Doctor Who

Season 1 Episode 2

The End of the World

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 02, 2005 on BBC America



  • Quotes

    • Rose: The aliens are so alien. You look at them… and they're alien.
      The Doctor: Good job I didn't take you to the Deep South.
      Rose: Where are you from?
      The Doctor: All over the place.
      Rose: They all speak English.
      The Doctor: No, you just hear English. It's a gift of the TARDIS. The telepathic field gets inside your brain, translates.
      Rose: It's inside my brain?
      The Doctor: Well, in a good way.
      Rose: Your machine gets inside my head, it gets inside and it changes my mind and you didn't even ask?
      The Doctor: I didn't think about it like that.
      Rose: No, you were too busy thinking up cheap shots about the Deep South. Who are you then, Doctor? What you called? What sort of alien are you?
      The Doctor: I'm just the Doctor.
      Rose: From what planet?
      The Doctor: Well, it's not as if you'd know where it is.
      Rose: Where are you from?
      The Doctor: What does it matter?
      Rose: Tell me who you are!
      The Doctor: This is who I am! Right here, right now. Alright? All that counts is here and now and this is me!