Doctor Who

Season 1 Episode 7

The Long Game

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 07, 2005 on BBC America

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  • Far into the future in the year 200000, the Doctor finds the 4th Great & Bountiful Human Empire stunted by Satelite 5 for over 91 years. Could be something on the 500th floor noone's ever returned from? And what will Adam do with his first trip in time?

    The Doctor has been teaching Rose how to show off like he does and seems to enjoy making fun of the would-be couple. The stupidity of the people in this story is flabergasting; i mean come on! its a bit obvious that the Editor & Max have been making the human race brainless sheep for the longest time. I mean the 'head door' is an obvuious give away that something's not right. A shame that the only person that DID notice something wrong was the last survivor of the Freedom 15, Suzie Contra Marcrel.
    The Doctor's eviction of Adam due to his misbehavior of taking advantage of Time Travel to improve the past is something any human would have done, but quietly, a bit at a time.
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