Doctor Who

Season 1 Episode 13

The Parting of the Ways (2)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 18, 2005 on BBC America

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  • Whoa! Season One ends in a bang!

    The Parting Of The Ways

    Grade: A*

    The first season finale of the new Doctor Who is amazing, and perhaps still the best one as of today. This episode I can watch loads of times and is still amazing. As most of you should already know, this marks the end of the 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccelston) and boy what a finish to the first series! Incredibly dark, heroic, and an awesome stand from both the Doctor and the Daleks!

    The story continues on from the episode "Bad Wolf". Rose has been captured by the Daleks and the Doctor, along with Jack races to get her with the TARDIS through using a forcefield and shield to protect them. They encounter the Dalek Emperor and talk on how they survived the Time War, and it turns out the Emperor survived and made blessed Daleks through humans, and the other Daleks think he is a God so it turns a bit religious. Nevertheless, the Doctor leaves and seems stumped on how to stop them.
    He decides to create a delta wave to eliminate the Daleks. The trouble is that it takes time to build and the Daleks are already arriving on the Gamestation. Jack tells other voluntees to help them fight the Daleks but most of them don't believe they exist, and nevertheless they all get killed. The Doctor realises that he is running out of time, and not thinking they are going to survive, he decides to send Rose home through the TARDIS by tricking her. Rose is annoyed by this, and demands to go back but recieves a message from the Doctor telling her to have a good life and to never come back and leave the TARDIS. She tries to go back by reaching into the heart of the TARDIS, allowing her to control herself back to the Doctor, and again she keeps seeing the words BAD WOLF everywhere.
    On the final minutes, with Jack and everyone else killed but the Doctor, he gets the delta wave ready and just needs to push one button. All the Daleks surround him and the Emperor taunts him by saying either killing all humans and Daleks, or letting them live to take over Earth. The Doctor is pressured to push the button, but chickens out, rather being a coward instead. The Emperor Dalek then tells him he is going to be Exterminated for not pulling the trigger.
    In a seemingly no way out situation, Rose returns just at the nick of time to rescue the Doctor, although the power of the TARDIS has overcome her. She reveals to be BAD WOLF and tells the Daleks that they are tiny and blows them away through Atoms with the power, and just wants the Doctor safe. The emperor is killed and the Doctor begs for Rose to stop and release the power but she can't. She revives Jack and nevertheless is seconds away from being killed by an overdose of time vortex running through her head. Very shortly afterwards, the Doctor says "I think you need a Doctor" and kisses Rose, and transfers the energy to him just in time, and takes it back to the TARDIS. Rose collapses and the Doctor seems ok.
    They are both back on the TARDIS, and Rose wakes up. She can't remember anything and the Doctor notices he is going to regenerate. Trying to stay calm, he tells Rose that he was going to take her to Barcelona and many other places, but she is confused. The Doctor then suffers pains and is going to change, claiming its a way of cheating death. The final words of the 9th doctor to Rose is "I just want to say you were fantastic! Absolutely fantastic! And you know what? So was I!". He regenerates for good and changes into the 10th Doctor, David Tennant, and he comments on his teeth and then going to Planet Barcelona!

    Nevertheless, a brilliant departure from Christopher Eccelston and I still miss him, and with David Tennant gone now as well, we have to recap why the relationship between Rose and the Doctor was so strong in the first series. Sure, the Deus Ex Machina ending was used, but on this finale it works well because it costs the doctor's life as a result of a no way out situation. Other times though it doesn't (Season 3 Last Of The Time Lords I'm looking at you!), but nevertheless The Parting Of The Ways is one of my all-time favourite New Doctor Who episodes, and one of very few to get a perfect 10 from me.

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