season the cybermen had came back and then just last year the master had returned for the last time. its really good so i'd advice millions of people to watch it because its so good like hearing about planets that don't even exist and the aliens and the adventures through time and space like the time they met charles dickens and williem shakespere. its my favourite show and i hope doctor who never ends
  • Hmm, yes, it's really cool! Best sci-fi I've seen in years...In my opinion...

    Unless your including Star Wars. Star Wars really is the best. But anywho, this show's really good! Can't wait for the next season. It really is better every season ^_^

    Right, the most recent story, they're all on the Space Titanic. Yeah, that was cool, but I found that little red guy...Banakaffalakaflutoranamanapenelion a bit annoying...Can't he just admit he's a robot? (This review sucks, yes, but I'm not good with words =P). Anywho, whenever this is on, I always watch it. The repeats never get boring...Great show! Thumbs up! Keep it up, Doctor-Who-Creator-Guy!

    Yeah, I watched it the other day. Bring back the Daleks! ^_^
  • A show about a time lord and an assistant. The doctor is played by many actors. There are many assistants. There has been many spin-offs. It stopped in 1996. It came back 9 yrs later with Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor.

    I never watched this show in the classic series and when I saw it in 2005, I thought that Doctor Who stood out from other programmes, because it was a Sci-fi drama with aliens and in the 2005 series, quite a bit of romance. It has only got better with David Tennant, Billie Piper, Freema Agyeman and Cathrine tate. It may of even been better than the classic Series. Christopher Eccleston's performance was brilliant. It was a shame that he left after only one series. His replacement was Just as good, though. David Tennant has made the show his own and Has worked well with any actress he has been put with.
  • "Doctor Who" - Who News!

    One of my favorite all time TV shows is "Doctor Who". When I heard it was coming back I almost couldn't breath to save my life. The series has met all my expectations of "Doctor Who"; as I am a fan of the original version also. I have renewed my interest in attending "Doctor Who" convention as a result of viewing this top of the shelf winner. You must watch the old and new series to truly understand what a "Whovian" is, and you will become one also. See you at the conventions. Happy times again, ya, ya, ya,ya,ya, ya, ya, baby, ya. See ya.

    It was FANTASTIC! I really liked the charecters in it, especially Astrid, Bannacaffalatta and the Heavenly Hosts. It was a shame that Astrid "died." The trailer for Series 4 looked hilarious! D D D D D D D D O O O O O O O O O O O O O N N N N N N N N N N N A A A A A A A ! FANTASTIC, BRILLIANT AND AMAZING! ! ! ! ! !! ! !! ! !! ! !! ! !! ! !! ! !! ! !! ! !! ! !! ! !
  • This show is truly brilliant. It blasts through typical formula-driven plots and enters the gloriously unpredictable. I love this show and so should you.

    This mordern revival makes for the most remarkable and lovable 50-odd minutes of my week. I have been counting down to Christmas just for the special - bugger-all to family. It really does have something for everyone. I'd recommend this show in an instant to both my sci-fi-loving friends and to my sci-fi-abhorring friends. For the former group there are some delicious complexities involving time, time-lines, time continuity which should fill their little hearts and minds with glee. It also has some amazing alien societies and interesting futures for the human race.

    For the latter group of friends this show is in the end a truly character-driven show. It deals with all the issues we deal with; loneliness, how we fill those voids, family, friendship, love, and a whole range of others. We are focusing on the Doctor, the last of his race, as he goes about doing what he must to protect the universe and the companions he has along the way who help to show us different sides of him, this life, this universe.

    Doctor Who is funny, quirky, intelligent, and will make you fall in love with it. It has only been getting better and I pray that it will continue for years to come.
  • Great show!

    I was never really introduced to the original series when it was on, and ignored this incarnation when it started airing on Sci-Fi at first. Then one night when nothing else I felt like watching was on I checked it out and I was hooked! This show constantly goes into the "What if's" of the past present and future and does it brilliantly. I was especially pleased to see the show got better when David Tennant took over as the Doctor, he captures the brilliant, crazy, off the wall type character that I like dead on, and shows other faces of his personality just as well. I am slightly worried as Series 4 is coming soon with the character from the beginning of Series 3 (sorry can't remember her name, but not Freema Agyemen) becoming the Doctors companion. I'm hoping they flesh out her character better because she seemed to be a royal pain in the arse.
  • A classic television series perfectly updated for the modern audience. If you're looking for a television show that combines great ideas, wonderful science-fiction stories, horror, romance and comedy then you really should be watching DOCTOR WHO.

    When it was first announced that DOCTOR WHO would be returning to British television screens, the fans of the world held their collective breaths. DOCTOR WHO is more than just a science-fiction television show - it's the grandfather of ALL science-fiction shows having run from 1963 through to 1989. It holds a special place in the hearts of many (the Doctor Who website Outpost Gallifrey is one of the most popular sites on the internet), and the fans who had waited many years to see it returned couldn't help but wonder... would its new writers get it right? We didn't need to have worried. They did.

    In the first season we are introduced to the character of The Doctor (one of the greatest characters to ever grace a television show) with seven words: "I'm the for your life!" And with these words the audience was given a new kind of Doctor as portrayed by the wonderful Christopher Eccleston. Wearing a leather jacket and sporting an accent from Northen England, this Doctor was still as wacky as ever but also had a darker edge. This could be seen in the episode "Dalek" in which the Time Lord comes face to face with perhaps his greatest enemy once more. There are so many great episodes in this first season but my favourite would have to be the wonderful two parter of "The Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances" which not only gave us a truly terrifying enemy but also introduced the wonderful Captain Jack Harkness (whose popularity would see him go on to front the DOCTOR WHO spin-off TORCHWOOD). I could go on and on about how great this season is (the chemistry between The Doctor and his new side-kick Rose, the Bad Wolf appearances throughout the season, the gripping final episode) but I don't want to spoil your fun. Watch it for yourself.

    Season two of DOCTOR WHO featured the death and regeneration of The Doctor, now played by David Tennant. Tennant's Doctor is a different beast altogether; generally much more cheeky and light-hearted than his previous form (although we see his personality darken somewhat in the third Season). Introduced wonderfully in "The Christmas Invasion", we watch as The Doctor attempts to work out who he is now (he eventually concludes that he's not the type of person to give second chances - a theme which is seen in subsequent episodes). His relationship with Rose is also explored and we see her confusion as she longs for the 'old' Doctor to return. The episodes which follow manage to introduce both new characters and old (including a familiar face from the classic series who pops up in the episode "School Reunion"). The highlights of this season are the fabulous "Tooth And Claw" (featuring werewolves and ninja monks!) "The Girl In The Fireplace" (possibly one of the best DOCTOR WHO episodes in its long history) and the two parter of "The Impossible Planet" and "The Satan Pit".

    The third season is a particular favourite of mine. With the departure of Rose, The Doctor finds a new companion in Martha Jones. Although the first few episodes in this season are quite weak ("Daleks In Manhattan" and "Evolution Of The Daleks" in particular), the second half features some of the best episodes since the new series of DOCTOR WHO began. "Human Nature" and "The Family Of Blood" are highlights here by managing to be both heart-breaking and exciting as they explore the possibility of The Doctor giving up his life of travelling through time and space to lead a normal life. "Blink" follows this two parter and, for an episode that features very little of The Doctor, turns out to be utterly entertaining. It also features one of my favourite DOCTOR WHO enemies - a race of statue like creatures which only move when you don't look at them... We finish this season with the three parter "Utopia", "The Sound Of Drums" and "The Last Of The Time Lords" where the identity of the mysterious Mr Saxon (whose name has cropped up throughout the season) is finally revealed. If you've never watched an episode of DOCTOR WHO, it's never too late to start. If you don't see it then you're missing out!
  • I am in love with Dr Who. The characters, the special effects, the storylines... I'm totally addicted.

    Yes, Dr Who is my daily fix. At a glance I didn't think I would like it but after just an hour I was totally hooked.
    I love the scary moments and the aliens.... I would like to see an episode where Rose and the doctor hook up but that's not what the show's about. Its an adventure. And not just for boys. If you have a sense of humour and an eye for 'strange and wonderful things' I recommend Dr Who. It will have you on the edge of your seat, and when you least expect it, having a giggle.
  • Into Space, Time And Beyond Imagination Why I Am Totally Obsessed With Doctor Who

    Martha (re The Doctor): "His name is The Doctor. He has saved your lives so many times and you never even knew he was there. He never stops, he never strays, he never asks to be thanked. But I've seen him. I know him. I love him and I know what he can do" – Last Of The Time Lords.

    It's a mouthful but it's certainly a nice way of describing the undeniable awesomeness of this particular show. I knew of the original series but it was something that bypassed me. Thanks to this series however I've amended that mistake and have been hunting for certain stories but when it comes to the new series of Doctor Who, I was hooked instantly. I didn't need a few episodes or nagging from certain people because everything about the opening episode "Rose" pulled me in.
    We had a strange man in a leather jacket and Northern accent with two heartbeats and the ability to travel through time and space in a police box and the sad knowledge that a Time War eradicated his species.
    As for our gateway into this crazy environment we got a 19 year old in a dull shop job who was drifting through life looking for a reason to feel alive and a part of something important. In fairness that's pretty easy to relate to, I've done a fair amount of drifting myself so in some ways I could relate to that myself. I think many people can, have and done, which is why for this series Rose works so well as a companion. She may not be the best companion in this series history but as gateways go, she played an essential part in the phenomenal second time success for this series.
    In some ways it's amazing that Doctor Who is a success the second time around. You'd think people wouldn't have the time for a series with a less strenuous plot compared to the likes of Lost but sometimes the most simple of premises can be the most effective ones. Also much as I love the new Battlestar Galactica, it would be kind of a shame if it was the only other series that had success second time round. Russell T Davies more or less has said in some of his interviews that many people would jack in their lives for the opportunity to travel in time and space – I know I certainly would and as a hero, there's something pretty unconventional about The Doctor. He's not necessarily a lady killer (despite the fact we've seen him smooching Rose, Martha and Captain Jack) but this is a hero who has gone from looking like an elderly gentlemen like William Hartnell to more prettier (and nubile) specimens like Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. He's also opposed to violence and in nearly every episode; he's even given his adversaries a chance to redeem themselves. Of course many of them have been stupid to decline that generous offer and during moments of devastation, The Doctor can exact some pretty extreme judgements. In "The Runaway Bride" he slaughtered The Empress Of Racnoss' kids and in "The Family Of Blood", he gave the psychotic family their wish to live forever as long as they didn't mind being trapped in every mirror and being used as scarecrows. Eccleston's Doctor had angst; Tennant's despite the charm could almost you sorry you were even born. He didn't react too well when Harriet Jones tried to defend earth by nuking the Sycorax's ship in "The Christmas Invasion" and in possibly a moment that makes The Doctor come across as being a bit of a dick, he tried to avoid Captain Jack by going to the end of the universe in "Utopia" (though going that far was more TARDIS involved). Plus he was pretty hot and cold with the brilliant Martha Jones in some episodes of Season Three. Either way, he makes for a refreshing hero – noble in one sense but also capable like any hero of falling into the darkness. Some of the dark moments make this series as the series' ability to blend humour and scares is what separates it from most UK TV.
    It also helps that the production team are actual fans of the former series. Both Billie Piper and new cast member Catherine Tate may not have been avid viewers but the likes of Russell T. Davies, Julie Gardner and Phil Collinson grew up with this series as did David Tennant and John Barrowman and from a crew perspective, a show like Doctor Who has to be one of the more intriguing jobs to be on. Over here, it's become every bit as tabloid fodder and scrutiny as likes of soaps and reality and often the clever plots and dialogue and powerhouse acting serve as a reminder of how futile those particular genres are now becoming. This is the closest to a detailed series over in terms of plotting, characterisation, internet fan base, DVD sales and heck, actual episode titles. It's weird that many UK shows don't do that with their dramas.
    Unfortunately there is a flipside to all that scrutiny and that mainly means plots being largely revealed months before we actually see new episodes. We all knew when this series would return that influential villains such as the Daleks, Cybermen and The Master would be popping up and thanks to the likes of The Sun, we got perhaps too spoiled. Season Four looks set to bring back the Sontarans and the rumours of Dalek creator Davros returning have also surfaced.
    We also knew in the first week of the series arrival that Christopher Eccleston was leaving and that David Tennant was replacing his as The Doctor. In June 2006, Billie Piper's exit from the series as Rose Tyler was announced as was the arrival of Freema Agyeman's Martha Jones in the show's third season.
    Speaking of Freema Agyeman, the week of "Human Nature" being aired and after a fantastic interview with Jonathan Ross, The Sun told us she had been axed. To make things even nastier, they claimed it was on the ground of her character not working. Some lies are easy to catch out – Freema's chemistry with David was perfect and Martha as a character. Granted people weren't crazy about Martha having a crush on The Doctor but people didn't hate her for it (I certainly didn't) and after the transmission of "Last Of The Time Lords", the actual truth was that Martha's role would be reduced to five episodes which would suck if we weren't going to be seeing her in three episodes in Torchwood's second season so either way, in 2008, we'll be getting a more mature Miss Jones both in the hub and in the TARDIS. For Freema, that's a bit of a sweet gig.
    Also it's not like The Doctor will be riding solo for Season Four as Catherine Tate's gobby Donna Noble will be the full companion for next year along with Martha for the latter half of the season.
    Of course with so many rumours, there are a few that are false too – We aren't meeting the Ice Warriors just yet, David Tennant's not quitting and the series hasn't been axed. A few specials in 2009 and a fifth full season in 2010 with Tennant more or less on board should kill that particular recurring. More interestingly was the rumours of a big battle in the fourth season which would see The Doctor, Donna and Martha united with Rose, Mickey, Jackie, Pete, Captain Jack Harkness and Sarah Jane Smith against Davros. Well 2008 does represent the show's 45th anniversary and excluding Tylers, it's perhaps possible that there could be some truth behind this one. I did say possible!
    So counting the upcoming Christmas special "Voyage Of The Damned", how does the new compared to the old series? Well the effects are obviously better and the writing can be even more zeitgeist than before (especially episodes like "Blink" and the love of DVD Easter Eggs and such) but to me one thing that makes this series better than the old one is the structure. 14 episodes, with 3 two part stories (or in Season Three's case two 2 part stories and a 3 parter for the finale) allows the stories and arcs to be more consistent and if you despise a particular villain like the Slitheen in "Aliens Of London"/"World War Three" or the Abzorbaloff in "Love And Monsters" you don't have to put with them for too long.
    As for the DVD's, the show is glorious in that arena. Not only do you get commentaries for every single episode but some of them for Season Two were in-vision and there's something very great about the condensed Doctor Who Confidential as well as video diaries on all three seasons box sets from Russell T. Davies, Mark Gatiss, David Tennant, Billie Piper and Freema Agyeman but the plethora of trailers, the Pudsey cutaway (Children In Need) scene, the 2006 Music and Monsters concert on the Season Three set as well as that brilliant interview with the gorgeous John Barrowman on the Season One set, this is a show built for DVD and not even the absences of TARDISODES or the cool 90 second trailers for Season Three fails to kill the buzz surrounding this show's DVD treatment.
    So far we've only dealt with two incarnations of The Doctor on this series. To say I prefer David Tennant's Doctor is obvious but out of 42 episodes, he's been in 30, affecting every televised season so far and the fact that this guy is every bit as much as a Doctor Who fan as I have become and millions of people way before me has helped. Eccleston's Doctor was brilliant and it was a pity he only lasted a season because episodes like "The End Of The World" and "Dalek" showed his impressive range as an actor.
    The companions have been more plentiful too. A great return from Sarah Jane Smith in Season Two's "School Reunion" showed not only how brilliant she was as a companion to The Doctor but also the intrinsic flaws of being with The Doctor as well. For the first two seasons, Rose Tyler was in love with The Doctor and Billie Piper's chemistry with both Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant was electric but their relationship was never going to last as long. The hints in the latter episodes ushered her and The Doctor's separation and by "Doomsday", it was her being stuck in a parallel with on/off boyfriend Mickey, mother Jackie and an alternative version of her father Pete that would peek more interest that a battle between the Daleks and the Cybermen. Then again that episode had me balling like a baby so I can talk.
    Of course two of my favourite companions have been pivotal. "The Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances" debuted Captain Jack Harkness, a bisexual 51st Century conman/Time Agent who may or may not be the Face Of Boe but who has definitely had two years of his memory removed and currently runs a version of Torchwood. Jack is a cute little puzzle and easily the most sexualised of companions for this series and perhaps one of the most universally loved ones too. John Barrowman is not only hot to look but he's made Jack into such a charming character, he even upstages The Doctor and like Tennant, Barrowman has chemistry with just about anyone he encounters. Plus Jack can be loyal judging by his willingness to die in battle with the Daleks in "The Parting Of The Ways" and also in his determination to help The Doctor and Martha with The Master in "Last Of The Time Lords". But also Jack is loyal to his Torchwood team and even turned a chance to go back travelling in the TARDIS to help Gwen, Owen, Toshiko and Ianto deal with monsters in Cardiff. Let's just hope his zesty, flirty humour also remains intact. Then there's Martha Jones - another gorgeous medical student played by relatively then unknown actress Freema Agyeman but a bit like Captain Jack, while The Doctor did care about Martha, a part of you felt she almost had to work extra hard for him to really notice her. She was willing to stay in an era where both her race and gender could be used to discriminate her in "Human Nature"/"The Family Of Blood" in order to protect The Doctor and she travelled through every part of the world as a fugitive in "Last Of The Time Lords" in order to stop The Master's reign of terror. Plus her exit upon rewatching is dignified and poignant. She loves The Doctor, he does not feel quite the same and she recognises that and realises that things need to change. So she left to help her family recover with the solemn vow of returning. The girl had me from the first five minutes of "Smith And Jones" and by the end of the season she instantly became one of my all time TV characters. Her return in Season Four with a mature outlook should be fun but it might the dynamic between her and Donna that could be more fascinating. Whether or not I will be enamoured with Donna Noble in Season Four remains to be seen but I have confidence that the writers will try and make me care about Donna as a character and if Catherine Tate can avoid going OTT, the chances of me liking could be good. This show works more effectively with The Doctor and two companions a lot of the time.
    However every good show needs better villains and in terms of the original ones, creatures like the Gelth ("The Unquiet Dead"), Reapers ("Father's Day"), Krillitaines ("School Reunion"), Clockwork Droids ("The Girl In The Fireplace"), The Ood ("The Impossible Planet"/"The Satan Pit"), Carrionites ("The Shakespeare Code), killer scarecrows ("Human Nature/"The Family Of Blood") Weeping Angels ("Blink") and the Toclafane ("The Sound Of Drums"/"Last Of The Time Lords") are definitely effective and the treatments of the Daleks in the three seasons aired so far has been great. Okay so "Daleks In Manhattan"/ "Evolution Of The Daleks" deserved a stronger plot but their invasions/body counts in "Bad Wolf"/ "The Parting Of The Ways" and "Army Of Ghosts"/ "Doomsday" were thrilling as was the moral dilemma in "Dalek" when The Doctor's emotions were used against him. The Cybermen so far have only appeared in Season Two's "Rise Of The Cybermen"/ "The Age Of Steel" as well as "Army Of Ghosts"/ "Doomsday" and are still physically threatening but they need a bigger storyline in the future. As for The Master, well having two excellent actors in both Derek Jacobi and John Simm playing him and the homoerotic relationship with him and The Doctor fleshed out in "Utopia", "The Sound Of Drums" and "Last Of The Time Lords" certainly made Season Three my favourite season. He's still psychotic and even more ruthless in his attempts of victory and his for now death was incredibly sad. Other former villains like the Autons and the Macra have only gotten an episode each such as "Rose" and "Gridlock" but with Season Four definitely returning the Sontarans and more than likely Davros as well, the ties between both the old and new series are nicely maintained. Overall this is pretty much the best thing on TV at the moment and here's to many more glorious seasons to come.
  • Who needs a summary when you can read the review?

    Okay so from the startoff I have to mention that I have never watched the classic series but I have got to say I love this show. I would stick it in my top 5.
    First we had Christopher Eccleston as the ninth doctor from the orignal. He played it dark yet funny. I would have liked to have seen him for more than one season but still.
    David Tennant took over him from season 2 and I loved him. Espescially in season 3 when he really played the doctor with this dark edge to him.
    Between Rose and Martha I have always preferred Rose. Martha is an okay companion but when it comes down to it I have always found Rose more interesting.
    the storylines have just gotten better and better as the seasons progressed and I can't wait to see more of it.
  • Doctor Who

    I hadn't ever really heard of Doctor Who until two years ago when it was released on BBC TWO or BBC ONE or whichever one it was - I just don't remember. The first couple of episodes were brilliant and I have them all on DVD but after that it is just a pretty crap Season 2 & 3 and I don't like David Tennant or that stupid second assistant (the Freeman girl).
    This season of South Park (Chris Eccleston and Billie Piper (yummy)) is fun. The other two are just "not", okay - they're lame.
    ;D Good first series, lame afterwards.
  • While being the cheesiest show I have ever seen, it is also one of the best shows I have ever seen, and easily one of the best shows ever made.

    Simply brilliant is what first comes to mind when I describe Doctor Who. Mind you as I am writing this review, I have just finished the first season. Doctor Who is the kind of show that is cheesy in just about every way there is, and just does it perfectly. It's that one show that can just make you happy no matter what. If you are in a bad mood, never fear. Just click to Doctor Who, and I guarantee you that by the end of the theme song and opening credits, you will have a smile on your face.

    The acting is wonderful, and the characters are magnificently drawn.

    I love it.
  • Arguably the best television show made, ever!

    Yes, I know that many will argue, but it is just a great show. I was worried and over the moon at the same time, when I heard a new Doctor who show was in the works. Thankfully, I was not let down. Chris Eccleston did a great job, and David Tennant is the fantastic. The new special effects work well, and still feel a lot like the old show.
    I enjoyed the multi-episode formula of the old show, and was please to see the season long threads running in this version.
    Great stories, great monsters, great characters, and great adventures. I wish I could join the Doctor for a few trips.
  • Loving David Tennant's portrayal of the Doctor! He has done a remarkable job. Loved the chemistry between Billy Piper and David and now with Freema Agymen.

    Doctor Who has always been and will always be my favourite ever show.
    Time travel and adventure, never knowing whats happening next is why this show is my guilty pleasure.
    There are so many episodes I love I do not think I have one particular favourite episode.
    Season three of the return of the infamous Doctor is my favourite out of the new series so far.
    I sat down and watched the whole third series and honestly believe it got better episode after episode.
    By the end of it I just wanted more and was left disappointed. With only 13 episodes a season it just doesn't seem enough.
    Looking forward to the Christmas special it is a great teaser for the next season.
    You have a little taste at Christmas and again are left hanging for a month for the next season to air. I have high hopes for season 4 there was not one boring episode in season 3 and expect as much from season 4.
  • Oh dear, the world's in trouble again. Can't anyone save us? It's the return of our favorite two-hearted twelve-lived time-traveling nutcase, fondly known as "The Doctor". But ... Doctor Who?

    He's back! And after some initial suspicion, I have to say Christopher makes an excelelnt Doctor Who. He's not as creepy as he could be, but the plots make up for that. The effects are the first eh: silly, a bit, and definitely recognizable as CGI; and some of them are a titch over the top. But still, I watched the old stuff and loved it, I can forgive a few overly-plastic facial features in the name of the amazing progress they've made and the relatively small budget this show has compared to your typical Hollywood fiasco. The new Companion is awesome: Rose is the bomb, energetic, enthusiastic, a perfect foil for the Doctor and a believeable adventuress. Some of these episodes are quite creepy, some are a little silly, but this season is a wonderful hook for the return of the BBC's best-loved science fiction show.
  • Loved it, But does anyone know why the first angel threw a rock at Sally, and why did the other angel give her the TARDUS key.

    Great episode after the ultra serious 2-parter they just had. Scared the pants off me when Larry turned away, then turned back and the angel was RIGHT THERE! I am trying to figure out the rock and key thing. My husband and I think the Doctor may have thrown the rock, but we still can't figure the key. Oh, and loved it when she bent down to get the key and the angel just over her left shoulder had uncovered its eyes, but when she stood up and blocked it for a moment, it covered its eyes again. Lots of little details like that. Especially how we the audience counted as looking at the angels, because we never saw them move or take someone. Awesome.
  • A fantastic blend of Sci-fi, fantasy, action and horror, with a bit of comedy thrown in for good measure. The perfect show.

    I first watched this show on the 26th of March, 2005. It had been in the news so much, it being the ressurection of such a famous show, and I had little to do that Saturday, so I thought I would give it a shot. I had no idea what I was in for. My first thought on the pilot episode was - amazing. Great aliens, relateable characters, well plotted, and very good effects considering the BBC's miserly budget. Unfortunately, I missed the second episode, but the 3rd episode ws the best yet and made me a regular watcher. A decent 2-parter, and then, the episode that got me hooked, was of course, 'Dalek'. A fantastic return for a fantastic alien. I then got to enjoy several more classics, such as Fathers Day, The Empty Child, The Doctor Dances, and Parting of the Ways, before the sad exit of Christopher Ecclestone as the Doctor and David Tennants dramatic entrance to the role. Tennant gave me more classics like School Reunion, The Impossible Planet, Doomsday, The Lazurus Experiment, The Family of Blood, and Blink. Doctor Who contains so many brilliantly scripted episodes, most notably the one written by a certain genius called Steven Moffat. Albiet, I have had to sit through some stinkers (Love&Monsters and Fear Her anyone?)yet overall, my favourite show.

    and thats my two cents...
  • A show in which Christopher Eccolsten travels the universe with his companion Rose Tylor aswell as travelling the universe they also travel the past and future defeating foes and solving mysteries along the way.

    If im honest I do enjoy this program as I like the adventure and the emmagination which makes Doctor Who. It can be funny with a child like humor which can also be appealing to adults but mainly it is good at capturing the audience's attention. They often take perfectly normal land marks and government positions and turn them into a sinister plot of some evil alien species. In all cases the Doctor with his expert knowledge on alien life forms and future technology manages to save the day often in the last moments. This helps to creat suspence and anticipation. It is deffinatly a classic program as it was started way back when some of our parents where childs. It stopped for a while and has only in the last two or three years been started again. Throughout all the seriese's some things have stayed the same. One of which is the arch enemie of the Doctor, the Darleks, continue to survive even after the death of his home planet and along with it the majority of the Time Lord race leaving him behind also the destruction of most of the Darleks. Entertaining to watch and a new series starting in the new year. Look out for the christmas special this christmas.
  • A scifi show with a fun energy and cool, witty ideas.

    The Doctor is in and he's making a TV show! A fun scifi show that's got deadly robot mannequins, aliens in disguise as proper old women, killer cyborgs, a million year old sheet of British flesh, and oh, so much more. If that's not enough to draw you in, I don't know what else to say. The show is pretty hard to explain. All I can say more is, is that there is a man who calls himself The Doctor, and he's either an alien or a man from the future who travels through dimensions in a Police Box. There is a girl named Rose (in seasons 1 and 2) and she has been chosen by The Doctor to help him. They go on brilliant adventures through time and space and save the universe let alone planet Earth numerous times. A very ingenious show with cool gadgets and out of this world alien creatures. Oh my God, this is fun! (Try not to buy the seasons on DVD, unless you wanna shell out 8- bucks a pop or the DVDs are on sale or something. Rent them, watch them on TV. It'll save money. *wink wink*)
  • This show brought the doctor to a younger generation of fans.

    Amazing, the writers really have a knack for Sci-fi. I'm so glad I got to get the chance to see a great sci fi series like this and get my first ad hopefully not last taste of the doctor. On thing I love is the everchanging writing style for the doctors character and the fact that the writers seem to make the personality fit with the actor. I love the way Eccelston was portrayed and what Tennent brought to the table. Over all, in my opinion the show keeps getting better and better with each episode and season. Congrats BBc and Sci-fi for getting a hit.
  • brilliant revival of a great show

    this is the longest running si-fi show ever and i must say its desevers it, when it was on it was one of the best things on the telly. i loved rose but martha was just a carbon copy of her. cant wait until christmas special. David Tennent made the role his own and is one of the best doctors ever i think. doctor who has several returning characters such as captain Jack, Darleks, caybermen, Micky, Jackie Tyler just to name a few.
    doctor who has had some fantastic episodes but the best are i think, empty child, and angels. they are also the scariest
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