Doctor Who

Season 7 Episode 13

The Name of the Doctor

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 18, 2013 on BBC America

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  • Well, now here goes Mr. Smith!

    So, John Hurt will be the 12th Doctor this coming November. The golden anniversary of the original series' premier. Not bad timing! Even so, that brings us one step closer to the much-dreaded final regeneration. Where we, the fans, will finally have our long-awaited answer to that much-asked question: will the 13th Doctor become the sinister Valyard?

    As to this episode? It answered some less-pressing (yet still highly intriguing) questions. Two of them, to be exact. How was Clara present in all those different time periods, simultaneously? And, does the Great Intelligence really deserve his name?

    I will answer the second one, myself: definitely not!

    Because, he hadn't been so myopically obsessed with revenge, he would have realized that what can be undone can be redone. What can be erased and rewritten can be erased, again, and written as before. As to the first question?

    I never saw that coming. I mean, of all the possible explanations for Clara's counterparts through time, chronospatial splintering never once occurred to me! In fact, the last time such a plot device was used was during the 4th Doctor era. When Count Scarlioni turned out to be a one-eyed alien who unintentionally gave rise to life on Earth!

    Proof, once again, that the writers for this show are still doing the original series justice, more often than not.
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