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  • After a long hiatus, the best sci-fi show is back - with a vengeance! More drama and (slightly) better special effects!

    Back when I was just a little seven year old in the mid 70's I saw this weird show on PBS featuring a guy with curly hair and an entirely too-long scarf called simply "The Doctor". I watched a few episodes and I was hooked. Despite the hard to understand British accents the show was perfect. I later found out that "The Doctor" had been played by three other actors before and there would be more to follow.

    Thanks to PBS I was able to get caught up with the Second and Third Doctors and came to like the Fifth and Seventh (and, like so many others, HATE the Sixth). But after many years, the show went off the air in '89. It was a terrible day for television (second darkest to the premier of CSI).

    An attempt at a movie was made, but Fox had something to do with it and it was terrible ("I'm half-human"?!?!?). So, the long wait continued...and then the BBC woke up and thought "Hey, we need a show that will keep people entertained between re-runs of 'Coupling' and 'Footballers Wives'". Thus, the all-too-familiar blue Police Box returned!!!

    The new show is a bit different than the old. It spends more time dealing with the interpersonal relationships of the characters and less on the sci-fi elements. The Doctor actually forms a bond with his companions and when he regenerates you actually find yourself crying - it gets worse at the end of the "second" (wouldn't it really have been twenty-eighth?) season when his companion leaves the show there is some definite tears. That hardly ever happened on the original series.

    It's on its third season on the BBC (and on the Sci Fi Channel here in the 'States!) and it looks like it's going to keep going for a bit longer. Don't know if it'll have the staying power to last 23 more seasons, but I think I could handle my grandkids catching new episodes.


  • Doctor Who Fan Site

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  • dr who

    Martha Jones works at a hospital but during her walk to work on a certain day, a man takes off his tie and looks crazy. Martha gets to work after a phone call with her sister. Their family is falling apart. Anyway, after arriving at the hospital, she meets someone who is called Smith and then the hospital is sent into space, where aliens called Judoon are looking for a person in the hospital who is not human. Things take an unexpected turn when Martha's boss' is sucked out and he is dead. They find out that an old woman is the culprit, and they try to frame her, but the Doctor is dead, but Martha gives him CPR and he lives and the woman is killed! At the end of the episode, Martha goes into the TARDIS and their next adventure which has started
  • doctor who is about a time lord with 2 hearts who keeps on having different assistance. He travels in a police box called the tardis it is small on the outside and big in the inside.

    doctor who is a classic it is my favourite sci-fi show and I think it always will be. My favourite villian has to be the dalek they are just cool in everyway I espiecially like it how they say exterminate!!!!!!!! thats the daleks phrase and the cybermans phrase is delete ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! My favourite episode is absalotaly definatly doomsday ! ! ! that is because the fact that the dalek are fighting the cybermen but of course the dalek win well would win if the doctor didnt send them into another world.
  • Weird, but I like it.

    I've never completly seen the older versions of Dr Who and it's only been more recently that I've started to get drawn into it. It has the modern edge to it, but still like the originals from what I've seen. The newest series has been grabing my attention and now I can't wait for next weeks episode; which shows I'm becoming a fan of Dr Who - who would have known. I was only watching the first episode because I was bored and waiting for another show to come on but, now I'm glad I did, because if I hadn't I certainly wouldn't be writing this review now, would I.
  • Although many things are lost from the original series, the new (2005) version of Doctor Who is possibly one of the best things that ever happened to television.

    "I'm the Doctor, run for your life!" The first words spoken by Cristopher Eccleston, the 9th Doctor. Travelling in time and space with Rose in his space-ship TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space), this guy is an awsome time-lord that can accomplish just about anything. Doctor Who seems to be a statement rather than a question. Is the Doctor's name just 'Doctor Who'? It is unknown. All we know is that he travels in his TARDIS, always with a companion. The Show is based on the Original Doctor Who, which featured a total of 8 doctors. Now, you will be wondering why there are multiple doctors. Every time the Doctor gets a little old, he can regenerate. This is the process of his body completely reforming, bringing out a new, younger and healthier body. A perfect excuse for when actors leave. Also, he has two hearts. Another cool thing about the show.

    The only problem about the show is how both the 9th Doctor (Cristopher Eccleston) and the 10th Doctor (David Tennant).. mainly the 10th Doctor, although he is my personal favourite.. act like superheros. They are never beaten, always above the enemy, never any competition. This is changing throughout the third series though, so I will keep my mouth shut about it :).

    Basically, if you haven't seen this show before, then go and watch it. If you are an old Doctor Who (the original version) fan, then you might not be so happy about it, but it's still worth taking a look at...
  • A very British show...for American viewers, it does take a bit of getting used to. The pacing (editing) is quite different than they typical American tv drama. Also, the emphasis is given to plot not effects. However, the show is GREAT on any continent

    A very British show...for American viewers, it does take a bit of getting used to. The pacing (editing) is quite different than they typical American tv drama. Also, the emphasis is given to plot not effects. However, the show is GREAT on any continent.
    I loved the first "new" Doctor and when that actor left, I was bummed (though he's great on Heroes!). But I really like what David Tennant has done with this new embodiment of The Doctor. He's brilliant. I was also sad to see Billie Piper depart the show. The jury's is still out on Martha, but she's growing on me.
    It's a great show, I just wish we could get it in HD.
  • No bad interpretation.

    It seems that there is a huge diversity in the reaction to this show. Fortunately for the IL' Doc, I think this means he will be around for awhile again. I have seen "Rose," The first episode in the revamped BBC series, and I have to say I am thrilled. The majority of the negative reviews seem to be coming from ultra-die hard Whovians. I myself was a giant DR.Who nerd in my younger years. I had a subscription to Dr.Who magazine, I sent Tom Baker a letter when I was 10 years old, (I still have the autograph he sent me back, thank you Tom!)My grandmother knitted me an eight foot long scarf etc..etc..

    I could tell you who Roger Delgado is and why when he looked like Geoffery Beevers he really wanted to go on Holiday to Traken.

    In early 1984 when I was 8 years old, I met the Doctor and his friends Sarah and Harry. It was at midnight in Arizona on a black in white television that was barely 10 inches wide. I was transported to somewhere I had never been and have never been since. It was like Peter Pan taking you to Neverland. Anyone who met Doctor Who at such an early age will agree with me that the magic was that vivid and so real that you felt you were right there side by side with those characters.

    As I grew up, I grew out of it. Real life takes a hold, and while Perpugilliam Brown was amazing to stare at, it became a lot more important to go talk to a girl in person on a Saturday night than stay home by the time 16 years old came around. A passing interest in Sylv and Sophie was there, but ultimately, Puff the magic dragon let out a mighty roar because this Jackie Paper had grown up.

    Having said that, I watched "Rose" with two hats. The former obsessive fan with the critical eye, and the adult who wanted to be whisked away by Pan again.

    I feel the show succeeds in the latter department. I had a huge smile on my face the entire 45 minutes, and if I had to guess, this show is going to capture the fancy of a lot of young ones, and even though Doctor Who was always my best friend, I'm ready to share him with the people who he was made for in the first place. Thank you Russell and welcome back Doc!
  • Wierd

    A british sci fi show
    that just not right
    everyone knows that in the future everyone will be squared jawed white americans
    even the aliens will speak perfect U.S. english and have a similar belief system.

    If not a similar belief system then they will be hideous inhuman parasytes that must be exterminated at all costs.

    There no shades of grey here people thats where the doctor and his cockney girlfriend fall down
    giving complicated motivations to his non human cast just confuses the audience and loses them the most important thing advertising fees.
    And while im at it where are the ray guns, the funky spandex unforms ,the cute kids & the robots with catch phrases.
    This isnt sci fi it just drama
  • Mad and up to date with no wobbly sets!

    Compared to the old series of doctor who wow what can i say the graphics are better, the sound is better (no more mono!) and best of all the monsters are better (well most of them) apart from the blatant kiddie monsters - ie the slitheen, most of the monsters are quite well thought out and well performed. However back onto the subject of the slitheen, it must be noted that even the old doctor who had similar monsters - eg the Kandyman, a giant bertie basset man - how they never got sued for copyright infringement i'll never know!
  • A perfect revival to an amazing sci-fi show.

    With amazing actors such as David Tennant and Billie Piper, how can you not love the new Who? Ok Ok, yes the CGI is a tad rubbish but it is a major step up for Doctor Who and the acting is amazing! Never in my life have I seen so much emotion pushed through one show every episode! Series one was great with Eccleston but got sooo much better when Tennant rumbled onto the scene! The development of a love story was what this series needed after being off our screens for so long and Billie Piper gave us just that so perfectly! Now as we have seen her go, it is time for the Doctor to open up to someone new and continue his travels. I just hope the Doctor won't get over Rose very easily. You can tell every time her name is mentioned passion just flares in his eyes! Yes i am sounding a bit over dramatic now but it's not. The casting for Doctor Who is amazing and is deffinatly my favourite show of all time after growing up with it as a kid!

  • After the original Doctor Who was axed in 1989, this new big-budget Doctor Who sees Christopher Eccleston as the Time Lord (Season 1), David Tennant as the Doctor (Season 2), Billie Piper as his companion (Series 1 and 2). It is fantastic and love it!!!!!

    Doctor Who is the biggest and best sci-fi drama for a long time to come. Not even Star Trek beat it to a place for Doctor Who to be listed in the Guinness Book of Records 2007 as the longest-running sci-fi drama. Billie Piper as Rose Tyler is fantastic and I miss her very much. The new Doctor, David Tennant is fabulous and much better than Christopher Eccleston's was. The 10th Time Lord and Rose's on-screen chemistry is electric and you dont want to miss this classic TV drama! You're in for the trip of a lifetime!!! The best drama ever!
  • Brilliant! Cleverly written too. My review is going to include the 2nd and 3rd season aswell, can't find them ones anywhere. :|

    Doctor Who is an amazing sci-fi, as soon as I watched it I liked it, the jokes the scripts the characters - who thought a bucket shaped alien (Dalek) would acutally be pretty cool?

    Ever since watching the first season I have waited and waited until the following season, and now season 3 is here! Seasons 1 and 2, apsoloutley brilliant. And season 3, only two episodes in already, and I am hooked! I tell you this, the scripts are so well done! The way the writers made the Doctor tie in with all Shakespeare's books (Well some of them) was truly cool. "This reminds me of the Sycorax", "I'll use that", and so he did, in the Tempest.

    This is one of the best sci-fi's, ever!
  • Doctor Who is a crazy program about a never ageing timelord, his time travelling spaceship and his companion/s

    When BBC announced the comeback of doctor who i thought that it would be a boring waste of the bbc's time. How wrong i turned out to be. After watching the first episode of the 2005 series, i got hooked to the show. It has everything a good sci-fi show needs; humour, danger, aliens, imagination, suspense and tension. After watching the first series, it was kinda sad to see eccleston go. However, Tennant has stepped into the role brilliantly supplying his audience with great acting at all times. He makes the show happen. After watching the second series, i just had to keep going and so now i am watching the third series instantly. This is one show that has improved vastly, and could not get much better.

    Doctor who is great to watch from the first second to the last minute it’s a great adventurous and fantastic show from the plot line to the action to the effects which is great . One of best tv programs ive ever watched.

    I wasn’t a big fan of the series in 2005 but when david tenant took control of the tartis it began to be good and over the numerous episodes ive watched its always been a hit , I will admit though there are few episodes that seemed boring when started to watch it ,but that’s the thing about doctor the first episodes might not be good but its always leading up to a great middle and end .

    Some of my most favourote episodes were when the doctor and rose where traps on that moon camp and had lost the tardis but then I mysterious force came there from under the camp and until the end of the episodes it was nevre racking I tell you.

    And it defenitly looks like this new season will the best there is.
  • Can anybody resist?

    Doctor Who. The first time I knew it existed (the revival), I thought it was weird, that I wouldn't like it. But I watched it, and I got hooked. And I've never looked back.
    It's one of the best programmes on TV at the moment, as confirmed by the array of awards that both the show and the individual actors have received, as a result. Having definitely stood the test of time and been successfully updated, it remains a firm family favourite.
    With emotive characters and twisting storylines, it's hard to find anyone who will not agree that it really does rock. I'm glad that it was brought back: what would we all do if it hadn't?
  • British TV Sci-fi is much better than US sci-fi

    I didn't expect season 1 to be all that good,I was proven wrong.The season had some heart-stopping momements and the Dalek episodes were fab.We also gave a welcome reception to Captain Jack Harkness. But season 2 was better!David Tennant is proberbly a better Doctor than Christopher Eccleson.This season was just as dark and scary,but we saw how the Cybermen came into being.Then we saw the Cybermen take over thw world and then have a bleedin' great battle with the Daleks!
    This is essential viewing and British TV at it's best.
    Can't wait till season 3.
  • Doctor Who is back. See if you recognise this!

    The Ninth Doctor came and conquered and died saving the universe and his companions from the cursed Daleks. Regenerating for the ninth time, the Tenth Doctor is here to show you more of the secrets and dark sides of this universe. Past, Present, Future and beyond! Saturday 19th March 2005, saw a Who night of The Story of Dr Who, Some Things You Need To Know About Dr Who, and Dr Who Mastermind. The first episode 'Rose' aired Saturday 26th and featured the return of the Autons and new companion Rose joining the time traveller. And the journey continues. This new Who show features new ideas like the new TARDIS interior and a new Doctor Who with a modern dress-sense, however old concepts have returned, like the old Delia Derbyshire theme tune updated and the Autons, Daleks and an old foe returning and previous companions like Sarah Jane Smith and K-9.
  • Absolutely brilliant!!! What else do you have to say about this show?!? Well, I was on holiday in London when I was too tired too go out that evening the first episode was on telly and I thank God for that ...

    Absolutely brilliant!!! What else do you have to say about this show?!? Well, I was on holiday in London when I was too tired too go out that evening the first episode was on telly and I thank God for that ... I hadn't heard about Doctor Who at all ... I guess if you do not live in Britain or the US you hardly discover this show. I instantly fell in love with the writing and the characters. Christopher Ecclestone, to some of you better known as the Invisible Guy in Heroes, was an instant hit ... you could have thought one word could be a catch phrase ... FANTASTIC!
  • Eccleston made it happen! Russell keeps it happening!

    If there was an "anti" doctor who fan, it was me. Before the Eccleston incarnation of the role, I just couldn't be bothered. However, when "the Ninth doctor" got on board and they rebooted the entire affair, well, I was hooked from the get go. From the first minute of the first episode, we are talking fast, fun thrills.

    And Christopher Eccleston to me, is Doctor Who. I wasn't exactly thrilled when I heard he didn't want to stay as the doctor for more than 1 season, but I did really appreciate the way Russell handled the transition between Eccleston and Tennant through the story. However, even when I watch Tennant, to me, it's the spirit of Eccleston's doctor which i'm still reminded of. It's a fun show and now in it's third season, I can't wait to see what happens!

    This show gave birth to Barrowman's Jack Harkness and the creation of Torchwood (the show) and well, both shows are just awesome.
  • great series

    Ok well what can i say this is a great series but it was wel better with the original man who played doctor who not david tennant i just wasn't to sure of him at all when he suddenly took over. It is not the same with Billie piper not in it either hy did they have to get rid of her ????? My little brother loves this and keeps me up to date with what is happening so i don't really need to watch it all the time so if i am on the computer he can tell me what has been happening.
  • Liked the soccer houligan persona of the 9th Doctor. I believe he has outlived the number of regenerations time lords are supposed to have. I don't care. Just glad the show is back.

    While I am a big fan of the original show, the story lines are even better with better sets and special effects. It still is telling allegorical stories and cautionary tales about the human condition. Still warning of the dangers of megalomania and current polititians should pay heed. The monsters and alians are even better with updated costumes. Like Rose as his "Watson". She thinks she is so modern because she has a cell phone, etc. but is great at reacting to all the doctor shows her. I espcially like the EMPTY CHILD episode. Great science fiction. It shows how aliens could misinterpret our human situation. Maybe it shows how humans misinterpret each other, in general.
  • great but ....

    although i think this is a great show with brilliantly written scripts and with a very nearly better spin off the things that bother me about it are the fact we are going to go into series 3 and it looks like by the end of that series altough it is unconfirmed we could have yet another new doctor.
    i dont mind new cast (liked captin jack) but the beeb is doing its self a diservice by not locking the cast intolonger contracts i mean how much did they spend on the first series just for christopher eccleston to walk away (although i do prefer david tennant) and then billie piper to leave at the end of the second it just seems really stupid of the beeb to do this !!
    But for anybody thats not seen this how yet you should watch it because although the cast change frequently the special effects, the directing and the scripts almost make up for that so its defently still worth the watch
  • Amazing, Innovative, HighTech

    Holy cow, what a wonderful show. I never watched the first Dr. Who (I was a little young) but I absolutely adore this one. I love the way the doctor 'changes'. I adore the adventures, and the fight for the world time and again. The most wonderful thing about this show is that they can really go anywhere and do anything with it. The writers aren't constrained by logic, or what's in the here and now. I'm looking forward to seeing all the new worlds and new faces as well as the Dr and his companion. I love high-tech scifi and this show fits the bill I was sorry to see Rose go, but I suppose when the Dr changes .... it's time for his companion to change. I'm really looking forward to a long healthy life with this show!!! Congrats!!!
  • A very fun and funny show to watch. Great characters and story lines.

    I recnently started watching doctor who on Sci Fi. The most I watched it the more I got into it. I found it to be very funny with the Doctors witty comments when ever something goes wrong. The characters are all well done and thought out. the episodes each have their own story to them except for a few two part episodes. They always have twists and turns that leave you wanting more and more.

    My favorite character is the doctor. his Wittyness reminds me of house's sarcasim. Except his character is a lot nicer. The doctor is always bright and happy for the most part which makes his character easy to enjoy and love.
  • A classic fave!

    I only got hooked on this show halfway through the new season two, but I have to admit t\'is awesome. The great plots, funny quotes, and great drama make it a classic favourite for all ages! And the cool monsters give it that sci fi touch. In short, it\'s awesome. Besides, who hasn\'t dreamed of flying through time in a police box?
  • Very fast paced which makes a delightful change to the bone grinding slowness of the original series.<br /> <br /> The magic isn't lost in 21st century glitz, the stories are mostly original even with the return of old favourites

    Well do I remember as a 12 year old waiting patiently for Doctor Who to come on, on Friday evenings, then enduring 5 minutes plus of recaps and credits/theme for barely 20 minutes of slow paced action and another few minutes of closing credits and theme. The stories would be 4 to 6 episodes long and the story could've been told quite comfortably in 35 minutes. But at the time, it was about the best show around, and despite the hokey 'special' effects it was fantastic!! Star Trek came along a couple of years later, and it was incredible, but there was just something about the old white haired doctor and his companions that captivated us more.

    That slow, english gentleman pace certainly isn't anywhere to be found with the new Doctor Who though. We've all grown up, our tastes are more sophisticated and so is this new Doctor Who.

    By the time each episode is finished the viewer is left almost breathless and wondering where the last 50 minutes have gone.

    I still love the old series and trot out my videos of all the eps I could get my hands on, but I love this this new Doctor even more.

    May a million blessings be heaped on Russell Davies and Phil Collinson for reimagining it.
  • It's OK!

    I used to hate this show but now i just think it's OK no i'm not saying i hate the show or like it but it's just OK and it's a decent show about a doctor and his girlfriend going on adventures together it's pretty cool i like the robot and everything this show does not rock but it's cool sorry but it's not close to being great it is cool and OK so Doctor Who fans i used to hate this show but now i changed my opinion to Doctor Who sucks to Doctor Who is OK not sure about the original since i did'nt watch it.
  • I've always been a big sci-fi fan myself, but I can't say about every show I like that it's for everyone.

    The revival of Doctor Who might have been what a lot of fans were waiting for, but for me, it's what made me a fan in the first place. The show does a good job of filling new viewers in on the basic plot points that they might have missed in the older series. This is really just one of the reasons I feel comfortable saying this show is for anyone and everyone to watch. Every episode is absolutely brilliant in it's writing. While there is the story behind the Doctor and the story behind Rose continuing on through the series, each episode has a plot of it's own. Things tie together like you wouldn't expect, and all in all, Doctor Who proves to be all around entertaining and thrilling. It's not all drama, either. There's a lot of great comedic value in the show, as well. It's good for a laugh, it's thought provoking and it's brilliant. I'd reccomend it for anyone to watch.
  • two words, "time lords"

    the docter as a time lord goes threw time and space to go seek threw new adventures or if there is any problems,(which there usually are).each docter that changes is a new and different person and not just acter. thats what i love about the show whenever there is a new evolvation a new era in different adventures are in town and i love how the way the acters think there way threw the problems in to more problems which leads into a mystery. also the docter doesnt just regenerate he can give up his partner that he is whith as well like rose to well who knows!!!!!!!
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