Doctor Who

Season 5 Episode 4

The Time of Angels (1)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2010 on BBC America
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The Doctor is recruited by Father Octavian to track the last of the Weeping Angels through the terrifying Maze of the Dead. As the Time Lord faces the Lonely Assassins, last seen in Blink, River Song is by his side. But can she be trusted?

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  • The Time of Angels

    The Time of Angels was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Doctor Who. I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome, the characters were outstanding and the over all production was brilliant. The opening scene with River on a mission was Awesome and Beautiful! I liked how Amy was discerning in how River interacted with The Doctor. The Weeping Angels are creepy and very scary and I enjoyed the scenes with them. I liked how every thing played out so far and look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • matt smith finding his feet?

    yes its a tough act following the best doctor ever (in my opinion), matt smiths performances have been all over the place. after the first three episodes i tot about giving up on the series, i really did. but the last time angels featured on dr who, made for one of the best episodes ever. im glad to say that dr who seems to picking it self up and so is matt smith (thank u Jesus!)

    the episode was not brilliant but it was ok, which is good enough for me for now. i dont wanna give up on this series. this episode gave me some hope so i will continue to watch it. common dr who im rooting for u...!moreless
  • River Song is back, and she is one classy lady!

    River Song is back, and she is one classy lady!

    On the deficit side I have to agree with other fans who say this particular Doctor Who doesn't quite have a handle on the character. Fortunately the problem is not serious enough to ruin the series.

    The new and improved sidekick, in the form of Amy Pond, more than makes up for a less well-defined Doctor Who.

    Add to this great chemistry between River and Amy, and you have the ingredients for a great episode.moreless
  • the weeping angels are back.

    a while back, an episode called blink was one of the most highly regarded doctor who episodes ever, I was one of the few that disagreed, while it was a decent episode it wasn't the best ever. I think the angels are far better this time round, they're actually killing people this time so they can use their bodies for their army. We also so the return of river song from the forest of the dead two parter, we still don't know much more about her relationship with the doctor. another thing I would like to mention is that while this is the first part of a two parter is doesn't really end on a cliffhanger, they are surrounded but the doctor seems pretty confident so there's no real sense of peril. Still a great episode though and I hope part 2 is as good.moreless
  • The Doctor is reunited with River Song – his 'companion from the future' – and teams up with her to hunt down the last of the Weeping Angels. A very good episode, once it finally gets going...moreless

    Well, last week's episode, 'Victory of the Daleks', must be one of the most liked-by-some, loathed-by-others episodes of modern 'Doctor Who', and the debate has been raging all week. I've going over and over it it my head, and while I liked the whole World War II setting, it badly suffered from having too much crammed at the sake of the WWII setting, in a cried out to be a two-parter, and on hindsight had many faults.

    Anyway, onto THIS WEEK'S story, which fares much better.

    This episode sees the return of the Weeping Angels, introduced in the third (new) series episode 'Blink', one of the most popular episodes of modern 'Who', and, at time of writing, ranks as the highest rated episode here on – not bad for a "make up the season's episode count" ep that saw hardly anything of the Doctor or then-companion Martha.

    So how does their return match up? I have to confess, I was very concerned about their return, in that part of me felt that it was such a great stand-alone episode, that they should not risk tarnishing it by brining the Angels back. But thankfully, 'Time of the Angels' is a very reasonable episode.

    At the start of the episode, I thought we were in for a real dud – it took ages to really get started, and I hated whole the over-kitsch faux spy element (which reminded me of Michelle Ryan's character in last year's badly misjudged 'Planet of the Dead'). Also – and this may be very controversial – I found Alex Kingston to ham it up far too much as the returning River Song.

    But thankfully, a few minutes in, things settled down and found their pacing, morphing into a very decent story. Great moments for both the Doctor and Amy – easily the best of modern Who's companions (though I did like Donna), and, despite my comments on her above, Kingston at least adds some weight to her role – one of modern 'Who's faults is that many of the characters feel very light and hollow. That said, I can't say I'm personally very excited at the prospect that River might one day be the Doctor's companion (I hope we see Amy for a long time to come).

    Part of me wonders if this one should have been condensed into a single-parter, and 'Victory of the Daleks' instead be allowed to expand into the two-parter it was crying out to be. I'll reserve full judgment on that until next week's concluding part.

    About 3/4 through the story, things were a bit padded here and there, which I thought might see my overall rating for the ep take a nosedive, but thankfully things pick up again towards the end and, with some other great parts earlier in the story (Amy forced to watch the Weeping Angel video, very 'The Ring'-esque!) lift my rating to a solid 9.5. Can't wait for next week's conclusion.moreless
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Simon Dutton


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Alex Kingston

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • The Doctor's hair alternates between being longer and shorter throughout the episode.

    • When the TARDIS materializes to catch River Song after she blows herself out of the Byzantium, the TARDIS' exterior is that of the Ninth and Tenth Doctors'.

    • Goof: When the Doctor says the TARDIS hasn't landed because it didn't make its iconic sound, River explains that it only makes that noise because the Doctor leaves the brakes on. However, in previous episodes such as "Smith and Jones", the Doctor is shown releasing the brakes before moving the TARDIS, and the TARDIS still makes the noise.

    • Goof: The journal says "That which holds the image of an Angel becomes, itself, an Angel", which is why the journal contained no pictures of the Angels. However, looking back at the first Weeping Angel episode (Blink), it can clearly be seen that Sally Sparrow's packet contains multiple pictures of the Angels, which she has been obsessively staring at for the past year.

    • In the cave where the Doctor is trapped below the Byzantium, the rocks and cliffs surrounding the ship are in the shape of the "crack in the world" from previous episodes this season.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • River: (to Alastair) Like I said on the dance floor, you might want to find something to hang on to.

    • Amy: Aren't you going to introduce us?
      The Doctor: Amy Pond, Professor River Song.
      River: (gasps) I'm going to be a professor some day, am I? How exciting! (laughs) Spoilers!

    • Amy: So, what's he like? In the future, I mean. 'Cause you know him in the future, don't you?
      River: The Doctor? Well, the Doctor's... the Doctor.
      Amy: Oh. Well, that's, um... very helpful. Mind if I write that down?

    • Amy: Where'd you learn how to fly the TARDIS?
      River: Oh, I had lessons from the very best.
      The Doctor: Well, yeah...
      River: It's a shame you were busy that day.

    • The Doctor: Lovely species, the Aplans! We should visit them sometime.
      Amy: I thought they were all dead.
      The Doctor: So is Virginia Woolf. I'm on her bowling team.

    • The Doctor: You're still here. What part of wait in the TARDIS until I tell you it's safe was so confusing?
      Amy Pond: Oh, are you mister grumpy face today?
      The Doctor: A Weeping Angel, Amy, is the deadliest, most powerful, most malevolent lifeform evolution has ever produced, and right now one of them is trapped inside that wreckage. And I'm supposed to climb in after it with a screwdriver and a torch, and assuming I survive the radiation long enough, assuming the whole ship doesn't just explode in my face, do something incredibly clever which I haven't actually thought of yet. That's my day, that's what I'm up to. Any questions?

    • Amy: Isn't there a chance this lot's just gonna collapse? There's a whole ship up there.
      River: Incredible builders, the Aplans.
      The Doctor: Had dinner with their chief architect once. Two heads are better than one.
      Amy: What, you mean you helped him?
      The Doctor: Uh, no. I mean he had two heads.

    • Father Octavian: An Angel on the loose amongst stone statues. Much harder than I prayed for.
      River: A needle in a haystack.
      The Doctor: An Angel that looks like hay. A hay-like needle. Of death. A hay-like needle of death in a haystack of, er, statues. No, yours was fine...

    • Amy: I don't need you to die for me, Doctor. Do I look that clingy?

    • Amy: So, what's a "Maze of the Dead"?
      River: Ah, it's not as bad as it sounds. It's just a labyrinth with dead people buried in the walls. Okay, that was fairly bad.

    • The Doctor: Didn't anyone ever tell you, there's one thing you never put in a trap if you're smart? If you value your continued existence. If you have any plans about seeing tomorrow, there's one thing you never, ever put in a trap.
      Angel Bob: And what would that be, sir?
      The Doctor: Me.

  • NOTES (2)

    • In one of the Clerics' ships, the Doctor accidentally pulls off one of the ceiling straps. This was an actual mistake on the part of Matt Smith, which Steven Moffat decided to actually put in the episode.

    • The BBC received over 5000 complaints for the ending of this episode. In an intense moment, an animated Graham Norton appears on screen to advertise Over the Rainbow. Graham Norton responded by having an animated Dalek exterminate another animated version of himself on his own show.