Doctor Who

Saturday 8:00 PM on BBC America Premiered Mar 26, 2005 Returning 2018





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  • Wonderful show

    This is a show about humanity, the universe, a madman in a box and a machine that goes "ding!"

    This show makes me laugh and cry, it has me on the edge of my seat, it makes me ponder about the wonders of the universe, it makes me think. A lot of people think it is a children's show and therefore don't watch it. That says more about them than about children. First of all, there are very few occasions (if any) while watching when it's evident that it is a chidlren's show. Second of all, this show takes chidlren seriously. It has complicated plot, characters in all kind of shades of gray, it deals with death and loss and evil.

    The first few episodes of the new Who are really weird if you didn't use to watch the Classic series. But give it time. Dr. Who was the show that truly opened the world of sci-fi to me.

    On it's eight (new) season now, this show is still good. Of course, not all episodes are fantastic. But one of the latest ones, "Kill the moon", had me simultaneously heart-broken and hopeful. I am not afraid to admit I shed a few tears. It's what this show does.

    Get in the TARDIS (It's bigger on the inside) and prepare for the journey of your lifetime!