Doctor Who

Season 6 Episode 6

The Almost People (2)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 28, 2011 on BBC America

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  • The Almost People

    The Almost People was a superb follow up to "The Rebel Flesh" and I enjoyed watching because the story was good and the acting was awesome! It was cool to see two Doctors and fun watching Amy try to figure them out. I liked the character development and the idea behind the story. There was action, drama, suspense and some great scifi moments. I liked how every thing played out and the ending was spectacular and raises some big questions like wtf is going on!?! I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Scattered

    This episode was all over the place. I had hoped that last weeks episode was mostly set up, so i forgave it for being a mess. . but this weeks was just as poor and was only really saved by another interested cliff hanger ending. The plot was diluted and contrived in places. You never really feel anything for the "flesh" or the real humans they are copies of so the danger doesnt sink in or mean anything. I know this will not be a popular review, but I really cant get connected to Matt Smith as the doctor. His introduction episode was stunning, and left me with high hopes. But poor episodes mixed with some poor performances and supporting cast has dampened my enthusiasm for the Doctor. I will see out the rest of the series and hope to be proven wrong.
  • Doubles, doubles everywhere.

    Twice as much trouble and twice as confusing, we get two Doctors for the price of one. And just like his genuine counterpart, the Ganger Doctor hates to look back on his past lives. Of course Rory is going to sympathise with the Gangers as he spent time as an Auton, not really that different from a Ganger in the sense that they are fake humans.

    What a surprise, the two Doctors get along, whcih is a bit surprising as any other time you have more than one Doctor, they biccker with eachother. Though that was with different incarnations rather than clones, but you can see what I mean. What a plot twist! Amy was never really there at all; the only time in this series when she was the genuine artical was on the Christams special. Ha-ha!
    The reason her ganger saw the eye-patch woman finally makes sense now; since Amy was litterarily being watched over from a hatch, it would make sense that her ganger had visions of her.
  • a pretty confusing but still good conclusion to the two parter with a shock ending.

    This was a pretty confusing episode, I had trouble telling who was who a lot of the time to be honest. It was still good though, there were some sad moments with characters getting killed while ganger jenny turns out to be the villain of the episode with plans to wipe out humanity and completely loses it at the end when she turns into a monster which has to be killed. Without at doubt though the most talked about bit of this episode will be the ending when it turns out amy was a ganger and is liquidised while the real amy is giving birth in some white room somewhere, hopefully next week will give some answers.
  • Didn't think this episode or the episode before was that entertaining

    For people that are a little confused about the ending, while I don't know who the woman with the eye patch is, I did research when amy was taken and it was more than likely during the 3 months on the run in america at the start of episode 2 of this season.

    I did wonder why she wasn't at least slighty pregnant amd now I know why, lmao

    As to why she has been taken, it's got to be her part timelord baby, i'm hoping the baby is river songgiving both rory and amys part in the show some relevence but only time will tell.