Doctor Who

Season 3 Episode 2

The Shakespeare Code

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 2007 on BBC America

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  • It was definitely better than I was expecting it to be.

    I must admit, I wasn't expecting much of this episode. But I was pleasantly surprised. They handled the setting well, and as always, very imaginative. The thing I had a problem with is the Martha/Doctor dynamic which, to me, still seems very forced. Of course, I think the Doctor and Rose were amazing together, so I'm biased. But something about it didn't sit well with me.

    Still, classic one liners and the Doctor was on top form, with amazing characterisation as always. I think that once the dynamic between the two main characters has settled in. we're going to have a good series.
  • The Doctor and Martha visit Elizibethen England and must once again save lives.

    I'm going to be honest, I wasn't expecting much of this episode. They've dealt with the kind of thing in "the unquiet dead", "the empty child/the doctor dances" and "tooth and claw" and in my opinion they've all been pretty bad. This one not only excedes the limit it almost makes me want to completely rethink my opinion on the above episodes.The Doctor has dealt with strange goings on before but the only episode I know of that's dealt woth aliens that actlike witch creatures and become them, when they did it with the gelf it was disapointing. Also it is one of very few that have a female villan. The only one that has is "the idiots lantern" I can't wait to find out how the doctor angered the queen.
    Overall: Better than others of this genre but NOT the best.
  • The Doctor and Martha foil a plan to destroy the world in 1566

    Another great installment of a great show! Two key references in the show made it a great episode. 1.)The Doctor made reference to Rose - which I like as Rose was brilliant! 2.) Harry Potter!!!!!!! Two of my favourite things - Doctor Who and Harry Potterrolled into one! Can you ask for anything else?

    This episode gave us a greater insight into how well the Doctor and Martha work together. We also got to see the story more from the Doctor's perspective, unlike last week, which was good. This story really tested the relationship between the Doctor and Martha, and laid the pavements for a more long-term companionship. Not the best episode i'll admit, but it's only the second, and it all has to build up to the finale - so it was excellent for what is to be expected.
  • the doctor and martha travel to the year 1599 where they meet shakesphere and must deal with the evil carronites.

    season 3 maintains it's high quality going into the second episode. The doctor and rose land near the glode theater where they mmet shakesphere. however the doctor soon unicovers a plot by 3 aliens masquerading as witches. who ant to destroy all life on earth and return the universe to the old ways of magic. apparently they we're banished by someone along time ago. we don't know who, but that dosen't detract from a great episode. hopefully this quality wil continue into the rest of the season. The new companio continues to impress me as she did last week and is a worthy replacement for rose.
  • To be or not to be....

    Brilliant episode, loved all the in jokes and the obvious ones!

    Okay so this week Martha can begin to dazzle and drag us out of our Rose bereavement (again). And well her teeth dazzled if that counts. She was maybe trying a little toooo hard to shine. Now its not that I am Rose biased, I will give anyone a fair chance....but her acting just seemed a bit false? Dont worry I will give her time!

    It is nice to see the Doctor infatuated by someone with a different, or dare I say, greater intellect than him. One annoying thing though, and it happens every week, where do they get their extras from? I know they are told to point and scream but surely the producers by now realise that all 300 people pointing and shouting looks a bit stupid? Last week the patients in the hospital were doing the same.

    I leave you with 'Expelliarmus!'
  • call me a cynic, but it wasn't that brilliant

    Stepping back in time is always a problem, you have to try and do your best to make the setting believable, that's where a lot of shows fall flat on their face. Doctor who has done well in this area a lot of times before in making its audience believe in the setting, the classic serial (sadly lost to the archieves) marco polo for example, which despite the fact it was made in 1964, I can tell from the recon was well set and believable for the setting of about 1100 or something. Here we meet Shakespeare, sorry but am I the only one who thought that the language and the way this episode played out with settings and stuff was a little unrealistic? I mean we can't know what it was like back in the 1500's but I didn't really seem to believe it as much as some other episodes of doctor who that I've seen. And I know this will probably be disagreed with, but the way Shakespeare was portrayed seemed a hell of a lot different to how he's usually portrayed (Martha was right, different to portraits)
    Anyway, off that because that would basically be what I'd go on about for the whole review. Onto the subject at hand. This episode, I will probably be disagreed with about, is trying to be like the unquiet dead. Just look at it, period set, zombies - witches, Dickens - Shakespeare, aliens crossing over - witches crossing over. However where unnquiet dead excelled in period set horror, the unbelievability of this episode put me off the idea of period set who.
    Anyway, off the faults, onto the things it does right beginning with Christina Cole. I was really impressed with her performance, despite the fact that the whole plot could've been thought about a little better she did amazingly well and I would love to see her more often on TV in the future. The scripting wasn't bad, though the account of language having changed over the years did add to what I mentioned earlier. Plot, didn't hold together so well but I liked what there was when we got to the point. This episode had good points and bad points, but I did get up from my sofa feeling a strange sense of disappointment. Anyway, that's me out for this review. Trailer for gridlock was awesome, looking forward to it.
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