Doctor Who

Season 7 Episode 13

The Name of the Doctor

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 18, 2013 on BBC America

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  • Just bad !

    No surprise ! That is the worse ending ever !! Please Russel T Davis, come back !!
  • Playing with timelines.

    Just because you can, does't mean you should.
  • don't like the constant change

    I didn't start watching the show until 2005 when Billie Piper and the 9th doctor started it's a cool show but I can't deal with the constant change on the show I love Billie Piper they replaced her I really like Amy Pond they replaced her with the 50th celebration going on I understand that change was the premise of the show but I can't deal with losing favorite characters so I am out but the rest of you enjoy
  • Disappointing

    Disappointing end to a very disappointing season.

    I'm looking forward to the day where the writers are more interested in providing a good story then they are of showing everyone just how clever they are.
  • epic end for a disappointing season

    Well, we all suspected Moffat would not really coin a name for the Doctor ( unless he wanted hordes of fans to hunt him with pitchforks ) . Sure, having River say it without us hearing it is a bit of a cheat, but the implications of the last scenes are quite interesting. The Doctor now has a plausible psychological reason to keep his name secret, since he associates it with something shameful he did ( or will do, since time-travel is such a tricky thing ) while wearing John Hurt's face, and "the Doctor" is who he wants to be.

    I still don't like Clara and find her too bland to fill the Ponds' shoes yet, but her trip through the Doctor's timeline was well done - actually, it's too bad we didn't witness more than little snippets of Simeon attacking the Doctor and Clara saving him ( I know some of the actors are dead, but you could have a full scene with either Eleven of Ten ! ). I hope she'll evolve a bit in the future, at least she's got something unique now, being the only full-time Companion to know the Doctor's name : I wonder how it will affect her ...

    Oh, and Vastra, Jenny and Strax ! They're always a delight, even in mediocre episodes !

    Of course, River steals the show, as she always does, and that was oddly satisfying to have her timeline finally move past the Library episodes. I know some ( many ? ) people don't like River, and it's true she's been overexposed during season 6, but it's hard denying Kingston's got great chemistry with Matt Smith, even if they only interact for one scene.

    The sight of a mammoth-sized TARDIS was creepily beautiful, wasn't it ?

    The only really disappointing thing I can think of is the villains. These "Whisper men" have only ill-defined motives and abilities right now : the next Weeping angels, or Silence, they aren't.
  • The name of the doctor

    I thought it was a good episode. I wish we could have heard the name of the doctor, and I didn't like the great intelligence very much but I did like the introduction of the other doctor. I think it was a very suspenseful ending and i cant wait till November to figure out who the new doctor was.
  • The Future of the Doctor

    We can hide our sercrets, but we can't hide from them. This is another great episode in my book, it's really dark and takes an unfun turn. I wouldn't say the episode is perfect which is why I didn't give it any higher. I did like seeing Valestra, Stranax, and Jenny again but they didn't have much to do which almost made their presense pointless. I might be in the minority on this but I'm not a fan of the Great Intelegence villain, I find him kinda boring. But due to the scheme he had it I feel made him decent, so I can't complain too much about that.

    I like the design of the time travelers graveyard, it's dark, forboding, as well as sad; as well as the concept alone is interesting. It's a place you wouldn't want to travel too, I don't blame the Doctor's hesitance in traveling there, I wouldn't want see my own tombstone. We do see the Doctor's crypt which is the Tardis itself which has grown in size due to it's power and amount of time it traveled, I'll admit seeing that was interesting but also made me sad seeing that because it showed someday it will happen but worst of all the Doctor's end is near.

    I do like the suspense, not so much in the villians plight on a side note I do like the design of the monsters, their creepy looking from how featureless they were to their grins and Victorian wear, almost reminded me of the "The Gentlemen" in the episode "Hush" on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". But really it was more in what we were going to discover.

    One highlight for me of this episode was seeing Riversong return which was great since I love that character. This of course was the version when she became data, in a way her character in this episode is sort of a guardian angel, as we see Clara is the only one that can see and hear her if not touch. I liked some of her dialog and the emotions she exercised. It was sad when we discovered her gravestone, just reminding me her end isn't too far away either, but also I like the fact that fake gravestone of River's is a secret passageway, kinda like in the video game "The Legend of Zelda".

    But there were three great moments that really made this episode stand out. One was of course with Clara as we find out why she's the impossible girl. By jumping into the timesteam of the Doctor, she was able to scatter her soul thoughout every period of time of the Doctor, destined to save him; you could say this also makes her kinda a guardian angel. I really like the visual effect on Clara blending in with those different time periods of each of the different doctors and how they crossed paths, it really makes me wonder what Clara did in those periods of time and how she was able to help and intersect with each of the different Doctors. I even liked that little thing about the leaf the very same one from her scrap book, how that one leaf got both Clara's mom and dad to meet and give birth to her, and in the final minutes of the episode as the Doctor picks Clara up he then also picks up that same leaf which he was going to use to get both Clara's parients together, I just thought it was an interesting device because it was basically both fate and free will going hand in hand to shape the destiny of one.

    Another was a scene with both the Doctor and Riversong, which I thought was touching. I really liked the twist on how the Doctor all that time could not just see and hear but also actually touch Riversong. The conversation both of them had was heartwarming but also the moment when the Doctor had to say goodbye to her (or at least that version) forever put tears in my eyes.

    However the third was the very final minutes where not just did we glimpse the past on what he did in the Time War. But we saw a figure staring out and we see this figure is the twelth regeneration of the Doctor. Seeing who was going to play him blew me away, it was going to be John Hurt which is great because I really like that actor. It also is a sign that Matt Smith/Eleventh Doctor's end is at hand, which will be sad, hopefully his final adventures will be great. However seeing that desolate war torn landscape and what the twelth doctor said, I felt was a sign that the darkside of the Doctor is ever closer to rising. Also do we already know the name, could the name be Valyard whom was supposedly the Doctor in the future?

    Only time will answer our questions, it is not the name that makes a person, it is the person that makes the name.
  • And Remember...

    Very uneven season ended on the best episode of the season. I find it weird that the series provides the best finale in a long time in a season that hasn't been as good as the few previous ones. The acting of Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman was some of the finest acting (but I don't really know a thing or two about acting so that isn't saying much... I just found their performances more believeable than most I've I've seen in TV for a while.

    So yeah... I loved this episode. One of the best season finales I've seen. If you don't agree with me... It doesn't bother me.
  • Wow I did see this coming.

    Well Moffat give us the best season finale in years with a mind blowing ending all I can say is I can't wait tell the fall. So many questions and I hope a lot of answers.

    It was nice to see River again I am not really a fan but it was nice to see her after the events of the library and to go inside the Doctor tomb was kind of sad knowing that he will die someday just something you really never think about. All we come to know is when the Doctor dies he just regenerate to another Doctor.

    Also Moffat did what I love and somehow got almost all the Doctors into one story that was wonderful. I will be watching this over and over again to catch what I missed.

  • who to keep the doctor going

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  • 10
    - The Name of the Doctor (careful if you still haven't seen it because here be spoilers)

    At last, a episode worthy of the name after a very disappointing half-season. Yes, even yours, Neil Gaiman, whose Willy Wonka tribute made no sense and ruined the Cybermen the way those horrible iDaleks a few years back ruined the iconic design. Cybermen STAMP, Neil, not move like Venice Beach bodybuilders on rollerskates.

    Moffatt took the writing reins on this one and at last the Impossible Girl was explained. Lured to his grave in the far future the 11th Doctor confronts his own mortality. Apparently, eventually, the regenerations stop and even Time Lords die though as an old man, we are told, in whatever reboot body number is actually entombed here. For all we know this could the the 2000th Doctor who dies at the age of a million.

    So tiresome have all those bodies become that all that remains of the Doctor is a glowing wound in time and space resembling stands of electric DNA and the Great Intelligence (or Mr. G. Intelligence as The Doctor calls him) wants this Doctor there to witness him entering the Doctor's entire time stream to reverse all his triumphs.

    Consider that. The Daleks always win (including that plan to destroy this Universe leaving only Daleks). The Cybermen convert everyone because no Doctor stood in their way. Everyone the Doctor has loved dies and the Universe is destroyed in a million different ways. No wonder the stars start to go out.

    So the Impossible Girl enters the same timey-wimey wound and a million versions of here are created in every place where the Doctor has ever been or ever will be, ready and willing to save the Doctor even when he usually can't see her or need her help. She it is who gets Hartnell-Doctor to take the more interesting damaged TARDIS. She who rescues McCoy-Doctor from a cliff. She who makes souffles in a Dalek or is a governess in Victorian times.

    She does it even though these million versions are only copies of her and her original self (the present-day one) is destroyed. Yet, somehow, in the stream, that body is regenerated in time to be rescued by the Doctor, something I assume will be explained later. Perhaps this is the same tendency to reality that allows a hologram of River Song to be both visible and solid, but only to The Doctor. However it is, this is necessary because we can't feel fear for a copy of Clara. It has to be the real thing.

    Why do we need to feel fear? It's because they are about to introduce John Hurt as The Doctor. Which one? One to come? One edited out of the official number because of the appalling things he did/is about to do? Is he the dark Sith Lord of The Doctor?

    Clever stuff, . That one plot twist means I will come back for the 50th Anniversary episode and (I hope!) a vastly improved new season.
  • In the name of viewing pleasure!

    Rarely does a series finale deliver. I'm not just talking about Who, but in general, across the board, in all of TV land. And this did. And then did some more. You know you watched something special when it slips to the fore of your conscious days later, triggering a plexy of excitement and anticipation for the next episode. One so far off in November.

    My favorite part was the reveal of where the opening scene of the episode was taking place. This was closely followed by any tidbit that expanded on the mythology of Doctor Who and his universe. And that includes the twist ending. Got to love a story that in its last part giving an ending that results in you reinterpreting everything that came before. Classic Moffat.

    Incidentally that's also the definition of a joke. I hope come November we don't find out this is one deux ex machina themed one. But I got a feeling it won't be.
  • Well, now here goes Mr. Smith!

    So, John Hurt will be the 12th Doctor this coming November. The golden anniversary of the original series' premier. Not bad timing! Even so, that brings us one step closer to the much-dreaded final regeneration. Where we, the fans, will finally have our long-awaited answer to that much-asked question: will the 13th Doctor become the sinister Valyard?

    As to this episode? It answered some less-pressing (yet still highly intriguing) questions. Two of them, to be exact. How was Clara present in all those different time periods, simultaneously? And, does the Great Intelligence really deserve his name?

    I will answer the second one, myself: definitely not!

    Because, he hadn't been so myopically obsessed with revenge, he would have realized that what can be undone can be redone. What can be erased and rewritten can be erased, again, and written as before. As to the first question?

    I never saw that coming. I mean, of all the possible explanations for Clara's counterparts through time, chronospatial splintering never once occurred to me! In fact, the last time such a plot device was used was during the 4th Doctor era. When Count Scarlioni turned out to be a one-eyed alien who unintentionally gave rise to life on Earth!

    Proof, once again, that the writers for this show are still doing the original series justice, more often than not.
  • wow. that was amazing

    I am speechless. the opening, the ending, the impossible girl, trenzalore, the whispermen, the music. everything in this episode was masterfully made.

    this was one of the most serious Matt smith episodes and the doctor feels very sad in this episode. its some really great acting and its even better than his acting in the angels take Manhattan.

    then there was the revelation of Clara

    and the ending. it was all so well done and is easily the best series finale. in fact this is my favorite episode since blink. overall this is a masterful episode
  • It Hurts

    After a number of lame ducks of episodes, this was truly one to wait for. I've liked Clara since the Asylum (which impressed me because Coleman was not someone I felt could fill the considerable Pond shoes) and this episode was really bloody brilliant in explaining why she was impossible. It was almost too simple when the Intelligence revealed his plan, but it worked and it was beautifully executed. As for those last three minutes... my money's on one or nine, because there are two time periods we haven't really explored: pre-"The Doctor" and the Time War. Bring it on. Also, hoooooo boy, that kiss! First one the squirmy Doctor has initiated!

    Loved this episode!!! Wish I could time travel to November to see what comes next.
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