Doctor Who

Season 7 Episode 11

The Crimson Horror

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 04, 2013 on BBC America
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In Victorian Yorkshire, the Doctor and Clara investigate a series of strange deaths where the corpses are left with glowing red skin.

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  • Best episode this season!

    When you watch this episode again, be sure to watch for the Victorian GPS "Tom Tom" Strax is using and the Doctor's screwdriver when Jenny is fending off the "Supermodels".
  • Clever Title

    I liked this episode, and was not at all surprised with whop the monster was. But, and this is my own opinion, the episodes, despite being the average 42 minutes long seem so much shorter and its rather depressing. anyone else feel that way or am i just a weirdo?
  • In my opinion this episode...

    was the best so far for this second half of the season. It felt tighter, the plot was more interesting and made a bit more sense, and the Doctor and Clara are starting to act better as a pair. Of course we had Diana Rigg, but I was really surprised how old looking she is at 74, as the evil mother intent on killing off a major part of mankind. But what was good was the way it was going to happen and what was happening to all her victims, the Doctor included. It was also great to see Vastra, Jenny, and Thrax involved including that they set the era as London 1800s which provided for an interesting background. So really it was quite good and moving along the Doctor relationship with a new companion and also bringing in some old friends which made it extra fun.moreless
  • Surprisingly good

    Unlike last weeks 'Journey to the Center of the TARDIS' my expectations were not very high for this episode. I thought this was going to be one of the forgettable, okay episodes. Once again, I was wrong.

    First I'll start off with bad bits of this episode. Actually no. 'Bad bits' is a bit harsh. They were just moments that weren't as good as the rest of the episode. Trying not to spoil the episode for anyone - the most 'not as good as the rest' part of the episode was the lack of explanation why Clara was like what she was like when the Doctor and Jenny found her. Why in the glass container? And the other thing that annoyed me a little was Clara's hair. It was all... puffy at the front... and weird. But that didn't harm the episode at all... I'm just fussy. Now on to the many strengths of the episode...

    Mark Gatiss had written this episode specifically for Diana Riggs and Rachael Stirling, which will explain why the characterization of both characters was really clever and worked really well. The lack of Clara and the Doctor in the beginning of the episode was interesting and the way they were brought in was nicely done. Jenny was shown to be much more 'independent' and could handle herself which was needed. Previously I didn't really like or care for Jenny because I guess I just didn't know her enough but this episode changed that. Mark Gatiss certainly did a good job and the ending got me really excited. I loved it. I was grinning like a big idiot at the end.moreless
  • Nice shout out...

    Tegan Jovanka!!

    When the Doctor was first explaining the missed landing to Clara - he said, " i once spent'ell of a long time trying to get a gobby australian to Heathrow Airport"

    Gotta know the old Tom Baker/Peter Davison ones for that reference!! :)
Diana Rigg

Diana Rigg

Mrs Gillyflower

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Rachael Stirling

Rachael Stirling


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Kassius Carey Johnson

Kassius Carey Johnson


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Dan Starkey

Dan Starkey


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Catrin Stewart

Catrin Stewart


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Neve McIntosh

Neve McIntosh

Madame Vastra

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Trivia: The Doctor's comment about a "gobby Australian" is a reference to Tegan Jovanka, an airplane hostess and his companion primarily during his fifth incarnation.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Madame Vastra: According to my research, Sweetville's proprietor holds recruitment trials for her little community. She's only interested in the fittest and the most beautiful.
      Strax: You may rely on me, ma'am.
      Madame Vastra: I was in fact speaking to Jenny.
      Strax: Jenny? If this weak and fleshy boy is to represent us, I strongly advise the issuing of scissor grenades, limbo vapor, and triple-blast brain splitters.
      Madame Vastra: What for?
      Strax: Just generally. Remember, we are going... to the North.

    • Madame Vastra: If our stratagem succeeds, Jenny will infiltrate deep into the black heart of this curious place.
      Strax: And how will she locate the Doctor?
      Madame Vastra: To find him she needs only ignore all keep out signs, go through every locked door, and run towards any form of danger that presents itself.
      Strax: Business as usual, then?
      Madame Vastra: Business as usual.

    • Madame Vastra: I wonder how Jenny is getting on.
      Strax: If she hasn't made contact by nightfall, I suggest a massive frontal attack on the factory, Madam. Casualties can be kept to perhaps as little as eighty percent.
      Madame Vastra: I think there might be subtler ways of proceeding, Strax.
      Strax: Suit yourself.

    • The Doctor: Just when you think your favorite lock-picking Victorian chambermaid will never turn up. Jenny! (he kisses her, she slaps him) You have no idea how good that feels.

    • The Doctor: Ooh, I once spent helluva long time trying to get a gobby Australian to Heathrow Airport.
      Clara: What for?
      The Doctor: Search me.

    • Strax: Horse! You have failed in your mission! We are lost with no sign of Sweetville. Do you have any final words before your summary execution? (the horse snorts) The usual story! Fourth one this week… and I'm not even hungry.

    • The Doctor: Oh, great, great. Attack of the supermodels.

    • Madame Vastra: Strax, you're overexcited. Have you been eating those jelly sherbet fancies again?
      Strax: No...
      Madame Vastra: Go outside and wait for me until I call for you.
      Strax: But Madam...
      Madame Vastra: Go!
      Strax: I'm gonna go play with my grenades.

    • The Doctor: Ooh, The Repulsive Red Leech! Now on balance I think I prefer The Crimson Horror.

    • Clara: A chimney that doesn't blow smoke.
      The Doctor: Clever clocks.
      Clara: Miss me?
      The Doctor: Yeah, lots.

    • Mrs. Gillyflower: Oh, ho ho ho. You do seem to keep turning up like a bad penny, young man.
      The Doctor: Force of habit.

    • The Doctor: I'm the Doctor, you're nuts, and I'm gonna stop you.
      Mrs. Gillyflower: I'm afraid Mr. Sweet and I cannot allow that.
      The Doctor: Ah, yes. Would it be impolite to ask why you and Mr. Sweet are petrifying your workforce with diluted prehistoric leech venom?

    • The Doctor: Mrs. Gillyflower, you have no idea what you're dealing with. In the wrong hands that venom could wipe out all life on this planet.
      Mrs. Gillyflower: Do you know what these are? The wrong hands!

    • The Doctor: Hang on, hang on. I've got a sonic screwdriver.
      Clara: Yeah? I've got a chair! (smashes the console)
      The Doctor: Yeah. That worked.

    • The Doctor: You're the boss.
      Clara: Am I?
      The Doctor: No. No, get in.

    • Clara: No, that's just someone who looks like me.
      Angie: And that's someone who looks like your boyfriend.
      Artie: Is he an alien?
      Angie: Why would he be an alien?
      Artie: The chin!
      Angie: And the time travel?

  • NOTES (4)