Doctor Who

Season 6 Episode 13

The Wedding of River Song

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2011 on BBC America

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  • Yet another series comes to an end but was it any good?


    My answer ti the intro of this review is that it isn't terrible but at the same time its not exactly the greatest episode of all time but it does entertain me enough to keep watching.

    In this episode the doctor finally comes to the point we saw at the beginning of the series (the death of the doctor) which we have now discovered is very importantly connected to River Song and even more connected to the newish enemy 'The Silence'. The problem I have with these guys is that they seem to be meant to be scary but don't have anywhere near the same effect as the extremely frightening (for me) 'Weeping Angels' but that doesn't matter because they certainly have a presence.

    To start this episode you start of very confused which seems to be the way they want to kick off some of the new Doctor Who episodes like the first one. But returning to the setting we discover that because the death of the doctor is averted the entire of time has gone strange because it was a fixed point and so the story progresses in the doctor working at first with Churchill to explain what has happened. Personally I find the question thing very silly and unneeded especially at the end! Was that seriously the only question they could come up with?

    So overall this episode did have its ups and downs more ups I think and I thought it was all very clever how it all worked out. But my complaints come in firstly 'The Silence' just not being what I think their meant to be showing and also how they seem to take very long in killing someone when they have the electric hand, secondly I'm sorry but I'm getting slightly more and more bored of River sorry. And lastly (but its not marking down on the overall rating) that Dalek! They are my top favorites and we see one for about five seconds let alone it being all broken down. How did the doctor find that anyway? Never mind my overall score for this is 7.5.