Doctor Who

Season 5 Episode 1

The Eleventh Hour

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 2010 on BBC America

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  • The 11th Hour

    This was literally my first episode of Doctor Who ever. I cannot think of any episode (and I've watched all through the end of this season on DVD now) that would have been a better introduction to this series. Custard and fish fingers. Could there be anything better? Even though this was my introduction, I PROUDLY call myself a Whovian because of this.
  • The Eleventh Hour

    David Tennant to Matt Smith. Matt Smith, other than Tom Baker, is the only Doctor to get into the role so quickly. This episode is filled with zingers, even in the food scene, which by the way was disgusting. Amy is a good companion but kind of reminds me of Rose too much, but who I really love is Amy's boyfriend Rory. He is so innocent but smart and funny. He doesn't do much in this episode though. Prisoner Zero is an okay monster. He doesn't really do anything either. The effects that were used to make him were really good though. Overall, this was a good episode.
  • poor mr matt smith

    oh common...................!!!!!!!! really .... good episode but... really matt? chirst.... dont get me wrong, im the biggest dr who fan , that is why im sooo upset.. just two words.. "david tennant"
  • The Eleventh Hour

    The Eleventh Hour was a superb episode of Doctor Who and an excellent introduction to the new Doctor. I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome and was well written. The actors were amazing and very entertaining. I liked the true form of Prisoner Zero which looked like a Deep Sea Creature of some sort. I liked how every thing played out between Amy and The Doctor. The ending was awesome and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Looks like the new Doctor may be as good as the previous ones

    It looks like the new Doctor may be as good as the previous ones.

    Also, it looks like the new sidekick, Amelia, will be far better than Donna, the previous one.
  • The Doctor is back!!

    The Doctor is back and he has some big shoes to fill. I loved the flashes of all the previous Doctor incarnations. It warms my heart to see that Steven Moffat has not forgotten the Doctors of the past. I can't wait to watch again. I think I will even go back and watch new Who from "Rose" up to this new one. Great job Matt Smith and Steven Moffat. I look forward to what these two, with Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, will bring to Doctor Who this year. We will see if River Song can grow on me. Geronimo!!
  • New Doctor, new assistant, new Tardis, new, new, new... anything that was not nailed down was replaced. But was it for the better?

    I have been a big Doctor Who fan for years, been there, done it and bought the t-shirt.

    The reason I am writing this review is because I am flabbergasted by some of the sycophantic reviews that I have seen appearing. Reviewer's giving 9.5 or 10 to a distinctly average episode... why? Did none of those episodes have any room for improvement at all, or were they all perfect and flawless.

    I take a more realistic view, being that just because you are a fan does not mean that you have to slavishly accept any old rubbish and pretent that it is gold.

    That being said this was Matt Smith's first full episode as the Doctor, and when I sat down to watch it I was prepared to give the guy a break and see if he could take on the role of the Doctor and make it his own.

    We were introduced to the new assistant Amy Pond (Karen Gillian), who spent most of the episode in a kiss-o-gram outfit.

    The villain of the piece was a shape changing alien being chased by a giant eye-ball.

    Matt Smith was not bad as the Doctor, but neither was he 10 out of 10 brilliant. It was his first outing and it was a rather bog standard introduce the new Doctor and new assistant episode.

    I did feel the writers have not adapted to the new Doctor, whose character has not been allowed to develop because they are still writing the lines for the previous Doctor David Tennent, and at times it did feel like Smith was doing a bad Tennent impersonation.

    No previous Doctor has been lumbered with doing a premanent impersonation of the previous Doctor. Patrick Troughton did not pretent to be William Hartnell, Jon Pertwee did not act like Troughton, and Tom Baker was definitely unique and nothing like Pertwee. In more recent times Tennent was completely different from Eccleston.

    So why oh why do they make Matt Smith pretent to be Tennent?

    I laughed out loud why at the end of the episode Matt Smith had to straight faced say "I am the Doctor... run". Tennent could have made that line work, but poor Matt Smith just in the door of the Tardis couldn't.

    The writers could have given him an easier intro as the new Doctor, but they chose to throw him in at the deep end with the hardest line to deliver in the Doctor Who Universe i.e. "I am the Doctor... fear me!", and I laughed. As much as I like the program it was too much to ask too early for this Doctor.

    An average episode with an average score of 5.0
  • "Beans are evil! Bad, bad beans..."

    I was so worried about what Matt Smith would do to Doctor Who, but at the end of this episode all of my fears are over. I had spent the past year and a half hating Matt Smith becuase he replaced David Tennant, I now take all of that back!

    I couldn't stop laughing, the food scene just cracked me up and is now the source of some of my favourite Doctor Who quotes. I can't wait to see the next episode to learn more about Amy Pond and her charcter.

    Overall I can't wait for the next episode and season of Doctor Who! (so exceited!)
  • Pleasantly Suprised

    I must say that this season looks to be as good as the previous 4. Matt Smith is a brilliant Doctor I am very excited to see where this goes. I loved David Tenant's Doctor so I figured I was probably done with Doctor Who but I will definitely be sticking around. Also Amelia/Amy Pond is great she could possibly beat Rose as my favorite Companion. We will see. Great story and the visuals are getting a lot better. Keep up the good work we can't get enough of Doctor Who. P.S. also like the new opening credits very stylish.
  • Hummmm?

    Shoot, where do I start!
    Well, Matt Smith is a good start I guess; Wow, just, wow.I was one of the few who had an open mind when watching this, unlike my sister who greatly expressed her dislike of the bowtie. But, I like it! and that's just the start, Matt Smith does a nice job of keeping some of David Tenttent's energy, oddball nuttiness and the with random words that seem to pop out of his mouth when he make a break through and replaces it with a little more serfistercation and modernism.
    The colours seem to have been toned down from Russell T Davis's crazy production design and have inserted more over all prime colours that make the episode look that little more slick...great episode that makes me wanna see more!
  • Amy Pond, the girl who waited. You have waited long enough.

    After the events of "The End of Time" The Doctor crashes his tardis in the sleepy village of Leadworth. Into the back garden of the fairy taled named Amelia Pond, who is frightened by the crack in her bedroom wall.

    The eleventh doctors first adventure gives him plenty to do. The opening scenes with little Amelia Pond are among my favourite of the episode. The food tasting sequence in hilarious with many great throw away lines and some great moments visually for Matts performance. The atmosphere is easily and effectively changed to creepy when the doctor and Amelia confront the crack in her bedroom wall. Matt Smith owns the role of doctor from his opening moments. Matt feels like an older man and carries the wisdom and age of the doctor perfectly. His bumbling professor is a brilliant take on the doctor and Smith makes me forget all about Tenant in just a few seconds. Karen Gillan also makes a lasting impression as a no nonsense companion. From the moment she takes the doctor by the tie and forces him to answer her questions you know Amy is going to be a different sort if companion. The story is a fast pasted confident thrill ride. But with so much to set up and introduce the story and villain get a little lost. Still it all builds to a brilliant climax with a lot of hints and clues to this years story arch. (Time is cracked and silence will fall seem particularly relevant).

    Over all The Eleventh Hour is a great story that Introduces the new doctor and companion perfectly.
  • The Doctor's Tardis is crashing back to Earth as he is in the middle of regenerating and he lands in the back yard of seven year old Amelia Pond. Amelia has something scarier than a funny acting man in her room, this begins their adventure.

    This was such a clever way to transition to a new Doctor and I love the Amelia character so much. The audience goes through the abandonment and being found again each time the Doctor regenerates, so we are taken along with the character of Amelia Pond and her story to find our Doctor again. Presenting her first as a child who is scared of something that adults will not listen to her about, something that is very much a real nightmare. We all can relate to that in our own childhood fears. The Doctor shows up to help her, promises to be back in five minutes and disappears for twelve years. Clearly, this leaves Amelia with some rather bitter and angry abandonment issues where the Doctor is concerned and when he does come back, it is great to see that play out so wonderfully onscreen as she basically lets him have it. The character can stand up to the Doctor and more. When he leaves again, the look on her face was priceless. When he returns we find her dreaming about him and she awakes to see him in her yard. This is how we all feel every time the Doctor changes, we all have our favorites and we pray we can still see a little of him in the next one after all this time.
  • A Pleasant Surprise.

    Spoilers ahead.

    Being honest, my expectations were a bit low for Matt Smith, yes he was going to be backed up by the excellent Steven Moffat, but I didn't think he'd convince me and not this quickly. This was easily the funniest and most fun episode I remember of DW in a long time.

    Ok, so the CGI monster wasn't too convincing and the alien eye-ball ships (the Atraxi) were pretty terrible quality - nice design, but far too CGI in appearance with no 'weight' whatsoever. Despite these production shortcomings the rest of the show was entertaining, full of memorable moments, memorable lines - "You're Scottish, fry something," in particular, and great characters. Plus Karen Gillan is one cute companion. I now have great confidence in the future of the series in general, hope they keep up the good work.

    Oh and the fan in me loved seeing a new TARDIS interior too - I was fed up with the coral setting.
  • Everything Changes

    I have to say, I'm just not impressed with this new season of Doctor Who. I'm sure it'll get better but I'm just basing this on the first episode, which is pretty crucial.

    First off, they, IMO, have changed way too much: the logo, the time vortex in the credits, the credits type, the theme music, the Doctor (obviously), the companion, and the Tardis itself. I understand that things will of course be different after David Tennant, but I just feel that it's too much all at once.

    Matt Smith is doing an okay job as the Doctor. I'll save too much criticism for him until after I've seen him do a very dramatic scene. Most of his acting in The Eleventh Hour, however, just felt like he was doing an impression of DT, but very badly. It might be that he's so young the youngest ever (26) or the accent, which is a bit harsher that David's, or maybe just his face. Something about it, in certain angles, just looks very lumpy. At least he's got the floppy hair down. And also, the new outfit. I was a big fan of DT's suits and Converse. They fit him perfectly and looked very respectable and also a little fun. I just don't know if I can respect a man in a bow tie and suspenders.

    Amy Pond, the new companion, is tolerable. It's a tiny bit odd that they went for another redhead after Donna, but that's not important. Her accent grates on me a bit as well, no offense to the Welsh. They seem to have pretty good chemistry so far. Not as good as David Tennant and Billie Piper, but good enough. I also like that they met when she was little, so that she doesn't have just such romantic feelings for him, which is always a threat (It was part of why I liked Donna so much, they were just mates). I'll just see how it goes.

    The new logo, theme, and Tardis: I violently dislike them all. They're just metallic. The Tardis isn't as orange and green as it used to be, not as organic, and that was the thing that I loved the most about it.

    But, I will soldier on, see how the season progresses. I'm not a fan who gives up easily.
  • I'm the Doctor, I'm worse than everyone's Aunt. And that's not how I'm going to be introducing myself.

    This episode was an excellent example of writing for the new series of Doctor Who. A lot of episodes from the Russel T Davies era seemed to always be missing something. Where there was high drama there was little room for humour, when they were emotional scenes it seemed to lack as much direction. I disagree with the reviewer before me who claims that Matt Smith was trying to impersonate David Tennant. Although he was wearing the previous incarnation's clothes he seemed to do an excellent job of creating a new persona. He seemed to grow through the episode ever so slightly relaxing into his persona. A new persona from his previous incarnation's. David Tennant spent most of his first episode in his pajamas acting differently from the way he would spend the rest of his time behaving. Smith on the other hand appears to be consistent from here through the rest of his residence.

    Then there is Amy Pond a girl who does literally grow through the episode. In comparison to previous companions she has a deep emotional attachment to the Doctor that has had time grown over the years into a deep connection to the Doctor. This is exactly what they did right and why I am so thrilled Karen Gillan and Matt Smith are both returning for the next series.

    I'll admit some things seemed a bit off, such as the appearance of a new Sonic Screwdriver popping out of the TARDIS with very little explanation and the whole computer virus thing. But these slight discrepancies can be ignored when you see little Amelia Pond sitting on her suitcase waiting for the Doctor to return with her coat and hat on in the cold. It was a brilliant episode and an excellent way to introduce the new series.
  • With his regeneration still stablising, the 11th Doctor has 20 minutes to save earth from being burnt and an escaped alein prisoner loose. No screwdriver, no tardis, and only Amy Pond to help, does the Doctor stand a chance?

    Truly a subperb episode! After his regeneration from saving his Tenth incarnation's last one-off companion Wilfred Mott, the brand new Doctor is in over his head before he has time to heal from the after effects of his change. Damaged from the Doctor's latest rebirth, the Tardis almost crashes into big ben! Luckily, the Doctor had his sonic screwdriver to steer it away with him comically screaming as he held onto the edge of the open doorway. They could have extended the crashing scene, i mean the Tardis falling towards earth was the last thing Russell left for Doctor Who. I wonder what happened to the jacket of the 10th's outfit? It was with him when he regenerated and he didn't take it off since the tardis was still crashing out of control back to earth and needed his full attention despite his mind being addled from the aftereffects of his latest regeneration. Hard to believe that his regeneration has him craving random foods he doesn't like except Fish Custard.
    The Crack in Amelia's wall sacares her more than anything else, huh? What to do think she was thinking about it all those years she waiting for the 11th Doctor to come back? Oh, the magic doctor fixed it, there's nothing to worry about. WRONG! Amy gets a rude awakening when the Doctor returns from a short miscalculated trip 12 years into the future instead of 5 minutes as he promised her. In reponse to his sudden reappearance after her childhood visits to four psychotrists, whom she kept biting in protest to the Doctor's existence being genuine, Amy knocks the Doctor out! Wow! Uh, i'm in America & 20 so i had no idea what a Kissogram was.
    To continue, with the Mark 6 Sonic Screwdriver overloading everything in the area, you'd think that would have caught the corner of that great big eye ball's attention!! Once again the Doctor steals an incarnation's signature outfit from a hospital. I loved the part with the Doctor's verbal battle with the Atraxi for its disobeying the Shadow Proclomation's rules. "Come on now! The Doctor will see you now!" -Doctor
    The Atraxi hoers down and scans him
    "You are NOT of this world."
    "No... BUT i've put a lot of work into it."
    "Is this world important?"
    "Is.. IS this world important!? 6 billion people live here! Here's a better question. Is this world a threat? Come now. You're watching the whole planet."
    The Atraxi shos a spherical projection form its pupil of multpile locations on the earth at the time.
    "Are the people's of this world guilty of any crimes of the Ataxi?"
    It seraches again.
    "All right then. One more, just one more. Is this world protected? Because you're not the first one to have been here. Oh, there have been so many."
    The Atraxi shows the Cybus Cybermen breakng through a window, the Cult of Skaro release Daleks above London, a Pyrovile, Empress of the Rachnoss, the possesed Ood, Hath, a Sontaran, a Sea Devil, the Sycorax leader that invaded during x-mas, the creatures from Rose's paradox, a Vashta Narada victim.
    "And what you have to ask is what happened to them."
    The images change to show the elderly First Doctor, the cosmic hobo Second Doctor, the brilliant Third Doctor, the scarf-wearing Fourth Doctor, the criket-loving Fifth Doctor, the gaudedly dressed Sixth Doctor, the complex Seventh Doctor, the humanish Eighth Doctor, the melo-dramtic Ninth Doctor, and the wacky Tenth Doctor.
    The Eleventh Doctor walks out past the projection of his last life dressed in his new incarnation's signature outfit, smiling happily.
    "Hello. I'm the Doctor. Basically... run."
    The Atraxi flees in fear! To the matter of the Doctor's sonic screwdriver, they say his regeneration damaged it at first and then further damage from the saliva of prisoner zero caused fatal damage to it, thus causing it to become a burnt out chunk of metal that the doctor quickly discards; that doesn't make much sense.
  • doctor who is back with style!

    after an insanaly long wait doctor who is finally back and what an episode to come back to. Matt smith is great as the doctor, a worth successor to David Tennant. Karen Gillan is also on top form as Amy Pond, the doctor's new assistant. As for the episode itself it wasn't perfect, the plot did drag a bit in the middle but all in all it was an excellent episode and left me thirsting for more. Prisoner Zero was a pretty good villain although i've seen better. it's final words "silence will fall" will no doubt leave fans speculating til the finale.
  • The Eleventh Doctor comes crashing down to earth, and investigates a mysterious crack in the wall of young Amelia Pond. A good – if stretched out – opening to a new Doctor...

    Well, (with the exception of the show's return in 2005, for obvious reasons), this was possibly the most eagerly awaited 'Doctor Who' story in the series' history. Is the new Doctor any good? Well, I think he'll need to settle in, but on the whole, I really like him.

    As great as Tennant was, personally I didn't always like his "isn't this wacky" over-the-top attitudes in some stories. New Doctor Matt Smith is in many ways similar to the tenth Doctor; he too has some 'wacky' moments, but thankfully, they don't seem as extreme.

    New companion Karen Gillan looks set to be wonderful as Amy Pond. Of all of the companions in modern 'Who', some of whom I've taken to (Donna) and some I haven't (Martha), I think Amy shows the most promise, and is immediately likable.

    The show is now being run by Steven Moffat, who has been responsible for some of the best stories of modern 'Who' ("Are you my Mummy?"). Under him I hope to see a slightly darker (but not TOO dark) tone, and toning down of the unnecessary 'soapy' elements that have featured in previous series.

    Anyway, the story itself...

    The opening sequences, with the 'ragged Doctor' and young Amelia are wonderful – even if they do feel need to go down the 'comedy' route with the Doctor's hunger.

    The story, revolving around a mysterious crack in Amy's wall, is a good one. As with most modern 'Who', there is a lot crammed in, and I will have to watch again to fully catch it all.
    Of the guest cast, of note are comedy stalwarts Annette Crosby, Olivia Colman, and Perry Benson. Sadly, Benson, although not as well known as the other two, is wasted in a bit role as an ice cream man.

    Although I've commented above that there is a lot to take in, story-wise I did find this one stretched. The opening 20 minutes are great, but the middle is pretty padded out, with lots of frantic running about. And I don't know if they undershot, but the ending, with the Doctor taking off with Amy, is terribly drawn out and loses its pacing; it should have seriously been tightened up in post production. (And while teasers for upcoming stories are always welcome, the one at the end of this episode is also way too long).

    But that out of the way, I mostly really enjoyed this story. The series feels to have found new life, and I'm daring to say that this may possibly be my favourite modern 'Who' to date. While the series has been off-air, I've been re-watching vintage episodes on DVD. On the whole, special effects limitations aside, I much prefer them, but I've learnt to very much accept new 'Who' as a different, in many ways seperate, beast.

    My initial summary of the first half was of a high rating episode; the stretched middle and over-long ending knock that down a bit, but I still give it a decent 9 out of 10. I'm really looking forward to next week's episode.
  • Back with style.

    Well what can I say? It's been a long and tortuous wait, frought with doubt. I'd learned from previous casting doubts (how could they cast Catherine Tate?! Turns out because she's awesome) just to trust the people behind the scenes on this show. This is further evidence they should not be doubted.
    Matt mith has charisma and style - though I thought at times he may have been emulating Tennant-esque mannerisms a touch, though I guess that could just be a valid part of the transition between Doctor characters.
    The plot flowed nicely, with a good balance of comedy, action and drama, and Amy certainly seems to be a well-matched companion.
    Production values have increased yet again and despite a few shakey looking moments with the original serpantine form of Prisoner Zero the overall look was very impressive (particularly in HD).
    The debut of Matt Smith as the Doctor and Steven Moffat as showrunner was an spectacular piece of SF adventure television, and I can't wait for the rest of the series.

    Well done Mr. Moffat and team, our show is in safe hands.
  • The new Doctor answers to doubters with a brilliant first outing

    At first, it looked like Matt Smith was trying to be too ... David Tennant-ish, and to be honest, I was originally one of the doubters about casting an unknown twenty year old with a slightly weird face. I thought that Matt Smith would be done at the end of the first episode, and would be a disastrous one-off. Turns out I was wrong. Matt Smith is as every bit as good as the almighty David Tennant, and just slightly ever more funnier and action-packed. The first episode's plot goes like this : the TARDIS crashes, the newly regenerated Doctor meets a young Amy Pond, discovering "the crack in the wall", and that Prisoner Zero has escaped; the Doctor goes back to the TARDIS, promising only to be five mins but is actually gone twelve years. The Doctor teams up with Amy Pond once again to stop an universal police force incinerating the planet. Steven Moffat manages to make a plot that could've been made up a twelve year old and make it work. The comedy of the Doctor and Amy, the scary teeth of Prisoner Zero... Steven can actually hold a candle to Russel T. Davies' unnaturally good writing skills. Uh oh, I'm over the 200 word mark. That's my review! Bye!
  • The Eleventh Hour: Welcome Back Doctor Who

    What must i say. I really was looking forward to the start of the new series of Doctor Who...

    The first episode was really really Good and Matt Smith is a Great Successor of David Tennant. Before i've never heard of Karen Gillan before, i recently found out that she also played in the episode: The Fires of Pompeii.. I think she makes a great companion as Amy Pond.

    With his TARDIS in ruins, the newly-regenerated Doctor with the help of Amy Pond must save the world in less than twenty minutes from galactic policemen known as the Atraxi. Can't wait till next week..
  • One word: sensational!

    O.k., I feel a little ashamed right now. I really should start to trust the makers of Doctor Who with their choices. I was totally biased towards Matt Smith. I just loved David Tennant so I actually thought that Smith might very well not be able to keep up with Tennant's great performance. But, well, I hadn't expected that Tennant could be a worthy successor of wonderful Christopher Eccleston either. I hadn't expected to totally like Freema Agyeman or much less Catherine Tate after the great job Billie Piper had done, but I did. So by now I really should know, how great the people behind this show are in casting their characters with most amazing actors and actresses, totally fitting the profile of their roles.

    But back to "The Eleventh Hour" and especially Matt Smith. He was plain amazing! He seems to have an incredibly great timing for some really eccentric humour. The scenes in the kitchen when he tried to find out about what food he liked were hilarious (and he was assisted by a wonderful child actress, doing a great job as well). Most of this episode was pretty funny and I guess we will have to find out how good he is at the more serious or even sad moments (something David Tennant was incredibly good at). There was one moment when Smith actually could show that he's got those in him as well though and that was, when Amy told him, how he had broken her heart, when she was a child. Smith might be very young to play a time lord by an age of several hundred years, but he's got something really mature about him that seems to go way beyound just being able to be funny, so I'm positive, that he is going to master the more tragic moments as well.

    The 11th Doctor has taken on the huge foot steps his predecessors left and he really seems to be able to cover them in a brilliant and worthy way!
  • This is probably the most exciting moment in this year of TV

    for the weight of the new doctor who series and of course the new doctor Mat Smith and his new assistant I think there will be great chemistry between the two of them they both have their funny moments together when the doc meets Amy at the house when she's older, Amy hand cuffs him to a radiator Amy's dressed as a police officer so the doc thinks that Amy is one turns out in the end that she is only a kiss a gram near the end the doc says he'll be back in two mins comes back Amy has a go at him as he doesn't know how long he's been ,two years she says so the chemistry between them is great you can see it is there. It takes the doc a little bit of time to regenerate but by the end he's back on form and gets things done. What do I think? I think it all looks very promising I know as the saying goes it's hard to set foot into someone else's shooes.Well done to everybody I think it'll be a winner.
  • Matt Smith is already brilliant, the new doctor and Amy Pond are gonna be great this series.

    Let's clear something up straight away...Matt Smith is another perfect doctor. You don't need to compare to Tennant...he's just excellent. He's witty and amusing and has a real charm about him. I love him already. I also love Amy Pond, the newest companion. She's awesome. I really liked her interactions with the doctor as a youngster and 12 years later. I thought it was just a really well done episode. It cleverly introduced us to Matt Smith as the doctor and Amy - I feel like I know them already. I can't wait to see what the next episodes have in store.
  • 10/10 Because for a series opener it absolutely deserves it.

    I never doubted Matt Smith would be good as I will also not doubt however takes over him, and everyone agrees, he rocks!

    I wasn't sure about Karen however, and to an extent I am still not entirly sure, but for now at least she is proving to be totally up for the role. Theres no doubting her skills as an actress and already she has a totally unique storyline which could lead down some very intresting roads. The sub charecters which I assume we will see again are an interesting bunch too, and nothing liked we've had before either. It was a nice treat to see Victor Meldrews wife haha!

    Plotwise the whole Prisoner story was a little weak but it served a very useful purpose, and everything else absolutely made up for it.

    So what about that new intro? Well I'm loving it, but I hope to see it improved upon. I love how the music begins, but not how it ends, and generally I think like the theme we have got used to, it got better as it was remixed more. Video wise the CGI is certainly unique, I'm not sure if it's naff or totally brilliant, but again it's feels a little unfinished, but I am absolutely glad that we got a fresh intro. Doctor Who's intro should revent itselfs often!

    As for the Special effects and production values I always give doctor who a bit of a meh. While the camera directions felt absolutely professional some felt superfluos, but it is good the shows has a fesh feel to it on and behind the camera. The Atraxi effects were a bit poo. The big eye was very "who" but it all looked - yup - a bit poo.
    As is the curse of Doctor Who. The concept of this alien is hardly the easiest thing to pull off - and even with Avatar standards, you could still pick fault - But come beeb you loosen the purse strings a bit more! But with that said, who can insult the intros' effects - The crash landing across London was beautiful and Epic!

    A special mention to the Doctor montage during the Doctors great telling off. Hint hint, we like referances to the past!

    We also got this years ongoing theme - Silence! Hardly original and pretty expected. This is my biggest criticism. Bad Wolf, Darkness end of time now Silence. And to be honest it felt awkwardly inserted. It could have waited till next episode, but still at least there will be am on going story, I'd miss it if it weren't there.

    I can;t really complain at all. It goes without say it could have been more epic, but so could every episode of any thing. Fans of the show have an immense expectation on each episode, but I g along for the ride and take each episode for what it ment to be. the only complaint I will have is if there are too many similar themed episodes or too many reoccuring themes frm the last 4 years. I doubt Moffat is silly enough to do that though!
  • ohh that theme tune is just wrong.

    First of. I give this season opener a 9,5 cause they managed to get the new doctor in his role and on his own 2 feet from the first episode, and that is no small task to do sucsessfully. Ms assistent Ginger is spot on to and works very well from the start.(the young version was very good to)

    The plot was so so and not a biggy. Thou i get the downscaling it to get more room for character development and giving us the time to get use to them.

    All in all a very nice starter that makes me still have full confidence in the show.

    Only one biggy, that opening theme music is just wrong. I get that they change the theme. The old one (from last season) got my in the mood for Who from the start. This one did not. I cringed my teeth in horror. btw the horrible theme tune is the 0,5 of from a 10.

    Moff Matt and Ginger all is good in the world of Who.
    (just give me a tune i can humm happily for my self)
  • A whole new world

    This new era of Doctor Who sure looks exciting. This is the strongest opener I've seen so far. No disrespect meant to RTD, but Moffat's writing is more much concise; this episode pushed all the right buttons; it was hillarious, scary, touching, exciting and pretty good. It had two big things to do; introduce the new Doctor and the new companion. It succeeded in both.
    I knew Matt Smith was going to be good and he's brilliant. He is very similiar to the Tenth Doc, but I'll put that down to the regeneration. He's the Doctor instantly, different from the others in his youthful demanor. I recon he'll be a very entertaning Doctor. We didn't see much of his dark side here, but Moffat is a gritty writer and I recon that will shine in up coming weeks.
    Kudos to Karen Gillan too; aside from being very sexy she did a superb job of Amy Pond. Moffat is really fond of squiggy wiggly timey wimey; she's spent her whole life dreaming of the Doctor, because he said he'd be back in five mins. She's even prepared to ditch her wedding for her imagionary friend. An imagionary friend who's real. Poor Rory. I did like him though and I like how we don't have to meet Amy's mum, dad, sister, brother, cousin 5 times removed for once! All in all a very entertaining and superb episode. This series looks like its going to be awesome. I like the arc hint too; the universe is cracked? Intriguing...
  • Great start with Moffet at the Helm! He's done the Whovians proud!

    After the long wait any doubting first impressions I had about the new series are now completely gone. The series might have had some big changes but its still the show I love to watch. I like Steven Moffets writing he makes everyday things children see scary which is what I think Dr Who should be - less fancy effects and more mild horror storytelling. I liked the adult humor scene with; "you should get yourself a girlfriend!" though the food spitting scene I think went on a bit too long and is it me or was he a bit hostile towards men who have something going with his new companion! That aside the new Doctor's introduction was very well done and it seems like he going to be a likable one with shades of Tom Baker and David Tennent with a little bit of Johnny Depp's method of acting mixed in. I think his clothes are a bit cliched and stale though I'd like to have seen him dressed more cool and flamboyant like Tyler Durdan from fight Club! New tardis looks great the bestever set of our favourite time travel machine yet!

    The back in five minute plot scenes were genius!! Great writing as always Moffet! All in all a great start to the new series!
  • Amy And The Doctor Written by Steven Moffat Directed by Adam Smith

    The Doctor: "You wanted to come fourteen years ago."
    Amy: "I grew up."
    The Doctor: "Don't worry, I'll soon fix that."

    92 days ago, Matt Smith had made his debut as the Eleventh Doctor and the wait has certainly been interesting. All sorts of questions ran through my head and while certain spoilers gave me some half answers and near truths, the arrival of this new series at least gets some stuff out of the way.

    Like the Doctor's crashing for instance. There's a great big spectacle there where he narrowly missed smashing into Big Ben and the O2 but instead found himself crashing into the back garden of a little Scottish girl named Amelia Pond. Now let's not pretend that we don't know who this youngster is gonna grow up into.

    It's a pretty good way of introducing the new companion as the Doctor in his new body proved to be quite the rude house guest a child could have. He told her not to ask stupid questions but spent most of the time decorating her floor with the amount of times he spat food out and then chose to nibble on the weirdest of culinary combinations – fish fingers and custard – yuck!

    Of course, little Amelia didn't seem all that bothered about her new mate's rudeness. She was more interested in getting him to look at a crack in her wall with the ominous chanting of an escaped prisoner. When the Doctor told Amelia that he'd back to see her in five minutes, I knew the poor girl was going to be disappointed. But kids get over disappointment, don't they?

    Not exactly! Twelve years later the Doctor actually did live up to his promise and got thanked for visiting his first human contact in his eleventh incarnation by getting knocked out with a cricket bat and handcuffed to a radiator. As slightly disappointed as I was to have the kissogram rumour confirmed, Amy Pond as an adult certainly knew how to make an entrance into the house.

    It kind of amazed me that it took the Doctor a little longer than usual to cop onto the fact that sexy policewoman holding him back was the little girl he promised a trip to. Their banter then as Amy admitted that four shrinks couldn't make her forget him certainly made me smile. It didn't help that the Doctor looked exactly the same.

    In fact the whole idea that a few people in the village were aware of Amy's imaginary friend was another new take on the usual Doctor/Companion dynamic because let's face it, in some ways, Amy almost is a new kettle of fish in terms of the circumstances behind her becoming a companion of the Doctor.

    The whole meeting him as a child and then adult when danger was afoot will draw comparisons to Reinette but this was something a lot deeper here. The Doctor arguably made a bigger impact on Amy when she was younger and his inadvertent failing to keep his promise seems to have hardened her a little. It took seeing a certain apple with a face on it after she had found another way of restraining the Doctor to believe in him again.

    However in regards to Amy's hardened edge, it's blatantly clear with her dynamic with Rory. He considered himself to be Amy's boyfriend and clearly he's in love with her but Amy seemed to be more hot and cold with Rory when the Doctor was confronting him. Those fearing that Rory would behave in a similar idiot manner to Mickey in his first episode should be relieved.

    Rory was the only one in the hospital to notice that the coma patients were calling out and walking around and the only one to even attempt to snap Prisoner Zero while everyone else was staring at the sun. He was also there with the Doctor and Amy when the Atraxi managed to detain Prisoner Zero as well.

    In terms of Prisoner Zero, it's a sort of standard villain for the opening episode. It's not Steven Moffat's best creation but it does the trick and certainly helped with some much needed delving into Amy's psyche and warning the Doctor about this season's buzzword of trouble: Pandorica. And there was something about silence will fall. Are we going to get the Doctor Who version of "Hush"? Probably not.

    Prisoner Zero had twelve years to know Amy but it seemed to have an inability to take on a single body. It fluffed up with Barney and the dog, then the woman and the two kids before trying on the Doctor and Amelia for size. I liked the Doctor getting Amy to dream up Prisoner Zero's true form in order to get the Atraxi to arrest it. And of course, not forgetting the massive reset that Jeff and some important types had to pull off as well.

    However, it would've been nice to have seen more of the Atraxi beyond their spaceships and those creepy eyes at certain points in the episode. I did however love the Doctor's confrontation with them segueing into his costume change. It wasn't as ruthless as the 'no second chances' in "The Christmas Invasion" but it certainly did the trick in getting the Atraxi to stay away from the Earth.

    As for all the other bits in between the episodes – well, everything really was new. Matt Smith will inevitably have many moments in this series and the next to showcase how brilliant he is as the Doctor but he certainly got the tone right with this one. He looks like the Doctor and he feels like it too. There's no denying it now.

    Similarly Karen Gillan was also on fine form as Amy in this episode. The lack of family connection will make Rory her biggest tie to Earth (or sleepy English village Leadworth to be specific) and then there's the whole banter with the Doctor. Being skipped out on once is going to piss you off but twice? I'm actually surprised he was able to get Amy in the TARDIS after that one.

    Still, another strong point about the opening episode was Amy pressing the Doctor on why he wanted to travel with her. He admitted that he was lonely but said it in a way that could suggest that he's not being entirely honest. And Amy herself by the end didn't need that much convincing to actually take off with the Doctor, now did she? She didn't even tell him that her stuff involved getting married. That being said the chemistry between this new TARDIS duo is certainly interesting to put it mildly.

    Also in "The Eleventh Hour"

    Matt Smith and Karen Gillan's names in the opening credits and the blue/fire orange colour of them is certainly different. The new remix of the theme tune however did sound familiar.

    Amelia: "Who are you?"
    The Doctor: "I don't know yet, I'm still cooking. Does that scare you?"

    Amelia was played by Caitlin Blackwood who is the cousin of Karen Gillan. Apparently working together on the show was the first time both of them met.

    The Doctor: "You know when grown ups tell you everything is gonna be fine and you probably think they're lying to make you feel better?"
    Amelia: "Yes?"
    The Doctor: "Everything's gonna be fine."

    Dr Ramsden: "Why are you giving me your phone?"
    Rory: "It's a camera too."

    Arthur Darvill, who plays Rory previously worked with Matt Smith in "Swimming With Sharks" while Karen Gillan previously appeared in the fourth season episode "The Fires Of Pompeii" as a soothsayer.

    The Doctor: "What happened?"
    Amy: "Twelve years."
    The Doctor: "You hit me with a cricket bat."
    Amy: "Twelve years."
    The Doctor: "A cricket bat!"
    Amy: "Twelve years and four psychiatrists."

    The Doctor: "What's that?"
    Amy: "It's a duck pond."
    The Doctor: "Why aren't there any ducks?"
    Amy: "I don't know. There's never any ducks."
    The Doctor: "Then how do you know it's a duck pond?"

    Amy made a lot of raggedy Doctors and versions of herself when she was a child and funny how we saw her wedding dress at the end? Amy's gonna get up between two men – the Doctor and Rory.

    Rory (re the Doctor): "Oh my God, it's him."
    Amy: "Just answer his question please."

    Prisoner Zero: "Little Amelia Pond, waiting for her magic Doctor to return but not this time, Amelia."

    We got a celebrity appearance with Patrick Moore in this episode as well as archived footage of the previous ten Doctors to show Eleven fully in his suit. The tweed look works for me.

    The Doctor (to Atraxi): "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically – run."

    The Doctor: "It means come with me."
    Amy: "Where?"
    The Doctor: "Wherever you like."

    Alex Price (who'll be in "Vampires In Venice") is now narrating Doctor Who Confidential and a trailer aired at the end of this episode previewing the rest of the season. I also love the rather bigger and more orange looking new TARDIS as well. And we got a new screwdriver to boot.

    The Doctor (to Amy): "So, all of time and space, everything that ever happened or ever will. Where do you want to start?"

    Chronology: We went into 1996 when the Doctor first met Amy, 2008 when he stopped Prisoner Zero/Atraxi and 2010 when he and Amy took off together in the TARDIS.

    For 63 minutes, "The Eleventh Hour" might have needed 20 of them to save the world but the rest certainly helped with acknowledging that this new era is going to be as good as the last one. This may not be my favourite episode by the time the series comes to an end but it certainly will be a memorable way of debuting the new Doctor and Amy Pond nonetheless.
  • I was worried... But this episode was enjoyable and a good start of the new season...

    The new doctor stil has the qualitys that make The Doctor brilliant each and every time and I hope that this will stay the same in the following season(s)...

    I still favor David Tennant but that may just be because he was with us for so long... And the regeneration process being such a huge part of who the doctor is, I do believe it was time for Tennant to go... Though young he maybe, the latest doctor did his job wel, and is looking to be a superb addition to a long line of brilliant actors... However we will have to wait and see how he interacts with the Doctors classic enemys to really be able to compare him with his predeseccors...
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