Doctor Who

Season 3 Episode 2

The Shakespeare Code

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 2007 on BBC America

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  • The Doctor and Martha meet William Shakespeare,but more importatnly have to save the world from ending.

    In this episode The Doctor and Martha travel to Elizabethian/Shakespearing times.Its Martha's first full trip abroad the tardis with the doctor.The Doctor meets enemies called the Carionites in other words witches as they are known by people,they attempt to take over the world "into the old ways of blood and magic".But first they have to get past the Doctor.But Lilith manages to get a DNA Replication of the Doctor,but she makes a mistake and little does she know that the Doctor is not dead,and he's a fighter.But by the time the Doctor and Martha are awake ,its too late to save the world or is it.
    Shakespeare is there to save the day by using words that flow,rime and continue,in order to reverse the spell.The Carionites are defeated and traped or all iternity.
    This episode is great or very good not the best but good,its not the driving episode of the siries,but it keeps things good.Its farely adventureous,and Dean Lennox Kelly who plays shaspeare has played his role perfectly well,not trying too hard but playing at well as he can,and the Doctor Who team have made sure of that.And the writer of the episode Gareth Roberts has produced fine work wich the actors have potrayed well and the setting or enviroment around it perfect enough t go with it.