Doctor Who

Episode Christmas Special

The Christmas Invasion

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Dec 25, 2005 on BBC America

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  • There's a new Doctor--whenever he wakes up--and a handful of monsters to mount the suspense of his introduction. Rose struggles with the change just as we lesser mortals do.

    Well, I liked this episode in the way that it set up David Tennant. His twenty-second introduction in The Parting of the Ways made me ready to cry, although that was partially because Christopher was "my" doctor, and after such an intense episode I needed to see more of the man... Well, I give my approval. It's as Rose figured out by the end: different, really, (probably) not an improvement or a worsening, just different. "Rude and not ginger." That scene, the great wardrobe selection (this made his entrance seem very official and lent legitimacy to his own struggles as this new man), his respectful hesitancy and yearning towards Rose, and his narrated discovery of himself ("No second chances. I'm not that kind of man.") were the best parts of this episode. In short, it exceeded my expectations and introduced a great new doctor.

    Not to end on a sour note--I know, against all reviewers' wisdom--but there were a good deal of follies in this episode as well. Like the santas and christmas trees--basically everything was unexplained about them. And the fight scene was rather cliché--to be honest, I got excited at the idea of Tennant's hand being lost for the rest of his run. What a great challenge that would have been, what an addition to the character and a twist in the story! But no, it was not to be. Also, I wonder how the word got out about Harriet's "illness," since her right-hand man didn't seem too talkative or even like he understood.

    I would also like to know what part of the Lion King he quoted... but all in all, a great premiere.