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  • With 8 actors having previously played the role of the Doctor over the show's 40+ year history, the newest 2 were up to the task of portraying this enigmatic character with a new travelling companion, which dramatically brings the franchise back to life.

    I recall only occassionally catching episodes of this ecclectic show in syndication on PBS during the late '60s through the '70s and until the show itself ended (it usually aired locally late at night., although I managed to stay up to watch "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman", "Second City TV", or "Monty Python" those late nights), and was never really a fan. But I decided this time around, to watch its resurrection. Being a Trekkie in withdrawl, I felt it the prudent thing to do, and have been very pleasantly surprised and delighted to have given it a 2nd chance. Although the actor change between seasons caught me off guard, as I had become quickly accustomed to Chris Eccleston's style, I am a firm believer in David Tennant's abilities and unique take on the character.

    The premise is quite simple and the nods to the original series are noble. But it is the science fiction short stories, with the large dose of satire that the British have perfected over half a millenia, that continues to make this show and franchise stand out. In my opinion, even given the generous comic relief, wackiness of some of the plots and dialog, and bizarreness of the creatures that are encountered, no U.S. show in production today has managed to capture and utilize the literary technique of pure satire (whether political or societal) in a dramatic science fiction setting, as much as this show has successfully done.

    The snappy dialog, diverse main and guest cast, and generous glimpses of present-day England, are a joy to behold. The only main weaknesses are some cliche themes that seem to resurface in the genre over and over, although this show's retelling is often unique.

    I wish the show and franchise well and will definitely be tuning in as long as it airs!
  • Smart, Campy and funny: Perfection!

    Smart, campy and very funny! Perfect execution on this 2005 remake of the 1963-1989 original. BTW, the original was the longest running sci-fi series ever. if your not familiar the original you have to check it out. Dr Who 1963-1989 link:

    for an accurate episode and movie listing of the original Doctor Who series check out:

    I was both excited and concerned when I found out they intended to remake the original Dr Who series, My all time favorite sci-fi series.

    If this was made in Hollywood it would have sucked as bad as the the modern remake of Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. Speaking of witch if your not familiar with the original BBC mini series based on a Douglas Adams novel you have to check it out. Don't waste your time no that crappy 2005 remake though.

    Doctor Who 2005 brilliantly keeps the campy character models of the original series. They do give them all a slight touchup but for my tastes they did a great job. So many shows go over the top and add too much CGI.

    I could go on and on but bottom line is, if you like sci-fi you have to see this one. And if you like the 2005 series check out the original series on DVD. For information on the Doctor Who DVD Restoration Project follow this link.
  • Saturday nights are never going to be the same again, an old favourite is back and it’s taking on aliens and cybermen, bringing in a new generation and brining back memories of hiding behind the sofa for people who remember it the first time.

    I grew up watching the repeats of the original series and then watched the movie everyday for a year, now that it’s back it’s getting better each series, it’s just a shame that all the old doctors couldn’t come back, it’ll be worth it if we could see that episode. Watch this program it's the best thing on television.
  • AS we all know, when someone remakes a classic show...we expect the worst.

    Well, not in this case. This next generation version of Doctor Who is absolutly awesome. The show revisits all of the shows original foes, as well intrducing many new ones. Each episode has been beautifully written to follow the classic Doctor Who Storyline. Even bringing back a fwe favorites from the K-9, I loved that robo dog. LOL. And the Doctor takes no crap from anyone, and I LOVE that!!! Piss him off, and you will regret it, that makes the show just rock. This was a perfect reincarnation of a classic masterpiece that shows the efforts of a great development team hiding in the background. =)
  • Better than Torchwood and old Dr Who seasons.

    This new season of Doctor Who is just incredibily brilliant, when i heard that they were bringing back Doctor Who, i didn't really care aboutso i it but when i came on i watched the first episode and i've been hooked on it since, i watch it every week and i just love it, so i decided to watch the older series and well they are really not very good i hate the old episodes and only like the new series and therefore i don't watch the old episodes becuase i don't like them and i can't wait for the third season of Doctor Who.
  • One of the best sci-fi sohws ever!

    This truly is one of the best shows i have ever seen. A very good show considering it's British. David Tennant and Christopher Eccilston in my opinion are the best doctors. The episodes are brilliant the characters are brillaint and the monsters are brilliant. If you have yet not seen it i STRONGLY seuggest you do. After the first episode i'm sure you'll like it, it's addictive. Currently the second season has finished and a christmas special will be show around christmas in the UK. Season 3 should be out next year and hopefully be just as good as the rest.
  • The best sci fi show I have ever watched.

    Okay, you might think it's a little weird I'm in 7th grade and like sci fi along with your other regular shows. But this show is awesome. It has morals in it sometimes and it has good action. It also has 1 of my favorite elements of a show in it. Time travel. I will never stop being a fan of time travel. This show is good because it shows what could really happen if you time traveled. It has romance action sci fi comedy all wraped together to make one great show. If you are a kid like me and you want to try something different, WATCH DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!
  • The doctor who is an alien called a time lord travels around in his ship discized as a old england phone booth. He takes companions with him on his adventures which take him to trouble always even when he wants to have fun. He helps people in his own way.

    I love this show since I saw the old ones my friend has on dvd so when the new season came out on scifi I just had to watch. I am in the middle of the newest season with david tennet as the doctor. My favorite doctor is christopher. I will contiune to watch the show as long as it's being shiped to the US.
  • Doctor Who is an awesome show about the \'doctor\' (who is never really given a name other than that) and his companion, Rose as they travel through time and space.

    I love this show! I started watching it with my father when it came out, since he vaguely remember the original. I have never seen the original series, as it was on many many years before I was born. I am glad, though that I have not missed this show. I have always been into shows that have to do with aliens or the supernatural, so the concept of travelling both through time and space was really appealing.

    I also love the cast. Billie Piper does an amazing job as Rose. I often envy Rose for being able to travel around in the tartus (is that how you spell it?). Both doctors have been fantastic, however, I am slightly more inclined to the first doctor of this series.

    I enjoy the fact that since there are really only two main characters, you don\'t have to remember many names, making it easier to explain to others. I do also like that there are characters that come back, such as Cassandra (the \'last human\') and the Daliks. This show is both interesting and funny. I encourage anyone who hasn\'t already to watch it.
  • This show\'s great, the re-vamp has really worked out and I love it!!

    Doctor Who is that kind of show where when I sit down to watch it, I know I\'m in for an hour of adventure.The Doctor and Rose are great, they work well together and I see the connection.The enemies they face are fierce, especially Daleks and Cybermen. Lovely science-fiction show, I was sad to see Christopher Eccleston go, but David Tennant has filled his shoes perfectly. Humuor, fun and adventure is what I get with this show, and is one of my faves of all time. Russel T Davies writes the episodes up brilliantly, it\'s a one of a kind show I\'ll always love.Long Live the show!
  • I wish I had started watching it earlier

    Doctor Who?


    I really really really really like Doctor Who, it's absolutley awesome. Words can't decribe the acute blend of wry humor, action and Sci Fi that combines to produce Doctor Who.

    The last episode was great, the awesome battle between the Daileks (pardon bad spelling) and the Cyber Men was one of the best battles I've seen on a Sci fi show.

    I'm sure much must be creditted to the original Doctor Who, but the story line is also very good, an intricate and interesting plot line for those who can be cothered to understand it and enough action for the rest of those who watch Doctor Who
  • This is the longest running sci-fi show in history for a good reason... it's BRILLIANT!

    Doctor Who was launched upon the world the same year I was: 1963. I was too young at the time (7 months old) to enjoy the first series when it premiered, but as soon as I became aware of it in the mid-1970s I was hooked. I can't explain exactly what it is about the show that keeps me coming back. The premise itself is one reason — an eccentric Time Lord knocking about the space-time continuum in a navigationally-challenged 1950s-era police call box. I particularly enjoyed Tom Baker's take on the Doctor, what with his fondness for jelly babies. The sheer variety of locations, eras, companions and aliens of every imaginable shape, size and color made for a thoroughly entertaining, if somewhat bewildering, escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life. On particularly rough days, I found it relaxing, if not somewhat therapeutic, to flip on the telly and temporarily lose myself in the universe of Doctor Who. And, in case you're wondering, yes I do have a life, I've dated many girls (two of them were also Doctor Who fans!), I was married for 6 years and have two children. Oh, and I don't live in my parents basement!

    Anyway, this new series is the best of all. Although I became somewhat attached to Chris Eccleston's portrayal, David Tennant is starting to grow on me. Long live the Doctor!!!
  • The Doctor is back with new companions and new friends!

    Doctor Who and his marvelous time machine, the TARDIS have returned to save the world from the Cybermen and Daleks once again. But this time, he has Rose Tyler and Mickey by his side, they can't loose. Watch as they travel the universe and even meet up with K-9 again!
  • I never thought I\'d find another \"Dr\" I\'d like, but, of course, they killed the guy off at season\'s end!

    Bringing Dr Who into the 21st century probably wasn\'t an easy task, even for Time Lords! ; )

    But they did so, quite well!

    TV\'s longest-running sci-fi series (even if you ignore the multi-year gaps and the horrible American (FOX) movie) has brought a new vibrancy to the characters. Chrisopher Eccleston (the 9th Dr) combines the spirt of all the previous Dr\'s, with his cautious exuberance and serious playfulness (if you don\'t understand these seeming contradictions, then you need to view some old videos of the original series!), and the new \"companion\", Billie Piper, brings an edginess that hasn\'t been seen since \"Leela\" (they made Rose\'s boyfriend too wimpy, IMHO).

    However, I think they mucked with the TARDIS interior too much (too busy and confusing looking; bring back the simplicity and austerity of the original Tardises, and spend the money for other things!), and we need to get out of our solar system (orbitting space stations don\'t count!).
    And, I think it\'s a mistake to bring back old characters, as the web seems to imply. I want new things, but not to the point where we see a new Dr every season! There are only supposed to be 12 Dr\'s, ya know!
    (okay, who wants to start the rumors that the next Dr
    will be a woman, or a black, or a black woman? And shouldn\'t she be Jewish as well? (a nice Jewish timelord who\'s also a doctor? Oy!) ; )

    Despite the flaws, the series that aired on the SciFi channel this past year was wonderful, though I had a problem with the \"neat\" ending to the final show, vis-a-vis, the \"kiss of death\" for the Dr (let\'s not have any hanky-panky with the companions!). ; )

    I\'m looking forward to the upcoming season!
  • This review would have a higher mark, but the 2nd season tarnishes it slightly. Still an awesome, action-packed show though!

    I'll admit, I'm not the world's biggest Doctor Who fan. My mate is though, so I'm always kept well informed of past references and I've sat though a fair few epiodes in his huge backa catalogue of videos. But to be honest, you don't really need that kind of background information if you're a new fan. The 9th Doctor was a perfect re-introduction to a classic sci-fi character.

    So die-hard fans complained about the rushed stories and reduced running time, but let's face it, a lot of the classic Who was over-padded with wasted minutes. This new season was intentionally a fast-paced rollercoaster that could grab the attention a new audience on a dead Saturday night. Eccleston's Doctor is up there as my favourite. Playful and childish with a menacing ruthless streak just under the surface. He was also more emotional; a man with all the knowledge, but attached with the outsider loneliness that came with it. Another complaint was that he was less pro-active than previous Doctors. But this was because this series was about Rose's perspective of events. A new companion for a new series and the idea of her being our eyes through the Doctor's world was perfectly written. She made a great companion, one who was ready to battle for the Doctor but also showed a human side. Something that was missing from the last few companions.

    Then came the 10th Doctor and a new series attitude that decided it could do whatever it wanted, now it was successful prime time. Tennent's Doctor is currently way too erratic, jumping from one emotion to the other making for a disjointed, unconvincing, personality. It doesn't really work when he's crazy then moments later is required to put in a serious personal performance. Rose became far more resourceful than allowed, giving way to too many times where people just accepted her giving orders (see: The Satan Pit), despite being a complete stranger. It never felt like she was in danger. A few episodes feel a lot like re-runs, e.g. The Idiot Lantern and Fear Her have practically the same set-up before slightly going seperate ways halfway through. The writing is too self-concious at times (the need for post-modern referencing puts Tarantino to shame), thus leaving this series less cohesive than the first one. It did end on a brilliant (if full of holes) series finale and hopefully they can calm down a bit and focus on the writing like the first series again.

    Other than that, it's still an awesome series for oldies and newbies alike. Just don't listen to the die-hard's complaints.
  • Those Magnificent Men In Their Travelling Machines

    As a fan of the original Dr Who, I was overjoyed when it was announced that the series was being renewed. I hotly anticipated the first new episode on March 26 2005 and was impressed from the get-go. And the show has been consistently brilliant since then. Visually stunning, with a great team of writers and directors on board, creating wonderful, funny, scary, tense and spectacular scenarios for the Doctor and his companion to encounter.

    Christopher Eccleston played the ninth incarnation of the Doctor as quite light, but with hints to the darkness beneath. His Doctor was battle-scarred, haunted by the Time War and the terrible legacy of being the last of the Timelords. David Tennant has a completely different take on his version of the Doctor: more bookish sometimes, humorous yet still ready to defend himself if needs be. Billie Piper was truly impressive as Rose Tyler, the Doctor's latest companion. The production staff also worked hard to get clearance to use the Doctor's most iconic enemies too: the Daleks and the Cybermen... wouldn't be the same without them.

    There have been some remarkably strong episodes, most notably 'Dalek', 'The Empty Child', 'The Parting Of The Ways', 'School Reunion', 'The Impossible Planet' and 'Army Of Ghosts'. But each episode brings something special. If you're a fan of the old series, you'll find this very true to that original spirit. If you're a sci-fi fan (or like quality TV in general), don't miss this show!
  • Better than expected -- from a Tom Baker fan.

    Okay -- I was reluctant to watch the new Dr. Who on Sci-Fi because I am a long time Tom Baker fan. This guy won me over immediately. I laughed, I cried, then I laughed again. The story was more appropriate for the present day. The trashing of the Tardis hilarious. The fact that they returned to London so often and in almost real time (or as close as the Tardis can get) was inspired. The laser being back was a nice salute to the old. The Daleks another salute. Over all well done and looking foward to the next.
  • I love British television.

    I haven't really watched the old series. I'm actually a new fan of this show. I learned about it when I was just on the internet. I saw something about the Doctor. The rest was history. The first episode I watched was Father's Day. It was great. Then, I watched Doomsday. It was a little campy, but it was good. This series isn't just famous for being a continuation. It's good by itself. It's more realistic. The Doctor isn't just some eccentric, old man who can give you a few laughs and some wonder anymore. Now, he's progressed. Next year, it should be good.
  • It was a classic back in 1963, and it still is now. Refreshing it for the next generation was a good idea. And it still keeps that old "Mystery Doctor" charm that all Doctors and actors have carried. It's good watching. And good pie. Maybe, if you eat pie

    I got into this program by watching an ad for "The Empty Child". The start wasn't awesome, but when I saw the gasmask morphing onto Constantine's face, I was hooked. It looked awesome. I not EC, so I saw DD up to PW. Doctor Who revived is goooood! I loved it, and so will you. Unless you hate sci-fi. If so, it's your choice. I love Daleks. They're exterminalicious! Yummy! I could use them for my salt and pepper shakers! I love salt. But not pepper. Doctor Who is! Just that!!! Wow! But I'm as dead as a dodo. As dead as a dodo. Which means I'm not here. I'm creepy. Wooooooooooooooo....
  • Extremely creative and imaginative scifi. Star Trek and Battlstar Galactica (2003) fans should DEFINITELY check this out.

    This show has absolute top notch talent working on it. From the writers to the actors to the effects - it's all a treat. As with games and movies, eye candy alone won't do it in this day and age, and Doctor Who delivers bigtime in the most important area of scifi - the stories. This is some of the most creative and imaginative stuff I've ever seen... amazing stuff. The concepts behind almost every story are great, and it all comes together nicely with excellent writing. Very very few plots holes, the writers are not keen to sit on their bums . Each script must be reworked quite a bit (unless the writers are gods) before production starts.
    All I can say is if you appreciate great scifi and wanna live vicariously through some amazing times, then check out The Doctor.
  • The Doctor!!! I think that David Tennnant bring new life to Doctor Who!! He is the best Doctor that I have seen!! And also he is a very funny actor!!

    The Doctor!!!
    I think that David Tennnant bring new life to Doctor Who!!
    He is the best Doctor that I have seen!!
    And also he is a very funny actor!!
    I think that Doctor Who is one of the best programs televison!!! It has been on televison for over 42 years! (I havn't seen evert episode, But) And it still is as brilliant as when started. My favorite episodes would be the new ones with David Tennant. Because I think that he is a fantastic actor. I like the episodes Tooth And Claw, The Girl In The Fireplace, And New Earth!!!!!! A very good show!!!!!
  • we do it again doctor who returns in spectacular form!

    the doctor a alein with two hearts a man who is weird but wonderful

    i love doctor who. . . i love evrything about it the evil pepperpot hide behind the sofa darleks to the dark cold caculating emotionless cybermen who will stop at nothing any deserving sci-fi fan must own atleast 1 of doctor who\\\'s 10 seasons this is britans best loved sci-fi and i eagrly await david tennants 2nd seson as a tom baker style doctor athough i like david tennant i think my personal favoroute has to be christiphor ecclston he could work wonders talk increbly fast, become angry suddenly or be calm and collected his companion billie piper a.k.a rose has to be one of the best companions bring a saucy but informed role to doctor who something it despretly lacked. the last two shows (badwolf, parting of the ways) was by far the doctor who\\\'s most action packed episodes i have seen but other episodes (boom town) was something of a let down this is why i havent given it top marks
  • A personal favorite of mine!

    Dr Who is set in the future like the 25th century
    I have lost count of how many actors have played the Doctors and only know Tom Baker is the most popular Dr Who
    As the new doctor tries to catch ailens who could alter the test of time with his feisty female sidekick.
    Good show on for Sci-Fi Friday night!
  • Doctor Who is about an alien that travels through time solve problems wherever he goes. Aided by his companions he prevents disaster after disaster.

    I used to watch the original series in the 70's and 80's on public televison. The special effects were weak but the adventure was still fun. Well now the Doctor is back and the special effects are finally with the times. This is the Tenth actor to portray the Doctor. Unlike James Bond where you ignore such changes. The Doctor's changes are actually a part of the show.

    This Doctor was the most stable I've ever seen. Most serious and dire about the situation. The adventures were very good and didn't give up that british quirkiness and humor. The Doctor's companion this time was Rose. She is very different from her predecessor. She is far more outspoken and emotional. Her adventures with the Doctor seem to have a maturing effect on her as the season progresses.

    Doctor Who is one of the longest running science fiction ever. And, I'm glad to see it return in such a stylish fashion.
  • The briliant Doctor Who returns!

    I am too young to hvae watched the original Doctor Who, so for me these new series are like a whoe new thing. Of course I had heard about the old doctor who's with their wierd scarves, haircuts and generally plastic cup created enemies.

    When first sitting down to watch Doctor Who I didn't expect much, but a combination of the special effects, brilliant actors and the entertainig plots have got me hooked.

    The writers are a;lways coming up with new monsters with evil schemes and the episodes are never predictable.

    Although scary at times fr younger children, this new series of Doctor Who can appeal to the whole family. With such a wide range of merchandise and such a large amount of media attention Doctor Who has become a phenomenon again, and I am all the better for it.
  • Fantastic Show about An Alien Doctor and His Sidekick, played by Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper, Christopher portrays the Doctor as a humorous/quirky/nerdy sort of character, and Billie portrays Rose as a strong and confident woman.

    Doctor Who Is A Fantastic Sci-Fi show Written by Russell.T.Davis, Starring Christopher Eccleston as the Funny, Quirky Doctor, and Billie Piper as the Strong Confident side kick.
    The 2005 episodes of Doctor Who where my first experience of this exciting adventure, and i fell in love with the show immeadiately, from the beggining of the show to the end you are taken on an exciting journey of self discovery, sadness, happiness and lonelieness.
    We see the pair fight Dalek\'s and Ghosts they are an ultimate pair and they work well in a world where they spend every day together which i think is portrayed through the show itself, you can see that there is an electricity between Rose and The Doctor ( Billie and Christopher) which in many shows these days isn\'t always visible. And this show isn\'t just for young children it\'s for all ages to enjoy, which is nice to watch as there are not mant family shows before the Watershed!
  • Fantastic!

    It turns what would seem like a stupid show that would make you say "yeah that could happen" into the 1 of greatest shows of all time. It's clever, (i.e. traveling through time in an old polce call box) funny (i.e. traveling through time in an old police call box) and generally great (i.e. traveling through time in an old police call box).
    More examples of being funny "why would you want a sonic screw driver?" "have you ever had to put up a load of cabinets?" and "Oh look rocks."
    Final words: If you havn't watched this yet I will hubt you down and kill you!
  • Fantastic!

    Doctor Who was a personal favorite for me, growing up. Tom Baker was like the uncle I never got to meet. I watched the episodes with the fellow from Great Expectations (from Vet to Time Traveler...hmmm), but when the Doctor changed to Colin Baker, I can remember thinking "Oh, this is just getting too silly. They are just normal people trying to play Doctor Who!" and I quit watching it, cold turkey, which was quite odd because I loved the show.

    Now an updated version has come around, and it's everything Doctor Who could have ever been had they had computer graphic designers and more of a budget.

    Thank you Russell T. Davies, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Billie Piper: you've not only treated the show with respect, but helped it blossom to the amazing show it is now. It's such a treat to watch. The only show I like as much right now is "Lost". We'll be listening to the podcasts and watching the blog.

    Keep up the great work!
  • the doctor and rose and many other happenings around the earth and the universe, read on...............

    Back in 2005 the 9th doctor returned to our screens with a fantasic series because we met rose revisit the daleks and the tardis and see many different lifeforms challenging the doctor to his limit. This doctor blended with with rose but this would only last one series when christopher called it 'quits'
    so the next series brings us david as the tenth doctor, very much like tom baker and brought the best out of rose and the sci fi show, and the cybermen return and have the biggest battle yet with the daleks.

    this show is just great and i am really glad they decided to bring the show back
  • The Doctor travels through time with his companion Rose Tyler dealing with one mis-adventure after another.

    This is one of those shows that I\'m angry at myself for not having watched sooner. Despite the sub-par special effects, this show has enough charm and plot twists to more than make up for it. The show has the same charm as previous renditions of the Doctor, and any show that can switch locations from millions of years into Earths future, to war-torn 1941 England, to underground alien museums is always going to interesting. There are even nods to the earlier runs of Doctor Who. It's always fun to see how the Doctor will bumble his way to saving the world.
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