Doctor Who

Episode Christmas Special

The Snowmen

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Dec 25, 2012 on BBC America

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  • Such a great Christmas surprise

    I can't explain how much I enjoyed this special. Or, actually, I guess I can, since I just took to the Internet to do so, but it is complicated. See, I've halfheartedly disliked Moffat's Who so far, as I've conveyed in earlier reviews. It seemed self-indulgent on top of an already self-indulgent foundation. It seemed stubborn and irreverent in all the wrong ways.

    But every now and then, there's this stuff. The legitimately funny or well written stuff. The cool characters, clever situation, striking visuals. All that stuff is great.

    But you know what? That's not why I liked this one, if I'm to be perfectly honest with you. It wasn't the funny comedy or the cool new companion or the nice victorian look.

    It was the stuff that was for me. The nods. The retro stuff. It was the tie-ins to old Who, the retro TARDIS that no longer looks like the inside of a fishing bowl, the retro opening, that again flashes the face of the current Doctor, the grumpy version of Matt Smith that now sounds more like the Doctor and less like a hyperactive little kid. Doctor Who is self-indulgent, indeed, so I indulged in nostalgia and loved every minute of it. Sue me.

    But I also acknowledge that it didn't hurt that, for a change, the Doctor got to at least be clever on his Deus Ex Machina ending and his magical solution was at least set up. It's great that there was a plot and a mystery and grumpy Doctor had more quotable one-liners than he's had in years. Yeah, I noticed all of that too while I was indulging, and it was great, too. It's not the first time I've said this, but fingers crossed that this can be kept up... although this time at least I'll get to enjoy that sweet, sweet new TARDIS and Smith's stern mug during the opening while I check.
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