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Saturday 8:00 PM on BBC America Premiered Mar 26, 2005 Returning December 2017





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  • MIssy ain't dead, people (but you knew that)

    Well, how did Danny Pink's descendant get to be tied to Clara's timeline, unless Clara's pregnant? Maybe. We could argue the whole "let's go back and fix the timeline" angle, and save Danny for real, but that leads nowhere.

    I was hoping for a lengthier reunion with The Master, maybe he will return with a masculine form, and looking more Machiavellian, as he should! Slicked back black hair, and a goatee! I liked how the opening featured Clara's eyes, not 13's (yes, 13!).

    The whole Cyberman history has been shattered completely, whatever happened to Mondas? Oh well, I like Capaldi's 13th Doctor (Yes! 13!). He has bits of Tom Baker, and even Colin Baker's arrogance (but not the smugness).

    Can't wait til Christmas, to see what Father Christmas has in store for the Doctor! I wonder if Simon Pegg will cameo?