Doctor Who

Season 4 Episode 6

The Doctor's Daughter

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 10, 2008 on BBC America

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  • The Doctor's Daughter

    The Doctor's Daughter was a quirky and entertaining episode of Doctor Who and I really enjoyed watching because of the action, drama and intrigue. The character development was awesome as The Doctor was used to spawn a new soldier who was more than she seemed. It was awesome watching The Doctor, Donna and his daughter work together as Martha was stranded with the Hath only to learn they were not as bad as they were portrayed. The ending was amazing and I liked the story lines and how every thing played out. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Spoilers! Instant clones, endless chase scenes, time paradoxes, and inconsistent regenerations!

    "The Doctor's Daughter" is the worst Doctor Who episode to date! As a series, Doctor Who has never relied on any time paradox phenomena. To be sure, The Master recently built a paradox machine using a TARDIS and a million spare parts, but it is a "cope out" to use a paradox! "Oh, it's just a paradox", chirps The Doctor! This is some of the poorest writing to date! And, what's with the regeneration without changing the actress? I guess Ms. Davison-Moffett gets a sequel with her original face! This episode is a dog! Maybe Steven Moffat will pick better writers next season!
  • This was just to promote a spin off.

    I have never thought about doctor who and spin off shows cause you don't see it coming. Until now. How obvious is it a spin off with the Doctors daughter is going to be aired. Doctor who is getting axed after this season till 2012. Guess whats going to take that space. Torchwood a very good spin off although aethiest coments are made way to much. But honestly if you didn't see the ending coming you had to be dumb. Well thats a little harsh cause it was a complicated ending but we all knew she was going to die. She died came back to life and now is going to have her own show. I can't really think of a bit I enjoyed. Maybe when Donna and the alien were on the surface but not much action here even though its a war episode! I fail to see how this could be a good episode. Oh yes and of course its a little shot at mankind here because of that fool who shot her. If we all didn't see that coming. This is a real low point for the series. It can't get any worse than this.
  • The doctor meets his daughter

    The doctor, Martha and donna are trapped in the tardis that is going somewhere random. The doctor is taken to a cloning machine and from him, comes his daughter, Jenny. The nteam that cloned Jenny are at war with the hath, a fish like race that bubble. The hath capture martha and martha helps the hath (they're really the good guys) and they keep coming across numbers to realise that the war has been going on for only a week. OMG! The two tribes are brought together and stop the war, but one guy shoots Jenny, killing her. Jenny revives later when the doctor leaves and leaves herself.
  • Filler except for the Dr's tasty daughter... ;)


    Firstly Tennant is going out with his on-screen daughter! Did see that coming! Doh!!

    As for this episode. Its more or less a filler episode to flush out more of the Dr. character and allow Martha to leave after her golden handshake tour! Will she be back? Hope so.

    Just like the previous 2parter, this episode uses a stable plot arc/device - the trapped on a ship. This time with two warring factions. Again the Dr. goes through the motions to sort out a war of misunderstanding. The locations are based around a crashlanded colony ship and do the job of providing a claustrophobic atmosphere to the conflict, a conflict that is not all that it seems. This provides a good little twist to the ending which was unforseen, but pointed to by Tates endless preoccupation with the numbered rooms!

    The fish aliens (Hath) are different if wierd!

    Overall however, its just doesnt offer anything new except introduces us to the Dr.s genetically cloned daughter who is the only bright spark of the whole 45 mins. Thankfully, just like Arnie - she'll be back!
  • Nothing special at all.

    This episode is probably the worst of the season apart from Voyage of the Damned. It was pointless and was basically a filler episode.

    It didn't contribute to anything in the rest of the season and left a lot of unanswered questions.

    The storyline was thin and the acting was bad. The end where Jenny was shot was so predictable and wasn't emotionally moving at all.

    The very end was weak with the cheesy lines and the flying off into the distance. It wasn't a realistic episode. It was dark and confined which didn't make it enjoyable viewing.

    Not at all good. Very Sorry.
  • ...but a few goofs/lack of consitency keep it from being excellent (Warning: SPOILERS)

    Two inconsistencies really bugged me this episode:

    -The war has raged on for 7 days - and none of the soldiers remember it because they were just the next generation. Ok fine.... I'm willing to accept that....
    But there's one human there who is obviously old and has lived longer than 7 days. (it's doubtful the cloning/replicator thing would have spit out a grizzly 60-70 year old as the perfect soldier).
    They either shouldn't have had him in there. Or they should have addressed why he was the only one there over the age of 20.

    -The machine spits out perfect soldiers and gives them only what they need to fight.... ok fine..... why does the daughter come out with heavey eyeliner and mascara on?? Necessary accoutrements for a soldier? I don't think so.

    -When the daughter regenerates - why doesn't her body change like all the other timelords?

    P.S. Another reviewer said s/he thought they heard the Blake's 7 theme when she took off in the ship. So I rewatched it and listened closely -there was the same trumpet sound that's in that opening song but it was not the full/actual Blake's 7 theme. RE: Blake's 7 remake: They've been talking remake for about 15 years, about as long as they've talked about a Dr. Who.... so maybe... it'll happen one day. Apparently there's some issues over the rights. (Which is also why it's unavailable on DVD in the US, despite being out in the UK)!
  • 'He saves planets, rescues civilisations, defeats terrible creatures ... and runs a lot. Seriously, there is an outrageous amount of running involved' (SPOILERS)

    As titles go, The Doctor's Daughter is a fairly revealing one (it makes me wonder if they were ready to reveal this one before the series aired, exactly what the shrouded Episode 12 title is actually going to be). Nonetheless, it's an interesting episode. Following directly on from the end of The Poison Sky, the TARDIS wildly careers out of control and lands on a desolate planet called Messaline. Almost immediately the TARDIS crew is apprehended and the Doctor is processed- a tissue sample is taken and extrapolated into a new soldier… the Doctor's daughter, who takes the name Jenny. On Messaline, the war between the humans and the fish-like Hath has raged for generations, both seeking to possess the mystical Source. While the Hath kidnaps Martha and the Doctor and Donna seek to find the Source and end the war, the Doctor has some bonding to do with his little girl. The episode has some very arresting moments, but the sum of its parts is greater than the whole actually.

    David Tennant's performance in this episode is just brilliant. The Doctor's journey in the episode, from unexpected fatherhood through all the emotions that having a 'child' again has brought up in him after the loss of his family in the Time War to the stunningly emotional scenes at the end, is a complex and complicated one and Tennant is just superb. Catherine Tate is right behind him, first forcefully telling Jenny that Martha is not 'collateral damage' (by the way, I have to say I like the tack that they've taken making Martha and Donna friends rather than having any cattiness between them) through trying to help the Doctor to assimilate his new position as father. She also gets some of the funniest lines of the episode, especially during her first discussion with the Doctor about parenthood, bringing up not only the much maligned CSA but a friend who conceived with a turkey baster. I bet there were some awkward questions around the country after that little bit! Of course the crux of the episode lies with the eponymous offspring of said Time Lord. And who better to play the Doctor's daughter than… the Doctor's daughter. Yep, actress Georgia Moffett is the child of erstwhile Doctor Peter Davison. Originally reading for a role in The Unicorn And The Wasp (and being one of the actresses considered for the role of Rose Tyler when the show was resurrected in 2005), Georgia got offered this more juicy role instead and really flies with it. Self-sufficient and self-assured, she is quick to answer any criticism that arises from her status as 'child of the machine'. Her chemistry with Tennant is undeniably great. I thoroughly enjoyed her performance. Of the other cast, Nigel Terry greatly impressed as the warmongering General Cobb, devoted to the fight and willing to go to any lengths to see the Hath destroyed and the humans victorious.

    The notion of a civilization at war for generations is a well-used one, but there's a nice little tweak to expectations when it's discovered that the war has only raged for seven days but countless generations as the progenation machines can churn out up to twenty generations in a day. The notions of why we fight and what we're willing to kill and die for are examined but there are no new statements made by Stephen Greenhorn's script- war is a terrible thing, there is always a choice to killing and so on. The design of the Hath is good but it suffers by having them speak in bubbles. We only have the other character's reaction- and it's usually Martha- to what's being said to imply a meaning. It just seems a shame that Freema Agyeman got lumbered with a fairly thankless part to play in this episode. She did well with what she was given- her grief at Hath Peck's sacrifice was nicely realized- but she didn't have a lot to do. The direction by Alice Troughton was brisk and well-realized in certain sequences- notably Jenny's acrobatics down the laser corridor and the initial explosion. The CGI effects of the ravaged surface of Messaline as well as the beautiful Source chamber were luscious. A shame that the incidental music was a little overbearing in places. All in all, a very serviceable episode but really lacking the bite I was expecting. For what could have been an incredibly controversial episode- many fans still foam at the mouth over the heresy of half-human-on-my-mother's side- it was played a little too safe.

    However, I am thoroughly looking forward to the next episode where two of my passions collide- Doctor Who and Agatha Christie!
  • On the alien planet Messaline, the Doctor and Donna deal with fishmen, war and unexpected parenthood. Oh, and Martha is there too stuff...I suppose.

    While judging a book by its cover is generally frowned upon, judging a writer by his previous work is usually socially acceptable. Therefore, coming off of last year's rather underwhelming "The Lazarus Experiment", also penned by Stephen Greenhorn, I did not expect this episode to knock me out of my socks. In addition, Doctor Who's season structure (which has become somewhat predictable after four years) has seemingly made a routine of offering lackluster filler-episodes between the seasons big two-parters, thus doing nothing to ease my misgivings.

    And indeed this episode fell flat of almost everything, for a number of reasons.
    This is a shame, considering the events in this episode have a significant impact on the "Doctor Who" cannon and thus deserved to be handled in a much grander fashion.

    After all, this episode sees the Doctor meet his daughter, introduced (that is to say "created") within the first five minutes via a handily placed "Doctor's-daughter"-creating-machine (let's face it, that's all it was). Things take off from there, as the group is attacked by our aliens of the week, rather impressive looking fish-men called the Hath, and Martha is taken prisoner. With Donna's help, the Doctor then sets out to both bring peace to the warring factions of men and Hath and (possibly even more challenging) come to terms with his unexpected fatherhood. The later is made especially difficult by the fact, that Jenny has been programmed to be a soldier at her "birth" and is therefore everything the Doctor despises.

    So what went wrong?

    A lot of the episode's problems were caused by some very bad direction and production choices.
    The idea to cut the costs of digitally adding muzzle flashes by turning the weapons in to glorified lighters was a bad one. This, combined with some very bad directing made the battle scenes look incredibly silly, especially in contrast to last week's excellent sequences of Sontarans and UNIT troops going at it. Here however, it looked exactly like what was being filmed: People furiously clicking oversized novelty lighters at each other and falling over. Somewhat reminiscent of the old, campier Who-stories actually. In a bad way.

    Having the Doctor and Co. running down very small, but seemingly endless corridors (occasionally nonsensically lined with death bringing lasers) not only similarly harkened back to the days of old, but at the same time effectively diminished the scope of the episode.

    But it would not be fair to lay the blame solely on the production team or the director. No, Stephen Greenhorn did do his part to botch up this episode as well. Be it the preposterous underlying plot of two races, utterly unable to communicate with each other, being sent out to colonize a planet together, the laughably uninspired Deus ex machina used to create the Doctor's daughter (notice how neither Martha nor Donna were processed) or the audaciously underused Martha (she contributed absolutely nothing to the plot), the entire script had a horribly rushed, "patched-together" feel to it. After all, the Doctor dismisses, accepts and finally bonds with his daughter all within a time span of about 30 minutes. That is not character development, that is just silly.

    At this point I would also like to extend my heartfelt sympathies to Freema Agyeman. Yes, Martha was never the strongest companion to travel with the Doctor, and yes, Freema has never been the best actress to grace our screens, but I have always had a spot in my heart for both Martha('s) and Freema('s) (extreme hotness)!

    So what the fudge Stephen Greenhorn and Russell T. Davies? Did Freema Agyeman wrong you in some way? Not only is she essentially written out of the plot, she is written out of the plot by having her kidnapped by a bunch of mute aliens. This of course means that each and every already superfluous scene now has to be carried by Freema's admittedly rather bland acting abilities. The result is several scenes of cringe worthy acting with Freema either standing around, being groped by fish-men or Freema standing around seemingly howling at the moon (or crying, I could not tell). This may in fact be my major point of contention with this episode!

    But all this is not to say this episode was completely void of any moments worth watching.

    First off, the story, however rushed or forced it may have been in some parts, did work as a whole. Especially the big reveal concerning the duration of the war was an outstanding example of what makes this show some of the best SciFi on the air today!

    Though weak in some cases the production team sure did not fall short when it came to the aliens of the week. The Hath were some of the most optically satisfying (i.e. they looked wicked awesome) aliens to ever appear on the show und definitely beat CGI rockmonsters.

    The characters did their part to save this episode as well (excluding Martha here). Be it Jenny besting the Doctor in a discussion concerning his stance on warfare and rendering him speechless, or Donna helping the Doctor come to grips with being a father again, all the major character moments worked beautifully thanks in large parts to the excellent chemistry between the actors.

    Speaking of which, this episode once more gave David Tennant the opportunity to show off his acting prowess in a number of outstanding scenes the actor really managed to hit home. David Tennant does not often get scenes where he is allowed to show his full range of acting abilities, but when he does it is the highlight of the episode.

    Catherine Tate will always be either loved or hated no matter how well she does or how superbly her character is developed. I am in the former camp and can only congratulate her on another performance well done. Her excellent interplay and chemistry with David Tennant continues to enhance this show and this week was no exception.

    Finally Georgia Moffett was absolutely brilliant. Cute as a button she did an amazing job of portraying Jenny. Successfully conveying the feistiness, curiosity and need for acceptance inherent in the doctor's daughter she leaves us eagerly anticipating her inevitable return.

    In conclusion it must be said, that the Doctor meeting his daughter is an epic event for the revived series and the series as a whole, no matter how contrived a plot device she was created from. As such it would have been worthy of an epic storyline and some detailed character development, possibly spanning several episodes.
    Instead it was reduced to a lackluster outing for the Doctor and served as hardly more than a filler episode (though, yeah, Jenny will be back sooner or later). A lot of the right ingredients were there, character moments, dialog and the acting was on par but the episode was let down by lousy writing and shoddy directing.

    Better next time people, better next time!
  • Blake's 7????

    Did anyone but me hear the opening music from Blakes 7 as Jenny was blasting off in her shuttle? I believe they've announced plans of reviving that series too. We can only hope its as well done as most of the Dr Who episodes have been. It is interesting that Peter Davison has been in the childrens network mini episode they did and now his daughter has appeared in the series as well. As Far as the Martha/Donna debate I dont care who travels with the doctor as long as they arent treated as comedy relief or baggage Ill keep watching
  • Awesome episode with a fantastic story behind i

    very good, especially when Jenny comes back to life and runs off with the ship. I hope she comes back later to continue the story. My advice, if you haven't watched it watch the next Doctor Who on BBC 1 at around 7:00pm.

    I never knew the doctor had another daughter earlier in his life (If you ask me I think it's Romana.

    Ooh that was good.

    I follow all the episodes and I haven't missed one

    some of the old ones are good too and there are novels for your kids also

    go to the website for more info on this episode
  • The doctor has a daughter! A nice twist as I was expecting it to be Susan's mum. An interesting and exciting plot with some very interesting questions from Donna and Jenny.

    I thought that despite the many, many plot holes that I could find in this episode, I have to say that this was the best epsiode of the series so far. The fact that they really are related even if it is through a cloning machine is something that I know a lot of people were not expecting. I adored the Hath but the fact that their language is not translated in the tardis (but in DWC there is someone reading what they would be saying) did fustrate me a little. Of course we knew what was going on due to martha and the bubbles were a nice touch but it was still a bit irritating not to know what they were really saying. Jenny was brilliant, Georgia Moffat was simply wonderful in this episode and her and Donna questioned the doctor which was a nice rareity in doctor who sometimes.
    I am a bit fed up of hearing the same old things about the time war. We understand that it's a big deal and a very important part of the Doctor's life. However, we don't need to hear about it every week. The show simply seems to be building up to a very big finale that I am frankly worried about, especially as this is supposed to be the "best series yet" and aside from Donna being fantastic, and my favourite companion from new who, the show seems somewhat lacking but I'm not entirely sure why.
    I am glad that the Doctor explained that he was a father before. As soon as it was clear that this was not Susan's mother, I was dissapointed but was glad that the mention was still there. It meant that some form of old who squee could be enjoyed in some way, shape or form.
    Martha's role in this episode was - like torchwood, a little bit pointless. It felt that aside from in sontaran stratagem and Reset in TW, Martha's role was limited and in most ways, pointless. I was glad to see her back but didn't feel like she was used well and a Martha centered story should have been used. Aside from that, this was a brilliant episode with an amazing plot, a lovable new character and a new part of history to go with the show. The end leads me to think that she will be back, if not in the finale then quite possibly next year in one of the specials.
    The thing that upset me most about this episode was when Donna said to Martha something along the lines of "how could I leave this, I'm staying with him forever" Something is clearly going to happen to her now and I really hope they don't kill her off as she is an amazing companion
  • This episode is the best of the season so far and very funny

    The Doctor, Donna, and Martha get pulled, by the TARDIS to an unknown area and into the middle of a war, where the Doctor has a "clone" grown off of a sample of him. The Doctor, Donna, and the "clone" Jenny get separated from Martha, and they accidentally step up the war.

    The Doctor, Donna, and Jenny have to race to try and stop this unending war between two groups who have unlimited troops. While Martha has to try and and brave the decimated surface of the planet to get back to the others. They regroup where some startling discoveries are revealed and a character reveals what they really are.

    This episode definitely sets up what is going to be going on at the end of the season, and it is going to be a lot of fun.
  • One of the best episodes of the season so far!!!

    I really enjoyed this episode, it was great to see another side to the Doctors personality; the paternal side! it was really sweet to watch him interact with his daughter and i had tears in my eyes when she got shot at the end and died in his arms but i was really pleased when she regenerated because she seems like she could be a really interesting character if given the chance!

    Donna was also very funny in this episode and she came out with some great one-liners. It was also great to see her acting slightly maternal towards Jenny when the Doctor was perhas being a bit harsh. I also liked it when she revelled in the Doctors obvious discomfort at having a daughter and i was great to see him at a loss for how to act or what to do for once. It was fun to watch!! I have to admit i wasn't too sure about Catherine Tate at the start of the season but Donna has really grown on me, she is a fantastic character.

    Not to sure about the half-human-half-fishy-hath things but i found the way they communicated very funny (the jar of green liquid where their mouths should be that bubbled whenever they 'spoke') and i also found it strange that Martha was able to understand them. Also really enjoyed having Martha back coz i thoght she was great last season and i much rather prefer her to Rose!

    I hope that Jenny manages to catch up with the Doctor and Donna eventually and im really looking forward to next week!!!
  • Georgia Moffett almost saves this one

    Despite a plot as thin as David Tennant's face and an awful, awful ending, the cheery (and easy on the eyes) Georgia Moffett brings this one back from obscurity.

    Her interplay with David Tennant is well done and they seem to have a natural chemistry. Nigel Terry also gives a good performance as the belligerent commander, the first role I've seen him in since "Excalibur"

    Martha's side plot seemed to be largely filler, completely superfluous to the main story. *Spoiler* The only thing that rivals the theory that, "the clones have had multiple generations over a period of a week, only no-one remembers" for implausabilty, is the rescue of Martha from the "quicksand"

    David Tennant finally gets a chance to show his dramatic side (too briefly) which has been largely missing this season, as opposed to his excellent performances in the "Satan Pit", "Family of Blood" and "Doomsday" from previous seasons. He really needs some more chances to do this, as he is an excellent actor when he's not just being goofy.

    Unfortunately, the ending is overdone and the ressurection s about as cliche as the final shot of a baddy rising again in a horror movie.

    Some good lines in this one though and happy to see Tennant get a chance to act again for a change. Steven Moffatt episode coming up soon, and I for one can't wait.
  • It is certainly something I was not expecting!

    First of all I was not expecting this story line, I was aware that the doctor use to travel around with his daughter(?) and grand daughter many many years ago, so I was expecting the doctor's daughter still alive and well (regenerated, if that was possible) and he just randomly meets up with her on that planet - the trailer gave me that idea. The Doctors daughter, Jenny, is not really his daughter, shes not a really a clone either although she shares the exact same DNA. Anyway he begins arguing with her and denying that she is real, because she was created. Jenny obviously learns a few things from the doctor along the way, and he ends up enjoying having someone around like him, a daughter even. Donna loves the fact that Jenny constantly makes the doctor speechless, and we all know that NEVER happens! She was also very shocked and upset for the doctor when she found out that he was a father once. Its something we all can sympathize with (even though is is fiction) as its not right for any parent to outlive their children!

    It was totally obviously that she was going to die or somehow written out of the script, as we are all well aware that she will not be in every episode for the rest of the season, she might not even be in it at all for another season. It was also really nice to see Martha again, as I like all the Doctor Who assistants!

    I was very shocked when I saw the Doctor put a gun to a guys head! I knew that the Doctor would never pull the trigger, considering that would go against the morals of the character plus it would probably break children.s hearts! bless em :D
  • Jenny Written by Stephen Greenhorn Directed by Alice Troughton

    The Doctor (re Jenny): "Donna, will you tell her?"
    Donna: "Oh you are speechless. I'm loving this. You keep on Jenny".

    Well if there was an episode that more or less stated the obvious in terms of what would be happening in an episode of Doctor Who, then this is definitely it. Yes, it's very episode people have been looking forward to and dreading at the same time. I can't speak for everyone else but my overall stance is positive.

    Given that last week's disappointing conclusion to the Sontaran two-parter ended with The Doctor, Donna and Martha being taken by the TARDIS, it's amazing how little it takes for Martha to comment on the excitement of the hand. Well it was the same thing that Captain Jack kept for two years and also the same thing that The Master was able to use to his advantage so point for being worried.

    Donna's reaction is funny. Six episodes into her tenure on the TARDIS and she's still learning more and more about being with The Doctor. As for the hand's crazy behaviour, it soon manages to stop upon their arrival on Messaline. Done with earth stories, it's nice to see this episode based on a planet. Granted for the first half we're underground but I'm liking the idea of less earth based stories this season. However the first thing that happens is that as soon as the TARDIS, there are soldiers afoot so it's obvious that war is playing its part in this journey.

    There are plenty of welcomes that The Doctor could've anticipated. Equally as annoying as a gun to the head, a soldier named Cline has The Doctor processed. Less icky than it sounds, the flipside is that this procedure involves tissue samples into making more soldiers.

    Over the last week and a half, there were extensive theories as to what Jenny would be. Some people did go with the test tube baby theory and others thought that like The Master, Jenny might have been the real deal and clever enough to have survived the Time War. If I'm being honest, I flipped back and forth and it seems that Jenny herself could be a mixture of both options.

    Her first reaction upon seeing her father is a cheeky wink but seeing as Jenny's 'birth' comes at the same time a fish/humanoid race called the Hath are getting ready to fight, the girl's first impulse is to blow up stuff. All this happens while one of the Hath manages to kidnap Martha.

    One of the things I hated about the last episode was Martha having barely anything to do and to be honest I didn't like that she was so easily captured here either. That Hath certainly didn't waste time and Martha didn't exactly put up much of a struggle either.

    Fortunately both The Doctor and Donna are determined to get her back and Donna rips Jenny a new one when the trigger happy girl dismisses Martha as collateral damage. Yeah for me that is probably the only thing Jenny says in the episode that annoyed me. Everything else she says or does is fine in my book.

    However it seems that Martha isn't really in that big of danger. Sure the Hath might have snatched her but she's soon fixing its arm and generally being sympathetic to the species. One thing that is establish fairly quickly is that both the human and Hath factions are as bad as each other.

    The Doctor, Donna and Jenny are also making some of their own discoveries too. General Cobb is leading the humans into ending the war and finding a significant thing called The Source. Being something of a broken record, The Doctor goes off on one of his anti-war stances for the billionth time but instead of being listened to, he manages to get himself, Donna and Jenny locked up instead.

    At least prison time has some advantages. While both the Hath and the humans are heading to the same temple to find The Source, Donna finds a way of continuing her amazing streak. Instead of the war factors, Donna feels that The Doctor should get to know Jenny a lot. Naturally his enthusiasm for this isn't particularly.

    The Doctor might view himself as a pacifist but Jenny uses every opportunity and every defence he has to show him that he can be quite the foot soldier when he wants to be. In fact Jenny doesn't particularly respond well when The Doctor goes on the offensive and keeps dismissing the idea that they are biologically related.

    Fortunately however, Jenny's method of escape is a little less intense. Seducing a gullible Cline was a nice move, especially when Donna quips about her own feminine wiles. Joe Dempsie, while not actually given a lot to do in the episode is adequate in the soldier's role and General Cobb does find Cline bound and gagged a while after The Doctor, Donna and Jenny have managed to escape.

    Sadly though any sympathy for General Cobb does seem to evaporate really quickly. He's so into this war that no amount of reasoning from The Doctor is enough to dissuade. Times like this even I wonder why The Doctor tries to reason with war obsessed sociopaths like Cobb. He would've been better either arresting or killing the man instead of trying to appeal to his better nature.

    Still are some incredibly wonderful moments with The Doctor and Donna. While some people might find her determination to accept Jenny as his daughter somewhat moralising, you have to admit that once again, Catherine Tate is given some delicious lines. There are also a few parallels to The Doctor and Jenny that do see him warming to the idea of having a child.

    For instance for all of her violence, you have to admire Jenny's ability to literally be able to kick butt during the start of the episode and it was also rather superb with how she put her gymnastic skills to good use in order to get past a series of laser alarms. Donna's reactions to Jenny's skills was also neat.

    In fact Donna's total lack of jealousy is still constantly a breath of fresh. I know a lot of it is down to the lack of sexual designs she has on The Doctor but I do love much she warms to the girl and even how she compliments Jenny for being able to challenge The Doctor at every given point. It's like she's taking on the role of cool aunt with the girl.

    Georgia Moffat is a wonderful piece of casting in the role of Jenny. Although it's incredibly hard to ignore the fact that she's the real life daughter of Fifth Doctor actor Peter Davison, the girl is absolutely electric on screen and wonderfully holds her own against David Tennant. It's great that we didn't have to wait too long for The Doctor to want to connect with Jenny.

    In fact when he's not telling Donna about being a parent beforehand, both she and Jenny get an edited but effective version of what happened in the Time War. Seeing Jenny reignites a lot of those feelings in the same way that seeing The Master did too. Something tells me with the continued mentions of that particular period in The Doctor's life that we may finally get something on it.

    As for Martha, well she manages to encourage a Hath called Peck to help her find The Source but sadly for her she nearly gets killed in a bog and when her life is saved, Peck ends up being the goner. Although Freema Agyeman has better material here than in "The Poison Sky", Martha's experiences still feel more negative.

    Still at least Martha is reunited with The Doctor, Donna and Jenny shortly afterwards and then the four of them find The Source. If the generation long war only lasting a week wasn't shocking, then The Source being a device to make Messaline more habitable is pleasant.

    With all the war in this episode, it's nice that the major thing is an object of peace. The Doctor releasing it into the air was his own way of getting both the humans and the Hath to settle their differences but if the episode has one real negative stroke against it, then it's the 'death' of Jenny.

    This seems to be an ongoing thing in this series. As soon as The Doctor finds someone like him (aka Time Lord), they have to die. General Cobb shot Jenny as she protected her father and while the 'death' scene isn't as affecting as the one in "Last Of The Time Lords", both Tennant and Moffat knock it out of the ball park.

    It's also nice to see Jenny's 'death' produce a near violent reaction from The Doctor. I was weirdly delighted to see him point a gun to General Cobb's head and while I knew he wouldn't go through with it, I think as viewers we needed to see that level of impact.

    You feel bad for The Doctor. Once again he's under the impression that he's the last of his kind and also some of this sadness plays a part when he has to say goodbye to Martha. At least her goodbye in this episode is more concentrate on than when she was in Torchwood but her warning to Donna makes me shudder a little.

    As for Jenny, it seems you just can't keep a good soldier. Her father's barely left Messaline and she's already scaring the crap out of a Hath and Cline by suddenly coming alive. However this doesn't mean through regeneration and to prove that she really is her father's daughter, the first thing she does it to take off.

    Stephen Greenhorn who wrote this episode did warn that some viewers might not like it. Perhaps he meant the fact that with Jenny still around, The Doctor really isn't the last of his kind. Then again I'm still unconvinced that The Master is dead, so that would effectively make three Time Lords still breathing. Also in "The Doctor's Daughter"

    This episode aired at 6.45pm and from next week onwards the series is going back to its regular 7pm slot.

    Martha: "Oh I love this bit".
    Donna: "I thought you wanted to go home".

    It was interesting to see Martha dressed in the same way that she usually was in Season Three – except for cream leather jacket of course.

    Donna: "How? Who is she?"
    The Doctor: "Well she's, she's my daughter".
    Jenny: "Hello Dad".

    The Doctor: "But they've got my friend".
    Jenny: "Collateral damage. At least you've still got her. He's lost both his men. I'd say you'd came out ahead".
    Donna: "Her name is Martha and she's not collateral damage, not for anyone. Have you got that GI Jane?"

    Donna is the very person who gives Jenny her name after The Doctor explains how the girl came to be.

    Donna: "This is a theatre".
    The Doctor: "Maybe they're doing Miss Saigon".

    Jenny (to Donna, re The Doctor): "You're no better than him. I have a body, I have a mind. I have independent thought. How am I not real? What makes you better than me?"

    Georgia Moffat was originally supposed to be in the next episode "The Unicorn And The Wasp". She also auditioned for the role of Rose Tyler back in 2004.

    Donna: "So The Source could be a weapon and you've given directions to Captain Nutjob".
    The Doctor: "Oh yes".

    Jenny (to Cline): "Keep quiet and open the door".
    Donna (to The Doctor): "I'd like to see you try that one".

    Messaline looks very similar enough to Malcassairo in "Utopia". It's not the only similarity as well.

    The Doctor: "Killing after a while it affects you. Once it does, you're never rid of it".
    Jenny: "But we don't have a choice".
    The Doctor: "There's always a choice".
    Jenny: "I'm sorry".

    The Doctor: "Jenny, I can't".
    Jenny: "I have to manage on my own. Watch and learn father".

    Donna uses her temping skills yet again to figure out the whole generations of the war on this planet. I loved The Doctor complimenting her on it too.

    The Doctor (to Jenny): "Careful, there might be traps".
    Donna: "Kids. They never listen".

    Donna: "You're filthy. What happened?"
    Martha: "I took the surface route".

    I noticed that a good chunk of the Doctor Who Confidential dedicated some of it's time to "Time Crash". I enjoyed seeing Peter Davison's reaction to finding out exactly what role Georgia Moffat was playing in this episode.

    The Doctor: "We can go anywhere, everywhere. You choose".
    Jenny: "Sounds good".
    The Doctor: "You're my daughter and we've only just started. You're going to be great. You're going to be more than great. You're going to be amazing, do you hear me?"

    The Doctor (to everyone): "I never would. Have you got that? I never would. When you start this world of humans and Hath you remember to make the foundations of this society, a man that never would".

    Did anyone notice a lot of the music in this episode was remixed from both "Utopia" and "Last Of The Time Lords"?

    Donna (to Martha, re The Doctor): "How can you back to normal life after this? I'm gonna travel with that man forever".

    Cline: "But where are you going?"
    Jenny: "I've got the whole universe. Planets to save, civilisations to rescue, creatures to defeat and an awful lot of running to do".

    Martha landed outside of her house. I thought for a second we might have seen either Tom or her family.

    Although some people are inclined to disagree, I absolutely loved "The Doctor's Daughter". It's easily one of my favourite episodes of the series and while we could've gotten a few more arc related clues (besides a Time War mention), this episode barely stopped for breath and what are the odd that with Jenny alive, that we won't see her in the season finale?
  • The Doctor has a Daughter, only not biological or anything, well not really

    The TARDIS drags The Doctor, Martha and Donna to the planet Mesaline where a group of Humans are fighting a fish like race called The Hath, both searching for an item called The Source. To add to this a tissue sample is taken from The Doctor's hand only to instantaneously create from him...a daughter.

    It's a nice idea and one to come back to later in the series (as hint hinted by Russell T on confidential) but also a little disappointing that it isn't his biological daughter that we know existed/exists. Although, this is the worst episode so far of Season 4, on second watch it does get a little better. I think the main problem with it is that it feels almost like a bottle episode with them running around boring corridors all the time. Which is nicely highlighted by Donna actually admitting to it. Thanks Donna.

    Martha this time actually gets some character as well (although I groaned when she initially got kidnapped). It's clear that she has developed as a person and is more independent on her own as she basically takes the role that the Doctor takes for the Humans only with the Hath. Her trek across the surface is more interesting for having her Hath companion even if the peril from the quicksand wasn't massively affective. The way they touched and stroked her as if she was something new to them was funny though.

    Donna and the Doctor's daughter Jenny get a lot of good lines in this episode (Donna in particular) and she once again as with on the Oodsphere feels almost like a nurse, especially the bit where it's revealed that Jenny has two hearts. As it should be, the introduction of a daughter for the Doctor reveals more of his past and is not an easy transition for him. This rather than the war was what was played on throughout and therefore pushes the other guest character's into the background a little too much. They were all one dimensional.

    As with anyone who gets close to the Doctor and isn't a companion the denouement for Jenny's character is expected. Especially made better by the fact that the Doctor's reaction to this was very powerful and unlike him. He did mention about the other heart kicking in though, so hows he going to feel when he sees her again I wonder? Surprised or just happy :)

    So all in all a good episode marred by too many running around in dull corridors and an abundance of 1 note characters.
  • a great espisode the timelords will live on

    they have talked about the tardis being alive in the old series it took where he was needed, so i'm happy they brought it back.for the way the daughter was introduce was brillant.the story itself was great how a peaceful terraforming operation can go so wrong.the cloning and terraforming proceed was great how the speed of them was so fast. remember this is set many years from now .the alien race was ok but what happened to the translation of their languages.why this dislike for martha ?she been a good companion,still is.and for rose you will see her from time to time before the big finale.
  • A great episode, to be honest, I prefer Donna to Martha.

    This was another good episode of Doctor Who. I have to agree with some fans that I was a little put off by how the Doctors Daughter actually came to be in the episode, but it didn't take away from her character, who I enjoyed throughout. Being completely honest, the appearances of Joe Dempsey (Chris from Skins) didn't do much for me, didn't think twice about his character.

    I love Donna and I nearly like her as much as Rose. Her humour has really given us some great moments. I liked how Martha and Donna were with each other, both saying things about The Doctor to each other. I like how Donna is, she'll put up a fight, isn't afraid to say anything and its nice to have someone who doesn't fancy the doctor.

    The actual story was good enough, at times a bit confusing.
    I kind of enjoyed Martha being taken away, it was enjoyable. Though her acting skills aren't the best, like when she broke down, I didn't feel much for her.

    As for Jenny (Doctors daughter) getting killed, to be honest I had guessed it would happen about two minutes before it did. I guess the end was good, her being back, she could be a good companion.

    This was good, no better than any others, but good none the less.
  • A brilliant episode, that trips over its ambition.

    First and foremost this was possibly the most true-to-the-original episode of the reinvented series yet, thats a good thing.

    And before I go on can I just say it was a great treat to have the Doctors daughters by played by Peter Davidsons daughter. The Doctor daughter is the Doctors daughter!

    Donna despite being a touch predictiable was yet again played brilliantly, she had plenty of good lines, and remains plesently refreshing, however this was the Doctors episode. Tennant and his charecter got a lot of good exposure and exploration in this episode, and despite the odd bad choice and one or two bad lines, Tennant did a stunning job.

    This episode did spend time repeating old information, but it was a great summary of everything time-lord and time-war with a scattering of new (or at least new to those who aint seen the original) information.

    Martha charecter felt somewhat pushed to the side, and again the writers are in the odd line giving her more authority than Agyman can convincly portray, this can be a let down if you dont realise that the events that unfold show that Martha still has more growing to do. On that note, because it goes unnoticed so easily, I have to point out that Series 4's tradgy so far it that empathsis is missing on many excellent moments, be it charecter or storyline developments, or great one-liners. The hawk-eyed viewer won't miss them, but im sure many others do and will.

    Thier was a feeling on emptiness to this episode as if you were denied climax. And as good as it was done, the europic Doctor at the end seemed a little bit extreme. Something makes me think thier was someone interfering with script, the main wirter of this episode, has to be credited for a refreshing and ambitious idea, there was a clear seperation of inspiration for this episode and I dont think the blame lies on this new writer.
  • Series 4 - Episode 6 - "The Doctor's Daughter... sort of"

    To be honest, I was really looking forward to this episode, but it just fell a little flat for me. I didn't like the silly clone idea Why not go the whole hog and make her his actual daughter. As the episode title tells us, the Doctor dances! So much more could have been done with this storyline. but it was just a bit 'Oh look, daughter. Not my daughter. Too soldiery. Don't like her. Oooh look, she can jump through laser, me like her now. Yay daughter! Uh-oh, dead. Waa-waa. Bye!' To be forgotten about, on with the next adventure. At least it picked up near the end. Donna had some good lines and I liked the Doctor's "The man who never would" bit. See, another legend left by the Doctor (see The Household gods and the song of the Doctordonna) It was a shame that most of this episode fell a little flat.

    What I really would have loved would be for Rose to have been the mother, and then seen RTD on Confidential, cackling madly for 45 minutes.
  • When she just popped out of the machine I was so disappointed.

    When she just popped out of the machine I was so disappointed. I self proclaimed to the tv set that even i could have written a better storyline about a daughter should have been a future daughter of rose and the doctor.........that would have made everyone go "yes yes yes."

    But instead I was going "no no no."

    I didn't like the end. Just means we'll be seeing her again.

    Granted she IS hot.

    But the fact she just appeared in 2 secs from a machine is not cool.........

    This episode was very out of character with this season, which I believe to be one of the best so far.

    Fingers crossed for next week.
  • One of the first times since I started watching this show when I really don't know what to think

    The episode just ended, and left me thinking three letters, and if you've any sense you'll know what those three letters are without me having to tell you (but for the morons out there they were WTF).
    I approached this episode, not really knowing what to expect. I may be a fan of classic who, it did make me think "great, doctor who continuity explantion hell" and it wasn't exactly that, though the doctor admitting to have killed people made me raise an eyebrow. wasn't he always a pacifist even before the time war? And I thought the time lords had stopped liking him because of tonnes of stuff he's done like messing with history, declining to become president, twice I think that happened, they stranded him on earth for a few years, okay this isn't the point.
    The point is: I didn't know what to think, always great when you're writing a review. I can say one thing however: it was totally ridiculous. Call me a cynic, but seriously, it was all over the place, three minutes and he's got a daughter (granted if this episode had spanned nine months, then I would start to complain), suddenly there's a war underground, Martha's been kidnapped by fish, there's loads of these soldiers who are ctually clones of people, there's a temple and a powerful thingy in it. His daughter can't regenerate, but then suddenly she can, she's suddenly in a rocket and then the episode sort of ends. It was a bit...I hate to use the word "insane" but I don't think I can think of anything else to say. Though the plot was alright, doctor who has seen madder, its also seen better, but madder, yes. But still, the plot was alright, it may have left me questioning me sanity, but it was a decent enough plot to hold my interest for forty five minutes.
    Anyway: The doctor's daughter. it was alright, not great, alright. i know that lots of people liked it, i just didn't think it felt quite right. cast was great, jenny was good, it was weird that she couldn't regenerate but then she couldn't, which was strange. but still, she was good, ending was a bit stupid, confusing and crap, but overall I can't argue with her performance. I did like the vibe between her and the doctor.
    I'm really getting to like Donna, I didn't think i would, but Catherine Tate seriously has improved since the runaway bride, she's still a bit...catherine tate at time, less donna, but overall, solid performance. Martha's getting better too, and really comes into her own here. The Hath: loved them. Its a fish on legs, how great is that? Its a legs. God I love this show. This was the best, but most ridiculous bit about it, its a fish...on legs. Its a fish on legs that you can't understand a word it says, it just makes me love the show more. A legs. Simple concept, but that's what makes it great. Just have a fish on legs standing in the centre of the screen for forty five minutes, I'd watch it. That's the problem with TV today, not enough fish on legs...I'm such a mature person.
    Anyway, I'm getting bored, so I'll finish by saying: yes it was alright, could've been better, but I just think it was a bit too...ridiculous
  • The Doctor travels to a planet where humans are fighting fish (seriously) and Cow-Features (I mean Martha) gets captured by a lovable fish while the Doctor gets a daughter through cloning and it starts off good and gets very bad by the end.

    Right...I went into this episode expecting to hate it. Anything that messes around with the Whoniverse gets 0/10 from me - and showing that the Doctor HAS a daughter does that. You see, before the "new" series the Doctor had a grand daughter, which also implies his fatherhood, but it was merely speculation. Was his granddaughter, in fact, another Time Lord, who had been given this title due to the difference in age shown through the Doctor's appearance at the time (he was an old man and she was a 16 year old).

    But I didn't hate this episode.

    In fact, I loved it. I thought it was smart, funny in places and quite possibly one of the best episodes of the series since it's return in 2005. However, my score at the end will shock most after my nice comments.

    The elevator pitch is: The Doctor, Donna and Cow Face...I mean, Martha...arrive on a planet where the human populace are essentially clones, battling against Fish People known as the Hath. The first thing the humans do is clone the Doctor and the result is his "daughter" - Jenny. This episode was FANTASTIC. The casting of Peter Davison's (Doctor #5) daughter as Jenny was phenomenal. The action was brilliant. The plot was actually decent and believeable, something I feared it would not be. The Hath were brilliant aliens/human-fish people, and the final scene between the Doctor and Jenny was heartbreaking.

    Spoiler alert, however, Jenny dies. She gets shot by the bad guy, General Cobb, and dies in the Doctor's arms. She can't regenerate, and he has a psychotic "that was my daughter you killed and now you're a dead man" moment in which he holds a gun to Cobb's head, only to cast it aside and say "I could do it...but I would NEVER do it!" The Doctor is a bad ass! As he should be! Finally, we get rid of Horse-Features...I'm sorry, Martha...and the Doctor and Donna toddle off together in the TARDIS. Hopefully Freema "I Can't Act To Save My Own Worthless Life" Ageyman won't come back for the finale. But I won't hold my breath.

    Then something happened.

    We return to the planet where Jenny died, she opens her mouth, time vortexy stuff comes out, and she wakes up. Okay, that's not so bad, but then she steals a spaceship and goes off to roam the universe and save the day "like her dad". That's where the fun train ends and the crap express begins. Without this ending this episode is a masterpiece. A work of true genius and one of the best episodes I've watched. With it, which is it's actual state, it's the biggest piece of crap I've ever seen.

    So, here comes the scores (yes, plural)...

    The First 39 Mins: 10/10
    The Last 3 Mins: 0/10

    That leads us to our overall rating, which is:


    Low, I know, but I REALLY hated that ending. And there was no Rose reference, which would have been so easy to put in (Jenny could have some memory of the Doctor's that ties into what's happening, but noooooo)
  • The TARDIS malfunctions and lands the Doctor, Donna and Martha on remote planet Messaline, where a fierce war is raging between two races. And the Doctor meets... his daughter? Other than the notable appearance of Jenny, an average episode...

    I found this to be a watchable episode, but with a rather thin plot.

    The Doctor's "daughter", Jenny, is excellently played by young looking Georgia Moffett, the real-life daughter of fifth Doctor Peter Davison. She breathes real life into the part, and livens up what is in other respects a rather average installment.

    Donna jokes about "lots of running" with the Doctor, and indeed this episode does feature a lot of running. In fact, there is so much running up and down soundstage corridors that it could come from just about any era of 'Who'.

    One thing the episode does suffer from, as with several others of this season, is that - after its exciting opening - is that there is a lull in the story, and it takes some time to really build up momentum and get going.

    The Hath are interesting monsters (well, they're not really monsters as such, just a misunderstood species) with some good work from the design department.

    The final explanation of what is going on on the planet is well thought out and interesting, it's just a shame that it took so long to get there.

    We also get to say goodbye once again to Martha. Although I'm hardly the biggest Martha fan (!), I've found her slightly more watchable this season.

    [spoiler] I was betting myself even before the episode had started that Jenny would end up dead by the end of the episode, and sure enough she does. But then... she comes back again, taking off on adventures of her own ("Proposed spin-off series", anyone?)

    All-in-all, a fair episode, but other than the notable appearance of the Doctor's "daughter", a rather average affair, with a rather thin plot and yes, lots of running around. But Georgia Moffett as Jenny really saves it!
  • This was the most amazing episode yet you find out so much about the doctor and how he feels and his past oh and OMG another timelord running about

    I can't believe how much I learnt in that episode. I think that the doctor has the most paternal instincts that I have ever seen it was amazing to see how he worked with her. He cared so much for her even though you thought he didn't and the fact that she is an actual timelord and actually will be traveling the stars. Also when the Doctor regenerates he always has a new face why didn't she, £5,000 question of the week hey. lol. Anyway I really hope she is bought up again in another episode. The acting was truly amazing and the writing was perfect. The right ammount of jokes realisation and general drama and action was simply amazing.
  • The doctor meet's his daughter.

    This is the episode where the doctor meets his daughter, well actually it's just someone created from his DNA or something, i was a bit confused about that bit. well this was a great episode maybe the best in the season so far. this is the second episode in which the humans are the bad guys, the first was in planet of the ood. jenny was a great character, i was so sad when she died and was very happy to see her come back to life at the end. this certainly leaves the window open for her return. Maybe she might be one of the doctor's assistants in the future, I sure hope so!
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