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Episode Christmas Special

The Christmas Invasion

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Dec 25, 2005 on BBC America

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  • The Tenth Doctor appears to be as zany as the Fourth One!

    It's still too early to tell for certain, however. I mean; for those of us old enough to remember, Peter Davison portrayed a similarly-disoriented Doctor in his debut serial "Castrovalva." And, he bowed out of the original series within two years! The shortest duration of any Doctor, prior to Eccleston. Speaking of whom: there appears to be a continuity glitch, already. The Ninth Doctor told Rose that M.P. Jones would become a three-term Prime Minister. But, now, it appears she's getting ousted on the grounds of physical and mental exhaustion! Has this latest regeneration affected his memory, causing him to inadvertently change history? Or, was Eccleston's prediction another false memory, like the Second Golden Age that Space Station 5 was supposed to be part of. I guess we'll all have to keep watching to find out.
  • There's a new Doctor--whenever he wakes up--and a handful of monsters to mount the suspense of his introduction. Rose struggles with the change just as we lesser mortals do.

    Well, I liked this episode in the way that it set up David Tennant. His twenty-second introduction in The Parting of the Ways made me ready to cry, although that was partially because Christopher was "my" doctor, and after such an intense episode I needed to see more of the man... Well, I give my approval. It's as Rose figured out by the end: different, really, (probably) not an improvement or a worsening, just different. "Rude and not ginger." That scene, the great wardrobe selection (this made his entrance seem very official and lent legitimacy to his own struggles as this new man), his respectful hesitancy and yearning towards Rose, and his narrated discovery of himself ("No second chances. I'm not that kind of man.") were the best parts of this episode. In short, it exceeded my expectations and introduced a great new doctor.

    Not to end on a sour note--I know, against all reviewers' wisdom--but there were a good deal of follies in this episode as well. Like the santas and christmas trees--basically everything was unexplained about them. And the fight scene was rather cliché--to be honest, I got excited at the idea of Tennant's hand being lost for the rest of his run. What a great challenge that would have been, what an addition to the character and a twist in the story! But no, it was not to be. Also, I wonder how the word got out about Harriet's "illness," since her right-hand man didn't seem too talkative or even like he understood.

    I would also like to know what part of the Lion King he quoted... but all in all, a great premiere.
  • Tennet has became the definitive Doctor... and this is where he starts it.

    I usually show this episode to introduce the uninitiated to the Whoniverse... Its got everything: robots, aliens, spaceships made out of asteroids, fightin' hands... who could ask for more? While I was initially upset over the 9th Doctor leaving... Tennet has quick became the most favored Doctor (surpassing even the King, tom Baker).. and this episode epitomizes what this new Doctor is all about...

    On first viewing, I didn't like the plot-hole left by the "pilot-fish" but that was wrapped up later in the series (the next x-mas episode), so on rewatch it doesn't bother me any more... also, the Sycorax ROCK!!!
  • very good

    I watched series one. I even enjoyed quite a bit of it. But there was one thing increasingly disturbed me on the way to episode thirteen.

    I really didn't like what the Doctor had become.

    It's not Christopher Eccleston's fault, although he never seemed to catch the inherent oddities of the character to me. He was given a set of scripts that turned a hero into a time-travelling chauffeur, carrying the real star of the show to whatever time and place her greater common sense and interpersonal skill could be best used to save humanity.

    Billie Piper was outstanding, and that's not something I expected to find myself saying when her casting was announced. But what the Hell had Mr Davies, that self-proclaimed Doctor Who fan, actually done to the Doctor?

    Maybe my lowered expectations for The Christmas Invasion worked in my favour. The first forty minutes may have dragged at times (especially with Rose was wailing on her mother's shoulder about the Doctor abandoning her) but boy, did it pick up when the Doctor got going!

    I had my doubts when David Tennant's casting was announced. I knew very little of him as an actor, but I knew his age, and I knew what he looked like; and in neither respect did he fit my mental picture of the Doctor. That's as good a call on my part as doubting Ms Piper proved to be.

    From the moment he pulls the electrocuting whip thing out of the Sycorax's hand with an indignant line about its more trivial danger, the Tenth Doctor absolutely owns The Christmas Invasion, amply atoning for the length of time we're made to wait to see him. Darting around the highly impressive interior of the spaceship, talking at a million miles an hour, attention flitting between Rose, the Sycorax and Harriet Jones, he's instantly the Doctor, and immediately in charge. It's a joyous performance, infecting even the lines which ought to make you groan. "Can't get the staff," he says, deadpan, before debunking the blood control threat in the last way you could be expecting. Wonderful.

    I loved the Lion King speech, with its emphasis on admiration for humanity. I loved the Doctor suddenly pulling himself up on being rude, something his last incarnation appeared to take pleasure in. Most of all, I loved the payoff to Rose's sulk about tea. "The solution to everything" indeed.

    Tennant is obviously at home in the role, more so in twenty minutes than Eccleston appeared in a whole series. The Doctor has his old love of being the Doctor back, and that is the best piece of news since it was first announced he was returning to our screens.

    It's just as well Tennant is so good, since the first two-thirds of the episode are spent showing how much the Doctor is actually needed. So much for Rose, the equal companion. Full marks to Billie, she gives it plenty of lip-tremble, but the character has guts, and the actress is at her best when showing them. Her scared, defiant little speech to the invading hordes was her best moment of the episode, but it all pointed up the same thing. Someone's gotta be the Doctor, as she said; pity only the Doctor can be.

    Much has been made of the Doctor's power, bringing down a Prime Minister with six words, but really, didn't Harriet Jones destroy herself? What hope for a national leader who appears live on television admitting she can't cope with a crisis? It doesn't take a political correspondent to estimate the life expectancy of that kind of creature, even if she did hint at the kind of masculine genitalia her factual equivalent could do with displaying to his fellow "statesmen". The suspension of disbelief has its place in Doctor Who, but it works better for me with images of great big alien spaceships casting shadows over two great British fighting men than with an implausible PM pressing the self-destruct button on her career.

    Still, Penelope Wilton is an actress who doesn't know how to give a bad performance, and just when the incessant introduction was beginning to grate came the payoff. The translated "Yes, we know who you are" was one more clever Russell T Davies touch. Like the Sycorax leader (a bravura turn from Sean Gilder) suddenly spouting English, making Rose and everyone else turn to the TARDIS. Like the revelation of the Sycorax on Jackie's television screen. He may have difficulty constructing a coherent plot at times, but the Head Writer certainly knows how to grab his audience.

    Speaking of plot, I thought The Christmas Invasion RTD's best to date. I don't pick through every episode; if it's entertaining and it hangs reasonably, I won't mind the odd unanswered question (such as, what was the point of the pilot fish, except to add a bit of festive colour?). I could do without his obsessive interest in the Tyler domestic angle; Jackie still irritates, despite Camille Coduri getting one perfect moment in the kitchen. Just watch her look of hurt when Rose snaps at the inevitable "is he a different man?" question. I've seen that look on my own mother's face, more often than I care to remember. A few seconds of real relationship adds immeasurably to any programme. More, and you're watching Eastenders.

    I'm no expert on special effects, but bashing up the Gherkin raised a cheer, and the Sycorax ship, like the Sycorax themselves, impressed. The image of still, silent figures ready to jump from great landmarks like the Coliseum was a bit grim (especially for a Christmas broadcast) but admirably effective in conveying the scale of the Sycorax threat. I could've done without Murray Gold's crescendo of music as the TARDIS doors opened up, but that's a nitpick. Otherwise, I barely noticed his work, which I mean as a compliment. Background music should remain that; it's only noticeable to me if it jars.

    I haven't mentioned Mickey. Which means he didn't make me want to put a foot through the screen. That's an improvement on last year. Thanks, Noel Clarke.

    And thank you, Russell T Davies for restoring the natural order of Doctor Who (with a bit of help from David Tennant). For the first time, I felt like I was watching my old favourite again. 8 out of 10!
  • A new Doctor

    It was a very strange moment seeing the ninth Doctor regenerating in "The Parting of the Ways", because he was my first Doctor, since I am too young to have seen the old episodes. And I really liked Christopher Eccelston and I wasn't sure of what to expect from David Tennant. And the good thing about this episode is that it struggles with the same problems. Rose isn't sure what to think of this new guy, especially since he is sleeping for the first half.
    But when the moment finally arrived and the tenth Doctor started to save the world every doubt was forgotten. He is just great, very different from the last one, but also very unique.
    In this first Christmas Special we are coming back to Rose's family and we also meet Harriet Smith, now Prime Minister, again, when a huge spaceship arrives over London and the Sycorax force mankind to choose between slavery and the death of a third of the world's population. And there are also strange Santas and Christmas trees. When the Doctor is ready to fight, we see that he has changed. But it's a good change. Not just the outfit is different, but he also starts to recite "The Lion King" in the absolute wrong moments.
    But at the end, he and Rose get together again and she likes her new Doctor and so do we.
  • Very good

    This episode revolves around Rose's independance and well basically she's going through the heartbreak that someone would be going through if a close family memeber were dying.

    We see more of Mickey and Jackie and we find out what's happened sice we've left them at the end of the 1st season.

    The acting is very good especially from Billie and her traumatic experience. We also see the return of Harriet Jones now Prime Minister of Great Britain. We leave on mixed feelings and Harriet Jones is being trashed after what the Doctor said but Rose has told him she wants to keep travelling. And then a montage for the next series which made me want to not wait...well I was really excited.
  • The Doctor is still regenrating leaving Rose to deal with an alien invasion on her own. Written By; Russel T Davies Directed By; James Hawes

    The Doctor and Rose land in the Powell Estate on Chrismas Eve and the Doctor faints onto Jackie and Mickie as soon as he leaves the TARDIS. They take him to lie on a bed in the flat. Rose then tells her mum 'she thought she knew him, and then he goes and does this'. Jackie tries to comfort her but Rose is side tracked by Harriot Jones on the tell. Harriot is now P.M and is doing an interview on a space project she is doing which in volves a space prob taking pictures from Mars. Rose and Mickie then go and do some Christmas shopping but get attacked by an alien Brass Band. When they get back to the flat, they notice Jackie's got a new Christmas tree and she think Rose sent it. She didn't! The Christmas Tree starts to revolve and cuts everything up. Mickie, Jackie and Rose go to save the Doctor who in the end blows it up with his Sonic Screwdriver. They all go outside where the Brass Band is but they teleport. The Doctor says they are 'pilot fish' and that 'something is coming' before collapsing again. In the flat Mickie does some resurch on the internet about Pilot Fish and that they swimm close to there daddies (sharks) before the sharks come. On the T.V. the Space Prob transmitts it photos but it isn't from Mars. There are Sycorax on the screen. At U.N.I.T HQ Harriot arrives for the low down and it's revealed the Sycorax want to invade. They say they will kill ''them''. They then enter the Earth's Atmosphere causing glass, plaster and brick to exsplode. Then they transmitt a signal to make all the A+ blood group,of which they have a bit of, to go to the highest roofs and threaten they will make them jump,by blood controll, if Earth doesn't surrender. Rose makes all her family go into the TARDIS but Jackie is stranded on Earth as the TARDIS teleports along with the P.M and various others.
    On the space ship Rose tries to take controll but she is laughed at. The Doctor then revives to help her by absorbing Tea via some spilt on the TARDIS. The Doctor then frees all the A+'s and defends the Earth which leads to a sword fight on deck. Rose, Mickie and Harrot watch on as the Doctor loses a hand (he grows on back) and finally wins. However the Sycorax tries to kill the Doctor as he walk off but is to late and is sent tumbrling to his death The Doctor and Co. go back to Earth where Harriot has the ship detroyed by 'Torchwood'. This makes the Doc angry and he near enough sacks the prime minister. He then has Chritmas dinner with Rose, Jackie and Mickie.

    This is a brilliant story with a strong plot and a terryfieing villian. The return of Harriot Jones and U.N.I.T is much appreciated and the fact that this is the first evr Doctor Who special really gives the episode a buzz.

    Best Actor/ Actress; Billie Pipper
  • arrival of the tenth doctor

    An exellent episode of the new series of doctor who, The TARDIS crash lands on earth (after the battle with the
    daleks) with a new regenerated doctor and a confused Rose.

    A gigantic spaceship arrives at earth and takes control of all the people with a-positive blood and threatens to kill then unless they surrender but with the doctor unconsious who will save the earth, lukily the doctor wakes up and challenges the leader of the aliens to a fight for the planet, the doctor wins the fight and the spaceship goes back into space. but just as there retreating torchwood uses a lazer and destroy's the spaceship.
  • Sleigh Bells Written by Russell T. Davies Directed by James Hawes

    Ah, Christmas Day. Stuck between watching both Emmerdale and Coronation Street and wondering why I should even bother caring if Kat and Alfie leave together in EastEnders, I thought I had to watch Doctor Who.

    I take that back! I have been on tether-hooks in anticipation for this special for the last six months and as we speak I’m counting my money to purchase Season One on DVD and while they were some slow moving elements to this Christmas special, I can easily say this was the TV treat of my night.

    It’s been six months since “The Parting Of The Ways” and our special starts with Mickey and Jackie being disturbed from their individual loneliness when the TARDIS crash lands and our new Doc starts babbling incoherently before passing out and a beleaguered Rose appears.

    Just like Jackie and Mickey, Rose too is unable to explain of her newly regenerated friend and Billie Piper plays her uncertainty and reluctance with such effect. It was a smart move to employ this tactic because for our Rose to easily accept the Doctor in his new form would’ve been unrealistic and there is an element of realism in both her and the Doctor’s relationship which is what has made them such an enjoyable team to watch.

    Of course being Christmas, Rose’s hopes for a peaceful Yuletide are thankfully shattered (I know it sounds terrible but some Chrimbo Calamity was always going to be on order and it needed to be relatively big in order to justify this prelude to the second season) when a couple of plastic Santa’s add a new meaning to the term sleigh bells when they attack passer-bys on the street. It’s eerily reminiscent in a way to the Auton’s attack in “Rose” and more havoc starts at home when the Christmas tree spins a hole in the house. Both of these attacks look pretty cool but only serve as a smoke and mirrors to the real threat of this year.

    Enter the Sycorax, a rather nasty alien species intent on taking over the planet and to prove they’re not a force to be trifled with, they assume control over a third of the world’s population and threatens to kill them if the English government refuse to surrender.

    Along with David Tennent’s first proper outing as the new Doctor, the episode sees the rather welcome return of Penelope Wilton as Harriet Jones who’s now an MP and given her not forgotten encounter with the Slitheen, Harriet has far from neglected to read up about other alien life forces. A part of me thought she was brave to not surrender to the Sycorax but when they started killing off two of her staff (including the guy responsible for this species being able to use A positive blood as a controlling tool); I wanted to shout “shut up” at the screen.

    While the storyline does sleepwalk a little, things liven incredibly when the TARDIS gets teleported on the Sycorax’s space ship and Rose tries her best to appear threatening but fails miserably. Still though Billie Piper flexes her comedy skills and after the majority of the episode snoozing it up, our new Doc finally awakes and faces his first new foes in his new guise.

    Now the moment of truth has landed – is David Tennent any good? Honestly I can say he is. He may have overplayed one or two pieces of dialogue but overall he did a bloody good job and there’s no way anyone can say his performance mirrors any of the previous incarnations of the Timelord. He’s definitely charming and his comments are offhand (his snarky remarks to Rose and Harriet) but his altercation with the Sycorax’s was the episode’s highlights. We got a proper battle with the two of them, neither holding back but what’s more, Tennent proved he wasn’t taking the piss when he said his Doctor was gong to be darker and it showed.

    He relented at first with the Sycorax leader and was willing to let him go, until he tried his luck and our new Doc used an orange to end his days. The ultimate sting in the tail was the surprising sour turn his friendship with Harriet took after she used a special contact to make sure the Sycorax would never be a threat again. That scene in the street and his six words to Alex that look set to ruin Harriet’s career showed us he wasn’t a force to reckoned with. I bet Harriet now wishes she hasn’t been so hasty with her assassination of the Sycorax now. As villains go, this lot worked out pretty well but we’ve had better ones. One thing that does strike me though is the Doctor saying that sending probes into space is making other life forces aware of human existence and vice versa. It’s only noteworthy because it felt like a kind of “D’oh!” moment.

    The last five minutes of the episode felt like a re-establishment of “Rose” and it was. We had the Doctor chiding her about not trusting him and her more than happy to explore all the universes as well as Mickey moaning about her constant desire to leave him and her mum. A while back I would’ve dismissed him as Rose’s desire to explore the world (thousands in her case) is understandable but ultimately I’m realising that Mickey does genuinely love her and is only slowing adjusting to the fact that he can’t be with her in the way he craves to be. Jackie is also getting more rounded as a character too and I liked her turn as a carer for the Doctor during his recovery time as well as the hilarious but subtle Christmas dinner. Now wasn’t this better than EastEnders? All of you can say yes.

    Also in “The Christmas Invasion”

    I don’t remember there being a “Previously On” bit. They just jumped straight into the opening teaser.

    Rose (re Doctor): “He’s got two hearts”
    Jackie: “Has he got two of anything else?”

    Since we’ve last seen them, Mickey works as a mechanic and Jackie has been dating a fruit and veg man. At least it explained her having Men’s pyjamas for the Doctor in her possession.

    Harriet (to the Sycorax): “You can tell them from me that this is a land of peace but we will not surrender”.

    I quite liked Harriet’s right hand man Alex, played by the gorgeous Adam Garcia. If we can’t have John Barrowman in Season Two, can we please have him? He can read alien languages, survived this episode, seems resilient and looks good in a suit. Plus it’s eye candy for Rose and a slight foil (in a friendly manner) for the Doctor, so why not?

    Sycorax leader: “Who are you?”
    Doctor: “I don’t know”.

    Character bits: The Doctor’s TARDIS and himself got cured by tea (I know silly) and his new gear is tweed. If Anthony Stewart Head can make it look nice, then so can he. Oh and Torchwood was mentioned several times. Is it a reference to a resurrected Captain Jack?

    Doctor: “Doesn’t she look a bit tired?”
    Harriet: “What did he say?”
    Alex: “Nothing”.

    Did anyone else think the inside of the Sycorax’s ship look like the Hellmouth on Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I certainly did and the way they were lined up was similar to the way the ubervamps lined up at the end of Season Seven.

    Doctor (re hat): “It’s pink”
    Rose (to Jackie): “You should wear it”.

    I liked the preview of Season Two and the option of playing the Attack Of The Graske at the end. I played it twice after this episode.

    Okay, this was my first time reviewing Doctor Who and while I do vow to review a fourth show on a more permanent basis in 2006, I’m still not sure if it will be this show just yet. As a Christmas special and a prelude to the upcoming season, “The Christmas Invasion” was a treat and the perfect remedy in another predictable Christmas TV line up. I enjoyed it a lot and I defy anyone who didn’t.
  • The TARDIS crashlands back on Earth carrying the newly regenerated Doctor and a confused Rose, will he recover in time to prevent the Sycorax invasion...

    From the brilliant crash landing teaser through to the Doctor and Rose deciding where to go next at the end this is as near as perfect episode and despite being bedridden for the most part David Tennant definitely makes the role his own and is already shaping up to be one of the very best Doctors we've had! The storyline is one of RTD's best and the effects don't disappoint from the stunning Sycorax spaceship interior to the ship entering orbit and wrecking another London landmark this is one of my favourite shows. The cast are all on top form (as always!) and there's so many standout moments - the Doctor taking down Harriet Jones, Rose & co under attack from a killer Christmas tree, Rose taking on the Sycorax alone and my personal favourite - the moment when the TARDIS begins translating for everyone and everybody turns to see the new reinvigorated Doctor emerge from the ship ready to defeat this latest threat to Earth!
  • it all begins on christmas eve, here is the beginning of somthing wonderful,,,david tennant becoming the 10th doctor in the popular bbc series doctor who, and our reaction comes down to one word, "EXCITING" this just so how far doctor who has come...

    from the moment the tardis dose an amazing crash landing, we can see this will be some what different and new.
    The story opens to play on the new doctors talent, with the coming of a space ship over london and the coming back of "now priminster" harriot jones..
    how will the doctor cope with this regeneration? well from being alseep for the first 15 mins, to then making an amazing recovery with a cup of tea, to wearing pj's for the epsiode,,,to even mocking the leader of the aliens craft,,,my goodness we are opened up to some new adventures..
  • What an introduction to Doctor number 10!

    What an introduction to Doctor number 10!

    It started off well, zooming in on London from space, just like they did in "Rose". And Jackie finding the present she bought for Rose and realising she wouldn't be there, that was actually quite emotional.

    Then the action begins! The Doctor lets out some energy, I didn't know what that actually was at first but then I remembered the Time Vortex. Then the Santas attack, brilliant. I loved that part, and seconds before it Rose seemed to be looking around as if she knew what was going to happen. This made her more of a companion to the Doctor if you ask me. Then the christmas tree attacks - haha! What was best about this bit was the spooky tune that was going on through the whole scene, and Jackies line "I'm gonna be killed by a christmas treeeeee!"

    As for the Scyroax and everything to do with them, I think they're the best villains of the new series yet. They're alien, which was my reason for the Slitheen being my favourite, but these aliens actually looked good and had a scary-looking leader (who was brill).

    Then the Doctor wakes up! He was fantastic! Hilarious, witty, action-packed, truly a great Doctor. Loved the lines "I DOOOONNN'T KNOOOOW" and the whole Lion King thing, couldn't stop laughing. And I love how the Doctor pushed the great big threatning button without no regrets. But possibly the best part of Doctor 10 was that he actually challenged an alien to a sword fight. And won, albeit with a satsuma.

    And that song during the outfit picking scene? Best song ever!

    “And I started to walk! Pretty soon I will ruuuuun! And I’ll be running back to you!”

    Great episode, 8/10
  • David Tennant Shows he\'s Far Better than Eccleston.

    I really enjoyed this episode, it had a very christmassy feel, and The Doctors performance at the end was stunning. \"This new hand...Its a Fighhting Hand!\". I think the references to TORCHWOOD were a bit over done. i hope that doesn\'t continue in series 2. I think rose could have done more in the saving \'process\'. She was sort of showed to be helpless sidekick who \'needed\' the doctors help, i think she should of helped more. I miss captain jack! :(
    I liked mickeys performance looking forward to seeing him more as series 2 starts. Doctor Who is Great!
  • The Doctor (and the comedy, (mis)adventure, action) returns- and what a comeback!

    Well, there are far worse ways to introduce a new Doctor to the viewing public! His rather chaotic first meeting with Jackie and Mickey harks back to Tom Baker's days, and shows all the signs of the well-timed comic writing I've come to love.
    Attacked by a Christmas tree- well, it HAD to happen somewhere. Mickey is back to his useful self (when looking up 'pilot fish'), and Jackie is the same as always- though the Doctor finally got a word in edgeways!
    All the drama we needed for a Christmas episode was there, along with some well-timed humour and the all-important things to think about that keep the long-standing fans looking out for clues.
  • What a start for a new doctor!

    I have to say, when I first saw the new doctor at the end of season 1 I thought the was awful, but now after this episode I think he's great. He really pulls it together and by the end you're right behind him. I think the best thing about him is how he combines the action, comedy and sci-fi elements together so well! A very different style from the last doctor but after all that's what doctor who is all about. It was also nice to see and the old character; Rose, her mum and Mickey, especially as the doctor finds himself a new travel partner early this season. Fingers crossed!
  • new doctor

    This was over all a pretty decent episode, but it is going to take me a while to adjust to the new doctor I think. I rather liked the last one. Even though the newest Doctor's style seems more fitting of the classical Doctor, the previous gave the show a more modern feel with his simple leather coat and buzzed of hair dew.
  • Guess Who's Back!

    Well, this is the moment I have been waiting for since the news of Eccleston\'s departure leaked out... It was worth every minute. From the tantalising trailers, through the Tardis crash landing, the Doctor\'s disorientation, his new harder edge and the final exchange with the P.M., this was Doctor Who as it was always meant to be. Tennant is the most convincing Doctor since McCoy (another Scot!) and by the end of the next episode we will all have forgotten the jug-eared incarnation. An almost flawless episode... I would have had the Doctor out of action for a smaller chunk of the 55 minutes.
  • The new Doctor is introduced with a vaguely Xmas themed bridge episode peaking into the new season coming in the Spring of 2006.

    While there was a little too many silly inconsistencies to make this one of the great DW episodes (stuff like the awful spinning xmas tree and the attacking plastic Santas, and a primary villan too busy bloviating to take advantage of weapons in his arsenal that would have ended the episode and the series 15 minutes in), it was a great peek into what's in store for the next season-plus with the brand new, awesome Doctor: David Tennant. He's a combination of Eccleston's cool with Tom Baker's quirkiness, and a good bit of his own edge to boot.

    I'll admit to being a huge Doctor Who fan stretching back to the 1970s' Tom Baker years ... but the 2005 reboot that launched last summer with Christopher Eccleston in the lead role matches up with *any* of the the top SciFi shows today (think Battlestar Galactica and the Stargates ... or even Farscape, my favorite of all time). When the writing is at its best (which I don't think it was for THIS episode), it's brilliant ... but the mythology of the series is sufficiently broad that even a little kitsch and a couple of plot points that a semi could drive through STILL leaves us with a very cool show.

    What makes the ep worth seeking out is for that afore mentioned glimpse into what Tennant will bring to the role in the spring ... and if his performance here is any indication, we're in for a good ride!

    Here's hoping that SciFi or BBC-America picks this one up SOON ... I'm tired of waiting for the Torrent downloads!!
  • Delighted to see that the David Tennant is as good as Eccleston.

    I stopped watching Doctor Who when Tom Baker left but I\'m back now as a fully signed up fan! Excellent scripting in this episode as well. Tennant makes up for the fact that he\'s asleep for most of the episode by playing a complete stormer at the finale. I\'m hoping this isn\'t the last we see of Harriet Jones. The episodes with her in them seem to get an awful lot of topical references. I love the line \"tell him that he\'s not my boss and I\'m not letting him turn this into a war\". If only the real PM had as much balls!

    I\'m really looking forward to seeing how Tennant develops the character. I\'ve nearly forgotten Christopher Eccleston already!

  • The Tenth Doctor has his first adventure.

    Fantastic, absolutely fantastic!! It was all so amazing, right from the TARDIS crash landing, to Jackie screeching "I'm gonna get killed by a christmas tree!!", and of course the Tenth Doctor showing us what he's made of. Looks like a cheeky chappy but there a very steely edge to the new Doc, and I love it! I have to say some of my highlights were The Doctor flirting with Rose "Am I sexy?", The regenerating hand, but my absolute fave moment was The Doctor's argument with Harriet Jones - Prime Minister. Who would have thought that you could topple a government with six little words? "Don't you think she looks tired?" Roll on series 2!!!!
  • The magic begins........And as Christopher walks out....David walks in, or falls in. If anyone hasn't seen 'Casanova' I strongly suggest you seek it out and see how fantastic an actor David Tennant is. When I heard Ecclescake was leaving I was distraught

    This episode gave us a great intro to the new doctor, fabulous acting from both David and Billie. But why oh why must we be subjected to the god awful characters of 'Im a character from Little Britain' 'Jackie' and 'I starred in one episode of Grange Hill' 'Mickey'. They can't act and should have been written out last series.

    Besides this a fantastic episode. The treat was the amazing spinning Christmas tree and the Doctor's revigoration with some tea. Poor Harriet Jones, I was beginning to like her too! She looks like she is in it for a while longer and ANTHONY HEAD as a vampire?? SUPERB!
  • New faces, old faces

    I have to admit, the Christmas television schedules have left a bit to be desired this year. There were only a handful of programmes I was waiting to watch and this was one of them. I was eagerly awaiting this episode since the end of the first series.

    And I don't feel disappointed at all.

    The episode began with a bang- literally, as the Tardis crashes into London with the newly-regenerated Doctor at the controls. After seeing Mickey and Jackie, he collapses and spends most of the episode in bed, leaving Rose to cope with robotic Santas, a killer Christmas tree and an alien invasion from the Sycorax...

    David Tennant did a wonderful job as the New Doctor. He was quirky, yet confident- I especially liked his quip about being 'ginger' and his rather talkative exploration of what kind of a man he was- and admirably puts a new twist on the Doctor. It was always going to be difficult for Tennant, taking over the role from Christopher Eccleston, but judging from this episode, I hold very high hopes for the next series.

    The rest of the cast all did well. It was especially nice to see Penelope Wilton back as Harriet Jones, now Prime Minister, and her subtle change at the end from hero to villain (of sorts) was extremely well-acted. Camille Coduri and Noel Clarke again provide some laughs as Jackie and Mickey, though perhaps given more screen time than they deserved. Billie Piper continues her good work as Rose, her arc of acceptance of the new Doctor perhaps more interesting than the aliens-of-the-episode.

    Not that there is anything wrong with the Sycorax- but they don't pose any great threat. They are easily vanquished and fairly pointless. For me, the more interesting parts of the story are to do with the Doctor and Rose. Having said that, I did enjoy the killer Christmas tree.

    A fairly well-balanced script by Russell T Davies (tightly directed by James Hawes) served up a wonderful festive episode, establishing the new Doctor and setting up what comes next.

    As an aside, I live in Cardiff and had great fun spotting locations used in the show- one of the rooftop scenes was filmed in the building next to where I work! The teasers for the new series were also great- I'm especially looking forward to the return of Sarah Jane and K9. I'm a geek, I know...

    The writers, producers, directors and actors have all done a sterling job resurrecting Doctor Who and, judging by this episode, we're in for a great second series. Can't wait til the spring!
  • Fantastic, utterly fantastic


    And so we come to the first Christmas special of the revamped series- The Christmas invasion.

    Instead of the usual 45 minute length, we have a whole hour to tuck into as we wind down after turkey and sherry.

    The Doctor's regeneration has went wrong (again), the blue police box crashes into London where the newly regenerated Time Lord is greeted by a confused Mickey and Jackie. He swiftly collapses and is rushed to bed for rest. So with the Doctor out for the count isn't this a perfect time for homicidal santas, living Christmas trees and a full blown invasion to rise up- typical.

    With the doctor unable to defend the Earth, can Rose save the day without him and if she can, will she be able to trust a man who's not only changed his face but his personality as well.

    The special effects are top notch in this, everything looks amazing- more great work by the mill who have been marvellous throughout the series.

    So how does Mr Tennant fare against his mighty predecessor? As hard as this seems to believe, he is every bit as good maybe even better as he combines wit and seriousness seamlessly- A joy to behold. The regulars turn in great performances, with the reactions to the new doctor so believable.

    Keeping with the season of good will, an anti-war message and a swipe at the Blair-Bush relationship are present- all carried off well.

    The first of the new specials is a resounding success, one of Russell T. Davies greatest episodes, on par with his masterpiece 'Parting of the ways'. This demonstrates why Doctor who is the greatest T.V. show ever and is something that everyone should catch.
  • Not the best storyline of the series but not the worse either.

    This episode was not my favourite so far out of the total 14 episodes shown. It is not my worse either. It was funny in spots, and gripping, but I found many bits silly, which I should really expect from RTD. I especially found the fight between the sycorax and the Doctor extremely silly but overall not a bad show.
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