Doctor Who

Season 2 Episode 5

Rise of the Cybermen (1)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 13, 2006 on BBC America
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The Doctor, Rose and Mickey return to 2007 after the TARDIS malfunctions, but discover that they arrived in an alternative timeline, where Earth is a fascist society and Rose's parents are still together. This Earth, however, is under threat of invasion from the Cybermen!

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  • Some people have accused this episode of being a rehash of Father's Day. What?!

    The episode begins with John Lumic a man whose acting contains more wood than a park bench twitching and fidgeting all over the place as he huffs and puffs out his lines. He's extremely annoying to the point where one hopes that he will be the pre-credits victim of a hidden attack. But, sadly, he was not.

    As always, I can't really give a proper rating to this story until I review part two but I always give a rating to the story and set-up of part one. For Rise of the Cybermen there were some odd moments and pacing and I think that they dragged out the reveal waaaay too long, but the story had a lot of good mystery and character development (particularly for Mickey) and the idea of the parallel universe, while not original, was handled beautifully. I give this episode a 7/10 and look forward to watching part two.

  • Rise of the Cybermen

    Rise of the Cybermen was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Doctor Who. I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome, there was great character development and awesome special effects. I liked seeing Mickey challenge The Doctor on who to chase after, it was actually quite touching. I also liked seeing alternate versions of Rose's father and mother, Mickey or Rickey and of course the beginning of The Cyber Men. I liked how every thing played out so far and look forward to watching what happens in the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Its 2006 people, we need better ideas for a plot than this.

    Not that I dont like this serial, I do. But at certain points I just see that it is trying to stick with the old, 1960 themes, which kind of puts me off as a SciFi fan. If most of the population are getting their news, jokes, weather and mind menupulation via their ear peice, then, how does mikey find a new paper in the trash-can? Also, if this dimension is so advance, why are the robots making so much noise when they walk?. I know if is SciFi, but the thrill lost, when such silliness is over looked. Putting this silliness in, makes me feel as if I am watching Star Trek.

  • And this is a kids show?

    A very miserable, dark, dank, scary, terrifying episode of Nu-Who. But why give it a high rating? because its bloody brilliant!

    Parallel universes are fun - you get to see characters act different and the play on words and names is a treat to watch and hear. This world, London filled with Blimps and Ear-pieces is a strange, brave new world that you know is bad.

    However behind the fun of the new world (and the drama of Rose's dad being alive) there is the darkness. My favourite villain of Doctor Who is back and better than ever - The Cybermen!

    And what better way to recreate them than use people? Chop off body parts and strap on the metal. grind them through gears and saws and create the most menacing creature in the Who Universe. This is a great episode and possibly the best Doctor Who Cliffhanger - well, until The Stolen Earth.moreless
  • An excellent installment with some great character moments.

    This episode shines from various points – In this alternate world, Mickey (or rather Ricky) is a vast improvements on Mickey's usual useless self and is determined, focused and even heroic. One of the many moments which impress is when Mickey and Rose start in different directions and when the Doctor is torn which to go with, Mickey – in an unusual display of seriousness – tells the Doctor to go with Rose, after all, there is no real choice here, is there? There are several strong scenes with Mickey, including the touching reunion with his grandmother. This is the only episode where Mickey actually has a purpose and actual character growth. If I was the actor, I'd be actually insulted by the way they've written Mickey. This episode proves this character has such potential, if the writers would just spend a little time on him, instead of using him as a comedy piece in the background.

    As always, a strong part of Rose's character comes from her relationship with her parents and here she has the opportunity to spend time with her dead father, only in this universe she was never born… they have a dog named Rose instead! Very funny moment when they find that out and the Doctor burst out laughing! Finding that her father happens to be where they need to go, Rose not only gets to see him but the Doctor does his job at the same time. This leads to a charming scene with Rose's dad and an equally unpleasant scene with her mother.

    It always confuses me how the writers do such a good job with the Doctor and Rose, then make such a mess of Mickey – but this episode is the exception to that, thankfully. There are several great moments and I have to say that one of David's best in this episode actually comes from their attempt to surrender to the cybermen. For some reason, his performance right then really impressed me.

    I was never impressed by season 1 but I have to say season 2 has been very good, David Tennant is absolutely perfectly cast and continually impresses. He effortlessly handles everything from comedy to action. Add that to the lovely chemistry with Billie and we've got a strong combination. Season 2 has been a pleasure to watch.

    A very strong episode, some great character scenes and very enjoyable.moreless
Andrew Hayden Smith

Andrew Hayden Smith

Jake Simmonds

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Don Warrington

Don Warrington

The President

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Roger Lloyd-Pack

Roger Lloyd-Pack

John Lumic

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Noel Clarke

Noel Clarke


Recurring Role

Camille Coduri

Camille Coduri

Jackie Tyler

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Paul Kasey

Paul Kasey


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • In this episode, Rose tells the Doctor that Mickey was raised by his grandmother because his mother died when he was young. In "Rose," when Rose believes that Mickey is dead, she says she needs to tell his mother.

    • In this episode, Rose asks the Doctor what the metal soldiers are called, and he answers "Cybermen", yet in the episode "Dalek" from season one when Rose and the Doctor find the head of a Cyberman on display in Stanton's museum, he tells her what it is.

    • When the Doctor draws Mickey and Rose's attention to the fact there are zeppelins in the sky, the face of Big Ben on the parallel Earth is seen to have a square face instead of a round one. However, when next seen in The Age of Steel, it has reverted to a round face.

    • When Ricky and Jake open fire on the advancing Cybermen they must be excellent marksmen as every bullet from their machine guns hits its target. The Cybermen have a large house behind them yet there is not one sign of any damage to the wall, columns, or masonry, nor are any windows broken.

    • As Rose and the Doctor walk down the street, you can see the dome of Saint Paul's Cathederal in the background. This occurs just before everyone on the street suddenly stops. The Cathedral featured prominently at the end of episode six of the 1968 story The Invasion.

    • Crew or equipment visible:
      Reflected in Mickey's Gran's glasses during the scene when Mickey meets her.

    • On Rose's phone, when she first picks up the Cybus network, it is clearly a picture displayed on the handset called welcome.jpg.

    • Even though it is an alternate reality, Cuba Gooding Junior is a celebrity in both as Jackie mentions she was born on the same day as him. However Mickey mentioned the date as February 1 which is Jackie's birthday whereas Cuba Gooding Jr was born on January 2 1968. Perhaps the Cuba Gooding Jr in this reality was born a month later.

    • The Doctor uses the psychic paper again (first seen in The End Of The World and repeatedly used since) to get him and Rose into the party.

    • Rose is using a different phone in this episode.

    • There are two references to Torchwood in this episode.

      First is when Rose was listening to the news on her mobile phone and switched it off just after the newscaster mentioned Torchwood.

      Second is when Peter Tyler felt his conversation with Rose was getting a bit awkward, he called out to someone and mentioned Torchwood while walking away.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • The Doctor: We're not meant to be here. The TARDIS draws its power from the universe but it's the wrong universe. It's like diesel in a petrol engine.
      Mickey: But I've seen it in comics. People go hopping from one alternative world to another. It's easy.
      The Doctor: Not in the real world. Used to be easy. When the Time Lords kept their eye on everything, you could pop between realities, home in time for tea. Then they died and took it all with them. The walls of reality closed, the worlds were sealed. Everything became that bit less kind.

    • Jackie Tyler: If you're giving out presents, where's my zeppelin? Everyone else has got one. Rose! Come on, Rose! I bet you didn't even notice, did you? Special delivery. Sent it around today. That's a present from Mr. Lumic. Latest model, diamond-studded. Pick up signals from Venezuela.
      Pete Tyler: Why would you want to pick up signals from Venezuela?
      Jackie Tyler: Well, I don't know, but now I can find out!

    • Pete Tyler: It's just that I promised I'd help the wife out tonight.
      John Lumic: If the President of Great Britain can make this meeting, then so can you.
      Pete Tyler: I don't know. He's not married to Jackie, is he?

    • The Doctor: We surrender! Hands up! There's no need to damage us. We're good stock. We volunteer for the upgrade program. Take us to be processed.
      Cyberman: You are rogue elements.
      The Doctor: But we surrender!
      Cyberman: You are incompatible.
      The Doctor: But this is a surrender!
      Cyberman: You will be deleted.
      The Doctor: But we're surrendering. Listen to me, we surrender!
      Cyberman: You are inferior. Man will be reborn as Cyberman, but you will perish under maximum deletion. Delete! Delete! Delete! DELETE!

    • The Doctor: According to Lucy... that man over there-
      Rose: Who's Lucy?
      The Doctor: She's carrying the salmon pinwheels.
      (Lucy, being a pretty brunette girl)
      Rose: Oh, that's Lucy, is it?
      The Doctor: Yah...

    • (after the Cybermen smash their way into Jackie's party, the President gets a phone-call)
      The President: Mr. Lumic.
      John Lumic: Mr. President… I suppose a remark about 'crashing the party' would be appropriate at this point. (laughs)
      The President: I forbade this.
      John Lumic: These are my children, sir. Would you deny my family?

    • Mickey: So, who are you lot?
      Ricky Smith: We? We are the Preachers. As in gospel truth. See? No ear-pods. While the rest of the world downloads from Cybus Industries, we… we have got freedom. You're talking to London's most wanted. But target number one is Lumic and we are going to bring him down.
      Mickey: From your kitchen?
      Ricky Smith: Have you got a problem with that?
      Mickey: No. It's a good kitchen.

    • The President: And I'm here to tell you, John, the answer is no. My government does not give you permission. And I think no government ever will.
      John Lumic: I've prepared a paper for the ethical committee.
      The President: Oh, come on. It's not just unethical. It's obscene.
      John Lumic: Mr. President, if I might make a personal plea? I am dying, sir.
      The President: I'm aware of that, and I'm very sorry.
      John Lumic: Without this project, you have condemned me. My inventions have advanced this whole planet. Would you have all that perish?
      The President: You're a fine businessman, John, but you're not God.

    • Mrs. Moore: The bad news is they've arrested Thin Jimmy. So that just leaves you.
      Mickey: Leaves me what?
      Jake Simmonds: The number one. Top of the list. London's most wanted.
      Mickey: OK, cool. (pause) Say that again?

    • The Doctor: We fell out of the vortex, through the void, into nothingness. We're in some sort of no place. The silent realm. The lost dimension…
      Mickey: (Having looked outside) Otherwise known as London.

    • Cybermen: We have been upgraded.
      The Doctor: Into what?
      Cybermen: The next level of mankind. We are human-point-two. Every citizen will receive a free upgrade. You will become like us.

    • The Doctor: (looking out the window) It's happening again!
      Rose: What you mean?
      The Doctor: I've seen them before.
      Rose: What are they?
      The Doctor: Cybermen.

    • John Lumic: Are you having fun, Mr. Crane?
      Mr. Crane: No, no, no. Not at all, sir. It's just... well, it's... irresistible.
      John Lumic: Then resist! And start the upgrade.
      Mr. Crane: Did we get permission?
      John Lumic: I am governed by greater laws, old friend. The right of a man to survive. Now, begin!

    • John Lumic: We're all flesh and blood, but the brain is what makes us human. And my mind is more creative than ever.

    • The Doctor: I just gave away ten years of my life. Worth every second.

    • (looking at the birthday banner)
      Peter Tyler: What's wrong with that?
      Jackie Tyler: Forty! It's says forty.
      Peter Tyler: You are forty.
      Jackie Tyler: I don't want the whole world telling, do I?
      Peter Tyler: You're having a party tonight!
      Jackie Tyler: My thirty ninth. My official biography says I was born on the same day as Cuba Gooding Jr., and that makes me thirty nine. Thank you very much.

    • The Doctor: I should get this thing to... (kicks the TARDIS control panel)
      Mickey: Does that help?
      The Doctor: Yes.
      Mickey: Did that hurt?
      The Doctor: Yes.

  • NOTES (16)

    • International Airdates:
      Turkey: August 8, 2010 on CNBC-e

    • Marc Platt receives a "With thanks to" credit. Platt wrote the script for the Doctor Who audio, Spare Parts, which provided much of the inspiration for this episode.

    • Shortly before filming began, Roger Lloyd Pack broke his ankle in a fall down a flight of stairs. Fortunately though the role of John Lumic had already been scripted as being entirely wheelchair-bound, meaning the injury would not interfere with his performance.

    • For the first time in Doctor Who's history this two parter ended with only a title card reading 'To be continued...'.

    • Don Warrington, (The President), previously provided the voice for the Time Lord Rassilon (amongst others) in the Doctor Who audio plays produced by Big Finish Productions.

    • In the commentary, it is noted that Jackie's "40th" birthday is a reference to the 40th anniversary of the broadcast of The Tenth Planet, the first appearance of the Cybermen.

    • Colin Spaull (Mr Crane) played the role of Lilt in Revelation of the Daleks, which was also directed by Graeme Harper. Spaull is the sixth actor to appear in both the classic series and in the revival.

    • The alternative title for this episode was "Parallel Worlds - Part 1."

    • The idea of the TARDIS sliding sideways in time into a parallel Universe was last explored in the original series 1970 serial Inferno.

    • The Cybermen use the line "You will become like us", heard in The Tomb of the Cybermen in series 5, 1967.

    • The Cybermen now have a new catch-phrase, "DELETE". In the classic Doctor Who the Cybermen said "Excellent" in almost every story.

    • The final viewing figure for the BBC One airing of this episode was 9.22 million.

    • Graeme Harper has directed episodes of Doctor Who before: he directed the Peter Davison story The Caves Of Androzani and the Colin Baker story Revelation Of The Daleks.

    • The Cybermen were originally created by Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis.

    • International Electromatics originally featured in the second Doctor Who Cyberman story The Invasion, harbouring a Cyberman invasion and distributing techonology to knock people out.

    • This episode features the return of the Cybermen, last seen in Silver Nemesis, as well as a special appearance in Dalek.


    • Dr Kendrick: I should say, "It's alive!"
      Referencing the classic line from the 1931 movie Frankenstein. Henry Frankenstein (Colin Clive) says the classic line as his creation breathes its first breath. Footage of the scene was shown in the Doctor Who Movie.

    • Rose: I was talking to him earlier. He's a nice man. You know, bit of a Jack the Lad.

      Jack the Lad was a nickname of Jack Sheppard - a notorious English robber, burglar and thief of early 18th century London, who managed four spectacular escapes from London prisons and became a wildly popular figure in verse, popular plays, romances, and burlesques.

    • Jake Simmonds: They went round Blackfriars gathering up the homeless like the Childcatcher.
      A reference to the 1968 film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang where the Childcatcher would lure children away by promising them sweets then imprisoning them. Crane does the same thing with the homeless, offering them food then taking them to be processed.