Doctor Who

Episode Christmas Special

The Next Doctor

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Dec 25, 2008 on BBC America

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  • At last a GOOD christmas specail

    Thank the dark gods of doctor who for that.
    instead of kylie minogue and a really silly plot about a starship titanic??? or a story about a spider queen
    who overacts(when she make the effort) and cant speak properly over her false teeth we get a action adventure episode with a good central plot and suberb villan and a kick ass ending

    david morrisey's doctor is fanatasicly funny ,intelligent
    and very doctor like .his proclaimation at the end that we should all thank the doctor was inspired brilliance.Even if his accent seems to go from southern posh to scouse every now and again??(is he from liverpool?)

    cyber Lady who evil and brilliant to the core scarey heartless and good.Hard to believe its asumpta fitzgerald.

    The giant steam punk robo mecha death god of rock,
    Awe inspiring as it stomps london and shoots fire from on high.The doctor as ever gives her one chance to step back before he stops her,as usuall they dont take his advice.

    The bad:the "assistant" another bad actress in the same vien as martha, lots of enthusiasm making up for no actual talent.
    The strange cyber creatures with furry bodies??
    where they ever explained why were they needed.
    they looked rediculous,even for who.

    It does my heart good to see what thier capable of
    and infuriates me that we had put up with silly dross the last two years.
    In the words of my old teacher
    "I'll expect this standard from you from now on"
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