Doctor Who

Season 3 Episode 2

The Shakespeare Code

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 2007 on BBC America



  • Quotes

    • Peter Streete: Witches spoke to Peter in the night, they whispered, whispered. Got Peter to build the Globe to their design. Their design. The fourteen walls. Always… fourteen. When the work was done (laughs) they… they snapped poor Peter's wits.
      The Doctor: But where did Peter see the witches? Where in the city? Peter, tell me. You've got to tell me. Where were they?
      Peter Streete: All Hallows Street.
      Mother Doomfinger: (suddenly appearing in Peter's cell) Too many words.
      Martha: What the hell?
      Mother Doomfinger: Just one touch of the heart. (goes to touch Peter)
      The Doctor: NO!
      (Mother Doomfinger touches Peter once on the chest, killing him)
      Shakespeare: I'm seeing a witch.
      Mother Doomfinger: Now who would be next, hm? Just one touch.
      (Watching via the cauldron, Lilith and Mother Bloodtide cackle)
      Mother Doomfinger: Oh, oh, I'll stop your frantic hearts. Poor, fragile mortals.
      Martha: (yelling at the bars of the cell) Let us out! LET US OUT!
      The Doctor: Well, that's not gonna work. The whole building's shouting that.
      Mother Doomfinger: Who would die first, hm?
      The Doctor: Well, if you're looking for volunteers…
      Martha: No, don't!
      Shakespeare: Doctor, can you stop her?
      Mother Doomfinger: No mortal has power over me.
      The Doctor: No, but there's a power in words. If I can find the right one, if I can just know you…
      Mother Doomfinger: None on Earth has knowledge of us
      The Doctor: Then it's a good thing I'm here. Now, think, think, think… Humanoid, female, uses shapes and words to channel energy… ah, fourteen! That's it, fourteen! The fourteen stars of the Rexel planetary configuration! Creature, I name you… Carrionite!
      (Mother Doomfinger screams and vanishes in a flash of light)
      Martha: What did you do?
      The Doctor: I named her. The power of the name. That's old magic.
      Martha: But there's no such thing as magic.
      The Doctor: Well, it's a different sort of science. You lot; you chose mathematics. Given the right string of numbers, the right equation, you could split the atom. Carrionites use words instead.
      Shakespeare: Use them for what?
      The Doctor: The end of the world.