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  • A stranger in your TARDIS ?

    When Matt Smith bravely stepped into David Tennants shoes the usual uproar ensued as heart broken whovians had to digest yet another stranger in their TARDIS... David was arguably the best Who of the new series, and a contender for top 3 of all time. I say that with extreme prejudice as David was this generations first real Who - and he was brilliant. The stories and the scripts - well, hmm, lets not go there. Just quietly, sometimes i wonder how different the show would have turned out if Chris Ecclestone got his way with Russel T Davies and made WHO less flash and more substance...

    I digress, where we we? Oh, yeah, back to Matt Smith... eventually Matt become beloved to most, and he won over a younger audience with his charisma and sex appeal which was a god send to the show and its ratings. Matt was International and Universal in his appeal. He was warm, intelligent, deep and capable of touching your heart and ripping it out. The material he had to work with was disgraceful.

    In the end his final appearances were heart wrenching as we were forced to say goodbye.

    OH Heck, so now we get this old Scottish Doctor who is also charming and insecure. Its a new who, completely. On the exterior we have a flashy TARDIS and sort of a Steam Punk feel. The TARDIS is more machine than being now and the Doctor is more callous than he's ever been.

    I'll admit it - i was one of those outraged fans who couldn't believe the Doctor was going to be played by an old dude who already played a part in a previous episode - it just seemed stupid to me.

    But like most whovians, i wasn't going to not watch series 8. No, i was going to watch it and look for every error, every stupid mistake and seriously justify my position of Anti-Capaldi.

    Here's the part where i back-flip. Not every episode has been great. The stories havent been that awesome. The TARDIS, well it looks like a spaceship now - i guess thats okay. Dammit though, Capaldi is a brilliant actor. He really has brought depth and soul to the show. Capaldi's cheeky impersonations of previous Doctors is endearing. Look out particularly for his Tom Baker impression in Mummy on The Orient Express as he discusses percentages with himself.

    As mentioned earlier, Chris Ecclestone walked away from the series simply because he couldn't stand the complete dribble he had to spew - and after him it seemed to just escalate with each new Doctor - from Wibbly Wobbly to Timey Wimey and so on. While i love Doctor Who - the inane dialogue is grating a lot of the time. I think Moffatt can be credited with watering down the dribble to a tolerable level.

    And i guess thats why im so pleasantly surprised this season. Capaldi and Coleman work wonderfully together and the show is finally adult and watchable.

    For those of you still unconvinced, try just listening to an episode and i think you'll find it's wittier than its ever been and worthy of your time