Doctor Who

Episode Christmas Special

The Runaway Bride

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Dec 25, 2006 on BBC America



  • Quotes

    • Donna: What do they want with me?
      The Doctor: Somehow, you've been dosed with huon energy, and that's a problem, because huon energy hasn't existed since the Dark Times. The only place you'll find a huon particle now is a remnant in the heart of the TARDIS. See, that's what happened. (off Donna's blank look) Say that's the TARDIS (picks up a mug) and that's you (picks up a pencil). The particles inside you activated, the two sets of particles magnetized and whap! (puts the pencil in the mug) You were pulled inside the TARDIS.
      Donna: I'm a pencil inside a mug.
      The Doctor: Yes, you are.