Doctor Who

Episode Christmas Special

The Snowmen

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Dec 25, 2012 on BBC America

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  • Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. (Mild Spoilers)

    In all honesty, my expectations for this year's Christmas Special were pretty low. I have never been a huge fan of the Doctor Who Holiday themed episodes, they always come across as gimmicky, overly sappy and in the worst case scenario, like last year, the plot just seems to become frivolously secondary.

    Tag that along with the fact that I didn't care at all for Oswin's characterization from her surprise first appearance in Asylum of the Daleks, my feelings were tepid to say the least.

    Thankfully those concerns dissipated once it began. The Snowmen somehow finds a lot of that Christmasy wonder that several of the previously installments of the course of it's run have failed to do and it strikes a nice balance with it actually being useful to the plot, whilst not hinder it in the process.

    The way in which the Villains are defeated does seem very questionable and their origins were never explicitly explained, which may mean they will return in the future, which I don't mind.

    My biggest surprise however was the fact how much I enjoyed Clara as the new companion. Weather each version or iteration will be different ever time remains to be seen, although Clara did seemed very toned down from premiere.

    I am liking that Moffat is taking an unusual approach to his companions, while Amy having the Doctor be her imaginary friend was a far more subtle change to the normal companion introduction, Clara's is far more enigmatic and confusing, one which poses a large amount of speculation and head scratching.

    Overall, an enjoyable romp. Looking forward seeing where "The Fall of the Eleventh" and the question that should never be answered will fit in to this and the 50th anniversary.
  • Confused about the episode numbers.

    It was said that The Snowmen was episode and Phantom of the Hex would be episode 7 for the seventh season. Loved the episode by the way.
  • Such a great Christmas surprise

    I can't explain how much I enjoyed this special. Or, actually, I guess I can, since I just took to the Internet to do so, but it is complicated. See, I've halfheartedly disliked Moffat's Who so far, as I've conveyed in earlier reviews. It seemed self-indulgent on top of an already self-indulgent foundation. It seemed stubborn and irreverent in all the wrong ways.

    But every now and then, there's this stuff. The legitimately funny or well written stuff. The cool characters, clever situation, striking visuals. All that stuff is great.

    But you know what? That's not why I liked this one, if I'm to be perfectly honest with you. It wasn't the funny comedy or the cool new companion or the nice victorian look.

    It was the stuff that was for me. The nods. The retro stuff. It was the tie-ins to old Who, the retro TARDIS that no longer looks like the inside of a fishing bowl, the retro opening, that again flashes the face of the current Doctor, the grumpy version of Matt Smith that now sounds more like the Doctor and less like a hyperactive little kid. Doctor Who is self-indulgent, indeed, so I indulged in nostalgia and loved every minute of it. Sue me.

    But I also acknowledge that it didn't hurt that, for a change, the Doctor got to at least be clever on his Deus Ex Machina ending and his magical solution was at least set up. It's great that there was a plot and a mystery and grumpy Doctor had more quotable one-liners than he's had in years. Yeah, I noticed all of that too while I was indulging, and it was great, too. It's not the first time I've said this, but fingers crossed that this can be kept up... although this time at least I'll get to enjoy that sweet, sweet new TARDIS and Smith's stern mug during the opening while I check.
  • Doctor Who 2.0

    In my opinion the best episode so far with the new TARDIS interior and the new kickass companion. Im really looking forward to see more of the mysterious and smart new girl (not to forget hot) that died twice. I have to admit I was a little disappointed of the last episodes and got a little tired of watching but I think the series is back on track now and I cant wait to see more ...
  • A new companion and TARDIS interior

    I just caught this episode off the DVR and enjoyed it. The story line was intriguing being written around a Christmas theme. That being said while it was good I wouldn't call the plot line as good as a couple of the other Christmas specials. The creation of the snow creatures from the mind of Dr. Simeon was interesting and creative but the resolution was not carried out too well. Of course along with this plot was the introduction of Clara as the new companion. She looks to be a great companion and is quite lovely. And we also got to see a new interior for the TARDIS which appears to be cleaned up and modernized from before. I think I liked the quirkiness of the old interior better as it seemed more steam punkish but the new one is ok. And it's going to take too long now to wait until April for the second half of the season with the new people and TARDIS.
  • Doctor Who

    i like Clara it was really great to see her again and i hope to see more of her

    and i hope Clara is the doctor's new companions and i hope some day we wheel get to

    see his old companion again i would like to see Rose again and all the rest of them

    like Martha Jones Donna Amy and Rory maybe even Jack...
  • Hey! Listen!

    This episode was a pretty obvious showcase of the new companion and it left a boatload of questions. It was enjoyable and presented a very compelling question of Oswin, but the plot of the crisis neither really mattered nor was it explained how the crisis was averted. It served the purpose of getting the viewers excited about the second half of the season, but as an episode on its own, I wasn't terribly impressed. But bring it, spring 2013.