Doctor Who

Season 5 Episode 11

The Lodger

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 12, 2010 on BBC America

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  • When the TARDIS can't land properly and the Doctor is stuck outside, what does he do? He goes to a flat to be its new lodger. Ha!

    With this episode, the Doctor is shown to be extremely unable to fit in with humans.
    Unlike his last self, who was humanish as his 5th & 8th, the 11th Doctor has the hardest time fitting into human life. As he gets better aquainted with Craig and his love Sophie, the Doctor helps improve his life bit by bit and even saves his life when he was poisoned by the rot on his kitchen ceiling coming from the failed attempt at building a tardis on the upper foor. Like his 5th self being good at cricket, the 11th is a master Soccer player due to the actor Matt Smith once having a promising career for it, but a back injury put him in line for the part of Doctor 11. Meanwhile in the tardis part of the episode, Amy is actually wearing pants! I know, instead of a skirt, she actually wore pants for once.
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