Doctor Who

Season 6 Episode 4

The Doctor's Wife

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 14, 2011 on BBC America

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  • Bonkers and Brilliant! 95% spoiler free.

    Frankly if this episode was just the 30 second scene in which Idris tells him it says pull to open on the Tardis door and he always pushes! Sheer brilliance! As if so many of us never noticed!

    I won't lie, I hyped this episode up in my head so much I was a touched disappointed. But when I stood to the side it was clear that this is one of the finest episodes of the whole show.

    I'd actually give this episode 9.8 if TV dot com allowed it, as once again, as is the case with the Moffat, things go so fast you need a red bull to catch up, and maybe a too loud soundtrack is to blame as well, but it's so easy to miss all the best lines. But knocking .2 off the score, this is still a very small complaint, but it is a trait that could get tiresome very soon.

    But onto the episode...

    NO doubt one of its strengths was it's referencing so much from the past, it serves as the best bridge between new and old Who.

    And then theres the concept. I can say for sure I've never seen anything like this in either Doctor Who or any other show. It exposes just how much stuff in the Whoniverse remains underexploited and I hope it inspires other writers to explore it more. It was about time we got to see whats up those stairs, even if it was a few corridors. The story began as perplexing and totally bonkers, and perhaps it didn't make things clear enough fast enough, but when it did, it became a feast of ideas that were so welcomed. Much like Nintendo says about it's games, this episode isn't what the fans wanted, it's what the fans didn't know they wanted. You really dont want it to end.

    There's also little doubt that there's more great one liners in this than perhaps the last 5 seasons. That's probably not true, but it feels like it!

    Amy and Rory absolutely impressed and their chase in the Tardis was bloody fantastic. That scream! The relationship between Idris and the Doctor was obviously brilliant, I dont think I can add to the praise others have already loaded on them.

    CGI was almost perfect. The Odd cheap Tardis shot but then some absolutely amazing stuff.

    In relation to the other 5 series, this is standout episode because there is no other episode like it. Were all used to the historical episodes and how much the Doc loves the people he meets, and him going to the future and writing wrongs, or seeing the Earth in peril or classic Alien comeback episodes. Truth is it's a pattern that needs breaking and this episode so does this. I suppose he loses his Tardis often, but thats the only cliche I can think of...Well except for the junkyard or corridors, but these repeated themes helped, they didn't hinder or feel worn. Best of all this really felt like getting out there in space and seeing the unseen and doing the not yet done. It's hard to articulate!!!