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  • Loving David Tennant's portrayal of the Doctor! He has done a remarkable job. Loved the chemistry between Billy Piper and David and now with Freema Agymen.

    Doctor Who has always been and will always be my favourite ever show.
    Time travel and adventure, never knowing whats happening next is why this show is my guilty pleasure.
    There are so many episodes I love I do not think I have one particular favourite episode.
    Season three of the return of the infamous Doctor is my favourite out of the new series so far.
    I sat down and watched the whole third series and honestly believe it got better episode after episode.
    By the end of it I just wanted more and was left disappointed. With only 13 episodes a season it just doesn't seem enough.
    Looking forward to the Christmas special it is a great teaser for the next season.
    You have a little taste at Christmas and again are left hanging for a month for the next season to air. I have high hopes for season 4 there was not one boring episode in season 3 and expect as much from season 4.
  • Oh dear, the world's in trouble again. Can't anyone save us? It's the return of our favorite two-hearted twelve-lived time-traveling nutcase, fondly known as "The Doctor". But ... Doctor Who?

    He's back! And after some initial suspicion, I have to say Christopher makes an excelelnt Doctor Who. He's not as creepy as he could be, but the plots make up for that. The effects are the first eh: silly, a bit, and definitely recognizable as CGI; and some of them are a titch over the top. But still, I watched the old stuff and loved it, I can forgive a few overly-plastic facial features in the name of the amazing progress they've made and the relatively small budget this show has compared to your typical Hollywood fiasco. The new Companion is awesome: Rose is the bomb, energetic, enthusiastic, a perfect foil for the Doctor and a believeable adventuress. Some of these episodes are quite creepy, some are a little silly, but this season is a wonderful hook for the return of the BBC's best-loved science fiction show.
  • Loved it, But does anyone know why the first angel threw a rock at Sally, and why did the other angel give her the TARDUS key.

    Great episode after the ultra serious 2-parter they just had. Scared the pants off me when Larry turned away, then turned back and the angel was RIGHT THERE! I am trying to figure out the rock and key thing. My husband and I think the Doctor may have thrown the rock, but we still can't figure the key. Oh, and loved it when she bent down to get the key and the angel just over her left shoulder had uncovered its eyes, but when she stood up and blocked it for a moment, it covered its eyes again. Lots of little details like that. Especially how we the audience counted as looking at the angels, because we never saw them move or take someone. Awesome.
  • A fantastic blend of Sci-fi, fantasy, action and horror, with a bit of comedy thrown in for good measure. The perfect show.

    I first watched this show on the 26th of March, 2005. It had been in the news so much, it being the ressurection of such a famous show, and I had little to do that Saturday, so I thought I would give it a shot. I had no idea what I was in for. My first thought on the pilot episode was - amazing. Great aliens, relateable characters, well plotted, and very good effects considering the BBC's miserly budget. Unfortunately, I missed the second episode, but the 3rd episode ws the best yet and made me a regular watcher. A decent 2-parter, and then, the episode that got me hooked, was of course, 'Dalek'. A fantastic return for a fantastic alien. I then got to enjoy several more classics, such as Fathers Day, The Empty Child, The Doctor Dances, and Parting of the Ways, before the sad exit of Christopher Ecclestone as the Doctor and David Tennants dramatic entrance to the role. Tennant gave me more classics like School Reunion, The Impossible Planet, Doomsday, The Lazurus Experiment, The Family of Blood, and Blink. Doctor Who contains so many brilliantly scripted episodes, most notably the one written by a certain genius called Steven Moffat. Albiet, I have had to sit through some stinkers (Love&Monsters and Fear Her anyone?)yet overall, my favourite show.

    and thats my two cents...
  • A show in which Christopher Eccolsten travels the universe with his companion Rose Tylor aswell as travelling the universe they also travel the past and future defeating foes and solving mysteries along the way.

    If im honest I do enjoy this program as I like the adventure and the emmagination which makes Doctor Who. It can be funny with a child like humor which can also be appealing to adults but mainly it is good at capturing the audience's attention. They often take perfectly normal land marks and government positions and turn them into a sinister plot of some evil alien species. In all cases the Doctor with his expert knowledge on alien life forms and future technology manages to save the day often in the last moments. This helps to creat suspence and anticipation. It is deffinatly a classic program as it was started way back when some of our parents where childs. It stopped for a while and has only in the last two or three years been started again. Throughout all the seriese's some things have stayed the same. One of which is the arch enemie of the Doctor, the Darleks, continue to survive even after the death of his home planet and along with it the majority of the Time Lord race leaving him behind also the destruction of most of the Darleks. Entertaining to watch and a new series starting in the new year. Look out for the christmas special this christmas.
  • A scifi show with a fun energy and cool, witty ideas.

    The Doctor is in and he's making a TV show! A fun scifi show that's got deadly robot mannequins, aliens in disguise as proper old women, killer cyborgs, a million year old sheet of British flesh, and oh, so much more. If that's not enough to draw you in, I don't know what else to say. The show is pretty hard to explain. All I can say more is, is that there is a man who calls himself The Doctor, and he's either an alien or a man from the future who travels through dimensions in a Police Box. There is a girl named Rose (in seasons 1 and 2) and she has been chosen by The Doctor to help him. They go on brilliant adventures through time and space and save the universe let alone planet Earth numerous times. A very ingenious show with cool gadgets and out of this world alien creatures. Oh my God, this is fun! (Try not to buy the seasons on DVD, unless you wanna shell out 8- bucks a pop or the DVDs are on sale or something. Rent them, watch them on TV. It'll save money. *wink wink*)
  • This show brought the doctor to a younger generation of fans.

    Amazing, the writers really have a knack for Sci-fi. I'm so glad I got to get the chance to see a great sci fi series like this and get my first ad hopefully not last taste of the doctor. On thing I love is the everchanging writing style for the doctors character and the fact that the writers seem to make the personality fit with the actor. I love the way Eccelston was portrayed and what Tennent brought to the table. Over all, in my opinion the show keeps getting better and better with each episode and season. Congrats BBc and Sci-fi for getting a hit.
  • brilliant revival of a great show

    this is the longest running si-fi show ever and i must say its desevers it, when it was on it was one of the best things on the telly. i loved rose but martha was just a carbon copy of her. cant wait until christmas special. David Tennent made the role his own and is one of the best doctors ever i think. doctor who has several returning characters such as captain Jack, Darleks, caybermen, Micky, Jackie Tyler just to name a few.
    doctor who has had some fantastic episodes but the best are i think, empty child, and angels. they are also the scariest
  • Brilliant!

    When I was younger I remember watching the old Doctor Who on TV and hiding behind the sofa, yet at the same time I would love to watch it (not that I really remember it since I was very young) In 2005 it was announced that Doctor Who would be returning and I was thrilled!

    The new series is excellent although I don't find myself hiding behind a sofa this time around there are certainly some moments that creep me out. There have been some wonderful episode, some which have even admittedly reduced me to tears!

    David Tennant Plays and excellent Doctor and I hope we can see him in a few more series before he has to once again regenerate
  • Doctor Who is a long-running award-winning British Sci-fi television programme produced by the BBC. The series depicts the adventures of a mysterious time-traveller known as The Doctor who travels in his TARDIS, a "police box" which is bigger inside

    I never used to be a big fan, but when a friend of mine forced me to watch it, i couldn't stop, the first episode i ever watched was "Dalek" and since then i couldn't stop watching, me and all my friends and family have officially labelled me "The Biggest Fan On Earth". Although it is fair to say that the show has its faults in it's 3 year running it has had some appauling storylines in the episodes Boom Town, Tooth and Claw, The Idiot's Lanturn and 42, but all in all, the greatest show in the universe is back!
  • great show

    the doctor who series is back and much updated for the newer audience. more for adults than it was in the past made mostly for kids. the bbc comes up with some great shows and i whish more american viewers like myself would check them out. it also has a great spinoff torchwood using the char captian jack from doctor who as its main char. both shows are very well done and the writing is great plus the show is much better because they have an actual budget unlike the origanal doctor who anyway check it out thanks super 9 thanks again
  • The Best Sci Fi Show On TV....Period!

    Season One:

    Mention "Doctor Who" to almost any American sci-fi fan and you are likely to be met with a blank stare. Such was the case when I began talking to a couple of my friends last week about the latest incarnation of the series which had just begun running on this side of the Atlantic thanks to the Sci-Fi Channel. Except for a brief stint of the "Tom Baker Series" on Public Broadcasting (PBS) in the early 80s' the series has rarely reached these shores. Most fans are oblivious to the shows colorful history and the popularity it has enjoyed in the UK for the past four decades. Trust me "Star Trek" fans have nothing on the hordes of "Who" fanatics in the land of tea and crumpets.

    From its early days the show has relied on strong scripts and top level acting talent. Beginning with the first incarnation of "The Doctor", master thespian William Hartnell, the show has employed the creme of the creme of the UK talent pool. The shows main character, a 900 year old alien by his own account, has been played by nine different actors each of whom have brought their own special take to the part. And just like starship captains every fan has a different favorite for a variety of different reasons. Picard vs Kirk plays out more like Colin Baker vs Tom Baker at any local pub.

    The shows story revolves around The Doctor, and many times his companions, who travel through time in space in a craft that is cleverly cloaked to resemble a British telephone box (The Tardis). Again most US fans were oblivious to the significance of "Bill and Ted" traveling through time in a telephone booth (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure). This time The Doctor doesn't wish to change history. He just wants to be a voyeur to the most important events in the history of the universe. Yet like most good adventurers he can't resist the guilty pleasures of mingling with histories greatest figures. He also doesn't mind getting his hands dirty when it comes to fixing problems and putting history back on track when things go wrong.

    In the latest version of the show The Doctor is played by Christopher Eccleston (Shallow Grave). One can't help comparing him to Tom Baker. In looks and mannerisms he is very much like The Doctor we were exposed to twodecades ago minus the scarf. Eccleston brings great charm and a flare for comedy to the part. Again two traits the relate to Baker. He gets that wild eyed look every time something happens of importance. Just like a kid in a candy store. A true reflection of a being with the ability to traverse the bounds of the universe at the flick of a switch.

    Billie Piper plays the Doctors companion, Rose, a young woman with a sense of adventure and wonder. Her wonderful portrayal of the character has come to the delight of the shows fan base. Before her casting in the series she had played a handful of bit parts, but had gained her fame as a pop singer. Imagine the outcry if Britney Spears got a role in a "Star Trek" series. Unlike the probable outcome of that scenario fans in the UK were willing to give her a chance. That chance payed off in a big way. Piper does an excellent job playing the adventurous young Rose and is a great counterpart to The Doctor.

    Just like in the shows previous incarnations this series relies on the strength of the stories and the shows top notch list of actors. Gone, however, are the days of cheesy special effects that plagued many of the shows earlier episodes. The modern "Doctor Who" rivals anything American TV has to offer in both story and effects. With any luck American fans will learn to embrace the show. With "Star Trek" on the brink of extinction now may be the right time for the show to take hold. Soon I may not have to conduct any more "who is Who?" conversations.

    Season Two: American science fiction television needs to take notice. You have just been served. The second season of the BBC series "Doctor Who" is everything science fiction television should be. Strong and imaginative scripts combined with state of the art effects and grade A acting has moved this series to the head of the class. Building on what was started in season one "Who" continues to shine. This may very well be some of the best pure sci fi to have ever graced the small screen. I honestly have to hold back from saying that it is the best out of respect for series like "Babylon 5", "Star Trek" and "The Twilight Zone" all of whom provided fans with top quality programming. This season however lifts "Doctor Who" to their level. It even surpasses the shows previous season, which basically revived the long running franchise. American studios only wish they were producing shows of this caliber. A bold statement I know, but when you see these episodes you will understand.

    How would you like to be David Tennant who had the unenvious task of taking over as The Doctor after Chris Eccleston's marvelous adaptation of the character had struck a chord with fans on both sides of the Atlantic? How do you take over for the guy who just revived the role? You be yourself of course. Tennant brings many strong characteristics to the role. He has impeccable comic timing. He captures the wild-eyed kid in the candy store look that both Eccleston and Tom Baker brought to the role. He's a damn fine actor. And best of all, he's a life long fan himself. What a better person to play The Doctor than a Doctor Who fan? Billie Piper and the rest of the cast regularly quizzed Tennant about his character and the history of the show. Tennant had answers for everything. Truly fans will be talking about the exploits of this, the tenth, Doctors exploits for generations to come.

    Once again Billie Piper does an excellent job in her portrayal of The Doctor's young traveling companion Rose Tyler. You can really sense that she become more comfortable in the role. Rose is the perfect match for The Doctor and their on-screen chemistry is undeniable. Too bad that Piper's tenure had to be such a short one. It was announced just before the season ended that Piper would not be returning for season three. A decision that she had reportedly made prior to shooting the second season. In her place steps Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones. Hopefully she will be able to capture the fans hearts the way Piper's portrayal of Rose successfully has for the past two seasons.

    Highlights from Season Two:

    School Reunion – The return of the character Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) and her robot companion K-9 (The Tin Dog) to the Doctor Who series. The significance of this event may be lost on new American fans, but in the scope of the shows forty-year history this is a big deal. Sarah Jane was one of The Doctors earlier traveling companions who he had left back on Earth (Aberdeen Actually) some thirty years prior. Her delight at seeing The Doctor again is overshadowed by her own loneliness and confusion at being left behind. The past meets the present in a bit of a verbal catfight as Rose and Smith both size each other up. In the end it is Rose who sees her own future in Sarah. She understands all too well that someday it will be her that gets left behind. "You can spend the rest of your life with me." Explains The Doctor. "But I can't spend the rest of mine with you. It's the curse of the Time Lords."

    Overall a very powerful and emotional episode that many fans are already calling one of the series best ever. Even if you have never been exposed to the Sarah Jane Smith character before you can't help but be sucked into an emotional bond with her. The script and the acting are so well done you can't help but get wrapped up in the emotional tug-of-war that takes place.

    In the end it is again Sarah Jane, with a brand new K-9, who is left to ponder and remember her adventures through time and space with the enigmatic Doctor, while he and Rose travel on to new adventures. Is it always better to have experienced something magical without having it dominate your life forever?

    The Idiot's Lantern – When The Doctor and Rose attempt to see Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show they mysteriously end up in London at the time of Queen Elizabeth's coronation instead. Deciding to take in the sights of a early 1950s' UK the two are thrust into the middle of yet another mystery. Who or what is turning the people of London into faceless, soulless creatures? Armed with a Vespa and a pompadour The Doctor sets out with a "pretty in pink" Rose to find answers.

    Their quest leads The Doctor to the local authorities who have been snatching up all the faceless victims to keep them out of sight while they scratch their heads on what to do. Rose however discovers the workshop of a Mr. Magpie who has been selling TVs to the entire populace for next to nothing. Rose's interrogation tactics persuade Magpie to spill the beans. A mysterious energy creature that calls itself "The Wire" has been using the TV as method of absorbing people for food. Rose too quickly falls victim to the creature and becomes a faceless shell that is soon found by The Doctor and the bewildered detectives.

    It is up to The Doctor to outwit "The Wire" before it can consume the entire population of London who will all be tuning in at the same moment to watch the coronation.

    Season Three:

    I'm really impressed with how this season has progressed from the pretty good 'Smith and Jones' to the final episodes that reintroduce The Doctor's long time nemisis The Master concluding in 'Last of the Time Lords'.

    The first season did a great job of reintroducing The Doctor to TV again. Season two was a great load of fun. Season three has matured into some great Sci Fi.

    I said it after season two "Doctor Who is the greatest Sci Fi series on the air today." Season three has done everything to solidify that statement. I can't wait for season four (the shows 40th anniversary)to air. I can only hope Torchwood can continue to carry the torch (no pun intended there)with more awsome episodes building from last year.
  • Amazing show!

    I love watching this British show about aliens, time travelling and with a phone box, and finally, the Doctor (he's able to travel through time and space). When I tell people about Doctor Who, they, firstly, think it's a stupid show, but then when they start watching it, they fall in love with it. Exactly what happened to me.

    I've known this show for a couple of years. I love the Doctor and the TARDIS (the blue phone box). That time, when I started watching it, I didn't know about the old series. I read about it. It was very interesting. I loved the nineth Doctor (played by Christopher Eccleston). It was so sad to me when he had to regenerate (they changed the actor), but then I fell in love with David Tennant (played the 10th Doctor, after regeneration).

    I enjoy this show. It's great! Seriously! Enjoy it!
  • Give it a chance and you WILL NOT be disappointed.

    Are you one of those people that hears the words "Doctor Who" and thinks 'Oh, that silly British show with the pepper-pot aliens and the time-traveling phone box?' If you are, well, I used to be one of you. But I don't know if I have ever been quite so easily swayed.

    Halfway into the pilot episode, I was hooked. It had rightly creepy villains, and absolutely undeniable charm from both Eccleston and Piper as The Doctor and his soon-to-be human companion, Rose. The humor is always spot-on, in just the right places, and Eccleston and Piper have some of the most fantastically adorable chemistry I have ever seen.

    The thing about this show is that yeah, there are silly-looking rubber-faced aliens. And yeah, at the end of the day, the main premise reall IS a time-traveling phone box. But what sets this installment of the Doctor Who franchise apart from so many generic sci-fi shows is that it has a heart. It's the story of one man's journey; his loneliness, his pain, his momentary triumphs.

    There truly is something for everyone: every episode has the expected adventure and excitement, but it also has SUCH raw, powerful emotion. Episodes like "Dalek" and "Boom Town" are dark, and leave you questioning so much about what the Doctor does. "Father's Day" will have you crying your eyes out. "The Doctor Dances" will have you both creeped out and cheering happily. And "Bad Wolf"/"The Parting of the Ways" will have you on the edge of your seat in anticipation.

    Think I'm exaggerating a bit? I literally did all of the above - the cheering, the crying, the uncontrollable squirming. And to be quite honest, as a television production major I have a fairly jaded and critical view of television in general - it takes a fair amount to get reactions like that out of me.

    This isn't to say, of course, that the series doesn't have it's weak points. I mean sure, every once and awhile the dialogue falls flat, the aliens are laughable rather than intimidating, the scientific logic is just ridiculous, and the metaphors are a bit heavy-handed. But any show that can wring THAT much emotion out of you is truly, 1000% worth the watch.
  • Pretty decent sci-fi show.

    When I first came across this show I thought it looked mildly interesting so I watched it from start to finish online. The first season was okay, not particularly great, but interesting enough to watch. The problem was, sometimes it was a little strange, you know, with all the alien costumes but the actual story was wonderful. The second season got even better. It had more action and more humor and aliens that were not quite so "out-there". The third season was amazing all the way around, proving that the show just got better and better. This is one of those shows where you have to give it a chance, and not judge it by one or two episodes. For example, the third season finale: If I had not watched all the episodes and given them all a chance the season 3 finale would not have been as amazing as it was. If you are a sci-fi fan then this is a great show for you. If you generally dont like sci-fi but like certain things, you would not like this show because it would be too alieny for you.
  • Doctor Who it about the last Timelord (who can travel through time and space) who travels through time with a human companion and his TARDIS saving various planets and people from destruction.

    The 2005 revival Doctor who just gets better aand better. They were doing pretty good on the first episodes of season 3, I did not think it was possible for Doctor who to get any better but it did. I was shocked at how good "Blink" was. It was one of the best episode in the entire show, and since it was created so late in the show i think the writers of Doctor Who will just keep improving Doctor who. I am dissapointed they are removing Martha Jones from the show. She was the Doctor's smartest companion so far.
  • One of the best shows ever made, with twists and turns in every direction.

    I'm not so sure why i started to watch this show, all I know is that one day while I was bored I did. It was one of the best things that I ever did. This show was funny, and a bit hard to understand at first, seeing as how I was new to this show. By the, oh, last episode of season one I finally started to understand things about this show. Sure, the villains are always popping up, time after time, but it's still funny and has that good London flavor. Shoot, now I'm even starting to get an accent, which is odd.

    A great show though, with a new comedy twist, since the tenth doctor.
  • a good show that...... season 4 news!!!!!!! ahead

    a good show that gets better each year i loved christopher eccleston being the doctor but season 1 had cheesy monsters some of them good some bad and some so stupid they where funny like the slavine or the pig man! In season 2 it was much darker i think this was because russel t.Davis was writing torchwood a dark spin-off! In season three i missed rose and didn't like martha until halfway through the series when she proved she was just as good as Rose. i have some news you might have heard this but i tell you anyway:
    Martha will come back half way through series 4 freema is busy because she is doing 3 guest aperances on torchwood!! The docto will also have a new assitant who will be in all 13 eps. also david will return as the doctor.
  • An updated version of the old sci-fi classic that had fans tuning in to watch for close to twenty years. The new DOCTOR WHO (2005- ),is pure Whovian, while possessing a few of its own original twists in the best tradition of the Time-Lords.

    Although the new DOCTOR WHO has some big shoes to fill (eighteen of them to be exact), it is more than up to the challenge. While preserving the campy feel of its predecessors, amd thus assuring itself of a built-in fan base, it also possesses an "edgy quality" that will appeal to more modern audiences. It is the best of both worlds. My one regret is that they seem to be doing away with many of the favorite recurring characters and monsters that molded the original show. In an effort to make its own mark, the new DOCTOR WHO seems to be doing away with the very thing that made this incarnation possible. Don't do away with the on it. That's what tradition is all about!
  • Tim travelling Police Box, with a humourous Dr. and assistant.

    The Doctor is the last of the time lords... or so he thinks, and travels around the world and universe with his companion (once was Rose, now Martha, amidst an array of other lady passengers in his mission) saving the world from Cyber men, daleks and other amazing alien forms. What I like about this show is how dramatic it becomes, it makes your hair on your arms stand up sometimes. Love the sexual tension between the Dr and who ever seems to follow him, Rose loved him, he was interested, MArtha is in love with him, he doesn't notice, same with Captain Jack Harkness. David Tennant is my fave Dr, but I do wish they stop comparing Martha to Rose. She is gone, lets get over it. Please before it spoils the series.
  • Not bad at all! =)

    I have never been a fan of Doctor Who, only watched the original series' a few times, well some of the episodes anyway, but i have just recently watched the first season of Torchwood, as my friend recommended it to me, and i really enjoyed it, and i have been curious about the new Doctor Who series' for a while now, but did not think i would enjoy them as i didnt enjoy the original, but after Torchwood i decided to give it a go.

    I am only currently watching the first season (2005) with Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor, and i thought he was great, i'm not too keen on Billy Piper, but i can deal with that, but the series is fun, and alot like Torchwood was so i like it, maybe i will even watch some of the original Doctor Who episodes and see if my verdict has changed at all!

    Looking forward to watching the other series' and see what the other doctors have to offer! but it is good so far. =)
  • One word, Awesome.

    This programme rocks. With the hidden suspense all the way throught the programme. You never expect what is going to happen. The hidden romance between the doctor and his companion adds to this fantastic programme. When Rose left people were wondering weither doctor who was going to be the same and I think it has been. Martha is a fantastic companion and it makes it even more intersesting seeing the doctor bonding with someone else. It is also even better know that Martha has fallen in love with the Doctor. Each story is different and sometimes the enimes are repeated but that makes it more exciting. All I can say is this programme keeps getting better and better.
  • Superb

    im so glad this has been reveived. im a little young to remember the old DR WHO but from what i hear, it was great. but this series is fabulous, thanks to fine performances from David Tennant and the bird who plays Martha. Russel T Davis is a genius and is on a winner by reviving this series. the stories are great and the new aliens are weird and exciting. however, the old enemies are just as brilliant - daleks and cybermen galoure!

    i love this series and hope its continues forever and ever. saturdays nights BBC1 - be there!
  • loving it

    its so good it has every thing comedy, action,adventure. people that do not like action will like dise series anyway. the doktor is a missteries man that you cant figer out. the show can go eny direction and it dos not mader. it has a lot of the feeling that it is the image of space in the 60. i have not sen the orinale series from the 60s but think they been taking it from there. its nice to have a british sci fi show for a chans. its good that the british not yeast do dramas and police series. you have to see it.
  • The 10th Doctor Rocks.

    The reason the show is a 10 for me now is David Tennant and Russel T Davies. Tennant acts with amazing depth. Where Rose stole the first season, Tennant is the sole reason for watching the show, period. That is the way it should be. It is Dr. Who, not the companion show.

    I began watching the series with the second doctor, and none of the later Doctors could compare to him untill Tom Baker appeared. The writers of the show wrote the show to his excentric personality. Tom Baker was fun to watch and the show had interesting monsters and adventures.

    Now the show has David Tennant, a man with personality and a man who can act. He is a contributor to the show as well as an instrument for the wonderful writers of the show. I wish him well and hope he doesn't mind being the next 'Captain Kirk' (icon).

    Davies is an excellent writer, director, producer. He is a superfan who is now in control of the show. Most importantly he remembers why he loved Dr. Who as a child and makes the writers and directors under him remember to keep those elements that entertain children. This has made the show excellent family entertainment.
  • I have liked Doctor Who for years. And when i heard it was back in 2005 i was soo excited! And it failed to dissapoint me!

    Doctor Who is an excellent show. I think it is the best show on the box. And now we are nearing the end of series 3 and it is still going strong - with a series 4 confirmed for broadcast in 2008! I think David Tennant is the best Doctor ever, although Christopher Eccleston did a good job aswell. My favorite monster would have to be the Daleks because they are simply amazing. I hope this show goes on for ever as it is so great! Best Sci-Fi show ever. And it is also a great drama! Yay for Doctor Who!
  • One Word: Fantastic

    This show is absolutely brilliant. It is different every week and is amazing. Compliments to Russel T Davies for bringing back this Sci-Fi classic. I did not watch the first series, unfortunately for me but my friends did and told me that it was great so i thought, I will watch the second series and I am glad i did because I have Immensely enjoyed this program. When the series ends i find myself thinking, now what will i watch. David Tennant is fantastic as the Doctor. He brings humour to what is quite a serious show. THANK YOU BBC.
  • Thank's to the bbc,finally we've got a show worth watching! It's out of this world.

    Thank's to the bbc we've finally got a show worth watching & it's not a reality programme! David tennant at the main role,the show simply can't fail.
    It's fast,funny,furious!
    Ewan the stories get better every week.
    The good thing about this show it seem's to be doing better than it's first year'and that goes without say something!
    It's far better than the ones back in the 70's & 80's. (come to think of it later 80's was awful).
    Cybermen are ultimate enemy,they can walk,talk,superior strength,no emotions far better than the daleks.
    Let's hope this show is around for the next 50years or so!!
  • Not a fan...

    I really cannot see what everyone likes in Dr. Who, I'm not a fan but I don't wish to slate it really that's why I gave it a 6. You can see all the effort that has gone into making it but I really don't enjoy the episodes because it is so unrealistic because how many times has the doctor been close to death and JUST got away from it. I prefer programmes that don't talk down the the audience, but teach them things about the REAL world. As I say, not a fan but I know some people think it is absolutely amazing. Oh well, my opinion.
  • Greatest sci-fi show ever!

    To be honest, at first i didnt like the new series because i thought it might be like the classic series which i never liked but when i watched the parting of the ways i though what a great episode and then began to watch the rest of the seires.

    There have been a lot of great sci-fi shows out there like the x-files and star trek but doctor who tops them all, it has everything a sci-fi shows needs, aliens, galatic battles, humor and even a bit of romance and most inportantly great acting. lets just hope they don't do as many seasons as the original doctor who because that was just stupid.
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