Doctor Who

Season 1 Episode 13

The Parting of the Ways (2)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 18, 2005 on BBC America

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  • Goodbye Eccleston, Hullo Tennant.

    So this is the episode where the intense, leather-jacketed Eccleston will regenerate into geeky dreamboat David Tennant. But let's not get ahead of ourselves yet because the 9th Doctor still has one episode to dazzle us with so come on and we'll dive right in!

    The Parting of the Ways picks up right where Bad Wolf left off with Rose a prisoner of the Daleks and The Doctor coming to her rescue. I have to say, this episode certainly starts off with a vibe of sheer epic tension as the Daleks decide to fire missiles at the incoming TARDIS, an action that Rose loudly protests with a cry of "The TARDIS isn't kill shielded, you'll him!" To which the Daleks make the humorous yet chilling reply: "You have predicted (Apparently Rose has forgotten just how of much of cold-blooded killers the Daleks really are. Speaking of which, what happened to the Game Controller? I was hoping that The Doctor would find her I guess having missiles fired at you is a bit

    Thankfully, both The Doctor and Captain Jack have a few tricks up their sleeves as that extrapolator is put to good use again to shield them from both the missiles and the extermination beams. The cool way The Doctor handles the oncoming fire just get the idea across that he's had more than a little bit of experience when it comes to fighting Daleks.

    So how does The Parting of the Ways rate - both as the second half of a two-parter and a season finale? Quite well, actually. It is action-packed and quite cinematic, hitting well both on the story-telling and the emotional aspect. And it made the Daleks live up to their expectations! Despite the use of Rose a la deus ex machina, it had a strong ending that culminated in the reintroduction of the regeneration lore. Finishing out a mostly strong season and being the satisfying conclusion to the Bad Wolf story arc, I rate The Parting of the Ways as a 10/10. This was great television.

  • Fantastic

    This an amazing episode of Doctor Who. It's an action-packed hour that will have you on the edge of your seat and solve the mystery of "Bad Wolf".

    Some of the best lines, too: "I think you need a doctor" Swoon!

    Goodbye Christopher Eccleston, and if I may say so, you were fantastic :)


    Other than that it was a great episode and a fantastic way to end the season.
  • The Parting of the Ways

    The Parting of the Ways was a superb and very entertaining episode of Doctor Who. I really enjoyed watching how the rest of the story from the last episode turned out and it was amazing. I liked seeing more of the Daleks, their Emperor and Fleet. It was touching to see Rose, Mickey and Jackie fight to open the Tardis's soul to Rose. I liked how the every thing played out and it was awesome to see Rose save The Doctor and for him to save her. The ending where The Doctor transforms was cool, but I wish we could have had Christopher Eccleston for at least another season. In any case I'm excited to watch more episodes!!!!!!!!!
  • Oh my gosh

    I think that this episode is the uglyest and the worst from all the movie because The Doctor chenged and now he is another one but not Christopher Eccleston, without him is not that nice. He got something special and ironic. And there's not Johm Brrowman. It is a falling down :(
  • A happy and sad ending, we saved Rose making you wonder if she will ever be the same again, but we loose the 9th Doctor

    Now that we have gotten all of that rather pointless gameshow crap out of the way we can get back to the action with the Doctor trying to save humanity from the Daleks. A great finally where the Bad Wolf shows her face and saves the Doctor for once. She seemed almost too powerful which begs the question, where it all game from?

    It was nice to see the Doctor go through all of the effort to try and save the universe but not have the heart to kill all of humanity. It points to those tough choices that maybe should be made but which we really can't do.

    I know the motif is that the Doctor changes those he comes into contact with, but I found it a little unbelievable that so many would be willing to die for the Doctor just because he thinks he can try and save folks.

    I would have loved to see them do more with the Lynda. Jo Joyner is a great actor and Lynda could have added an interesting dynamic to the team. Her role just seemed too small for us to really feel for her when she dies.

    The Doctors Self sacrifice pinnacled in a kiss seemed to capture the essence of the series, with the Doctor willing to do everything to keep Rose safe. Goodbye Doctor #9 you were brilliant.
  • Whoa! Season One ends in a bang!

    The Parting Of The Ways

    Grade: A*

    The first season finale of the new Doctor Who is amazing, and perhaps still the best one as of today. This episode I can watch loads of times and is still amazing. As most of you should already know, this marks the end of the 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccelston) and boy what a finish to the first series! Incredibly dark, heroic, and an awesome stand from both the Doctor and the Daleks!

    The story continues on from the episode "Bad Wolf". Rose has been captured by the Daleks and the Doctor, along with Jack races to get her with the TARDIS through using a forcefield and shield to protect them. They encounter the Dalek Emperor and talk on how they survived the Time War, and it turns out the Emperor survived and made blessed Daleks through humans, and the other Daleks think he is a God so it turns a bit religious. Nevertheless, the Doctor leaves and seems stumped on how to stop them.
    He decides to create a delta wave to eliminate the Daleks. The trouble is that it takes time to build and the Daleks are already arriving on the Gamestation. Jack tells other voluntees to help them fight the Daleks but most of them don't believe they exist, and nevertheless they all get killed. The Doctor realises that he is running out of time, and not thinking they are going to survive, he decides to send Rose home through the TARDIS by tricking her. Rose is annoyed by this, and demands to go back but recieves a message from the Doctor telling her to have a good life and to never come back and leave the TARDIS. She tries to go back by reaching into the heart of the TARDIS, allowing her to control herself back to the Doctor, and again she keeps seeing the words BAD WOLF everywhere.
    On the final minutes, with Jack and everyone else killed but the Doctor, he gets the delta wave ready and just needs to push one button. All the Daleks surround him and the Emperor taunts him by saying either killing all humans and Daleks, or letting them live to take over Earth. The Doctor is pressured to push the button, but chickens out, rather being a coward instead. The Emperor Dalek then tells him he is going to be Exterminated for not pulling the trigger.
    In a seemingly no way out situation, Rose returns just at the nick of time to rescue the Doctor, although the power of the TARDIS has overcome her. She reveals to be BAD WOLF and tells the Daleks that they are tiny and blows them away through Atoms with the power, and just wants the Doctor safe. The emperor is killed and the Doctor begs for Rose to stop and release the power but she can't. She revives Jack and nevertheless is seconds away from being killed by an overdose of time vortex running through her head. Very shortly afterwards, the Doctor says "I think you need a Doctor" and kisses Rose, and transfers the energy to him just in time, and takes it back to the TARDIS. Rose collapses and the Doctor seems ok.
    They are both back on the TARDIS, and Rose wakes up. She can't remember anything and the Doctor notices he is going to regenerate. Trying to stay calm, he tells Rose that he was going to take her to Barcelona and many other places, but she is confused. The Doctor then suffers pains and is going to change, claiming its a way of cheating death. The final words of the 9th doctor to Rose is "I just want to say you were fantastic! Absolutely fantastic! And you know what? So was I!". He regenerates for good and changes into the 10th Doctor, David Tennant, and he comments on his teeth and then going to Planet Barcelona!

    Nevertheless, a brilliant departure from Christopher Eccelston and I still miss him, and with David Tennant gone now as well, we have to recap why the relationship between Rose and the Doctor was so strong in the first series. Sure, the Deus Ex Machina ending was used, but on this finale it works well because it costs the doctor's life as a result of a no way out situation. Other times though it doesn't (Season 3 Last Of The Time Lords I'm looking at you!), but nevertheless The Parting Of The Ways is one of my all-time favourite New Doctor Who episodes, and one of very few to get a perfect 10 from me.

  • Perfect finale for a perfect first series!

    After 13 episodes of adventures, dangers, aliens, last humans, famous writers, American captains, drama and comedy, this is the last time we get to see the ninth Doctor in action. And what better way to do that with the purest of all evils to fight against – the Daleks!
    This last episode is very emotional on many different levels. The Doctor knows that he can't beat the huge army of Daleks without killing every human living on earth. And it is great that he would rather say that he is a coward than actually do what the Daleks wouldn't hesitate to do any second. And because of this dead-end-situation, he sends Rose home in the TARDIS. Without a proper goodbye, because he knew she wouldn't leave him all by himself. And we really understand the special relationship between those two, when she can't accept the situation and wants to go back so badly that it becomes clear that he is more important to her than her own family.
    And because of her stubbornness she opens the TARDIS and looks into its heart. And suddenly she is in some way like him. She understands what he is going through day after day and with what he has to live with. And she becomes so powerful that even the Doctor is, for once in his life, actually surprised and speechless. Although it is very sad to see Christopher Eccelston leave the show, it happens with a great ending for his ninth. He gets to do, what he always wants to do. He gets to "die" for the one he loves, while absorbing the energy from Rose. And in that moment you can see in his face that he is really, utterly happy with what he did.
    So in the end he regenerates and this is the last perfect moment of this finale, when we get to see number ten: David Tennant!
  • Great finale.

    It was a good ending to a brilliant season.

    The Dalek Emperor was a fantastic enemy and played a very very imprtant part in the episode. It shows how willing the Doctor is to protect his friends, at any cost.

    Billie Piper puts her all into this episode and shows a side of Rose we haven't seen. She's determined to get back with the Doctor and eventually saves his life, defeats the Daleks and brings Captain Jack back to life. She is the ultimate hero.

    Unfortunetly, the 9th Doctor absorbs the time vortex and has to die. So of course, he regenerates into...David Tennant!

    With new teeth...on their way to Barcelona.
  • The Doctor, Rose and Capt. Jack Harkness have to brave the evil Daleks in the race to save the universe. Written By; Russell T Davies Directed By; Joe Ahearne

    The Doctor and Jack fly to save Rose facing a Dalek missile as they do so. Thet land around Rose and a Dalek who Jack shoots. They go outside on the Dalek Ship and speak to the Dalek Emperor. He tells them his ship survived the Time War and that he has killed the humans transported from the Game station for new cells for the Dalek to grow from. The Doctor, Rose and Jack then go back to the Game Station where Jack starts build deffences as the Doctor and Rose start to build a Delta Wave which would would fry the Dalek's brains. Jack now has a very small army and put the exstraporlater on the Game Station so the Doctor and Rose are safe. The Daleks then invade the station whilst bombing Earth and Jacks army fastley falls. The Doctor then sends Rose home without her consent as he relises she die even if the Daleks do. Jack is killed but Rose manages to open, with the help of her mother and Mickie, the heart of the TARDIS and twells it to take her back to the Doctor. It does and with the power she kills the Daleks and Revives Jack. The Doctor then takes the power out of her and promptley regenerates and they leave, leaving Jack behind!

    This is a terrefic end to a terrific series. The Sci- fi elements are fantastic, acting is brillian and it has the best plot of the series.

    Best Actor/ Actress; Billie Piper
  • The Doctor travels to the Dalek Mothership to get Rose back and meets the Emperor Dalek. The Daleks launch an attack on Satellite 5 and the Doctor tries to think of a way to stop this. He knows though, that not everyone will surive the day...

    What a way to finish the series off! Thousands of CGI Daleks attacking the station! First off, the downside! Yes, there is one. The Bad Wolf. In the end I was rather disappointed with the explanation of the Bad Wolf that has haunted the Doctor and Rose over the last 12 episodes. Rose is the Bad Wolf? Now for the better bits. The Anne-Droid getting it's head blown off was good. The return of the Emperor Dalek is even better (see Evil of The Daleks, another classic Doctor Who!) as it has been a long time since he was seen. A fantastic final performance from Chris Eccleston as the Doctor. I can possibly see why he only wanted to do the one series (so he doesn't get typecast!). And so, we await the Christmas special, with our new Doctor, David Tennant! A classic way to end the series, a regeneration!!!
  • Bad wolf, and bad Rose.

    I love this episode, I think most of all ninth Doctor episodes.

    It's finally revealed that Bad Wolf is not Dalek's message, but time vortex's word scattered through time and space - helping Rose to find her way back to Doctor. I know that I'm never gonna forget Rose with those shiny eyes, after she absorbed the vortex. I think that was the best part of the epi... though it comes close with that scene when Linda was killed by Daleks.

    Anyways, this episode also introduces new Doctor - David Tennant, and I must day that I'm sad that Christopher decided to part - he was very good Doctor.
  • The Doctor, Rose, Captain Jack and a group of TV producers band together to battle the Doctor's most infamous and most deadly enemies, the Daleks, as the series finale arrives and the Time Lord is forced into terrible action...

    The series finale was a fantastic ending to a fantastic first series, filled with humour, sadness and fantastic acting by both Eccleston and Piper. It was a great ending to the first series and Tennant eventually exceeded himself in the role of the Tenth Doctor, although I wasnt sure he would do better than Eccleston, but he is a much better Doctor than Eccleston and his eventual on-screen chemistry with the great Billie Piper is electric. Well done, David!
  • Return of the dalek's

    Fantastic! an army of daleks invading earth and the tv station, the doctor has two choices use the delta wave and kill all life on earth along with all the dalek's or die and let the daleks take over the earth and spread there evil across the universe but in the end he makes the right desision, but did he make the right desition in sending Rose with the TARDIS back to her time, lukily for the doctor Rose comes back to the future with the time vortex rushing through her body and with that power uses it to EXRTERMINATE all the daleks, definatly one of my favorite episodes of the series.
  • The Doctor and Captain Jack fight the Daleks in an attempt to save Rose in the series finale....

    Spoilers Afoot...

    To start with the episode, as originally broadcast begins with a 30 second trailer which got me soooooo excited and hanging on to my seat, followed by a recap of the previous episode 'Bad Wolf' including the:
    'Yes, Doctor?'
    'I'm coming to get you…' Cliff-hanger...


    The TARDIS is (seemingly) destroyed after which the Doctor materialises the TARDIS around Rose and a Dalek which is then destroyed by Captain Jack... Incredible! The first time in the history of Doctor Who that a Dalek appears in the TARDIS!

    The revelation of the existence of the Emperor of the Daleks is played well by Christopher Eccleston - his resignation that the sacrifice of his people has all been in vain is heartfelt and the revulsion that the Daleks feel by being half-human is played well.

    The supporting cast - Lynda Moss (Jo Joyner), the two controllers (Jo Stone-Fewings & Nisha Nayar), the Floor Manager (Jenna Russell) and Roderick (Paterson Joseph) provide enough of a supporting cast and characterisation for the viewer to feel sorry for their fate.

    The Doctor’s ‘betrayal’ of Rose always brings a tear to the eye – his selfless sacrifice of her at the onset of the story betrays the sacrifice that he later performs for her. The ‘Hologram ‘scene is one of the most sentimental moments in Doctor Who over the years, to rival the departure of companions such as Tegan and Jo.

    Billie Piper’s performance as a desperate Rose, trying to get the TARDIS working to return her to the Doctor demonstrates the range of the actress. From her frustration at trying to get the TARDIS to work for her to the frustration at her ‘life’ on Earth and trying to get her mother to understand her life with the Doctor, she demonstrates the talent and feeling that Billie Piper puts into the role of Rose and why she has become one of the most iconic and popular actresses to have come from Doctor Who.

    Special mention must go to Jo Joyner as Lynda Moss – her role is identifiable to the viewer, witnessing the horrors of war, experiencing the feelings of despair, and finally becoming a victim herself.. a chill ran through me at her horrific death… so very well executed and played…

    Jack’s character is further explored and his ‘cowardice’ is replaced with heroism, leading to his further character development in the spin off series, ‘Torchwood’. His final sacrifice comes as one of the most shocking moments in Doctor Who.

    The finale to the episode – with Rose returning to save the Doctor is, perhaps, one of the most magical, and unique endings to any Doctor Who serial ever – in the past, he has given his life for his companions (Peri – The Caves of Androzani) or the Universe (Logopolis) but in this case he is willing to sacrifice his life for the sake of humanity. Rose takes the Doctor’s role and sacrifices herself for the sake of humanity, but, of course, ultimately the Doctor does sacrifice himself for Rose…

    And so arrives David Tennant… to me, at the time, an unknown actor, whom I had never seen… but has the potential to become the Ultimate Doctor Who…
  • Rose rejoins the Doctor only to lost the Doctor to the tests of time, but dont worry, he cheats death and comes back, hotter than ever!

    Last episode left off with Rose aboard the Dalek ship. Jack figures out that the beam that "disintegrated" Rose is actually a teleporter and they discover the Dalek Fleet. The Doctor is horrified that so may daleks survived the time wars. They rescue Rose and bring her back to the station, only to discover the only way to defeat the dalek and save humanity is for the earth and the dalek's to be destroyed together with a delta wave. The Doctor sends Rose and the TARDIS back to her time, much to her protest, and Rose discovers the meaning behind the words "Bad Wolf" that kept appearing throughout the season. Rose looks into the heart of the TARDIS and travels back in time to save the doctor, revive Jack (as the daleks shot and killed him), and destroy the entire dalek fleet.

    With all of the time vortex inside Rose, the doctor kisses her, takes the time vortex into himself and releases it back into the TARDIS. The doctor essentually killed himself in doing this but shows Rose the time lords little trick of cheating death. He regenerated into the 10th doctor and promises to take her to see Barcelona, the planet
  • The Ninth Doctor dies... but Doctor Who goes on.

    This series (season) finale of Doctor Who is the best episode of the first 13 episodes-- heck, the whole program. Christopher Eccleston has his greatest moments as The Doctor befitting his last appearance in the show. While there are plenty of cool effects and action, the highlight of the episode is the romance between Rose and The Doctor. Everything else sort of becomes irrelevant-- and that just speaks to how amazing the drama gets in "The Parting of The Ways". As the title implies, this is the last the audience gets to see of The Ninth Doctor. Its noteworthiness is at least bittersweet, but any fan of this revival series will tell you it is a can't miss chapter.
  • The Doctor's Last Stand *Spoilers*

    An explosive end to the first season, ‘The Parting Of The Ways’ packs in action, emotion and intrigue in a finely-tuned forty-five minutes which is sadly undone by the complete fudging of the season’s central mystery. As the Daleks prepare to attack the Earth and board the Gamestation, the Doctor comes face-to-face with the Emperor Dalek (who has a bizarre notion of divinity quite at odds with the fact of the Daleks being stark emotionless killing machines) but also figures out a way to stop them; by unleashing a Delta Wave so powerful it will incinerate them. The only problem being that it won’t just obliterate the Daleks, it’ll destroy the human race as well. As Captain Jack tries vainly to recruit citizens of the Gamestation to take arms against the sea of Daleks, the Doctor makes a heart-breaking decision involving Rose and then goes up against the Dalek hordes… Visually spectacular, nice balance between emotion and action and some great performances from the cast provide a fittingly fantastic swansong for Christopher Eccleston.

    It was announced very early on that Eccleston would be leaving after only one season. So, unsurprisingly, this is his episode. He’s by turns brave, fearless, wounded, hurt, conflicted and triumphant. His internal clash between wiping out the Daleks and decimating the Earth is balanced well, as is his heart-rending decision to send Rose back home to save her from danger. The slightly cheesy ‘You need a Doctor’ line aside, it’s a perfect performance and his regeneration scene is incredibly emotional. Matching him pace for pace is Billie Piper. From her little jealousy at the Doctor’s flirtation with Lynda to her scene in the TARDIS with Emergency Programme 1 (some manly tears there) to the end revelation, she is great- a shame the same can’t be said for the material, but I’ll address that point in a moment. Adding to this is John Barrowman’s final appearance as Jack. Brave to the end, he faces down the Daleks with honour in a scene that damn near made me cry. There’s even a ‘controversial’ man-on-man kiss as Jack says goodbye to the Doctor. But what else would he do?

    It’s another visually stunning episode, especially the CGI shots of the Dalek invasion and the spectacular design of the Emperor Dalek as well as the destruction of the Dalek fleet. There are also some genuinely unnerving moments, most notably Lynda’s demise (where the Daleks appear outside the space station window)- a shame as Lynda had been built up to be a sympathetic, likeable character (good performance again from Jo Joyner) and some moments of comedy; the Anne Droid dispatching three Daleks is quite funny. Jackie’s turn of heart to helping Rose is also nicely done, if a little sentimental perhaps. The kiss between the Doctor and Rose set many a heart a-flutter, but not mine. It was however a nice moment between the two.

    The major problem with this episode is the revelation of Bad Wolf. It turns out to be a message that Rose, imbued with the power of the Time Vortex at the heart of the TARDIS, leaves for herself to find the Doctor and save him. What?! Does anyone get that? More importantly, does anyone buy that? It was a perfect waste of an intriguing, teasing idea in my opinion, a complete anti-climax. Luckily, the surrounding material was strong so that it didn’t completely damn the episode (and they seem to have learned from this in the second season as the Torchwood references actually coalesce into something worthwhile).

    And at the end, the Doctor must sacrifice himself to save Rose from being burnt up by the power of the Time Vortex. The regeneration scene is visually amazing, and was actually kept as much of a secret as possible. So farewell Christopher Eccleston and hello David Tennant. There’s hardly much to judge his performance on with his one line of dialogue, but from this tiny snippet, I thought he’d do quite well. Turns out I was right! The first season was the production team very much finding their feet but a wonderful season all in all with some real standouts and a great base for them to build on for the second season and beyond.
  • The end of the first season of the new Doctor Who series also marks the end of Christopher Eccelston's run as the 9th Doctor after only one season.

    The Doctor has the chance to finally bring the Time War between himself (representing the Time Lords) and the Daleks to an end but in the process may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to make it happen. It brings one Doctor's journey to an end as Christopher Eccelston brings his run as the Time Lord to a close (the shortest run for a Doctor) and makes way to pass the torch (via a regeneration) to the new 10th Doctor, David Tennant. IF you have tracked the show through this new season, this is one episode you can't miss.
  • Rose gets to see the Doctor regenerate for the first time.

    The plot twist that the Emperor of the Daleks had its ship veritably tossed backward through time was ingenious!

    The deity complex it got, after rebuilding its army of Daleks, was suitably horrifying. More so than the frog-like alien who thought _he_ was God, during the Doctor's 4th Regneration (Peter Davison era).

    Of course, his false memories about mankind's Second Golden Age--or whatever he called it, the first time he and Rose visited Station 5--are still unexplained. Maybe, that will be rectified in the Season 2 premiere?

    Of course, with SCIFI Channel getting the episodes a year after their BBC airings, there will probably be Internet spoilers posted in the interim. Ah, well! That's a risk we'll have to take.

    The only reason I don't give this a perfect ten? The leaving behind of Captain Jack, whose bisexuality provided something refreshingly different for this venerable old series. And, Rose's histrionics in that restaurant.

    Granted, her brief stint as a fellow time traveler has rid her of notions like "then," "now," and "that's a long way off." Still, I just couldn't stand to watch and listen to her.
    I kept flicking back-and-forth between channels until she was done crying and shouting. Because, I couldn't suspend my disbelief enough to keep myself from thinking:

    "Why isn't the manager throwing these loud-mouth lunatics out?"
  • Deus Ex Machina

    I loved this episode right until the TARDIS (via Rose) magically saved the day for the 2nd time (Boomtown being the first).

    IMO, it takes away from the writing if the characters aren\\\'t forced to work their way out of sitiuations. Since they can always be rescued by an all powerful living machine.

    It\\\'s a shame since they did such an excellent job of building the episode up to it\\\'s climax - only to have the Doctor back out of the plan they had concocted to defeat the Daleks.

    That bothered me because:
    1) everyone on the space station had sacrificed their lives so the Doctor could get the Delta beam built &
    2) a few moments ago, we witnessed the destruction of the entire earth by the Daleks anyway - what life was left other than the Doctor & the Daleks - and as the Doctor mentioned, there were human colonies around the galaxy, so not everyone would have been extinct.

    All in all, the episodes Bad Wolf & Parting of the Ways were very good, but not excellent.
  • Awe-inspiring.

    Wow. That\'s all I can say about this episode. Actually, no it\'s not. It was amazing. It was beautiful, and exciting, and adrenaline-filled, and poignant, and touching. I haven\'t even seen all of the new Doctor Who episodes, but I could tell after just the first one I watched that this show was going to be unbelievably good. This episode was so beautiful, but the ending was what really cinched the deal for me. The relationship between the Doctor and Rose is so apparent. It\'s obvious they love each other deeply, and Christopher Eccleston\'s quitting is the most painful thing about this whole thing. I haven\'t seen Tennant yet, but I just don\'t know if he\'ll be able to top Eccleston\'s work. The way the latter portrayed the Doctor was impeccable, and the chemistry he brought to the screen with Rose was what kept me coming back avidly. Not only those two, but it seemed like everyone in this episode was so three dimensional. I mean, even Lynda\'s and the Programmers\' deaths struck me hard. They were only in two episodes and I still felt numb when they were killed. Not to mention that Jack\'s \"death\" was terrifying. I knew he came back, but still. It struck hard, the way he was heroic to the end. Anyways, The Parting of the Ways was amazing; a beautiful send-off for the Ninth Doctor - \"Fantastic!\"
  • Verg good episode but a little sad

    why did Christopher Eccleston have to leave, we all have a fave dr that has left but not at the end of the first series.

    This episode was exactly wat u would exspect for dr who, it had the old Daleks, but they went in a way that u would not exspect.

    It had something tht you new woudl happen sooner or later, you just werent shore when

    The sadness of the dr leaving and the regenerating, that came in rite at the end, but then they tried to maek it better by the dr just pretending nothing had happend and fro first time vewers that could get very confusing.

    It reveled someting that made mw want to go and watch the hole seires for just to find out weather or no it was there the words BAD WOLF, aparently they are in every ep but i didnt hear them.

    This episoode was amazing and i would definatly watch it or you will have no idea wat im on about.

    Excellent episode. Kicks off where "Bad Wolf" left off. The Doctor saves Rose, Jack kills a Dalek within the Tardis and The Doctor confronts the Daleks. It was all excellent.

    The Emporer Dalek was great but a bit of a let down after everyone thought it was going to be Davros. But great nonetheless, thinking it was the god. The design of the ED was excellent. Still very dalek-y but still resembles an Emporer.

    The most emotional part of the episode was the Doctor's hologram. As if the "bury the Tardis and let it gather dust" speech wasn't enough, the HOLOGRAM then actually turns towards Rose to say "have a good life". I had a tear in my eye.

    And then Rose opens the Tardis, absorbs the vortex and everything goes haywire. I was a bit upset when it turned out that she was the Bad Wolf. But still a great climax to an excellnt first series. She destorys everything Dalek out of the sky. Bit of an easy escape in my opinion. But it worked.

    I found the kiss/absorb the vortex thing great. The Doctor saves Rose. The "Barcalona" thing after that was excellent too, and then he regenerates. Hello Mr. Tennant! What a great end to Series 1!

  • Doctor Who- Parting of the Ways

    After such a brilliant performance as the ninth doctor, Christopher Eccleston has completed his series. The second in an amazing two parter, this marks the final episode featuring the Daleks, and the final showdown between the Doctor and... well, the Daleks. With Jack and Rose's desperate attempts at saving the Earth and the Doctor being faced with a very Jack Bauerish dilemma (kill everyone including the bad guys, or kill no-one and enslave humanity), this is an episode that will blow your socks off! How could anyone not like this action-packed, unbelievable bonanza of thrills and spills, with the Doctor's weakness for saving people finally being revealed to the world. Let's hope David Tennant is as successful as Chris was.
  • Regeneration Written by Russell T Davies Directed by Joe Aherne


    With the BBC running “Time Is Up” adverts for five days straight in the run up to this episode, it wasn’t exactly hard to get excited about this particular season finale. After all, nearly half a million Daleks are out and about in outer space determined to annihilate the remainder of humanity. That’s enough to make anyone want to watch.

    The easy part first, the rescue of Rose had the extrapolator from “Boom Town” put into good use as The Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack were then able to build a force field to keep the Daleks from killing them or the TARDIS. Of course, the real voice behind the Daleks is the Emperor Dalek and he isn’t exactly in the mood for pleasantries.

    Time hasn’t especially been kind to the Dalek race or their Emperor in charge since the Time War, a point that is made all too clear in the space of three minutes. They’ve been forced to keep anominous and have had to wait for this ripe opportunity to strike, an opportunity that you could suggest, was given to them by The Doctor as we are after all are still dealing with the consequences from “The Long Game”. The Daleks are back though and they are an army to be reckoned with.

    Being built on human DNA is something we’ve seen before, even earlier on in the season but while that lone Dalek from episode six was confused by its humanity, the influxes of Daleks here are more disgusted with theirs. The Doctor didn’t need to point out that this made them more than lethal but even I won’t gripe about him stating the obvious this time.

    With the Dalek fleet making their way to the Gamestation and nearly over a hundred people still on board unable to escape, the next course of action was to build them as an army. I felt bad for Captain Jack here because deep down, he knew all along that things were going to be fatal and out of our trio, he is the only who still gets screwed over at the end. Which is probably why he kisses both Rose and The Doctor on the lips (yes that’s two men for a little moment kissing, just don’t tell ofcom about it) in a totally subtle but effective scene.

    Trying to build an army out of cynical and desensitised contestants and Gamestation staff is bad without the likes of Rodrick whinging about his prize money on top of things too. It kind of felt like Captain Jack was being a little excluded here with The Doctor not telling him everything while the latter scrambled with the Delta Wave, dealing with Rose and being goaded by the Dalek Emperor. Even Jack’s army of inept and mostly afraid humans didn’t last very long. Although I didn’t care about Rodrick dying, I did feel bad for Davish and little crush on his sarcastic co-worker and of course Lynda, whose death was presumably so violent we didn’t even get to see it.

    Any hopes of Lynda being a fourth spoke in the TARDIS team got obliterated here but the fact that there was any spokes left is a miracle within itself. Even Captain Jack suffered being hit by the Daleks and killed (like Tara’s death on Buffy’s “Seeing Red”, I didn’t like that scene) but things on the death of Captain Jack are not quite as they seem. I’ll get back to that in a bit though.

    As for The Doctor, doing battle with your greatest enemy and having the odds of survival sensationally stacked against you isn’t exactly the best motivational tool in the world but having the Emperor of the Daleks constantly blight you and constantly refer to you as a baddie yourself has got to a head wrecker. With an obviously robotic voice and bigger than a portable aquarium, the Daleks plans of building the Earth into their own image is looking scarily successful.

    The Delta Wave which is supposed to save lives will only wipe out both Daleks and humans and while Captain Jack told The Doctor to do what he felt was right, he obviously struggled before admitting it. Of course there was one life that The Doctor was unwilling to sacrifice, why else do you think he tricked Rose into going home.

    Rose could’ve left the battlefield at any time before being duped, The Doctor even went out on a limb to suggest it but she declined. Rose is increasingly showing signs of being a noble heroine. Which is why when she was sent home and told to forget The Doctor and live a normal life, she couldn’t accept. You experience the kind of things that she doesn’t and normality is no longer an option.

    Both Mickey and Jackie have only had a taste of what other lives are out there but Rose has seen so much more. It explains why they can’t accept her refusal to give up on The Doctor but even their at times narrow-mindedness doesn’t prevail their love for Rose and while they don’t approve of her lifestyle, it was great that they helped to get back to the Gamestation by opening the heart of the TARDIS and a whole boat load of complications.

    As a human Rose can’t physically withstand the energy of the time vortex but then again, neither can anything else but she holds it long enough to reveal that she’s been the big bad wolf all the time, relaying her messages through time and space and to make a spectacular return, amid an interesting debate from Emperor Dalek of whether The Doctor should be a killer or coward.

    He chooses coward, Rose chooses hero as her borrowed elevation to God like quality (was anybody else thinking “Primeval” Buffy when watching this or was that just me?) has her killing every single Dalek and the Emperor on display Of course her best trick is resurrecting Captain Jack with her “I give life” speech, posing the question of whether or not she was aware he was even dead.

    Was either The Doctor or Rose aware that he had been a casualty because if they were and just abandoned him on board Gamestation, then I’m going to be a cheesed off with that one. I’m hoping they weren’t.

    As for The Doctor and Rose kiss, it was hardly a sexual one so even die hard fans can’t complain that much about it, now can they? Still though with Rose nearly dying to save the world, The Doctor returned the favour and saved her by absorbing the vortex energy. Some joking on the TARDIS later and deserved congratulatory speeches later and our ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston morphed into number ten David Tennent. What a way to make an entrance! It’s an impressive debut and a nice way of ending a season finale that delivered left, right and centre. It’s a pity that Captain Jack is on his lonesome though.

    Also in “The Parting Of The Ways”

    This episode opened with no teaser. It just went straight into the opening credits and the main stuff.

    Rose: “Never doubted you”
    Doctor: “I did, are you alright?”

    Captain Jack: “I wish I had never met you, Doctor. I was much better off as a coward. See you in hell”.

    More Dalek knowledge here as we learned that the human DNA came from prisoners, refugees and the dispossessed. Even for part machines, doesn’t this make the Daleks little more than shells?

    Doctor: “I might just save the world or rip it apart”
    Rose: “I’d go with the first one”
    Doctor: “Me too”.

    Doctor: “Have a good life. Do that for me, Rose. Have a fantastic life”.

    The half human revelation about the Daleks was from the 1996 TV movie with the Eight Doctor. Nice use of reference there.

    Rose: “No”
    Mickey (re TARDIS): “If that’s what you think, then let’s get this thing open”.

    Since we last saw, Jackie has been involved with a guy named Rodrigo. I liked how Russell used the reversed events from “Father’s Day” to help Rose get her mother onside too.

    Female Operator: “Am I supposed to say when this is all over, maybe we should go and get a drink?”
    Davish: “That would be nice”.

    If the Daleks invaded the likes of Australasia, the new American Islands, Europa etc before Uber-Rose saved the day, does that mean that they haven’t been completely eradicated?

    Dalek: “Exterminate”
    Captain Jack: “I kind of figured that”.

    The trailer for “The Christmas Invasion” only featured clips throughout Season One. I guess that means it hasn’t been filmed yet.

    Dalek Emperor: “What are you Doctor – coward or killer?”
    Doctor: “Coward, any day”.
    I believe this was the first regeneration standing up. It’s also the first I’ve seen which is a good reminder that I’m still a novice to this show.

    Rose: “I want you safe. My Doctor protected from the false God”.

    Doctor (to Rose): “Mmm new teeth, that’s weird. Now where was I? Oh that’s right, Barcelona!”

    Standout music: the exceptional score piece in this entire episode of course.

    “The Parting Of The Ways” was certainly a heavily anticipated season and like this season as a whole, it succeeded on every level. Hats off to Russell and Joe for their superb scripting and directing and kudos has to be give for the excellent and powerhouse performances from Christopher Eccleston (we’ll miss you mate), Billie Piper (who’s really come into her own), John Barrowman (don’t leave him there) and David Tennent (welcome aboard). Only six months until “The Christmas Invasion”.

  • The End Of A Timewar

    The Doctor is forced to create a weapon that will kill the Daleks but also everyone on Earth.
    The Doctor sends Rose home against her will, where she takes drastic measures to return and fight.
    The stage is set for a final showdown between the Daleks and the last Timelord. The Time War will finally come to an end.
  • A lot of fighting, shooting and running. This episode is very exciting without any boredom all the way through. Thousands of Daleks, a race against time and the fate of the Earth being in the Doctor and Roses hands. This episode contains the most exitemen

    Parting of the ways part 2 was truly the most remarkable episode of the series. It has everything you need. Action, adventure, drama and even a touch of romance between Rose and the Doctor. Seeing the Doctor and Rose race against the clock to save humanity is excellent. TheDalek emperor is also very amazing, the ultimate Dalek god. Of course the most never forgotten seen is the end where the Doctor regenerates and we get a glimpse of the tenth Doctor, David Tennant. Yes i dont think thjat any other episode of the series has been has good has this one and i would recommend it to all Doctor Who fans.
  • The Doctor and Rose face their deadliest enemies, they might surivive, but the price of survival means one of them is going to change!

    One of the best Doctor Who episodes ever I believe. Everybody gets a chance to shine - The Doctor, Rose, Captain Jack, even the Daleks!! The only negative aspect of this episode is that it\'s Christopher Eccleston\'s last outing as the Doc\', but after seeing the Children in Need Special I\'m not worried, The Tenth Doctor looks like a lot of fun!!!
  • Fan-tastic and emotional!

    This is an excellent series finale. Thanks to the intelligent writing of Russell T Davies and an excellent build up over the previous twelve episodes, it has an emotional impact not typical of Doctor Who. From about 15 minutes in I was welling up with emotion!

    It also manages to be a highlight for each of the three main actors. Billie Piper excels in this episode. Faced with the possibility of not seeing The Doctor again, Billie continues to shed any public doubt over this former pop star has any real acting talent. She has loads of it, and a promising future.

    Captain Jack gets his most meaty role yet as he leads the survivors of the game station against a swarm of oncoming Daleks.

    Oddly, The Doctor doesn't do much for the majority of this episode. For about half an hour all we see of him is a couple of shots of him being taunted by the emperor Dalek as he struggles to complete the construction of a Delta Wave. He is put to better use in the episode’s final, tear jerking ten minutes.

    My only problem with this story is the conclusion to the battle. There is more than a whiff of deux-ex-machinas in the way the action is resolved, but I won't give away what actually happens.

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