Doctor Who

Season 2 Episode 6

The Age of Steel (2)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 20, 2006 on BBC America

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  • Mickey


    I love Mickey, Ive always thought his character was underused, it was sad seeing him always waiting for Rose, who only uses him whem she needs something... Im happy that he has the chance of beggining a new live, with a loved one, but I will miss him so much
  • Finally! I slogged my way through this one, but it was well worth it.

    Oh gosh, and people say that Moffat can't resolve cliffhangers? Good grief! If The Doctor could just shoot fiendfyre from that little power cell thingy and disintegrate all Cybermen within a certain radius, then why the whole "We surrender!" gimmick to begin with? Did he have to wait for them to lower their shields? Did he suddenly have a moral crisis about putting the poor sods out of their misery? Was it just to create tension?

    Whatever it was, this whole sequence just felt a bit clunky and poorly executed. It felt like a novel where you read through an action sequence and still have no idea who punched whom on the jaw. So yeah, cracks about Scooby Doo not withstanding, I was less than enthusiastic about this beginning.

    This episode is very much a mixed bag. It had a slow, clunky beginning and enough stilted scenery chewing from Lumic (who was more bearable once he had been upgraded) to put Headmaster Finch to shame. Yet there were some truly powerful moments particularly the bits with the Cyberwoman and the shocking ending. Mickey found his purpose in this two-parter when he decided to leave Rose behind (at last!) and remain in the parallel Earth to take care of his Gran and to help out Pete and Jake. The Doctor and Rose were, not completely unbearable. The Doctor got some genuinely frightening scenes and Rose being rejected by Pete was a bit upsetting. I love the ending where Rose finally shows some love towards Jackie (overdue, but all the more fulfilling when it finally happened) and I feel that all of the characters really grew over the course of the episodes. It wasn't perfect, but I would rate Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel as a 9/10 and encourage all future writers who set out to pen an effective Cyberman episode to look back on this one for guidance.

  • The Age of Steel

    The Age of Steel was another perfect and very entertaining episode of Doctor Who. I really enjoyed watching because the story was intriguing, fun, and over all awesome. It was great watching The Cyber Men rise and take over humanity. I enjoyed the origin story of The Cyber Men and it was interesting to see the humans behind what was happening. I liked the action, drama, intrigue and character conflicts. I liked how every thing played out and look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • This episode stands out as being different from the rest.

    This episode stands out as being different from the rest even though it's a two-parter. It drives away from the normal stereotype of a Dr Who episode and shocks you quite a lot.

    It is fairly clever in the way they defeat the cybermen. It is also quite spectacular in the way that they defeat the CyberLeader.

    It isn;t the best episode so far, and the acting is a bit weak but at least it wasn't the worst episode.

    7.6 is a reasonale score, the worst Dr Who episode (Boom Town) I would give a 6.1.

    All in all a fair episode by Dr Who standards.
  • good, and intresting

    "Where's Mickey?"
    "He's gone home."

    Much as it was back in the Hartnell days, in the new series episodes have not only an individual title but also an individual identity. Unmistakably Part 2 of 2, "The Age of Steel" is the action-packed follow-up to last week's "Rise of the Cybermen", but it is also a very different animal. The Cybermen are no longer 'rising,' they are here. We know there are two Mickeys. We know about their Gran and about Pete Tyler being alive in this universe. "Rise of the Cybermen" set the pieces up, "The Age of Steel" knocks 'em down. And what's more, it does it in style.

    I found the episode's opening hilarious – after all that hype and all that build up the Doctor just uses that TARDIS battery or whatever it was to disable the marauding Cybermen closing in for the kill. What a cop out! It makes the sonic screwdriver look like a sophisticated plot device! Still, I couldn't really complain as within moments all our heroes were aboard their "Scooby Doo" van and things were really starting to kick off. As with last week the surprises kept on coming, although unlike last week, I was quite disappointed them. Having Pete turn out to be the Preachers' informant, working against Lumic, seemed like a bit of an easy way to get Pete over with the audience. I preferred him as an ordinary, money-grabbing Del Boy – a wide boy, but a wide boy with his heart in the right place. Moreover, having Ricky turn out to be London's Most Wanted "for parking tickets" was equally disappointing, especially considering Noel Clarke's intense performance in the previous episode. I have to admit that a few minutes into "The Age of Steel" I was losing faith… and then it happened. Just like that, he's dead. "Who?" I hear you ask. Exactly!

    I guess I was being a bit daft for thinking that they might kill Mickey off, but considering how some companions have fared in previous Cybermen stories it isn't unprecedented! When I saw Noel Clarke running down that road, I really didn't know whether it was Mickey or Ricky that had been 'deleted' by the Cybermen. Thankfully, Mickey hadn't 'done an Adric' and from that point on we were treated to one of the most nail biting, edge-of-the-seat Doctor Who episodes ever.

    The design and cinematography on this episode is outstanding. "Rise of the Cybermen" was set primarily in daylight with night only falling as the Cybermen rose, and although last week's visuals were technically more impressive, I found "The Age of Steel"'s darker, grittier look much more appealing. The Zeppelin hovering above Battersea Power Station is a particularly powerful image; it looked like something torn out of the pages of a graphic novel. Even more disturbing were the scenes of London's inhabitants willingly walking like cattle into the Power Station; into their doom! As for the Cybercontroller – wow! As it was shot in 1967 most of us can forgive the original, quite feeble Cybercontroller that we met in "The Tomb of the Cybermen," but by 1985 the show's producers should have learned their lesson. A gigantic dome on the top of a normal Cyberman's head looks atrociously bad. A Cyberman with eyes of blazing light and his gigantic brain visible, however, is far more effective. It's a pity that we didn't get to see as much of Roger Lloyd Pack in the flesh this week, but at least we had the consolation of having him voice the Cybercontroller that Lumic is 'upgraded' to.

    "Why am I cold? Why so cold? Where's Gareth? He can't see me. It's unlucky the night before."

    Ouch. As well as being an episode absolutely crammed full of action, "The Age of Steel" is also a very moving story. The Doctor realises that the key to bringing down these Cybermen is to find that code that deactivates their emotional inhibitor chips, driving them mad with the knowledge of what they have become. Of course, if he did that he would be dishing out immense suffering on what are, at the end of the day, innocent victims. It's an intriguing dilemma, but in the end the Doctor has to save the world – no matter what. The death of the female Cyberman really tugs on those heartstrings – of all the nights to be robbed of her humanity, she became a Cyberman on the eve of her wedding. It's heart breaking. The story of Angela Price – Mrs. Moore – is equally sad. Mrs. Moore didn't do much last week, but in this episode she really gets drawn into the action and enjoys a fantastic adventure alongside the Doctor before her inevitable demise. Characters like this are what really make this new series of Doctor Who so special – they could so easily be written as throwaway parts; red-shirts who you aren't ever really meant to care about; characters that are only in the story so that they can die. When they are written (and portrayed) as well as Mrs. Moore, Clive, Jabe, Gwyneth, Lynda with a 'y' and the like are, we remember each and every one of them, reminding us that it is death – not Rose – that is the Doctor's constant companion and that this life that he leads is wrought with danger.

    My money was on Pete for the chop after Ricky bought the bullet, but in retrospect I can see exactly why MacRae killed off the alternate Jackie instead. Not only do we have to see her as a Cyberman – how weird is that? – at the end of the episode we are left with a widowed Jackie in our universe and a widowed Pete in another. Hmmm. In the old Cybermen stories, whenever a character we knew became a Cyberman (Lytton, for example) we never saw them 'finished', for want of a better word. We'd always see their face. Hear their voice. There would always be some clue. "The Age of Steel" comes at things from a completely knew angle – the "which one was it?" angle. We met the Jackie Cyberman, and then she vanished into the crowd and could have been any one of their uniform number. It's one of the most frightening Cyberman scenes ever – forget Star Trek's 'Borg' and the like, the Cyberman represents the complete loss of self. Even your face.

    The ending was absolutely fantastic. It was so rewarding to see Mickey absolutely kick ass! He pilots a Zeppelin (all those hours on the Playstation came in handy!), baits a Cyberman, hacks into a computer and saves the world. On top of that, he even demonstrates a different type of courage, standing up to Ricky's friend Jake and refusing to leave without the Doctor, Rose and Pete. And so the idiot saves the world. Of course, the Doctor helps – luckily his spiel about "ordinary, stupid, brilliant people… some idiot…" didn't fall upon deaf ears!

    In terms of suspense, you can't beat having the Doctor, Rose and Pete dangling from a Zeppelin over an exploding factory with the Cybercontroller grabbing at their ankles! I was sure Pete was dead, especially when the sonic screwdriver didn't work immediately; it was so, so well done. I also enjoyed the shot of the Cybermen looking in the mirror and letting out a painful, mechanical howl. MacRae did everything right with his script. Doctor Who stalwart Graeme Harper, the first classic series director to return, did everything right and more. As for the actors… there's not a bad performance in there. Tennant, Piper, Pack, Dingwall, Coduri and Helen Griffin (Mrs. Moore) all give 110%, Andrew Hayden Smith (Jake) isn't bad, and Noel Clarke completely steals the show – just as he should if this is indeed his swansong. Somehow though, I doubt we've seen the last of Mickey.

    "Just don't."

    Or Pete, for that matter. Unable to cope with Rose's revelation that she is his daughter (of sorts), "The Age of Steel" concludes with Pete slipping away into the night, his understated exit overshadowed by the departure of Mickey, who decides to stay behind to look after his Gran and fight the remaining Cybermen from his van.

    "Nothing wrong with a van. I once saved the universe with a big yellow truck…"

    Out of six episodes this year, half of them have ended on tearjerkers. I have no objection at all to pathos and such 'soap' elements in Doctor Who; I feel that the 'real life' element they bring to the show only add to the magic and somehow make it all much more real. Rose obviously doesn't want to leave Mickey behind because they've been through so much together and probably because subconsciously, he's her backup. "What if I need you?" she selfishly asks him, but the time has come for him to stop playing second fiddle to the Time Lord who turned his life upside down.

    "We had something a long time ago, but not anymore."

    Gags about the Cybermen's marching sounding like Wallace's "Wrong Trousers" aside, this two-parter has certainly been handled brilliantly by all involved. To be fair, I was never a massive fan of the Cybermen in the classic series, but after a trip on this phenomenal roller coaster ride I cannot wait until they come back. That final shot of the episode, the shooting star or whatever it was… something following in the TARDIS's wake, perhaps? I have a funny feeling that Mickey, Pete and the Cybermen will all be back in our universe before long…

    Until then, we'll have to make do with "Gatiss by gaslight…"

    It's such hardship being a Doctor Who fan these days!
  • Brilliant in every respect.

    The Good: everything not in the bad

    The Bad: Mrs. Moore is wasted

    Full Review: I missed most of rise of the Cybermen. I was at a wedding and we recorded it but the football ran over. we thought we were missing it but really because of the overtime we could have watched it anyway! That didn't stop us watching the Age of Steel, which is definitely one of the best revived episodes. There is finally a properly co-ordinated plan (that will work) to stop the bad guys, ricky gets obliterated by a small army of Cybermen, Lumic is betrayed by his own henchman (who dies!), it's everything I was waiting to see in an earlier two part story but never got. The only problem was wasting Mrs. Moore. What I saw of rise of the Cybermen protrayed her as a mastermind behind Cybus' destruction (the Preachers being a testimony to that) and for a while it looked like she was going to get to play the hero. Sadly it was not to be and she was sneaked up on and killed. Still, great episode.
  • Lumic's Cybermen have arrived and are intent on upgrading the world. Only the Doctor and his allies can stop them, but that means going into the lion's den!

    A brilliant conclusion to the first new Cyberman story. The Cybermen have a much darker (and probably better) beginning to the original Cybermen from Mondas. It also should get people thinking about the future, as it could happen. We could all be Cybermen one of these days (but not just yet, I fancy!) Brilliant look for the Cyber Controller (Lumic), based on the original, but with all the appearances of the new Cyberman. At least, the parallel Jackie gets turned into a Cyberman. I'm being unfair! Jackie's role in Doctor Who tends to be a comical one and people need relief from some of the doom and gloom that can be in episodes. A touching farewell to Mickey, which is one character I believe has grown throughout his past appearances. Probably won't be the same without him! Nice one all around really!
  • Awesomeness, Squared!

    Non-stop. After the previous episode carefully building up and establishing the story here is where it's all action Doctor Who at it's best. The Cybermen were perfect in their brutal, cold efficiency, the factories without seeing the full interiors were abjectly menacing and a sly dig at our willingness to rely on technology-like the ear-pods. The scenes of people running from the factory were energetic and well done, whilst the breaking into the factory was clear, inventive and tension building. The deaths were harsh but realistic. The Doctor's piece with the now upgraded Lumic was a brilliant piece of writing capturing the essence of humanity and Micky finally came good, finding the code for the emotion chip. The Cybermen falling and collapsing was heart-rendering an unfortunate but necessary part of the victory.

    Doctor Who at it's best.
  • This one actually hurt.

    Yet another awful edition of "The Rubbishy Cybermen Episodes". Except this one was worse. After watching Rise Of The Cybermen I didn't think Age Of Steel could be worse quality and yet it was. Mickey's exit was definitely rubbish and if I was Noel Clarke, I would want to go out in style. Other factors were bad and I just felt like I wasn't engrossed in the plot, which is what is required in a program like this.

    I am now going to give ratings for the first six episodes this year:

    1 - School Reunion
    2 - The Girl In The Fireplace
    3 - New Earth
    4 - Tooth and Claw
    5 - Rise Of The Cybermen
    6 - Age Of Steel

    I hope lots of you agree with that order, cause it truly shows how bad this year was, so far...
  • The end was kinda sad. I thought Mickey was cool. I didn't really like the whole robot thing though.

    So What basicly happens is this guy named Mr. Lumic tries to take over the world and turn everybody into robots. This is part 2 of 2 and they've already met this group of people fighting the evil Mr. Lumic and his ear pod wearing robot army. Mickey and Ricky were running from a cyberman and the cyberman deleted Ricky. Rickys freind was angry and called Mickey nothing. They had to mave on and they found Mr. Lumics zephlinn. Mrs Moore and the doctor went into the ventalation shaft that was filled with cybermen. Rose and her Dad went into the building with fake earpods. They found Jakuie was turned into a cyberwoman. Jake and Mickey went in the zephlinn trying to break the transmiter. A cybermen attacks Mrs. M. and the Doctor but Mrs. M. fights back with some megnetc bomb thing. The poor cybermwoman realizes who she is and says shes cold. The doctor puts his glowing screwdriver over her chest so she dies. Somehow the Doctor gets in the same room with Rose and Mickey and Jake can see them on a survalince tape. Mickey puts the sound on. Mr. Lumic is now a cyberman to and he wants to kill the Doctor . Somehow thew Doctor knows Mickey is listening and gets into this big speach about how normal people can do amazing things. Mickey breaks the code and sends it on to Rose phone which she throws to the Doctor. He puts it onto this microchip thing and all the robots realize hoqw they are and kill themselves. Mickey drives tyhe blimb over the roof and they climb it. A cyberman follows but Roses Dad cuts the rope. Later Mickey tells The doc. and Rose that he's going to stay. Rose cries. If that's not a good ending then what is? This episode even had a moral. Ordaniary people can do extrordinary things. The robot thing was a little weird though.
  • very epic

    While watching this 2-parter i could not help but comparing it with the borg episodes of star trek TNG ... and while I found the first .. and maybe also the second borg TNG show quite an accomplishment .. the march of the cybermen is just so much more ..

    Doctor Who does a couple of things very differently .. they have few higher paid main actors (who know they can be killed off anytime) so they have more money to support the general acting community ... i.e. have them stomp around as cybermen or people being transformed . or hey, write a great score ... many doctor who episodes are way more epic compared to ST:TNG .. maybe not as exciting at the recent re-incarnation of battle star galactica .. b and yes .. british humor (humour) and accent needs some getting used to ... but this 2 parter has been a GREAT entry to the whole canon ..
  • Alternate universe, TARDIS out of power, and a 'new' species of robotic men...can the Doctor save the day? Duhh, he's the Doctor, isn't he?

    The effects continue to be stunning in Doctor Who. Unfortunately it seems that they are beginning to be the driving force behind the story. Amazingly, the Doctor, Rose, et al. are saved by the energy core from the TARDIS. Quite far fetched and way too easy a way of making the escape. Short term incapacitation of the cybermen would have been more exciting, and probable, considering the power core was still in a regenerating cycle.

    I must say that I am quite happy that Mickey decided to stay behind on the parallel Earth. He was way too sulky, much like a small child who wants more attention. Rose has been with the Doctor for quite some time, and Mickey should have moved on, she obviously has. I just hope that another 'accident' occur in the future and the Doctor and Rose don't miraculously appear in just the right parallel universe to see Mickey.

    The compatibility of all electronics was also a stretch...good story ideas but very pat ways of solving them. Come on, give the Doctor more of a challenge, he's up for it!

  • Just when you thought they couldn\'t get out of this one...(possible spoilers)

    This episode rocked. Period.
    The start of the Cybermen story kicked a helluva lot of ass, and the conclusion is no exception. One thing I sort of had a problem with was the way the Doctor managed to destroy the Cybermen that were about to kill him at the start using the TARDIS power cell. I thought that was a little unbelievable. Aside from that, however, the story was brilliant and was a great ending to the two-parter. I don\\\'t think we\\\'ve seen the last of the Cybermen, though...
    And Mickey...I know they said they would never be able to get him back again, but I don\\\'t think we\\\'ve seen the last of him either.
  • Why rewrite history?

    The original story of how the Cybermen came into being was way better than this weak story. I was hoping that the story would reveal that this alternative Earth was in fact Mondas and that the process of the cyberman take over would be much more cold and calculated.

    The \'chop shop\' that the humans walk mindlessly to seemed a little too grungy and filled with the kind of machinery you\'d see in a sawmill. I think it\'d been more effective if the factory was like a sterile environment with a conveyor arrangement and more surgical precision in the process.

    I did like the coldness of the cybermen though, they really did seem emotionless in these episodes and they were intimidating in that they looked like hard and solid metal. I hope there are further episodes where they can be used to greater effect than they were in these episodes.
  • The Dawn Of A New Age? *SPOILERS WITHIN*

    The Age Of Steel is a good follow-up to Rise Of The Cybermen. The Doctor, Rose and the others escape from the Cybermen at the party, but Lumic has accelerated his plans, gaining control over the population of London and sending them to be processed, adding to his army of Cybermen. The Doctor and the Preachers must find a way to stop him before the new age dawns…

    A lot of the questions that I had at the end of the first part are answered in this episode, which is always good. We discover the identity of Gemini- none other than Pete Tyler, not a traitor as first suspected but attempting to subvert Lumic’s plans. We also get to know a little more about the individual Preachers. Helen Griffin is good as the techie Mrs. Moore and her demise is quite affecting, as she was quite a sympathetic character. Andrew Hayden Smith does the toughnut action hero act quite well. It would have been nice to keep him on for a few more episodes (especially since he is quite sexy!) Perhaps the most important event is Mickey finally stepping up to the plate. After such a long time as the comedy foil, it’s good that he gets a fair crack at the action. My initial suspicions were that Mickey would save the day but lose his life in the attempt. Instead, we have what works for a better solution: him taking Ricky’s place in the alternative reality. Noel Clarke does extremely well in his dual roles as Mickey and Ricky and he gets a good ending. He knows the score; he finally knows what the viewers have known for a while. Rose doesn’t need him anymore

    Graeme Harper’s direction is very crisp and clear and he handles the more ‘horror-movie’ elements of the story extremely well. There is something very chilling about watching the mindless hordes of Londoners under Lumic’s control marching towards the factories to be processed. Scary, too, is the Doctor and Mrs. Moore’s journey down the cooling tunnels, past the rows of inert Cybermen- I was almost cringing in my chair waiting for them to spring to life! Again, there are some sections that jar against the action. The Cyberman who starts to feel and turns out to be a young bride-to-be should be quite plaintive and sad, but just didn’t ring true, as did some of the more soap-opera elements (mostly Rose’s attempts to bond with her father) and a strangely overwrought score. The ending, too, seems a little clichéd with Cyber-Lumic ranting like Frankenstein’s monster as the factory is destroyed and climbing onto the zeppelin’s rope ladder. But these are relatively minor things in a solid close to this series first two-part story.
  • Things Change Written by Tom MacRae Directed by Graeme Harper


    Mickey: “I reckon you’re braver”
    Ricky: “Yeah, ten times”.

    That’s an interesting exchange because I have a similar feeling about this concluding episode to the Cyberman two-parter myself. Am I alone in that sentiment? I really hope not and to be honest, I would be very surprised if I was too.

    Last week ended on such a cliff-hanger and with the surprising lack of online spoilers circulating (to be honest, I didn’t even find any preview pictures for this episode on David Tennant’s website), I was positively tingling with excitement while wondering how The Doctor and company were going to escape from being “deleted” and it was a little simple.

    Yes in order for no-one significant to die within the first three minutes of the episode, The Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to blow up a few of the surrounding Cybermen before legging it in a van with Pete, Rose, Mickey, Ricky, Jake and Mrs Moore. Okay so this was a little cheat but for the rest of the 45 minutes, this episode was anything but disappointing.

    Oh and if you were frustrated with the lack of presence from the metallic monsters from “Rise Of The Cybermen”, then this episode more than makes it up for you as we
    get plenty of Cyberman action.

    Just because The Doctor offed a few of them in the beginning, it doesn’t mean that the threat was and one thing you can credit John Lumic on is his determination to make the entire city of London into emotionless robots and while we see many random strangers being controlled to walk to their death, among them happens to be one Jackie Tyler.

    Jackie as a Cyberman – who would’ve thought it would happen? I stupidly assumed that she was either going to be killed or eventually rescued by The Doctor along the way but when Rose and Pete infiltrated Cybus Industries (with the help of fake earpieces), I soon learned different. Having Rose and Pete find Jackie as a Cyberman was one of several impressive twists in this episode and dramatically, it was utilised superbly.

    Rose and Pete’s relationship in this episode was tackled in a surprisingly different way too. Those of you expecting a similar loving outcome with them a la “Father’s Day” are in for a shock as instead of forging a bond with each other during the Cyberman attack, running for their lives and being captured and eventually defeating the psychotic Lumic, they were actually torn apart.

    Billie Piper threw in quite a sympathetic performance as in this parallel universe, Rose had to deal with the death of her mother, getting the opportunity to tell Pete that they are related but getting rejected by him, though to be fair to the writing and Shaun Dingwall, Pete is never vilified for not wanting to know his daughter.

    Pete’s contribution to this episode is certainly interesting. If they were fears last week that he was a bad guy, then they are kicked into touch when we learn that he was against Lumic all along and connected to The Preachers. There’s also how he told Rose not to show emotion during the infiltration at Cybus Industries and yet it was him who blew their cover. Still though, I’m glad he wasn’t a bad guy and I’m also glad he survived this episode, willing to stop Lumic’s master plan in the long run too.

    Still though, Rose went through quite the emotional ringer this week and on top losing one alternative parent by a Cyberman and another through his own free will, she ends up losing her on-off/sorely underappreciated until now boyfriend in the process. It’s no wonder that when the TARDIS materialised in Jackie’s flat towards the end of the episode that hugging her mother was the first thing she did. Even The Doctor could tell that Rose needed a human touch.

    As for Mickey, once again Noel Clarke dominated this episode and to be fair, he was phenomenal here. Just look at the examples for crying out loud. His conversation with Ricky about their similarities and The Doctor and Rose before the latter was killed by a Cyberman was both hilarious and self-aware.

    But what really impressed me though is how in the wake of being unable to save Ricky, Mickey literally stepped into his shoes and assumed a leadership role. Jake may have been against and you could tell The Doctor was sceptical but he still took command and together with Jake (with some humorous sniping from Jake), the both of them managed to get to Lumic’s Zeppelin in order to help bring the madman down.

    I knew there was a reason The Doctor kept using the “idiot” analogy for humans during his confrontation with a Cyberman version of Lumic but after the events unfolded here, we have the proof that Mickey really isn’t an idiot after all. In fact it was him who saved the day, not The Doctor so much, although the Time Lord did his bit to help things.

    His goodbye to Rose and The Doctor at the end was poignant. I felt that Mickey hit home on a lot of things. Him and Rose did have something but it is gone and she seems to be destined to be with The Doctor and not him (I’m not speaking romantic wise). Although Rose was sad to see Mickey go, I get the impression that she knows it’s the right thing for him.

    In this world he has a purpose to live and people who he can protect. If this isn’t a satisfying way of writing out a character, then what is? Doing a J.J Abrams and randomly killing them in a senseless fashion? I’ll miss Mickey and Noel Clarke but maybe Mickey being gone for the time being isn’t such a bad thing to be honest.

    Besides, The Preachers really do need a leader. With both Ricky dead and Mrs Moore killed by a Cyberman after we learned quite a bit about her (I really enjoyed her scenes with The Doctor while they were underground trying to sneak into Lumic’s lair), Mickey is probably a good choice, leader wise.

    The fact that it was his quick thinking and various acts of bravery that saved everyone’s bacon this week are a part of the reason why he makes a good leader. Another one I can think of that I mentioned earlier was the fact he finally refused to be put down that showed real strength and development in his character.

    Not that I think Jake would be a bad leader. He can certainly handle himself and proved to have no qualms with knocking out henchmen but Mickey also showed logic and resolve, which is why Jake is probably better as a right hand man for now. Even The Doctor showed a newfound respect for the departing Mickey and hopefully we’ll able to see Mickey and Jake (along with Pete for the ride, kicking some Cyberman butt).

    Now, let’s deal with the Cybermen themselves. First off they appeared in over half the episode, so you really can’t complain there and they did slaughter quite a few people along the way, including Ricky and Mrs Moore and they certainly exuded a convincing amount of menace but at the end of the day, they were the army behind the real monster – John Lumic.

    What can you say about Lumic? Well the man is dying and desperate to live, his upgrade into becoming a Cyberman himself was inevitable. Although how interesting was it that he wanted to have choice to become one of those emotionless creatures and yet he had no problem with denying his victims the same choices. Even the annoying Mr Crane was killed after trying to stop John’s descent into lunacy.

    The confrontation between the upgraded Lumic and The Doctor sparkled though, with the latter furiously arguing over the fact that not only what Lumic doing is wrong by killing people and changing them into Cybermen but he was also killing the traits that Lumic had prided himself such as imagination. The Doctor eerily admired Lumic’s imagination if not his sinister plans for Cybermen to be launched on seven continents. Lumic on the other-hand probably just wanted The Doctor gagged for being against his plan. David Tennant’s hyperactive performances at times can be unsettling as well as brilliant. Let’s just say that Lumic isn’t of the Liberal persuasion.

    Still though, downfalls didn’t come more spectacular when The Doctor managed to get a code from the Lumic Family Database and Rose’s mobile to disarm the emotional inhibitors on Lumic’s Cybermen army, thus killing them when they couldn’t handle their newly awakened feelings. That would be a disadvantage in using more than just the brain in these designs but even with his army destroyed and Lumic sent to a fiery destination, thanks to Pete, there’s the awfully nagging feeling that we haven’t seen the last of this nutcase. I kind of hope we haven’t too.

    Also in “The Age Of Steel”

    This is the first time this season that we’ve gotten a “Previously On”. Only with two-part episodes I guess.

    The Doctor (re Jackie): “She’s not your mother”
    Rose: “I know”.

    The Doctor: “I’m The Doctor by the way if anyone’s interested”
    Rose: “I’m Rose, hello”
    Pete: “That’s the name of my dog”.

    I loved the revelation that Ricky was wanted for parking tickets. It was actually funny. Oh and Pete works for Gemini.

    The Doctor (to Rose): “Get anyone a chance to take control and you all submit. Sometimes I think you like it”.

    Debate time: Not seeing Jackie’s “death” – good or bad thing? I think Good myself.

    Mickey: “I’m not an idiot, you get that? I’m offering to help”
    Jake: “Whatever”.

    Mrs Moore’s real name was Angela Price. She was an employee of Cybus industries but became a fugitive after reading a private file. She had a husband and children.

    Pete: “Why are you doing this?”
    Rose: “Let’s say I’m doing it for my Mum and Dad”.

    No Torchwood reference this week and the TARDIS sub-plot was largely ignored until the end.

    The Doctor (to Mrs Moore): “Who needs family? I’ve got the weight of the world on my shoulders”.

    Cyberman: “You are not upgraded”
    Mrs Moore: “Yeah, well upgrade this”.

    Various Cybermen killings: Mickey with a fuse box, The Doctor with a cell from the TARDIS and Mrs Moore with an electric bomb, which looked cool.

    The Doctor: “I’m captured. Oh well, Rose and Pete can still rescue me. Oh wait they’re here too”.

    The Doctor: “I’m The Doctor”
    Lumic: “That’s a redundant title”.

    Lumic’s Cyberman looked paler and thinner in comparison to the other Cybermen.

    Lumic: “You’re proud of your emotions?”
    The Doctor: “Yeah”.

    Lumic: “What have you done?”
    The Doctor (re Cybermen): “I gave them back their souls. They can see what you’ve done and it’s killing them”.

    Rose’s mobile/secret code: 6879760.

    Rose: “Dad?”
    Pete: “Don’t, just don’t”.

    Mickey (to Rose): “We had something a long time ago, now we don’t”.

    This is the third time in this Doctor Who series that a third man in the TARDIS team has gone although at least unlike Adam and Captain Jack, Mickey made the decision to leave on his own accord.

    The Doctor: “Good luck, Mickey the idiot”
    Mickey: “Watch it!”

    Jackie (to Rose): “Where did you go?”
    The Doctor: “Far away”.

    Continuity bits: Rose remembering the Cybermen from that museum in “Dalek”, Mickey’s “tin dog” reference from earlier this season and the tow truck he used in “The Parting Of The Ways”.

    “The Age Of Steel” is a riveting follow up to this riveting two part adventure. Like with “The Doctor Dances”, this episode almost beats “Rise Of The Cybermen” and a lot of that has to do with the emotional content behind this hour. Some powerful performances, a real sense of danger and a bigger sense that we haven’t seen the last of the Cybermen or Lumic this season only add to this tremendous episode.

  • Sad, sad, sad :( And not because Mickey left. They killed the Cybermen mythology.

    I was hoping that this episode would refresh my interest in the conclusion to this two parter, but I was disappointed. Not that I was expecting too much after seeing "Rise of the Cybermen" but I hoped there might be another explanation for the events that were unfolding, but no. Here I was hoping that this episode was an explanation of how they evolved on Mondas, much like the classic series "Genisis of the Daleks" which was one of the best episodes in Dr Who history.
    But no the episode wrote it's own new history and landed it on earth in the same time period most of these new episodes are set in. They did take some direction from "Genisis" where they gave the creator a chair and gave him Davros' personality. To make things worse, the Cybermen had memories of their previous lives and "emotional inhibitors" does that sound familiar at all?
    My passive aggressive feelings aside, this episode had some pernient points to make about Mickey. I think this is a character which has been used appalling scuzz bucket, being kicked around and manipulated mostly by Rose, but often by the Doctor. And while the Doc has always favoured his female companions, I think poor old Mickey could have been given a fairer go. Especially as it was his last episode.
    But nothing about his behaviour has made sense. Most notable in this episode when they decide to crash the Zepplin by using the keyboard to change the direction. Then later Mickey uses the steering wheel to do the same thing. He obviously doesn't know the obvious when he sees it. No wonder they wanted to get rid of him, they couldn't think of anything for him to say. Not since Chameleon has a companion been treated so bad.
    The worst thing is I watch this show without fail every week in the hope I will get some of that old Dr Who magic back I used to get at 5pm on the ABC regardless of how bad the previous episode was. And the worst thing is, they're not only falling short they're also killing the old memories of that magic. Leave well enough alone. Create you're own new creatures if you can't resurrect the old ones properly. It's harsh, but I'm frustrated.
  • the doctor makes a plan to destroy the factory where the cybermen are been made. it soon gets difficult though when the doctor realises they have to kill them.

    i loved every bit of this episode, a good part was when ricky died, you didnt know for definite that it was micky, and it left you with that question for a while. it was brilliant what happened. two people go underneath the pipe system to sneak in, whilst two other people sneak in to rescue someone, and then youve got two others trying to destroy the sattelite siganel to help the others. it certainly was a series classic, and this show seems to be getting better and better. cant wait for the next episode! this is a brilliant show.
  • A lot better than part one but there are still a few examples of laziness.

    I think this episode knocks spots off the first part. I liked the mention of \"our\" Cybermen and the new look Cyber-controller gliding in on his throne.
    It was also a shame that Mickey had to leave as his character is one of the best in the shows long history.

    However, it does annoy me that the writers are getting lazy and falling into a trap that many have throughout the years and that is having the Sonic Screwdriver solve 99.9% of any situation. Like when they were hiding and the SS let out a tone and the Cybermen walked off. Why bother hiding then?!!?!

    On the subject of tones, that noise that was used when Lumic activated the ear piece? well, that is exactley the same as a tone off my battered old motorola phone! A tad cheap i think!

    Don\'t get me wrong this was a very good episode but it just had a few flaws. Then again, anything that has Billie Piper in a very short maids outfit can\'t be all bad!

  • Without a doubt, the best episode yet.

    Although I enjoyed the first part of the story, I wasn't sure they had got the Cybermen quite right in this latest incarnation. They were the original Borg but the first part of the story didn't give us a chance to see the real menace that they generated in the original series (I’d just finished re-watching "Tomb of the Cybermen" and "Earthshock" before I saw the first part of this story.)

    Well this episode wiped out all my doubts in the first couple of minutes. It was fast paced, adrenalin pumping action all the way. The seemingly endless procession of Cybermen marching though the streets of London in perfect unison with the unnerving sound of steel on concrete almost transported me back to my childhood, hiding behind the sofa! The choice of Battersea power station as the Cyber HQ was inspired – it’s an iconic building and it was absolutely the perfect choice.

    And after all the action, the emotional end scene rounded off the episode perfectly.

    The series just keeps getting better and this is undoubtably the best so far.
  • I don't use the term "stunning" lightly

    So we've got the backstory, we've got the suspense, you've got us hooked now give us the action and terror!
    This episode does anything but fail to grab you and keep your eyes glued to the screen until you come away thinking "I really enjoyed that"
    I'm personally glad the cybermen have been ressurected from the BBC archieves, its high time we saw them in nice metal suits ready to take over the people of the world and sound so much more like believable cyborgs and less like Darth Vader. The new design works on every level and never fails to scare the crap out of you every minute.
    Storywise we have what we've been waiting to see for a long time: Cybermen closer to home, sure we sort of saw that in Attack of the cybermen but over twenty years is a long wait for a return to a farmiliar setting. This episode just reminds you that terror isn't that far from your front doorstep.
    Even though this episode is mostly perfect I feel that too much attention is paid to Noel Clarke, we do need someone to save the day, but I just don't see why we have to pay more attention to a companion than we do to a story.
    That aside the script is flawless and terrifying, this deserves the title of "classic"
    Just a couple of weeks until "the impossible planet" where we finally get to see what the hell its about.
    Before I go, one question, I'm not bashing the Kaiser cheifs but why does Confidential keep using their songs? Have some variation Russel T!?
  • Super episode, Cyberman taking over London and the doctor gets help to take down the factory. Great to watch enjoyed the whole episode especially the explosive ending.

    (Yeah Mickey last episode, just never thought he fitted in to the dr who world). But the episode does seem to be based around him. The doctor again was just class from killing the cyberman at the beginning to finding the weakness and telling Mickey to program the code.

    Special effects were great, was fast paced, funny. This is Doctor who at its best!!
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