Doctor Who

Season 4 Episode 12

The Stolen Earth (1)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 28, 2008 on BBC America
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Location: Earth, The Medusa Cascade, The Shadow Proclamation
Date: 2009
Enemies: The Daleks and Davros
Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Sarah Jane Smith, and Jack Harkness must work together at a time of great urgency as Earth, now trapped in the Medusa Cascade, is threatened by the new Dalek Empire. Meanwhile, the Doctor and Donna must confront the Shadow Proclamation to find the truth, whilst a fearsome old enemy waits in the shadows...moreless

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  • The Stolen Earth

    The Stolen Earth was an awesome episode of Doctor Who and I really enjoyed watching because all the main companions and friends worked together. It was great to see them trying to find The Doctor who was somewhere else in time and space. I liked how the Earth was transported and then invaded by an enemy with out mercy. The space scenes and special effects were amazing and beautiful. It was great to see every one together and I liked how Rose helped in her own way. The enemies were excellent and scary and a little crazy! It was awesome watching The Doctor take action as soon as he could with suspenseful results. I liked the way the story played out and look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Justice Legue

    This is one of my personal favorate two parters ever, this wasn't just an ordinary two parter but an event. There really isn't much for me to say, what I truely love about this episode was that it wasn't focused on the Doctor and Donna both are kinda second string characters in this episode.

    Instead it's focused on all of the important supporting characters that have been thoughout the franchise, usually having lots of characters in an episode or movie is a bad idea but here it works because we know who everyone is, their all well developed and all have something to do.

    I love the amount of emotion conveyed by all of the characters, like a scene where we then hear the voice of the Dalieks on the speaker which sent a cold chill down my spine because I knew they were all in really deep s... You see Jack Harkness in a state of despair as he is hugging his friends and saying theres nothing he can do. Likewise for Sarah Jane Smith whom is in the same state as she is crying and hugging her son saying he's too young. Just all the emotion really made me woried for the whole teams lives, I kept wondering how are they all going to survive this? And even if the Doctor does arrive is this really a problem he can fix?

    I know that there have been some tense sittuation with the Daileks which have almost killed the Doctor. But this is a big one it's an invasion force just going all out on the Earth, where he is litterally outmaned, outgunned, and out of time. I really love the moment when each of the team members are working on a way to get a signal out to the Doctor so he can find them, just seeing them all do their thing and suceed together is gratifing.

    And there is a touching and sad moment when Rose Tyler and the Doctor are running toward each other in a slow mo sequence. Just as they are close to an embrace suddenly a Dailek from just out of nowhere rolls in and shoots the Doctor. I'll admit I thought noooo, it's always a surreal and heartwrenching thing to see your hero at the brink of death.

    As a saying goes, "The battle may be won, but the war is far from over."

  • one of the best episodes i have ever seen....

    There are Spoilers in the review...

    This episode for me is the best episode of the series. The doctor has not got a clue what has happened to the earth resulting in him having to go to the Shadow Proclamation where he finds that 24 Planets have gone missing (including Clom "Who would want to take Clom")

    This is where the story arc comes into play about other planets disappearing, with Adipose III (from Partners in crime), pyrovillia (from the fires of Pompeii) and The Lost Moon of Poosh ( from Midnight) then the way the doctor figures out what to do "all the bees disappearing"

    Then there is the Doctors Army which includes Martha, Jack Harkness, Sarah Jane Smith and of course Rose all with their own followers, trying to get the doctor there with them to save the world again. With the help of another old friend and enemy (in a way) Harriet Jones former prime minister (we know who you are) and Mr Copper (I think I know who you are) with the subwave network they get the doctor there where he will have to face a very familiar enemy in the Daleks and Davros.

    Then there is a touching reunion at the end between the doctor and rose but then diasater where a Dalek gets the doctor before she can get to him

    The end of this episode brings up alot of questions "what's going to happen to the earth", "what are they going to do with the people" and "who will be the next doctor"

    This episode has a mixture of sadness, excitement and laughter (mostly from Donnas grandpa) and that is why this my favourite episode. joemoreless
  • it was ok i didn't like the ending i want Tennant to stay as the doctor but no he has to get zapped by a dalek (roll)

    the doctor goes back to earth and every thing is fine but suddenly the earth vanishes but the tardis hasn't moved at all. The doctor takes donna to the shadow proclamation and the jadoon things are there and they want the doctor to take them to fight the enemies ( after they figure out that the bees disappearing was cause they were aliens and sensing danger the go home) so they follow the trail but the medusa cascade is there but there is a 1sec difference were the planets are so they travel 1 sec in to the future and find the planets by now you would have found out it was the dalek's and the thing that you only see the fingers of is devros the dalek creator and the former priminister calls martha, torchwood , sara jane so that they help the doctor find the between all the stolen planets and rose is on earth with a huge gun and you see her blow up a dalek for donas parents and rose sees the doctor and he sees her they run to each other and the doctor gets hit by a dalek and she doesn't even kiss him and he regenerates.

    thank you for readingmoreless
  • Doctor Who Season 4 Episode 12 The Stolen Earth

    If you are currently watching Doctor Who on the Sci Fi Channel stop reading this now, because this is my review of the 2 part season finale, and it will contain spoilers. So lets talk about what has come before first. The fourth series of Doctor Who has been very good, if some what uneven, I was glad to see the Sontarans, but thought the story was a bit stretched over 2 parts. The Doctor's Daughter was full of promise, but didn't fully deliver (but wasn't she just cute as a button, always running) I knew from the beginning that I would like Donna Noble as a companion, unlike many others who openly slammed the idea of the Donna Noble's return to the series. She brought a freshness to the Doctor/Companion relationship, someone who wants to be with the Doctor, not out of some gooey romantic motivation, but out of love simply of the life, she has truly been a match for the Doctor, a companion more in the mold of Tegan Jovanka (another companion who did not originally choose to travel with the Doctor, but someone who stumbled into the TARDIS. Now Lets talk about these episodes - The Stolen Earth was really just setting up for Journey's End, and there was a lot to set up - Torchwood in Cardiff, introducing Gwen and Ianto to the pre-watershed audience, Sarah Jane and her son, Luke to the parents, reminding everyone who Harriet Jones is (Former Prime Minister) and then getting everyone together in to find the Doctor, who has gone of to the Shadow Proclamation to find help (and the Judoon! Ma Ho!) The Subwave Network, financed by the Mr.Copper foundation (so much for laying low, eh Mr. Copper?) brings together everyone who can help find the Doctor. I was kind of disappointed, by it, because it could have been a nice nod for older fans- maybe a display screen that listed former companions that could not be reached (Tegan in Australia? Harry Sullivan? The Brig? Jo Grant? Ace? Even their names on a screen would have been a nice touch.) The reveal of Davros, was a fairly poorly kept secret - but Julian Beach was fantastic at recreating the character, and bravo to the production team. The real surprise came at the end, just as the Doctor and Rose finally see one another and they are about to re-unite, tradgey strikes in the form of a lone Dalek, and a single shot fired, and it appears that David Tennant's time as the Doctor is coming to an abrupt stop as his body coarses with yellow energy and the words come out of his mouth "I'm regenerating...." Then the three most obivious and at same time frustrating word.... "TO BE CONTINUED"

    On to part 2, and on to the Journey's End tomorrow.....moreless
Eve Myles

Eve Myles

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Gareth David-Lloyd

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Elisabeth Sladen

Elisabeth Sladen

Sarah Jane Smith

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Bernard Cribbins

Bernard Cribbins

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Sylvia Noble

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • When they try to call the Doctor, using a combination of the subwave network, Mr. Smith, and the Cardiff rift, bluish rings of light ascend from Torchwood. These rings are in groups of three when they leave Torchwood, but groups of two when they are shown leaving the Earth. The rings are still in groups of two when the TARDIS follows the call to the stolen planets.

    • The TARDIS is supposed to telepathically translate alien languages into English. However, when the Doctor and Donna first arrive at the Shadow Proclamation, the Judoon are speaking their own language and the Doctor has to speak to them in their own language. The Judoon do later speak English.

    • Continuity: During the attack on UNIT by the Daleks, Suzanne (Andrea Harris) is shot and killed. Problem is, she made the motion of being hit by the laser beam almost a second before it hits her.

    • In this episode, the Doctor's phone number is shown to be 077 0090 0461. However, this is the phone Martha gave him, and we saw that the number was in fact 077 1191 1905 in the series three episode 42.

    • Several of the 'missing planets' have been mentioned before. Calufrax was mentioned in the classic serial The Pirate Planet (series 16), whilst Woman Wept was mentioned in Boom Town and Clom in Love and Monsters, along with Pyrovilia (The Fires Of Pompeii), Adipose 3 (Partners In Crime) and The Lost Moon Of Poosh (Midnight).

    • The Supreme Dalek has a third dome light.

    • This is the first appearance of a Red Dalek in the TV series. A Red Dalek did appear in the independent 1966 film Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 AD which starred Peter Cushing as the Doctor.

    • Harriet Jones mentions that the subwave network was developed by the Mr. Copper Foundation, presumably created by Mr. Copper, the guide from Voyage of The Damned, from the credit card he intended to use as 'Souvenir Money' in Voyage of the Damned.

    • This is the first episode to feature Elisabeth Sladen's name in the opening credits.

    • Jack mentions that Project Indigo was salvaged from the Sontarans, presumably after the events of The Poison Sky.

    • It is stated that Davros was involved in the Time War.

    • The Shadow Proclamation (first mentioned in Rose), and the Medusa Cascade (First mentioned in Last of the Time Lords) both appear onscreen for the first time.

    • Jack's gun is the same sort of gun he built in the series 1 episode Bad Wolf and the subsequent episode Parting of the Ways

  • QUOTES (32)

    • Sarah Jane: Mr. Smith... make that call.
      Mr. Smith: Calling the Doctor.

    • Captain Jack: Martha, back at UNIT, what, what did they give you? What was that key thing?
      Martha: The Osterhagen Key.
      Harriet: That key is not to be used, Dr. Jones. Not under any circumstances.
      Captain Jack: But what is an Osterhagen Key?
      Harriet: Forget about the key, and that's an order! All we need is the Doctor.

    • The Doctor: Donna, come on, think, Earth. There must have been some warning. Was there anything happening back in your day, like electrical storms, freak weather, patterns in the sky?
      Donna: Well, how should I know? No, I don't think so, no.
      The Doctor: Oh, OK, never mind.
      Donna: Although… there were the bees disappearing.
      The Doctor: The bees disappearing? The bees disappearing. (An idea hits him) The bees disappearing!
      Shadow Architect: How is that significant?
      Donna: On Earth, we had these insects. Some people said it was pollution or mobile phones…
      The Doctor: Or they were going back home!
      Donna: Back home where?
      The Doctor: The planet Melissa Majoria.
      Donna: Are you saying bees are alien?
      The Doctor: Don't be so daft. Not all of them. But, if the migrant bees felt something coming, some sort of danger and escaped… Tandocca!
      Shadow Architect: The Tandocca Scale!
      The Doctor: The Tandocca Scale is a series of wavelengths used as carrier signals by migrant bees. Infinitely small, no wonder we didn't see it, it's like looking for a speck of cinnamon in the Sahara but look… there it is! The Tandocca trail. The transmat that moved the planets was using the same wavelength. We can follow the path!

    • Albino Servant: You are something new.
      Donna: Not me. I'm just a temp. Shorthand, filing, hundred words per minute. Fat lot of good that is now. I'm no use to anyone.

    • The Doctor: When you met Rose in that parallel world, what did she say?
      Donna: Just 'the darkness is coming'.
      The Doctor: Anything else?
      Donna: (after a pause; looking over his shoulder) Why don't you ask her yourself?

    • The Doctor: And you made a new race of Daleks.
      Davros: I gave myself to them. Quite literally. Each one grown from a cell of my own body. New Daleks. True Daleks. I have my children, Doctor. What do you have now?
      The Doctor: After all this time, everything we saw, everything we lost, I have only one thing to say to you: BYE!

    • The Doctor: You were destroyed, in the very first year of the Time War at the Gates of Elysium. I saw your command ship fly into the jaws of the Nightmare Child. I tried to save you.
      Davros: But it took one stronger than you. Dalek Caan himself.
      Dalek Caan: (insanely) I flew into the wild and fire. I danced and died a thousand times.

    • Harriet Jones: I thought it was about time we all met, given the current crisis. Torchwood, this is Sarah Jane Smith.
      Captain Jack: I've been following your work. Nice job with the Slitheen.
      Sarah Jane: Yeah, well, I've been staying away from you lot. Too many guns.
      Captain Jack: All the same, might I say, looking good, ma'am.
      Sarah Jane: (flattered) Really? Ooh...
      Harriet Jones: (wearily) Not now, Captain.

    • Rose: She can't hear me. Have you got a webcam?
      Wilfred: No, she wouldn't let me. (points at Sylvia) She said they're naughty.

    • Gwen: (about The Doctor) Ooh he's a bit nice, I thought he'd be older...

    • Harriet Jones: (On the computer monitor) This message is of the utmost importance, we haven't much time. Can anyone hear me?
      Gwen: Someone's trying to get in touch.
      Captain Jack: The whole world's crying out, just leave it.
      Harriet Jones: Captain Jack Harkness, shame on you! Now stand to attention, sir.
      Captain Jack: (Shocked) What? Who is that?
      Harriet Jones: Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister.
      Captain Jack: Yes, I know who you are.

    • Captain Jack: Martha, I'm telling you, don't use Project Indigo, it's not safe!
      General Sanchez: You take your orders from UNIT, Doctor Jones, not from Torchwood.
      Martha: (getting into a harness) But why me?
      General Sanchez: You're our only hope of finding the Doctor. But failing that, if no help is coming, then with the power invested in me by the Unified Intelligence Taskforce, I authorize you to take this. The Osterhagen Key.
      Martha: I can't take that, sir.
      General Sanchez: You know what to do. For the sake of the human race.

    • Donna: What about Pyrovilia?
      Shadow Architect: Who is the female?
      Donna: Donna. I'm a human being. Maybe not the stuff of legend, but every bit as important as Time Lords, thank you. Way back, when we were in Pompeii, Lucius said Pyrovilia had gone missing.
      Judoon: Pyrovilia is cold case. Not relevant.
      Donna: How do you mean, 'cold case'?
      Shadow Architect: The planet Pyrovilia cannot be part of this. It disappeared over two thousand years ago.
      Donna: Yes, yes, hang on, but there's the Adipose breeding planet, too. Miss Foster said that was lost, but that must have been a long time ago.
      The Doctor: That's it! Donna, brilliant! The planets are being taken out of time as well as space.

    • Captain Jack: (answering telephone) Martha Jones, voice of a nightingale. Tell me you put something in my drink.
      Martha: No such luck. Have you heard from the Doctor?
      Captain Jack: Not a word. Where are you?
      Martha: New York.
      Captain Jack: Nice for some.
      Martha: I've been promoted. Medical director on Project Indigo.
      Captain Jack: Did you get that thing working?
      Martha: Indigo's top secret. No one's supposed to know about it.
      Captain Jack: I met a soldier in a bar. Long story.
      Ianto: When was that?
      Captain Jack: Strictly professional.

    • Wilfred: It's gone dark. It's them aliens, I'll bet my pension. What d'you want this time, you green swine?
      Sylvia: Dad…
      Wilfred: You get back inside, Sylvia. They always want the women.

    • Captain Jack: Gwen, Ianto. You OK?
      Ianto: No broken bones. Slight loss of dignity. No change there, then.

    • Donna: So… I just met Rose Tyler?
      The Doctor: Yeah.
      Donna: But she's locked away in a parallel world.
      The Doctor: Exactly. If she can cross from her parallel world to your parallel world, then that means that the walls of the universe are breaking down. Which puts everything in danger. Everything. But how?

    • Shadow Architect: Time Lords are the stuff of legend. Belong in the myths and whispers of the higher species. You can not possibly exist.
      The Doctor: Yeah! More to the point, I've got a missing planet.
      Shadow Architect: Then you're not as wise as the stories would say. The picture is far bigger than you imagine. The whole universe is in outrage, Doctor. 24 worlds have been taken from the sky.
      The Doctor: (looks shocked) How many? Which ones? Show me.
      Shadow Architect: The locations range far and wide, they all disappeared at the exact same moment leaving no trace.
      The Doctor: (reading names off a screen) Callufrax Minorr, Jahoo, Shalakatom, Woman Wept, Klom, Klom's gone? Who'd want Klom?

    • Paul O'Grady : (On TV) Do you know what, I look up and there's all these moons and things, have you seen them? See 'em? What was I drinking last night? Furniture polish?
      (Ianto laughs)
      Captain Jack: Ianto! Time and a place
      Ianto: (turns off computer) Yeh, it's funny though.

    • Davros: (regarding Dalek Caan) Emergency temporal shift took him back into the Time War itself.
      The Doctor: But that's impossible. The entire war is time locked.
      Davros: And yet he succeeded. Oh it cost him his mind but imagine: a single, simple Dalek succeeded where emperors and Time Lords have failed. A testament, don't you think, to my remarkable creation?

    • Davros: I warned you, Supreme one. Just as Dalek Caan foretold. The children of time are moving against us, but everything is falling into place.

    • Albino Servant: I am so sorry for your loss.
      Donna: Yeah. My whole planet is gone.
      Albino Servant: I mean for the loss that is to come.

    • Davros: Supreme Dalek, is there news?
      Supreme Dalek: Earth has been subjugated.
      Davros: (regarding The Doctor): I mean is there news of him.
      Supreme Dalek: Negative. No reports of Time Lord. We are beyond The Doctor's reach.
      Davros: Fascinating. If I had not elevated you beyond crude emotions I could almost mistake that tone for one of victory. Beware your pride.
      Supreme Dalek: The Doctor cannot stop us.
      Davros: And yet Dalek Caan is uneasy.

    • Donna: Thing is Doctor, no matter what's happening and I'm sure it's bad. I get that but Rose is coming back. Isn't that good?
      The Doctor: (pause, then grins) Yeah.

    • Rose: Right, now we're in trouble... and it's only just beginning...

    • Supreme Dalek: Emergency! Locate the TARDIS, find the Doctor!
      Davros: He will go to the Earth; to find his precious human allies.
      Dalek Caan: (Insanely) And death is coming.. Oh, I can see it, Everlasting death for the most faithful companion...

    • Supreme Dalek: The abomination is insane.
      Davros: Show respect, without Dalek Caan, none of this would be possible, and he speaks only the truth.
      Dalek Caan: (Singng) He is coming, the three-fold man, he dances in the lonely places. Oh, creator of us all: The Doctor is coming! (Laughs insanely)

    • Davros: Welcome to my new empire, Doctor. It is only fitting that you should bear witness to the resurrection and the triumph of Davros: Lord and Creator of the Dalek race.

    • Davros: (to the Doctor) Your voice is different and yet.. its arrogance is unchanged.

    • Dalek: Supreme Dalek on the bridge.
      Supreme Dalek: Soon the Crucible will be complete. We have waited long for this ultimate destiny! Now the Daleks are the masters of Earth!
      Daleks: (Chant) Daleks are the masters of Earth! Daleks are the masters of Earth!

    • The Doctor: Excuse me, what day is it?
      Milk Man: Saturday
      The Doctor: Saturday. Good, good I like Saturdays.

    • Harriet Jones: Harriet Jones. Former Prime Minister.
      Dalek: Yes, we know who you are.
      Harriet Jones: Oh, but you know nothing about any human, and that will be your downfall.

  • NOTES (4)