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  • It's ok, just way too predictable.

    I used to be one of those real big fans a few months ago, but I started watching different shows like Death Note and I suddenly realised just how predictable doctor who really is. I mean, don't tell me you start watching a doctor who episode and wonder whether or not the doctor or his sidekick is going to die at the end, because that would just be a lie. It's blatantly obvious that nothing bad has ever happened, nor will it ever happen, to any main character. I was thinking about this, and then it hit me that this is because the characters are total mary-sues (please tell me you know what they are, because I REALLY can't be bothered explaining on another review).

    Just take a moment to contemplate the idea - the doctor never has any harm done to him at all. Every time he should die he just seems to regenerate, and even when his hand gets cut off it just grows right back. He's meant to be a timelord, some alien who lives for a long time and has a tardis so he can travel through space and time. I don't remember it ever explaining that he was also a superhero and an Xman too. Also, I hate how he just somehow saves the day, with barely any explanation at all. It's like, the machine they've just been working on can suddenly do this, even though it either wasn't working or had a completely different purpose before, and so the doctor uses it and bang, all the baddy aliens are gone. You can tell the writing staff couldn't make him win in a reasonable, logical way, so they just came up with something ridiculous in about 5 seconds flat.

    Don't get me wrong, it has some good aspects, but I think if they just made it a tad more realistic, instead of the good guys whooping the bad guys asses without breaking a sweat every single time, then it could be really interesting. Since that's never going to happen, I suggest all you sci-fi fans out there that haven't already, give Torchwood a try.
  • Predictably average, and occasionally cringe-worthy, Christmas nonsense.

    I'll start positive. David Tennant nailed the character of the Doctor way back in his first Christmas special, and he excels here as always, even if all his 'allons-y', talking fast, silly jokes etc have become entirely predictable. When he mentioned that the year was a bit boring at the beginning, I sighed, cos we've had similar dialogue before and if I want a repeat, I can just go back and watch that (far better) episode (Girl in the Fireplace). Another good point about The Next Doctor is how it looks. It looks big and flash and expensive, and the period setting is nicely realised. It looks great. Apart from that, however, I found little to enjoy. David Morrissey - I'm sure he's a great actor, but he merely came across as irritating here, and his 'companion' was as one dimensional as they come. The plot's convoluted and not very interesting, and the whole 'they killed my wife', 'oh I have a son' routine is done so half heartedly it fails to be moving. I wanted to enjoy this, but like the past two series of Doctor Who, I'm finding it more and more difficult to care. I look forward to Series Five and the other specials, I just hope they can do better than this.
  • Don't even think about it.

    Doctor Who used to be good back when it was on in the 1960's, but since it was revived in 2005.. well.. they made a big mistake. with terrible acting. bad special effects.. it will really bore you to tears.. uncreative and overused plots, whatever you do, don't watch this unless you plan on making fun of it. other wise, stay away.
  • Oh dear...

    I was prepared at the start of the new series to cut all involved, (MS / KG /SM), some slack, but I just can't any more. It's the scripts that are very badly letting down this series, the acting for the most part is passable enough, although to me Matt Smith just isn't a Doctor, he's just a bit too.....limp. Amy is annoying at times, but not a terrible assistant, indeed it seems more and more that she saves the day more than the Doctor does, and I can forgive some hammy acting with some great legs.

    I dunno about others here, but even in my advanced years of 43, Doctor Who was a program that was a 'must-watch', certainly from the first showing with Christopher Eccleston in, and me and the missus have watched religiously. Sure, regardless of who was playing the Doctor there were good episodes and bad episodes, but the bad were never THAT bad and the good ones could be amazing. However, this new series just isn't working, at least not for us, and sure, everyone has their own opinion and I respect that, but for me Doctor Who has gone from a 'must-watch' to a 'if it happens to be on at the same time and same channel as I'm watching then fine, else never mind'.

    Take this week's episode.......well, you'll have to tell me, I was at a barbeque, but from what I saw trailer wise it was set with Vincent Van Gogh. I suppose at least it wasn't set in Wales, which seemed to be a favourite recently, or even the UK. And yes, I know it seems I'm axe-grinding here, but PLEASE set just ONE episode somewhere not on bloody Earth ! With the exception of the Spaceship UK episode, (even that having some connection with Earth!), has there been one episode so far this series not involving our Blue Planet??? I'd settle for some 'Blakes Seven' type outer space animation if it meant that the Doctor could actually set foot on another planet ! When I was a kid I remember loads of DW episodes being set on random planets in random galaxies, (although Jon Pertwee seemed to be on Earth quite a lot, to be fair).

    Anyway, rant over, let the red arrows of downwardness come forth !

    p.s. I'm not sure if this has overwritten my previous review!
  • I just don't get it...

    I really struggle to understand the devotion that is lavished upon Doctor Who by its adult fan base. As a child, I remember both enjoying and being scared by the programme when the doctor was portrayed by Tom Baker but now that I am in my thirties, it feels like a childrens television programme that has been given a peak time slot.
  • Doctor Who starts off Fantastic but keeps degrading. The plot is enough to keep you entertained most of the time but the production has other letdowns in mind to nag you with.

    Fresh, amusing and free of most of the typical BS that comes with shows, Dr. Who is quite enertaining. That is before they replace the first Doctor playing the role (Christopher Eccleston), with a funny little guy that most people wouldn't take serious even if he was president of the wrold.
    Its agony, its like having someone play the perfect part of Jack the Ripper and then replace him with Rowan Atkinson and him starting to make them funny faces.
    I don't know the inner production arrangements but on the outside it looks like each new season they try and find worse actors than the previous. Its amazing actually. I don't mind the other guys taking a shot but its OBVIOUS they are no good for it. Who knows the series may be cutting budget, next thing the doctor will be a homeless guy and he will pick a girl companion off an elderly house so they make it. "Doctor Who and Grandma What"

    If you can live with the actor change you should watch beyond season one. Some people say "at least they made the switch into the plot not like these old soaps that you have to watch a new face and pretend nothing happened", Well yeah but they can change back just as easy.
  • the first two seasons are great and entertaining, but the reason i rated this show as mediocre because from 3rd season onward this show get really repetitive.

    i don't mean to be to nay sayer, i agree that this is a great show, but my problem with this show is the lack of ability of the producers to come up with any better new content. if you have watched the entire series up until fifth season, this show always revolve around five race of aliens and on every episode it just keep showing one or two of those aliens. like the tin can monster dalek,(we were told that they got wiped out from the universe by Doctor in one episode, but they just keep returning miraculously) and the metalic cyberman, they were driven out and exterminated then thrown into the void between the world but somehow they were able to build this gigantic spaceship and invade earth? i guess void is also a land now, can there be void land? maybe we could go visit it someday too, it doesn't seem too bad. Also in the later seasons doctor doesn't seem to be the doctor anymore, he is too biased and un-timelord like. let's face it, from season 1-2 doctor is shown as protector of the universe, but everything change from 3-5. at season 3-5 its basically about doctor destroying all other race to save the earth. especially Daleks, oh yes always about Daleks, those tin-can monsters just keep coming back like a vengeful ghost that just will not die after tens of thousands of doctor who episodes, oh yes, i am exaggerating but you get what i am saying, this Dalek thing is SO DAMN repetitive it gets on my nerves. why can't they just let the Dalek go and come up with something else?
  • Hmmm...

    am a big fan of the genre of SF & I liked watching shows like Babylon 5 and even Brit SF show Red Dwarf despite it being kind of goofy. I watched a few episodes of this show and I thought it was only fair. Not bad in the special effects department though. It is aimed at younger peoples and I do realize and I am no longer in that category but I do appreciate good SF. This is very unlike the earlier British SF character called Doctor Quatormass-which perhaps inspired this series-I'm not sure. The Quatermass character was turned into a few films back in the 1960's in England. I think based on a Brit TV show of the same think there was/is much more drama in Dr. Q-see the Dr. Q film '5 Million Years To Earth' if u can-renamed 'Quatermass & The Pit' for some obscure said.

    Keep in mind I'm a fan of the Classic series (1963-1989) and have been for over 25 years (and that I'm 34...)

    I awaited the new series with eager anticipation and, in some ways, it is superior to its former self: There is a rich look to the stories.

    However, what did we get? Farting aliens, belching waste bins, sound effects that must have been ripped off from the 1970s Superfriends cartoon, retconning of the Classic series ("retconning" is when a new writer takes events or characters from the show's past and reinvents their history. And the series is disturbingly Earth-bound - the reason? Fear audiences won't like it. Pretty lame an excuse for a show, from whose very first season in 1963, dared to go to other words in every other story!! I didn't like this for the 7th Doctor, so I can't exactly like what's happening now either!), and adding in enough soap opera to make "Eastenders" blush in embarrassment. Did I mention there is no sci-fi here? It's just magical fantasy and dues ex machina. The 9th Doctor himself is appallingly dim and, for 11 episodes, can't seem to resolve anything on his own! He's a coward in the finale, and his final line basically has him saying how great he is. WHAT?!!

    Never mind series 1 reeks of Buffy, compelte with teenage girl getting to call and revisit her annoying mommy from time to time. Yawn.

    I will admit there are some good stories, all things considered, here:
    * The End of the World. (the end of the world)
    * The Unquiet Dead (The Doctor meets Dickens - almost feels like a Classic Who story)
    * Dalek (guess - also feels somewhat similar to a Classic Who story)
    * Boom Town (a recurring alien wants to blow up Earth just so she can survive...)
    * Bad Wolf. (wow, the Doctor is pro-active!)
    * The Parting of the Ways (overall, a good conclusion despite its problems, of which there are many.)

    The rest are more or less garbage.

    Series two is being aired in England right now. It is an improvement, and with a proper Doctor who is well cast (David Tennant, who unlike his predecessor who basically did the show as scripted, with no personal involvement or care), but whereas it isn't quite as soapy, it's just as much pastiche (and shell) of its former self.

    The only episode if series 2 that's a clunker right now is "New Earth". (yes, all the stories are Earth-bound. Apart from one, which could have all too easily been re-written to HAVE been Earth-bound...)

    What both series 1 and 2 have in common are these:
    * A reliance on easy, magical technology to get people out of danger and even to wrap up entire storylines, this is pathetic. The sonic screwdriver is back and with each subsequent use I wish it would blow up from overheating.
    * A reliance on cliches as storylines. ("The End of the World" being an obvious example.)
    * Earth-bound. The 3rd Doctor was at least exiled by his superiors and was anti-authority. What's the excuse for Doctors 9 and 10?!!
    * A lack of intellectual intrigue. They are telling maudlin sob stories to tug at our emotions (much like American pablum from the 1980s (A-Team, Knight Rider, et al); there is nothing for gray matter or even cheesy kiddie fodder (Buck Rogers, to an extent).)
    * Too much sexual involvement for a show that managed to be sexless 99% of its original 26 year run!! (and how some fans want to retcon the classic series is very paper-thin in credibility too.)

    It's been a disappointment. A very (superficial) entertaining yet disturbingly disappointing revival. It's on par with most American "sci-fi" shows of today. It's too common and uninventive and often not innovative. The Classic series is said to be an "acquired taste". But who said that's bad? What happened to individuality being a good thing???

  • Simply bad

    I consider myself a sci-fi fan. I've watched so many different tv shows and movies that I wouldn't ever be able to count them all. The quality varies from flick to flick, but is just appalling...
  • fantastic show

    Matt smith is the best doctor. David tennant was great as the doctor but i think Matt smith is better
  • In the U.K., this series about a time-traveling sleuth is as much of a stone-cold classic as The Twilight Zone is here.

    It's also equally period-bound, bringing to mind the black-and-white series of the late '60s and early '70s, with those fakey sets and sinister electronic background music. The famous futuristic theme tune-an invitation to a generation of children to prepare themselves for a weekly dose of palpitating terror-has survived, but it's been gussied up with unnecessary orchestration, setting the tone for this attempt to update Doctor Who in the age of CGI.

    Arriving in contemporary London in the Tardis (a timeship disguised as a police call box), the Doctor saves the city from a zombie army of store mannequins (don't ask), along the way recruiting a young female accomplice named Rose. The Doctor is played with gusto by Christopher Eccleston, the ninth actor to take on the role, while Rose (former U.K. pop star Billie Piper) exudes the perfect post-postfeminist mix of tomboy pluck and girlie cuteness. The second episode of the series hurtles the duo 5 billion years into the future, where a gaggle of mixed-species tourists arrive to watch Earth explode. Cue plenty of cool alien costumes: a giant head in a vat and the Last Human, a flat surface of facial skin that turns out to be the end product of millennia's worth of cosmetic surgery. "Moisturize me!" the Last Human constantly orders her minions. There are plenty of other good gags to prove this entertaining series doesn't take itself too seriously. When Rose goes into culture shock, she ruefully notes, "They're just so alien . . . the aliens."

    The Doctor has generally been played as a relentlessly cheery type, with a Peter Pan quality of prepubescent sexlessness-a geek whose brain beats brawn in every corner of the universe. Although this remake attempts to add tragic depth to the Doctor, it lacks true darkness. The early series overcame skimpy budgets to conjure the uncanny; this was cosmic horror as H.P. Lovecraft would have understood it. The real disappointment of the new Who isn't its use of (slightly) slick special effects, though. It's a structural problem: Instead of stretching a storyline across a whole season, each adventure is resolved within a single episode, making this closer to your average detective series. The thrill-filled cliffhangers of yore are gone, taking with them with the child's urge to watch TV from behind the sofa, breath bated.
  • The Earth is taken away by ancient enemy Davros, creator of the Daleks. The Doctors' companions band together to contact him. The episode ends in the middle of the Doctor's 11th regeneration.

    Just where is the story here ? So much time is spent rushing from character to character that nothing is
    developed. We all KNOW the Doctor will prevail at the end ... it's HOW he gets there that makes any story interesting. The writer seems so intent on dragging bits and pieces of the Doctor Who legacy into his story that he has lost sight of what makes it enjoyable. I don't believe this episode could be enjoyed in any way by someone who was not an ardent follower of the series and it's latest spinoffs. I didn't believe it could be done, but even the " yes, we know who you are " line that I thought was inspired when first used, was overdone enough to be expected. This is cheap thrills .. there is no "there" there.
  • Why Matt Smith?

    I really loved this show... loved the 9th doctor and his "Fantastic", loved Billie! David Tennant was even better and Martha was great. Donna maybe gave me the creeps, I dont know why... The fourth season was maybe the best with a great ending.

    But the 5th Season with the 11th doctor.. I dont know how to say it... it is just no more what it used to be. Just crap, the humour is gone. Amy is very pretty, but something is missing... I wont watch this series anymore, til a new doctor arrives! *sad*
  • It's OK!

    I used to hate this show but now i just think it's OK no i'm not saying i hate the show or like it but it's just OK and it's a decent show about a doctor and his girlfriend going on adventures together it's pretty cool i like the robot and everything this show does not rock but it's cool sorry but it's not close to being great it is cool and OK so Doctor Who fans i used to hate this show but now i changed my opinion to Doctor Who sucks to Doctor Who is OK not sure about the original since i did'nt watch it.
  • Series 8 (and Capaldi's Doctor) is just ... Boring as hell!!!

    Oh, my. I used to LOVE the show. But then it came series 8.

    For me, series 8 has been the worst series since New Who's debut in 2005, and Capaldi has been the worst Doctor. I'm not going to compare things now with CW, because I really don't think it should be done. I know NW is set as the continuation of CW, but people should understand it's not the same thing. It's a different show and it has different watchers (of course there are watchers that used to watch the classic series back in the day, but you know what I mean). So, yes, it makes more sense to compare 12th mainly with 9th, 10th and 11th, than with 1st to 8th Doctors. And to compare series 8 of NW with series 1 to 7 than with CW.

    Anyway, what I mean is that, IMO (of course), series 8 has been too boring and it doesn't fit the show (NW) and, Capaldi doesn't fit as the Doctor after Eccleston, Tennant and Smith. They're making a great and fun show a terribly dull one and, using the "we're trying to make it a bit more like classic old Doctor Who" excuse isn't working. Because, as I said, this is not the classic old Doctor Who. This is the new one. The one that won a lot of fans worldwide, that is (or was) followed by people that want to have a lot of fun, that don't want to watch a grumpy and boring guy that lacks charisma wonder arround.
  • Deep Breath

    I did not enjoy The new Dr. Who at all. Too old, not funny, does NOT look the part. The writing was OK He is a good actor, I have seen him before BUT NOT as Dr. Who. Matt Smith, Fantastic!!!!! David Tenant, Fantastic!!!! Forgot his name even the Dr. before David was great. Did I miss where Amy & Rory went? I LOVE River Song, And Grace so good!! Martha Jones, Great, Yes Clara is GREAT also. It's hard to accept new actors. You did well up to now. This new Dr. has to go!!!! Sorry Wrong choice. I want one of the others I mentioned BACK, Especially Matt & David
  • Not a fan...

    I really cannot see what everyone likes in Dr. Who, I'm not a fan but I don't wish to slate it really that's why I gave it a 6. You can see all the effort that has gone into making it but I really don't enjoy the episodes because it is so unrealistic because how many times has the doctor been close to death and JUST got away from it. I prefer programmes that don't talk down the the audience, but teach them things about the REAL world. As I say, not a fan but I know some people think it is absolutely amazing. Oh well, my opinion.
  • When I saw the advert for this I thought what?Dr Who?But I watched Rose and was impressed so I watched next week and was hooked but when Chris left and Dave came I vowed never to watch it again series 4 has killed it cancel it now before it becomes hated.

    In April 2005 Dr Who graced our screens once again with Christopher Eccleston in the title role and Billie Piper as his assistant Rose Tyler. The first series saw the Doctor's adventures across time and space and was really enjoyable. Then when Eccleston regenerated into David Tennant I knew he wouldn't be very good. Series 2 wasn't too bad it followed the thing really but weren't as enjoyable, but it was getting worse every episode by the time series 3 arrived, the stories were really far-fetched. Series 4 was the worst yet and reckon David Tennant should regenerate and never come back because he has almost killed the show please regenarate him before it's too late, RIP Dr Who.
  • What the heck just happened?? -- Semi Spoliers

    People are raving about the regen cycle and how deep the last show was...

    Think about it, The prophecy about the doctor dying ... pointless... The silence, explained in 1 minute

    ( didn't they spend at least 4 episodes building this stuff up?)

    Why did he stay in that town? He had the tardis it could have evacuated everyone to anywhere they wanted to go. Yeah thats not like him... but he is a fighter

    Matt Smith's Doctor had a great run with alot of story behind him and honestly nothing was resolved, I haved loved the show since its reboot in 2005 but the the story ARC is what makes the doctor... the doctor and Im so frustrated at this point that Im not even looking forward tot he next series..

    I might stop watching all together, if they keep up this horrible story set up and then fail we might just be seeing the doctor cancelled for another 10 years.

  • Completely and utterly superfluous

    Without a doubt, this is the worst revamp of a sci-fi show it has ever been my misfortune to come across.

    Gone is the classic hexagon-shaped interior of the TARDIS, and the Doctor (Presumably regenerated from Paul MacGann) has become a bumbling fool rather than the brilliant scientist we once knew.

    CGI has deteriorated this classic further, and the poor Doctor is stuck with an assistant who looks like her lips were sucked down a pool-drain.

    I sincerely hope for TV's sake that the Daleks DO exterminate the Doctor this time.
  • And It Goes On And On And On ...

    The new Doctor Who series is so .... long winded. TV writers, in fact all writers, are supposed to pay attention to the pace of a script. Doctor Who Series 8 has had some of the longest scenes I have ever seen and in most cases those scenes do not help to progress the story. PS - Peter Capaldi is NOT Doctor Who material. American audiences are loosing interest. It's time for a new Doctor Who and a new show runner - and not a show runner who has been in the business for twenty years.
  • The Doctor is Back! Tripping through all time and space in his TARDIS, with his trusty companion, righting wrongs and general meddling.

    I saw 5 episodes of the new Dorcor Who at a recent SF Convention. I found the Doctor and his companion to be a refreshing change, since they werent constrained by the tight budgets of the original serics. The scenery in general was excellent, the dialogue was good, and there even seemed to be a bit more humor.
    The only quarrel I have is with the design of the TARDIS set. I thought that the Dr Who movie had the most awful set design, with numerous errors, but the designers for this show must have seen that set and said \'We can do worse than that!\" The certanly succeeded. This set is a much worse than the movie set as the movie set was worse than the original. I think whoever approved and executed that design should be smeared with honey and staked out on an anthill!
  • So much promise, but the 'wonder' tag team of Davies and Eccleston fails to deliver. Is it a kids' show? Is it family entertainment? Who knows - it doesn't get either right. A bare handful worth a watch, but generally an embarrassment all round.

    It's utterly mystifying how people fall all over themselves to gush over the new Doctor Who. I never saw the previous incarnations, so I can't make a comparison, but god forbid they were anything like this clunky nonsense. I dearly wanted to like Russell T Davies' new series, and I've tried long and hard to identify exactly what never worked for me. I think I've finally put my finger on it. Several fingers actually, because there's plenty wrong here.

    Broadly, it couldn't decide what it wanted to be. It was marketed as family entertainment, but I'm sure I wasn't the only one who picked up on the crack about premature ejaculation and Rose's "that's so gay". It clearly wanted to appeal to both audiences - both kids and their parents - but it was painfully clumsy and never struck the right balance. Episodes like Aliens in London and World War Three were cartoonish and puerile, and the 'serious' ones like Boomtown fell decidedly flat. It was drama-lite, and insulting to anyone not too busy fawning over the television in abject rapture to notice poor writing.

    The season's only standouts were, tellingly, penned by someone who wasn't Russell T Davies. The wartime blitz two-parter was undoubtedly the best of a thoroughly bad lot, and it's just a shame that Steven Moffat didn't get to do more. I applauded the introduction of an openly bisexual character in a teatime family programme - the pre-watershed gay kiss in the season finale was remarkably well-handled - but didn't expect to be prodded with the fact repeatedly, just like I don't expect to be constantly reminded of *anyone's* sexual orientation in this sort of programme.

    The incidental music was appalling. I can't recall anything more intrusive and overblown, most heinously in the season finale and the sweeping crescendo of violins as the Doctor and Rose embrace. What is this - a Disney musical? Unusually, the 'alien' theme that almost immediately followed it, where a lone female voice 'aaahhh-ooooohhhs' in an ethereal, mysterious fashion was quite haunting and lovely, but it was definitely unique. Murray Gold obviously discarded subtlety in favour of hammering us with 'emotion': this is funny! eeek - scary! now be sad!

    One of the worst episodes was also guilty of this blatant manipulation: Father's Day. It might have been tolerable and even quite an interesting 'what-if' study if the emotional heartwringing hadn't been so unashamedly obvious. Clearly the writer intended the audience to reach for the box of Kleenex. Any sympathy I might have had for Rose and her insufferable relatives was instantly extinguished as the script groped violently for my heartstrings. It was trite and mawkish from start to finish.

    The season finale was also a thorough disappointment, marred chiefly by a plot hole of absolutely staggering proportions that I'm relieved to see others have already picked up on. Disregarding the terrible CGI fest, the trite, expositional dialogue, Eccleston's theatrics and the obvious deus ex machina, that is. The circumstances surrounding Eccleston's departure are complicated and foggy, but I've read that the episode had to be quickly rewritten to incorporate a regeneration of some description. Even so, I can't forgive it. Exactly why did the energy from the TARDIS kill the Doctor - a Gallifreyan Time Lord - and not little Rose Tyler, a human shop assistant? It was just shoddy and ill thought-out, insulting to anyone who bothered to notice, and robbed the regeneration scene of any real resonance.

    Now we come to the most disappointing aspect of all. I, like many others, had especially high hopes for Christopher Eccleston, who is inarguably excellent when given the right material. This wasn't the right material. At all. Instead of giving us a glorious, dark tour de force like everyone expected him to, the majority of the scripts (notably, penned by Davies himself) unforgivably reduce him to a grinning, gurning idiot, with a few "serious" bits thrown in almost as an afterthought. Eccleston almost seems embarrassed by it all, though to his credit he remains the consummate professional when required to talk about this expensive mess. (He doesn't walk on water, however: the scene in which he flies off the handle at the chained Dalek is etched indelibly on my memory - his Shakespearean histrionics were frankly painful to watch.)

    To paraphrase a more articulate review, perhaps it was when they introduced the farting green aliens that he started groping for the exit. I'm not surprised at his leaving at all, if this was the calibre of material he had to look forward to for who knows how many seasons. Much fuss was made over Davies' coup in attracting such a top-notch actor, but it quickly proved to be beneath him, and it's just a shame that the writing couldn't match the potential quality of its lead. This is an unfortunate stain on a generally excellent CV.

    To sum up, if you're the type who isn't bothered by endless reams of clunky, expositional dialogue, half-assed 'satire', forced scatalogical humour and the sight of a talented, reputable actor cavorting about the screen like a trained ape, then by all means watch. There *are* a few in this worth catching, and credit where credit's due: the aliens are suitably inventive, the sets lavish and Billie Piper certainly surprised me, for one, by solidly holding her own against the whirling ball of mania that was Eccleston, but there's no escaping that it's a rather poorly written show passed off as family entertainment. Perhaps I just expect too much from my TV. The second season with David Tennant may well turn out to be an improvement as well, but, bar some serious hiring and firing in the writing offices, I'd say leave it for the kiddies and fangirls.
  • Sequel to the long standing sci-fi classic.

    Being a long time fan of the original Dr. Who program, I was thrilled to hear Sci-Fi was going to run the Dr.Who "sequel".

    My excitement was however.....short lived. The new companion Rose Tyler "Billie Piper" was a breathe of fresh. She was cute and kind of feisty. Reminds of some of the female companions during the Tom Baker period. The new Doctor "Christopher Eccleston", I have mixed feelings about. The whole "survivor's guilt" complex was taken way to far and got old fast.

    The good eps are to few and far between. An outstanding episode like "The Unquiet Dead" (A Time Travelers Delight) was followed by "Aliens in London". What a train wreck that episode was!!! Aliens with cupid doll face and potbellies who were the skins of their victims so they can pass for human. Good news though you can tell that there aliens by.....the smell of their farts?!? CHECK PLEASE!!
    Look, Its not a horrible show but it is certainly not a great one. It is a shame....I really wanted to like this one.
  • This is a show that i use to break my boredom.

    This is a show that i use to break my boredom. Which, UNfortunstely is the highest praise of which i am capable of giving.
    This is not a mere remake of the original doctor who series. This is moreover a "20 years later" scenario. I think that this is kind of what makes a tiny dissapointment when standing in the shadow of the grandeur our parents speak of about doctor who without 2005 tags.
    But enough talk of what dissapoints us, lets speak of wqhat enthralls us.
    For example:
    1. Hotter babes.
    2. Hotter guys.
    3. and of course, better effects.
    All mixed in with a very big revenge dealie, makes for this show to have that little bit of extra kick it needed to get going.
    See ya!
  • The new Doctor? ...Meh

    When Doctor who started out again I sarted watching the episodes I thought they were pretty good. christopher eccleston was an alright doctor who and I throught rose (Billie Piper) was pretty amazing. They worked fairly well together.

    But once david tennant came onto the sene I loved it! He was such a good doctor and an amazing actor. I loved every episode he did. It was sad to see him go but I had high hopes for the next Doctor.

    But not anymore. I suppose its not all his fault that the storyline has gone downhill. It starts off alright and theres a great build up of suspense, but when it comes to the final episode all I have to say is...meh. he's been in 2 series now and both endings to the series were a let down. Getting rid of david tennant was a big mistake. some serious improvements need to be made inorder to keep people interested.
  • I Would Join Dr Who in a Flash!

    I Have watched Dr Who throughout yrs and love David Tennant as the Doctor. Matt Smith takes time to get used to. I watch it although these episodes are confusing at times. Where is Riversong? She made the show a little more exciting. Sometimes I find that the episodes tend to get mindboggling. Sometimes Amy gets to be to righteous, and I think she does not have the right to tell the doctor what to do. Put Riversong and Martha back on, time to time, and give us some exciting episodes.!!! I sure miss David Tennant !!
  • DONT LET THE SCORES FOOL YOU! Doctor Who is better than ever since Peter Capaldi took over the role in 2014!

    If you were to go off the scores on this website, you would assume the glory days of Doctor Who are long behind it. You couldn't be more wrong!

    Depending on who you ask, most Whovians will agree (somewhat grudgingly) that NuWho took a dive in quality somewhere between series 6 and series 7. Somewhat grudgingly, I am one of those Whovians. Though it never fell into unwatchable territory, 2011, 2012 and 2013 were definitely the hardest years of the show to get through. Showrunner, Steven Moffat seemed to have an abandoned almost all sense of character development and genuine emotional resonance in exchange for convoluted plots, macguffins, and deus ex machinas. Once lovable companions, Amy and Rory turned into caricatures of themselves in their 5 episodes of screen time in series 7 and had to work every acting muscle in their body to move me with their tragic fate. The next companion, Clara, was even worse off. Her whole character hinged on a mystery about "The Impossible Girl" and the actress, Jenna Coleman never got a chance to shine. Hell, even Matt Smith's incarnation of The Doctor had begun to grate on me, becoming a caricature of someone who was already a caricature to begin with. The 50th anniversary special seemed to be starting to right the ship again, but as good an episode as it was, it was mainly just fan service and still a bit lacking in emotional resonance. Finally came Matt Smith's final episode, the Christmas-themed "Time Of The Doctor". As convoluted as any episode that served the central arc of Matt Smith's Doctor, it did manage to wrap things up without too many plot holes and brought some genuine emotion back to the show as we were treated to Matt Smith's touching farewell (raggedy man, goodbye) before he regenerated into Capladi's Twelfth Doctor (who didn't like the color of his kidneys).

    That episode was Christmas, 2013. It wasn't until the end of August, 2014 that we'd see Capaldi again, but when we did, he made more of an impression than any Doctor on NuWho before him.

    He's introduced into series 8 flirting with a female T-Rex. In his premiere episode, it's established that the faces of Eccleston, Tennant and Smith were appealing young faces meant to disguise the old, embittered soul hiding beneath. He now apparently trusts Clara enough to feel he doesn't have to hide who he really is. And just who this incarnation of The Doctor is makes up a large portion of Series 8's overarching narrative. This doctor doesn't like people for the most part. He's willing to get others killed in service to the greater good, he's crazy enough to stalk monsters that may not even exist and he has an almost militaristic approach to how he handles crises. The audience is left to wonder the same thing the Doctor asks Clara: is he a good man?

    Hard hitting philosophical debates make up this season's dark heart and it's all the better for it. Also, Clara goes from being a plot device in series 7 with almost no distinguishing personality to being the emotional core of series 8. It's a huge testament to the cast and crew that Jenna Coleman gets saddled with a love interest that gets written out of the show by the end of the season and somehow their short-lived love doesn't feel like a plot-device and only strengthens her character that much more.

    Before you go thinking Doctor Who has regressed into a sci-fi soap opera, lets talk about action and creativity. Here's a few phrases bandied about throughout series 8: Skin-balloon, Dalek Anti-bodies, Pefect camouflage, Fear is a superpower, The moon is an egg (your acceptance of that one will depend on how versed you are in the sciences of gravity and mass and how much you're willing to cede that we know next to nothing about all the different ways physics can be manipulated), We surrender!, I name you The Boneless!, Don't cremate me, Cyber-corpses. Plus, one huge reveal in the 2 part season finale about one of The Doctor's oldest enemies.

    Following that up was Capaldi's first Christmas special "Last Christmas", the best of it's kind since Tennant's debut in "The Christmas Invasion", in which the show found a tone that perfectly fits the Twelfth Doctor like a pair of sonic sunglasses. Somewhere between darkly disturbing and heartwarmingly silly we find this tone. Thankfully, it carried over into series 9 and continues to add to the many reasons the show has never been better.

    No longer completely dour and embittered, Capaldi's Doctor now has a reckless abandon that is exhilarating and frightening all at the same time. He shreds guitar and jokes around, but he'll also throw other people under the proverbial bus if it means saving Clara and if you threaten anyone the Doctor loves, he quickly reminds you why his enemies once called him The Oncoming Storm.

    Mysteries that usually found their answer in some form of convoluted plot contrivance are now answered on a more personal level (see: the mystery of The Doctor's familiar face in Capladi's first episode that just got solved a few weeks ago with an absolutely beautiful answer that only strengthens who this version of The Doctor is inside).

    Far from running out of creative steam, series 9 just delivered one of the greatest stories the show has ever produced in the form of 2 part adventure "The Girl Who Died/The Woman Who Lived" which details the biggest mistake the Doctor has made in a very long time as well as the origins of a brand new recurring character played by Game of Thrones' own Maisie "Arya Stark" Williams. The creative energy on display in the best episodes of Series 8 is running rampant throughout every episode of Series 9. We're only halfway through this incredibly engaging season and we've had Handmines (hands with an eye in the palm, buried underground that grab you and pull you under), Frozen skies, The return of the Doctor's 2 worst enemies, The return of a deadly planet, Daleks by the truckload, Some actually scary "ghosts", genius use of paradoxes, and excellent non-violent solutions to impending doom. Also we deal with issues such as Clara's upcoming departure from the show as she gets as headstrong and reckless as the Doctor himself and the subtle, but ongoing mystery of the Doctor's Confession. Oh and we get what could be Doctor Who's first dick joke by the midway point of the season.

    To sum it up: If you've dropped out of the show during or after Matt Smith's run because of convoluted plots and emotional/character negligence or because you were worried/have been told that Capaldi is a terrible Doctor and the show has gotten boring and preachy, you are missing out on what is becoming a renaissance for Doctor Who. A perfect combination of the early Moffat/Smith years in the form of some of the most adventurous sci-fi concepts ever conceived and the Davies/Tennant years in the form of the most emotionally grounded character development Doctor Who has ever seen. To top it all off, Moffat has brought the 2 part story model back with a vengeance in series 9, while reinventing almost everything a 2 part adventure can be and allowed the creativity a real chance to breathe. 10 years later, this show still meets and excedes expectations in the most unexpected ways, producing its strongest outing yet in the first half of series 9 with the promise of only getting better in the second half.

    Whatever the reasons for the low scores on this site for the past 2 seasons (my guess is herd mentality combined with apathy. "Series 7 was a disappointment so I'll bet 8 and 9 are even worse" says one guy who doesn't bother to verify his claim. "Yea I'll bet you're right" said the majority of fair-weather fans were who also couldn't be bothered to verify the first guy's statement) I assure you they do not accurately depict the significant upswing in quality over the past 2 years. Two of the worst 2 parters the show has ever done "Aliens In London/World War Three" and "Daleks In Manhattan/Evolution Of The Daleks" are rated higher than the series 9 instant classic two parter "The Girl Who Died/The Woman Who Lived". The outstanding premiere "The Magician's Apprentice/The Witch's Familiar" is rated the same as the Pilot episode from series 1, which was very lacking in depth, drama, spectacle and tone. None of these are lacking in said series 9 premiere.

    DON'T LET THE SCORES FOOL YOU! Witness the Capaldi renaissance for yourself!
  • i love the 11th

    i love the 11th doctor

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