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Doctor Who

Season 6 Episode 13

The Wedding of River Song

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2011 on BBC America

Episode Fan Reviews (12)

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  • The Wedding of River Song

    The Wedding of River Song was a perfectly brilliant episode of Doctor Who. I liked the crazy story and the characters were great. It was fun seeing the Doctor follow his path and how it all played out. There were definitely some intriguing moments, lots of action and surprising twists. The timelines all at once was like a trippy world of wonder. The Wedding of River Song was beautiful as was River's revelation to Amy. I look fforward to the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • Did that really just happen... deary me, it did...

    With the thinnest plot imaginable, irritating performances all round, poor dialogue and a dodgy resolution, this episode brings a shaky series to a suitably shaky conclusion.
  • Love Song

    If you had to kill the one you love to save the universe would you? That is the revolving billion dollar question in this episode. I might be in the minority on this but this is one of my favorate episodes.

    What is interesting about the episode is that it's not an episode so much about the Doctor but really more about River.

    I like how the episode deals with free will vs fate, utilitarianism, and true there is an inconsistancy or two and certain aspects don't make a lot of sense, but this episode really isn't concerned so much about plot, the characters themselves are just as confused about things as we are. This is concerned on what the characters do and feel.

    I feel both the Doctor but mostly River were at their emotional best. I really seeing how conflicted River was in being forced into a terrible dillema of having to let the death of the Doctor happen in order for the universe to be saved. And you see she can't bring herself to do it despite what the universe decrees, it's sort of remoncient of the age old conflict in Greek Mythology of stories of mortals trying to defy and conquest over the Gods and fate. I can emphasize with what she feels, if I was put in that dilema with my girlfriend I wouldn't do it either. But I think in a way it shows that in reality none of us really want to save the world, it's the people or person in that world we want to save, because to us they're what make the world liveable and better. At least that's what I believe as well as River.

    And of course the Doctor is constantly trying to get River to comply to saving the universe. But as we see slowly but surely he is considering her feelings as well as his own for her. The wedding I thought was beautiful, personally I think both are a match for one another. Like with Batman and Catwoman despite slightly different idioligies both are the same split right down to the center. The fact that both are adventurers, they have the same ability, even their thinking patterns are the same. But most importantly the dynamic between both of them works because both have richer emotional investment with one another; sure the Doctor has had other women in his life but he never really was romantically invested in them (nor could he be due to his biology).

    Even like a little of that subplot with Amy and Rory, it was interesting seeing both in millitary uniforms and playing the roles. Amy is hot in the uniform, she just always looks so good when in uniform. But I like how Rory really looked like the white version of Nick Fury, and it was cool seeing him in action and how he conducted himself under preasure. There were two moments I really liked one when Amy came back to help Rory, it just shows even as alternate versions both still manage to connect. But I also like the profound moment when Amy gives Madame Cavarer a little speach about her daughter what Madame Cavarer stole from both of them but that Melody has nothing of Madame in her. I thought that was great because it's true, and once again shows how people that grow up on the wrong side of the tracks don't always turn bad. And of course Amy gets her revenge on Madame, I didn't feel sorry for Madame Cavarer after what she did to Amy and Melody not doing it; you play the game of evil your going to pay the price.

    But the ending was great, knowing the doctor I knew he would once again find a way out of his predicament, and it wasn't a cheat the way he got out makes sense and was hinted at in a place or two. One really funny moment was after Amy and River/Melody have their conversation the fact that River and the Doctor are married sinks in more when she realizes it makes her and Rory the Doctor's mother and father in law. I couldn't help but crack up because that is one hell of a conundrum, however I feel it also solidified the family dynamic between the Doctor and them. Depite how many people were in the Doctor's life, he's never really had a family of his own, he never talks about his mom and dad (I'm not even sure Time Lords have parients). In a strange way the Doctor has finally aquired a mother and father, kinda, sort of.

    So the Doctor will never really be alone anymore, he has a wife but also a family.

  • Great Finale to One of the BEST Seasons of Doctor Who Ever...

    I can't stand all you River haters out there.

    The Doctor needs someone who will push him - Alex Kingston as River Song masterfully lives up to the character that will eventually nab The Doctor...

    Out of any companion or space/time bimbo he meets up with, not a single character has kept the Doctor more on his toes than River Song. I think she's absolutely wonderful to watch and y'all are just haters.

    That being said, this episode, while not as strong as Season 5's finale, was still wonderful in it's own right. The arc of Season 6 has been the most fun to watch and get lost in... The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon + A Good Man Goes to War + Let's Kill Hitler + Closing Time + The Wedding of River Song are some of my favorite New Who episodes ever.

    I can watch River and the Doctor flirt all day.
  • good and bad....

    the story is good, I like it but one thing, did the doctor really forget about Rose Tyler ? the one that love him, make a decision to choose the doctor then going with her mother, Some people still think about Rose, and I'm wondering how is she doing in the other world with the Human doctor, I'm wondering about everything, Sarah Jane, Captain Jack, Martha Jones, Donna and her family, and the most is Rose Tyler...

    I really don't like about this, because Rose Tyler also love the doctor, changing the doctor by regenerating doesn't mean the Old memories gone right ?? he's acting like he forgot all of his friends, Captain Jack, Sarah Jane, Martha Jones, Donna Noble and her family, Rose Tyler and her family, and many one !

    My favorite is still the tenth and all of his wonderful friends + companions.

    and don't say this is the end of doctor who, Ok !?!!
  • This was definitely a stronger finale than that of series 5, in spite of its shortcomings which (to me) includes the continuation of the romance between the Doctor and River Song aka Melody Pond.


    The end of series 6 answers many questions, although the questions were from this particular series itself. Therefore the audience is given a semi-satisfaction of their curiosity.

    The alternate reality created when the Doctor was not slain is very entertaining. It is a colourful mixture of both science-fiction and steam-punk, with steam locomotives in use, hot air balloon cars, and many personalities of history existing simultaneously. It was rather amusing to have Churchill as "Holy Roman Emperor", and the Silurian scientist from the previous series as his personal physician. Also, a pleasant cameo from Charles Dickens who returns briefly long after his initial appearance in series 1.

    The vigilanteTeselecta shapeshifting robot and its miniaturized crew make another appearance posing as a member of the Silence; they assist the Doctor in his tracking of his unknown enemies. The Teselecta also serves as an integral part of the plot, as the Doctor's on-screen demise at the beginning of series 6 was revealed to be the robot vessel piloted by its crew and a miniaturized Doctor. This manages to technicallyfulfil the fixed point in time of the Doctor's death, which is somewhat insulting to the audience but is an acceptable method for the Doctor to survive once again.

    The creepy Madame Kovarian also appears, although this time as a prisoner of the anti-Silence movement lead by Amy and River. She continues to uphold her threatening visage even when captive. Kovarian shows a strong disdain for the Doctor surviving, and is almost comically repulsed by the relationship between the Doctor and River Song; this shows the character's consistency of being opposed to the Doctor in every way, even his personal connections. It is revealed that Kovarian was merely another agent of the Silence, and was not as important in the order as she had believed due to the fact that the Silence kill her just like their enemies.

    The enigmatic Silence remain just as large a mystery as they always were, which is both a strength and a weakness. The strength is that the creatures continue to hold the same aura of menace as they did in the series two-part opening. The weakness is that it is frustrating that once again the audience is still left in the unknown.

    A darker side of Amy Pond was shown just prior to Kovarian's demise; it was already established that she was despondent over having her child taken from her, therefore it was not completely out-of-character for Amy to not only ignore the Madame's pleas for help when she realised her expendability but also ensure that the fatal electrocution from the "eye drive" was delivered by pushing it into place.

    A welcome in-universe acknowledgement of the unnaturalness of the Doctor and River's relationship is shown when Amy, while conversing with a later version of her daughter Melody, realises that after the eponymous wedding she is the Doctor's mother-in-law. It is amusing to see her reaction; although it is not made clear whether she is shocked about being literal family to the Doctor now, about feeling old due to her daughter being married, or any other emotions.

    There were other returning and new characters which I may have omitted a mention, but for in general the supporting cast maintained the emotional and story-driven momentum of the episode.

    The question that when answered will cause "SILENCE TO FALL", is revealed to be nothing but the show's title itself. I feel rather foolish not noticing the "oldest" question earlier, as I am a fan of this show therefore making my ignorance more painful. Thus, the oldest question in the "whoniverse" is indeed "Doctor Who?" a phrase repeated at least once to every incarnation of the Doctor from First to Eleventh.

    This episode was a strong finale for an overall great series, even though many questions remain as frustratinglyunanswered as they were in the last series.

  • How do you people put up with this?


    Week after week, this series has become poorer and poorer.

    And yet week after week it gets 9s and 10s in reviews. This was a season closer, remember when that meant a good episode? The entire series thread of "the doctor dying" was a pointless arc, with everyone with anything resembling a brain realising that he would get out of it somehow.

    But to be inside a remotely controlled doctor suit. . The universe/ fixed points of time where happy with this, where they? It changes from he has to die, to he has to be near by when something that looks like him gets shot?

    Then we are treated to a River song/doctor wedding, which I am still not sure served any purpose other than to get a kiss in the script. And the aweful "I was pretending not to know any of you!" monologue. Really lazy writing. Not sure what has happened since Moffat took over as head writer, but he is clearly better than this.

    Thumb me down people, but I can not believe anyone was pleased with this heap of a season ender.

  • Yet another series comes to an end but was it any good?


    My answer ti the intro of this review is that it isn't terrible but at the same time its not exactly the greatest episode of all time but it does entertain me enough to keep watching.

    In this episode the doctor finally comes to the point we saw at the beginning of the series (the death of the doctor) which we have now discovered is very importantly connected to River Song and even more connected to the newish enemy 'The Silence'. The problem I have with these guys is that they seem to be meant to be scary but don't have anywhere near the same effect as the extremely frightening (for me) 'Weeping Angels' but that doesn't matter because they certainly have a presence.

    To start this episode you start of very confused which seems to be the way they want to kick off some of the new Doctor Who episodes like the first one. But returning to the setting we discover that because the death of the doctor is averted the entire of time has gone strange because it was a fixed point and so the story progresses in the doctor working at first with Churchill to explain what has happened. Personally I find the question thing very silly and unneeded especially at the end! Was that seriously the only question they could come up with?

    So overall this episode did have its ups and downs more ups I think and I thought it was all very clever how it all worked out. But my complaints come in firstly 'The Silence' just not being what I think their meant to be showing and also how they seem to take very long in killing someone when they have the electric hand, secondly I'm sorry but I'm getting slightly more and more bored of River sorry. And lastly (but its not marking down on the overall rating) that Dalek! They are my top favorites and we see one for about five seconds let alone it being all broken down. How did the doctor find that anyway? Never mind my overall score for this is 7.5.

  • "The Wedding of River Song"? I hate this episode already.


    Love the Doctor's cowboy hat. Much better than the fez.

    Yeah, so he didn't forget Jack:) "all Jack stag parties"

    Bit** the arrogance of that stupid moron River. Jack is fixed, the 457 are fixed. the Doctor couldn't could help b/c they're fixed. He calls Jack wrong and can't even give a real goodbye to him. He better rip River a new one.

    "Oh that flirting, do I have to watch this?" please no. "I don't want to marry you" yeah:)

    I love Amy and Rory together:)

    Please Tell me they aren't really married. ewww.

    I agree with Fitzsimo. This season has been awsome, Except everything to do with River Song and her 'romance' with the Doctor. I do like the storyline of River as Melody Pond but find the rest of her very annoying. I guess this is prolly how "old who" fans felt about Rose? I hope this is the last we'll see of River. Can't enjoy the library episodes with Ten and Donna as much anymore knowing how annoying River becomes. Well i'll prolly get all thumbs downs but i don't care. I feel better:)

  • I'll be honest enough to say that I didn't see this coming. O.O


    I absolutely love this show! Because on the one hand, everything that happened seems obvious. But on the other it totally caught me off guard. There will be nay sayers and nitpicker to this episode but I don't care. I will say that this was the perfect end to the season and I look forward to another great Doctor Who year. Geronimo!

  • What's the point of River Song?


    What's the point of River Song? The point was supposed to be she was kidnapped as an infant and brainwashed to kill the doctor. Well when she first met the doctor as Melody, Amy & Rory's friend she for some reason didn't kill the doctor then when she had the perfect chance. Then she poisons him, thensuddenly turned good and saved him.

    Now we know she was the one inside the space suit. But she says she isn't doing anything, that it's the suit doing everything. Then what was the point? If River isn't in control and shooting him intentionally because of her brainwashing. Then what is the point of River Song?

    Itseems to me a mute point in even having her. If the suit is the one doing everything and River isn't in control. Then why did they go to all the trouble of kidnapping Amy replacing her then stealing her child? In the end they could have just thrown Amy in the suit and she could have done the job at any time. Since they already somehow had Amy in theirgrasp, if the suit is doing all the work why take her child?

  • a satisfying end to the season, which questions answered and new ones posed?


    This was a decent episode to round of the season, it explains how the doctor gets out of his death. Turns out he didn't die at all, he faked it so people would forget him, I guess it had to be resolved in some way and this is probably the onyl way that would work. This episode wasn't without it's flaws though, all this stuff about time being merged got awfully confusing, we never really learn who madame kovarian really is either. This isn't the best episode this season but it is still an entertaining episode and I look forward to more next year.