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Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 2005 on BBC America

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  • Rose's first episode and the story that started it all again!

    Ladies and Gentlemen here it is the episode that restarted it all! After being put on hiatus in 1989 (and actually being, aside from the odd telemovie and comic strip, cancelled) Doctor Who languished for fifteen years until the BBC and Russell T. Davies created the revamped series, which aired its first episode Rose on March 26, 2005.

    - This episode begins and quickly establishes the tone that we will see throughout the entire Davies era, metropolitan London. We get a glimpse into Rose's humdrum life that she seems rather bored to be living. After a three minute montage that effectively establishes the setting, Rose's job, and her relationship with Mickey the elevator reaches the department store basement, the peppy music stops, and the real story begins.

    Rose is looking for 'Wilson' CEO of something or other and hears a noise from deeper in the shop basement. Now here is a question for you to ponder: why does she go into that room? Why do they always go into the room? Here's a tip for you, boys and girls: if you're in a dark basement, all alone, and you hear a noise from a dark room full of creepy dummies it might just be the time to run the other way. Especially if you're blond. Blonds always die first...

    That is our first introduction to The Doctor after all these years and this first appearance of the two-hearted alien is sure to put a smile on your face. Whether he's pulling the arm off of a dummy or blowing up the department store, Christopher Eccleston's Doctor does it all with a faade of jocularity and an undercurrent of darkness.

    Mickey Smith. I rather think 'Mickey the Idiot' is rather too kind a nickname for him, especially when the rubbish bin eats him (this scene is complete with a rather painful burp). The highlight of this portion of the episode, however, is in the form of Rose talking with 'internet nutter' Clive about his conspiracy theories concerning The Doctor. This is a prime example of how the show has received a reboot for the modern era because this sort of thing is the exact reaction that people would have to someone like The Doctor, particularly if they didn't know the entire story.

    So I've talked a lot about Rose and complained about Mickey, but I have yet to touch on the last person in Rose's life: her mother. Jackie Tyler is one of those rare jewels in that she just jumps off of the page and out of the screen to the point where you feel that she might be your next-door neighbour. Needless to say, I love Jackie. We don't see much of her in this episode, but from what we do see we learn quite a lot.

    The climax of this episode is good despite a few unnecessary lines from Doctor Exposition ("The transmat beam; it's transmitting!") especially with the off-screen death of Clive and Jackie being menaced by a trio of blond brides.

    So how does this episode rate over all? Well, as a season opener and series revival it did it's job (introducing/reintroducing viewers to the lore) admirably. There were some weak moments (like the aforementioned garbage can belch or the Captain Obvious moments written for The Doctor) but it dished up some good old-fashioned scary fun with the blank-faced Autons and screaming shoppers.

  • Every Rose Has It's Thorn

    Sorry, I couldn't resist the title.

    Anyway, this episode of Doctor Who, the FIRST episode of the new series, is full of ups, and downs. Mostly ups, though.

    The episode serves as a great pilot episode, if not a great episode in general. It introduces many (if not all) plot elements present in the next season, and introduces many important characters.

    The first half of the episode is absolute genius, due to the writing of the head writer, Russel T. Davies. However, the second half isn't quite as fantastic, however this is probably more due to the fact that we see more of the villains, which are really kind of a flat, run-of-the-mill Doctor Who villain. Which, I suppose is acceptable considering it's the first episode. And in first episodes, the focus is on the main characters and getting to know them than on an actually decent villain. The aliens are really kind of the "thorn" of Rose.

    The visual effects are admittedly not fantastic, but I don't see why some of my fellow reviewers seem to be making such a big deal out of it.

    Review for "The End of the World" coming soon.
  • A good start to an old Favourite

    I watched dr Who as a Child, I was never a big fan but have fond memories of Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker playing the lead roles. I decided to give the more recent series a try and watch it with my own was the first episode of the revamped series and I though Colin Ecclestone was particularly good in the lead role. This episode was particularly entertaining, and introduced the charachters and the relationships well. Will continue watching.
  • Oooo Yaaa!!!

    It was Awsome !!
  • Rose Review

    Rose was an average episode of Doctor Who. It was a good way to start the new series but not that great of an episode itself. The autons are really good creatures but they make them seem kind of silly at points in this story. They did do a very good job at making them look plastic though, although the rest of the visual effects are lame. Rose herself is not a good character. She is just a jerk. She is very pretty but very much a teenager. She seems to be kind of full of herself and is kind of an idiot. Christopher Eccleston is a good doctor. He is very fun to watch and I look forward to seeing him more. I also love his speech about how he can feel the world moving.
  • Rose was Beautiful

    Rose was a perfect series premiere of Doctor Who which was way back in 2005. I really enjoyed watching because this series has a lot of potential. The characters were awesome, the story lines were fun and there was a lot of entertainment value. I liked how every thing played out and i definitely look forward to watching the next episode. The Doctor is amazingly smart, unique and gifted and Christopher Eccleston plays the Ninth Doctor well. I look forward to watching more episodes!!!!!!!!!
  • (Spoilers) Incredibly Cheesy

    This is some of the worst post-2000 animation I've ever seen. I would expect to see this on a random YouTube video not on a major TV show. The plot is predictable and incredibly cheesy (the clear-cut good guys win in the end with no major character even getting a scratch). The attempts at humor are painful and cringe-worthy at best (especially that Dora The Explorer scene when the Doctor has his back facing the giant wheel and Rose notices what he just describes but he doesn't, even after looking at it multiple times).

    The only thing about the episode that wasn't completely predictable was the "conspiracy nut" being shot but even that was followed by the slaughtering rampage mannequins randomly deciding to wait about 30 seconds to kill Rose's mother instead of just blindly shooting her like everyone else in the shopping center.

    It's almost as if I'm watching a kids show. And I'm not talking about the explicit/non-explicit content level.

    I was told to watch this show by several friends and it seems to have a massive dedicated fan-base so I will continue to the next episode.
  • "Nice to meet you Rose, now run for your life"

    After a long absences from our screen the science fiction classic series Doctor Who finally returns. We are introduced to Rose a very normal girl with an average life and boring job. Nothing exciting seems to happens to her. Until one day she is attacked by mannequins and is rescued by a mysterious man who calls himself The Doctor. With the new series comes a new Doctor. The latest regeneration is the ninth played by Christopher Eccleston. Ecclestons Doctor is fantastically manic loveable goof who shows some streaks of anger. He is also very disconnected from humanity. Billie Piper makes strong impression as companion to be Rose, who manages hold her own and rescue the doctor at the end.

    This story brings back the Autons from the classic series. They are a pretty interesting villain. Who works best whem taking something so normal and average like a mannequin and making it sinister. But this story is flawed. It gets a little too silly in some parts the attacking wheelie bin for example. Overall Rose is an average episode of Doctor Who. It is let down by a thin plot and over the top silliness. But is redeemed by the charismatic performances and on screen chemistry of Eccleston and Piper.
  • Pilot

    Ok, first off this is my least favourite episode of the entire season xD I don't know why but I just thought that, apart from the Doctor/Rose dialogues, this was a strange (in a bad way) episode. Nothing pulled me towards watching it to the end except for the anticipation of a bigger revelation about the Doctor's nature.

    What saves it from a lower grade is this simply awesome dialogue... Epic win:

    "Do you know like we were saying, about the earth revolving? It's like when you're a kid, the first time they tell you that the world is turning and you just can't quite believe it 'cause everything looks like it's standing still. I can feel it...

    ...the turn of the earth. The ground beneath our feet is spinning at a thousand miles an hour. The entire planet is hurtling around the sun at sixty seven thousand miles an hour. And I can feel it. We're falling through space, you and me, clinging to the skin of this tiny little world."

    In the end this ends up being a Pilot without the name Pilot because the only interest I saw in it was the Rose/Doctor interaction, a character related theme like a good Pilot should present.
  • Good start to the newest instalment in the epic Doctor Who series. Gives enough info to interest someone new to Who, while satisfying the old school followers.

    A good start to the new series. It is not an amazing episode in terms of action and things turn a little campy, but overall it gives an introduction into what is a great series.

    Living plastic as the main enemy, although a nice through-back to the classic days of Who, is not the most terrifying alien creature out there. Thus you feel that the characters are not really all that in danger, with plastic Mickey appearing weird and comical rather than frightening.

    New viewers get introduced into the basic idea of the TARDIS, and despite appearances a not so human Doctor, with a humorous quip about whether he is from "the North." Billie Piper plays Rose superbly, making her assessable and ordinary allowing the viewers to vicariously discover this new world through her eyes.
  • "What happens?" in a nutshell: Rose, an average girl meets a mysterious man that calls himself "the doctor". Plastic mannequins come to life, attacking humans.

    With this pilot being my first contact with Dr. Who (not popular in my country) I have to wonder how this show could survive that long. The acting was moderate at best - except for Ecclestone and Benton. Plus, I find the the character Rose incredibly annoying. I wouldn`t have minded if she would have been killed off by one of the plastic mannequins (her mother and boyfriend as well). But, looking at Torchwood, an "average but likeable girl" sidekick (and that`s how they look, too - not even eyecandy) seems to be a necessity for these shows. The plot was cheesy, the showdown in the underground was nothing short of bad filmmaking, the conclusion was ridiculously foreseeable (of course, Rose turns out to be an athlete and saves the day - so she wouldn`t seem totally useless).

    But since the show is so popular, I will watch some more episodes. It can only get better.
  • Back on screen with a new face yet again after a nine year hiatus, the Ninth Doctor appears in Rose's totally average life. Can she help the Doctor save London from the Nestene Conciousness and its army of deadly Autons?

    Return of the Doctor! Doctor Who returns from its time off, better than ever! The Doctor is pensive & irritable now the Time Lords are gone, leaving him lonelier than ever. But this only strengthens his resolve to right the injustices he finds throughout time & space. The bright side is, without the other Time Lords to inforce the Laws of Time, the Doctor won't be put on trial again for helping out all the little people in need.
    With the reboot to the series in 2005, the special effects are Fan-TAS-tic, putting the fantasy of the show into better prespective then its predessor.
    A problem is that the credits name the Ninth Doctor, 'Doctor Who' instead of 'the Doctor'.
    The Ninth Doctor has a great amount of arrogance and since of authority, since he refers to humans as Stupid Apes and disregards others in times of great importance.
  • I'm sure many of the old fans had a heart attack but it pleased me all the same!

    When this aired I think a lot of the fans of the older show had mixed reviews. It wasn't quite the same and quite frankly this is my least favourite Doctor out of all them (but keep in mind I haven't yet seen ALL the old ones) but it is still entertaining and has essentially all the basics to be considered a good 'Doctor Who' show!

    This is the first time we meet Rose (Billie!). I remember when I listened to her pop songs when I was younger and I loved her haha. When she made the breach into acting, I'm pretty sure a lot of people didn't think she'd do well but even from this first episode she was really quite awesome.

    The episode itself with the dolls that come to life, and meeting her Mother, was a great introduction to the new Doctor Who. I'm glad it started fast, rather than slowly built it up because that is the way the Doctor is :)
  • The Doctor's Back! Time to Run!

    Doctor Who left TV for quite some time. Until Russel T. Davies brought the Classic Sci-Fi show back! The Doctor returned to 21st Century Earth to meet his about-to-be new companian Rose! "Pleased to Meet you rose, I'm the Doctor. Run for your Life!". Christopher Eccleston brings back the much beloved character, the Doctor! This episode was a great way to start the new Series, not much action, but a great use of the episode re-introducing the Doctor and introducing Rose. To me, Christopher Eccleston was by far the best Doctor, he had a great sort of Scary Madness to him. David Tennat did great after him, But Eccleston was, as the Doctor would say, Fantastic!
  • Pilot?... We don't need no... stinkin' pilot!

    Rose was definitely not a pilot episode thankfully. The beeb didn't torture us with something as scary as a trial episode. The first things that made an impression on me were how good Billie was in the role of Rose and Murray Gold's wonderful soundtrack. Eccleston as the Doctor is a bit of a shock at first but after watching the episode again he really grew on me. Fantastic! With so much to introduce (The Doctor, Rose and co, Tardis etc) it's a wonder they had time to fit in an invasion plot at all. It was nice to see the 1970s enemies the Nestene Auton's making a return to the show, giving us nostalgia addicts a welcome hit. From the laugh out loud dust bin scene to the classic serial glass store front breaking homage I loved it all (well maybe not the London Eye gag). A special episode because it's back for keeps and it's not just a damn pilot.
  • Great Start

    Brilliant way to start the new series. It was informative, interesting and exciting. Some parts were a bit weak like some of the talking scenes but apart from that, it's a good way to start from scratch.

    The special effects were brilliant at the time but 4 years on and they look disappointing. Unfortunetly the Autons didn't really become the centre of the story. It was mainly revolved around Rose and how she found her way into the TARDIS.

    It promises big things for the rest of the series as we can expect what it could be like. It is fun to introduce the family and friends which we can come back to later.

    Well done.
  • Living Plastic is one of the more silly "Bad Guys" in Doctor Who. This episode had some funny moments but really didn't have enough info about The Doctor. Not a bad Pilot episode. But compared to other episodes in the series this one isn't special.

    Humor: 8 - This Episode is pretty funny. The Doctor has so many good quotes from this episode. And Micky aswell has some interesting moments :). Rose on the other hand isn't funny whatsoever. And she obviously try's when she says "The Breast Implants". This quote made me frown down on Russel T Davies quite significantly. It just wasn't funny. +9 For The Doctor. +1 For Micky. -2 For Rose.

    Drama: 3 - There are basically no "Dramatic" scene in this episode. The Doctor yelling "He couldn't save any of them" and him telling rose about who he was were the only parts I'd call dramatic. +3 for those. Not an episode for serious people. Intelligence: 3 No special references. Silly monsters. A couple of stupid lines. The Humor is intelligent and witty though. Which is a +7. Unfortunately all the dumb things give it a -4. Character Develpment: 7 - Rose and Jackie were developed quite well in this episode. Micky was half way developed. He had some very confusing moments (Especially near the beginning). The Doctor on the other hand was barely developed. Which was very disappointing. +2 for The Doctors development. +6 For Rose and Jackies. And -1 For Micky. Excitement: 5 - This episode fails to give the same exciting feeling as many Doctor Who episodes do. It didn't have me standing up and clapping or anything of the like. It had a few exciting moments. I'm giving it a +5 for all the running moments ect. Especially the beginning scene "Run For Your Life!" "Cool"ness: 3 - In Doctor Who episodes they can be alot funner if there is a "Cool" factor. This episode had some of that. But not alot. The Manikins weren't extremely cool. The sad part is besides The Tardis they were the coolest part of the episode. 3 points for the intro to the Tardis. 2 for the Living Plastic Manikins. and -2 for the uncool explosions and the uncool "Living Plastic Creature"

    Creativity: +8 - The Doctor, The Tardis, The Manikins of The Price War, and The Great Humor. Very Creative Episodes. +8 for everything! Suspense: +7 - The Wondering of who the Doctor was gave a +3 to suspense. And the opening scene aswell deserves a +3. And a +1 to all the other moments that had hints of suspense. Final Grade: 6.2
  • Being a Canadian, I knew nothing about the phenomenon that is Doctor Who until a friend recommended it last year. I researched on wikipedia, and was apprehensive when I learned Christopher Eccleston left after one season, but decided to give it a try.

    The first few minutes didn't really pull me in, as the character of Rose didn't grab my interest. I was confused and entertained when the dummies started walking towards her. Then, the Doctor grabbed her hand, and said just one word, "Run!". Something about his crazy grin and his matter-of-fact approach started to mesmerize me, and by the time he gave his brilliant speech about who he is, I was hooked. "I can feel it-the turn of the earth." The plastic Mickey was a bit weak, but the carnivorous garbage can was just weird enough to make me laugh. The special effects improved a lot by the second episode.

    The beauty of the show is how accessible it is. It is so easy to put yourself in the companion's shoes, and imagine yourself saving the world. The show is a special blend of good acting, writing, and directing, with just enough insanity to keep things interesting. By the end of the episode, any viewer would be dying to see where the Doctor goes next.
  • A new adventure...

    I've never seen any of the old series but this series is awesome and this episode is an example of why. I actually didn't see the old series because well I wasn't even born when the old show aired. But I will have to check out some of the old stories on DVD especially the Tom Baker ones. Rose is just an ordinary girl at an ordinary job...that is until she meets The Doctor. I liked how Rose swooped in and saved the day. What I liked best was The Doctor introducing himself to Rose, "Run for your life!" Great introduction for new viewers of the series.
  • I through it was to be good...

    After read about this show online, i decided to start wacth. By the pilot, it was boring, painfull and chessy.

    The story of plastic man are so unecessary and useless, instead they need to pick a better myth, not this.

    The effects are so-so, which let me down, i have great expectations from the effect in this show.

    It is a sci-fi, maybe it only start low and could go up in the next episode, but right now i'm not interested in looking forward (I have a long list of the best shows now, so start another only if it was very good), maybe later.

    The act by the Doctor was one of the good moments of the show, some of the supporting cast are not that great.

    The production was bad also, the explosions, locations and take, choice by the director was maybe wrong. I don't know if this show has a large budget, but in the screen it look like it was very cheaper.

    Result: i plan in give a second chance once some of my favorites end.
  • A good start to a cracking new series.

    'Rose' was a great start to the new Dr Who (2005). Not only was Billie Piper great, as she pretty much showed she was strong enough to carry a good part of the story, but Christopher Eccleston was absolutely fantastic. Superb.

    Favourite bit:
    When we meet Christopher Eccleston for the first time. Highlights: - meeting Rose and the Doctor for the first time. - the first time we see the all new TARDIS - an introduction into the dark/quirky world of Dr Who

    Bad points: - none, though the story wasn't as strong as future episodes. - I thought the CGI plastic bin monster was a bit silly
  • I thought this was gd start. A bit more of a 'character development' epsode that the story bt still a gr8 ep none the less.

    Basically Rose meets the doctor in henriks dept. store and the evil aliens, the autons are lurking in the basement nearly attacking rose bt she is saved by the doctor. Henriks gets blown up as rose RUNS! Rose looks up on the doctor getting attacked by an auton mickey and an auton hand along the way. she finds him and he takes her aboard the tardis. They then travell to the autons 'boss' the Nestene conciousness and defeat it using anti- plastic after the usuall ' r u alien' its bigger on the inside speech. Rose leaves with the doc at the end of the episode.
  • Funny jokes, very good visual effects and interesting story, my first british series and I guess the best one.

    This was my first "Dr. Who" episode every and probably the first british episode I have watched un-dubbed.
    I have heard so many things about this Dr. Who phenomenon and was surprised as I saw this pilot episode. My first thaughts were strange, zombie plastic figures hunting a mid 40 years old person. Looks cheap and silly but nevertheless I got stucked. Rose herself is an attractive young lady, maybe this was a plus in that case ;).
    The visual effects are very good. Never thaught this is possible for a (british) TV series. Also music and equipment are very good, I never had the feeling to watch a lousy show.

    The jokes and dialoges were funny and not too set up. So for a pilot episode the show have won me as new audience and I guess old fans were happy too.
  • A Promising Start

    It would be rather naive to suggest that the words: 'high expectations' didn't come to Russell T Davies and co.'s minds before this episode was broadcast. Doctor Who is easily one of the most loved of all British shows, but over the years it had been degrading in quality till the BBC was forced to cancel it in 1989. There were a number of attempts to revive it since then (one resulting in a Doctor Who movie), but none were successful in creating a new series until now. So how does the episode stand up to the incredibly high standards thrust upon it?

    The answer is mixed: as far as the plot goes this episode is not bad by any means, but certainly not a standout episode for the series and is pretty clichéd in places. The main monsters of the episode are 'living plastic'; mannequins brought to life by the gigantic Nestene Consciousness that is hidden below the London Eye. They do the job, but lack the creativity of classic monsters, or others present later in the series. Where the episode does excel though is in its introduction of new characters. We meet the Doctor's new companion; Rose, who immediately not only seems likeable, but an intelligent and resourceful woman who will do much more then just stand back and let the Doctor do his thing. We also meet other promising new characters like Jackie and Mickey, who both seem likable. Most importantly though we meet the new Doctor himself; magnificently portrayed by Christopher Eccleston. Eccelston's Doctor is humourous and geeky, but with a mysterious dark edge to him as well. When he speaks of being able to feel the world moving, we are in awe of the Doctor, and as he starts to talk of his past we start to understand the true power of the timelord.

    The ending is satisfying, as is the moment where we think Rose will not join the Doctor on his travels, only for him to return and add "did i mention it also travels in time?".

    Overall 'Rose', while not brilliant as a single episode, is impressive viewed as an introduction to characters and a promising start to the series. 8/10
  • There's nothing sweeter that a "Rose"; except maybe a "Who", "Doctor Who"!

    The night of the pilot episode for the new version of "Doctor Who" rung bells around the world. I for one could not wash from my thoughs the knowlege of the new versionof a time honored classic. All I could think of was the up and coming series. While I love the now second "Doctor" of the new series version; I must note that the first, Chris E. has something about his personality that is riviting. Especially his trade mark saying, "fantastic". It was a brilliant idea to start the new run of "Doctor Who with a familier old enemy, "The Autons". In doing this you gain new fans while exciting the vetran fans. The first time I saw this episode I watched it over and over again. See you at the "Doctor Who" Conventions.
  • Rose Tyler is attacked at work by some of the mannequins and is rescued by a mysterious stranger called the Doctor. What Rose doesn't know is that the Doctor will soon change her life forever!

    Brilliant return for Doctor Who. And what a way to start it again! Autons, explosions and London! Oh my! Chris Eccleston wouldn't have been my first choice for a Doctor. However, some brilliant dialogues for him in the episode. Billie Piper as the new companion...relatively good choice. Noel Clarke does well as Mickey, and despite my reservations about bringing family members into DW, Camille Coduri doesn't do bad at all as Jackie. Bringing family members into Doctor Who makes it look like a soap, which it is not! It is Sci-Fi and drama. Also, one successful element is bringing back old enemies of the Doctor, in this case, Autons and the Nestene Conscious. Overall, a brilliant return for Doctor Who and I hoped for more to come!
  • First of the new.

    It all starts with a shot of earth zooming into the room of the girl we know as Rose. Cue normal life montage. Suddenly, at her job she see mannequins moving around. They start moving toward her. Then, a mysterious man grabbed her hand and said, "Run." The next day, Rose is left without a job. The man comes back and talks to her about it. He calls himself the Doctor and tells her to just forget about all of this. Of course, she doesn't. Rose tries to find out more about this Doctor. A website leads her to a man who has spotted him several times in history. Things get stranger and stranger. Rose's boyfriend was kidnapped and replaced by those mannequins. More of them start moving around in stores and attacking people. And the Doctor has to take in Rose to help in his quest to save the town of Cardiff from evil mannequins. At the climax, the Doctor and Rose go to the building of the Nestene Consciousness(the thing thats controlling the mannequins) to stop it once and for all with "anti-plastic". However, their plans are almost foiled when the mannequins grab the Doctor and try to kill him. Rose, realizing that she can't go back to her normal life now that she knows of the strange things going on, goes and saves the Doctor. The anti-plastic falls into the Nestene Consciousness and destroys it and causes the mannequins to return to normal. Rose later has to make decision on whether to travel with the Doctor or stay and have a normal life. She initially chooses the latter, but she accepts when the Doctor says that he can time-travel. So, this episode is good and a little underappreciated. It's also a good choice as a first episode to watch in order to get introduced to the show.
  • A bunch of walking mannequins?

    The episode was fine, nothing special. The story was kinda dull, but for the pilot it wasn't really that bad! I think they could of thought of something more exciting than having some alien trying to take over the world with walking plastic. They could of atleast made it more exciting, the excitement at the end just lasted for about 5 minutes, the rest was Rose trying to find out as much as she could about the doctor. I suppose that it was neccesary. She wouldn't of just forgotten about someone like that, especially if they saved her life and blew up her work.
  • It Delivered

    Exactly what I would expect from a first episode. It gave us a good introduction to who the characters are, and the type of action we are to expect in the future ( or past). The special effects and CGI are good, and used where they are needed. The writing was somewhat uneven, but I suppose it was needed to establish this Doctors' character. Overall, well done and an excellent start.
  • WOW.

    Now, keep in mind that I have never seen anything else Doctor Who, so my opinions are not based on continuity or comparison to previous seasons whatsoever.

    As a complete outsider, I felt that this episode was able to deliver the audience with alot of information that they needed to know without being heavy-handed about it - we the audience get to learn along with Rose. We get hints, but not the full story - just enough to leave us wanting more.

    The villains were awesome - I've always found mannequins to be quite creepy - I LOVED Rose's scene in the basement. And boy oh boy do I love Rose. I mean, first off let's all just admit that Billie Piper is quite possibly the most adorable thing on earth. Her character is also smart, funny, and a great match for the Doctor. I've seen a few clips of David Tennant's stint as the Doctor and while I think I prefer him, I still do love Chris Eccleston - the "I'm the run for your life!" clip that they keep showing on previews and such is probably my favorite line of his from this episode. I also loved him peeking through Rose's doggie door.

    As I said, this was my very first venture into the world of Doctor Who. I had always brushed it off as being "that silly British sci-fi show", but I am SO glad that I decided to give it a chance, and I look forward to the rest of what the season has to offer.
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