Doctor Who

Season 5 Episode 13

The Big Bang (2)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 26, 2010 on BBC America

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  • The Lathe of Heaven

    Part One was really sad which makes this follow up a sweet sense of relief which is what makes this probably my favorate two parter in the series, at least for now anyway. It's true this episode in fact this season has certain innonsistances but most time travel stories are guilty of this, but personally I don't care as long as it's a good story with good characters.

    I like the begining where as usual with the Steven Moffat stories it's sort of a mystery where it takes place in the future but then we see it's the same begining as in the first episode and we see a young Amy Pond the same age she was when she first meet the doctor, though how is this possible. We also see there is something different and wrong with this future, there are no stars and are considered not real. Then suddenly there are all of these notes for her to comply to and then she comes up to the Pandorica and opens it by merely touching it and when it opens up two thoughts come to my mind. One, what the frak because we assumed the doctor was in there and two, yeah Amy is alive.

    This episode is filled with a lot of great moments each character had their share and I felt were at their best, like one where the Doctor acts out of character for a moment by acting like a jerk and saying something about Amy that pushed a wrong button for Rory and then he punches the Doctor, way to go for him. But it was really funny we see it was just a trick the Doctor was just testing to make sure it was really Rory.

    But I feel the big moment for Rory was when he decides to stay and guard the box despite the fact it won't open for 2,000 years, hell of a long time to wait. I felt that was sweet and it truely demonstrated how his love for Amy truely knows no bounds as well as Rory permanant evolution into being a hero. But this also gave Rory a broad story arc because as we see on a chart of the musium where the Pandorica went thoughout time even during WW2, it really made me wonder how much Rory went though and what he did during those times, I even like the fact he's became sort of a legend or unexplained phenomina like "Big Foot". When Rory and Amy come back together for the first time in a long time, it was both sweet and funny as we see both are kissing hard and pasonately, I like what the Doctor says to both of them "breathe".

    I really liked seeing the Doctor use the time wrist traveler, it was just funny seeing how he had to jump back and forth in time constantly, it sort of reminds me of the back and forth joke from "The Flintstones" where Fred had to be at two places at once. We also see with it he is able to rescue River, and I really like that joke with the Fez at the end when River takes it and blows the crap out of it with her gun. But also seeing River make a Dalek beg for mercy was awesome, it just shows how River truely is a tough hombre.

    However my favorate moment was hearing that speach that the Doctor gives to a sleeping Amy was touching and I felt wasn't just a speach for her but in a way for us as well the fans, it really justify why this franchise and characters has been around for so long as Babe Ruth once said, "Heroes are remembered but legends never die." I actually had a tear or two in my eyes because even though was able to save the universe in order to complete his mission he had to go though the crack in the universe which meant it would be sealed forever but also the Doctor would be wiped out of existance, what he does just shows how strong his sense of humanity truely is but it was also sad I didn't want him to die but there wasn't anything I can do about it.

    Then of course there was the moment with Ami, which was happy because she not just had parients but also was finally getting married with her true love Rory. I liked how this was handled it didn't feel cheezy or milked. But then of course there is the great moment when once Amy glimpses at her present which is Doctor Who's journal it startss to trigger her subconcious and Amy somehow with the power of her imagination is able to bring the Doctor back. Once we see the doctor back in a ball room like outfit, couldn't help but cheer it was like, yeah the doctor is back. The moments seeing him dance at the reception were funny, I can't help but feel most of that party really wasn't scripted which made it feel all the more authentic.

    And of course in the end Amy and Rory go on more adventures with the Doctor, where will they go no one knows.

    Imagination becoming reality is why dreams are powerful and live forever.