Doctor Who

Season 3 Episode 2

The Shakespeare Code

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 2007 on BBC America

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  • Witches? bad acting shakespear? magic with little or no explantion (or one that made sense) The third season is begining to worry me

    As reward for helping him on the moon with the juddon,
    the doctor takes martha to the globe theatre in 1599.
    They meet shakespear who is infatuated with martha and attempts to woo her.
    We discover his great lost play "loves labours won"
    is to be shown tomorrow night.
    And anyone who gets in the way ends up dead ,killed by voodoo witches?.
    The globe it seems is built to harness the power of words
    and amplfy there effect.When shakespears play (with new ending)is performed in the globe it will allow the other witches to escape from thier prison dimension and unleash hell on earth.
    Can the doctor save the day?
    Well it would be a pretty short season if he failed.

    i didnt really like this episode
    the shakespear guy wasnt very likable
    the adoration the doctor has for shakespear
    is clear
    but having never believed that he was a genius
    it just seemed silly.
    the carping on about the specail way he had with words
    was just boring.
    The young witch (the bird from sky one's HEX)
    she was okay but the teaser, where she speaks directly to the camera was embarrassing.
    The explanation to the carrionites powers seemed confused
    and not very well defined.
    On the plus side however
    i loved all the un pc stuff
    about his "african" assistant.
    and her reaction to it.
    The death scenes were quite good
    and the ending was quite dramatic with swarming carrionites
    and shakespear ranting about harry potter spells

    The final verdict is another okay episode
    with some flaws
    Must try harder
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