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  • Season 2 Episode 13: Doomsday (2)

  • Rose says that the Norwegian name for Bad Wolf Bay is "Derlig Ulv Stranden". The correct Norwegian translation of the word "bad" in the phrase "bad wolf" is "stygg" or "slem". "Derlig" means "bad" in the sense "not adept" or "ill". In addition, the correct translation for "(the) bay" would be "bukten". "Stranden" actually means "(the) beach".

  • When the Daleks are powering up the Genesis Ark, a pulsing tone can be heard in the background. This is identical to the pulsing tone that was always heard in Dalek facilities in the original series.

  • When the Doctor hands Rose a magna-clamp Rose holds it with the bottom of it held to her chest and the handles held by both of her hands. The camera angle changes and suddenly Rose is holding the clamp sideways with her right hand on the bottom of the magna-clamp.

  • When the Doctor speaks to Rose on the beach in Norway it is windy. While Rose's hair is being blown around the Doctor's hair should be still as he isn't really there. His appearance is a projection originating in the TARDIS, so the wind shouldn't be blowing his hair.

  • The Doctor during the episode says that the void is sometimes referred to as Hell. Later when Rose decides to stay behind the Doctor instructs her to set all the coordinates to six.

  • When Rose was about to be sucked into the void, how did Pete know exactly when and where to appear in order to save her?

  • The Rift in our Universe was created by the Daleks Sphere passing back in. Why did the Sphere open a hole in Pete's world?

  • When the Void is opened, the Daleks and the Cybermen were pulled in while the Doctor and Rose felt the force of it. If Mickey, Pete and Jackie were there they would have been sucked in too. So why is it that the TARDIS wasn't affected at all, even though it has been to the parallel Earth and was in Torchwood Tower at the time?

  • When the Doctor calls Rose, her mobile clearly shows the calls been going on for 57 seconds, yet she just answered the phone.

  • In Tooth and Claw it is established that Queen Victoria ordered the creation of Torchwood after a run in with Tthe Doctor and Rose. How then, do you explain the Torchwood on the parallel Earth? By what the Doctor says in Rise of the Cybermen one can gather that the Time Lords only exist in our Universe and no other so there is no way that Queen Victoria met the Doctor (or Rose, for that matter seeing as she never existed in the parallel Universe) and thus would have never ordered Torchwood's creation. Granted someone else could have ordered its creation, but Tooth and Claw establishes that the very name 'Torchwood' came from Queen Victoria being at Torchwood Manor when the idea struck her.

  • There is a flashback to Series 1 episode Dalek, when Rose explains about bringing the Dalek back to life and the background radiation.

  • Jackie's full name is Jacqueline Andrea Suzette Tyler which we first learnt in Father's Day at Jackie and Pete's wedding. Her name was referenced to in this episode as well.

  • Harriet Jones is mentioned in the episode as being the new president of the parallel Earth's Britain.

  • The Doctor mentions that the casing of a Dalek is made of polycarbide.

  • When the Daleks and Cybermen were sucked into the void, you can only see the Daleks being sucked into it. You cannot see any Cybermen being sucked into the void. Even in the scene where Rose was desperately trying to push up the lever.

  • Earlier in the series, the Doctor states that the TARDIS translates all languages, yet he does not appear to know the Norwegian for Bad Wolf Bay.

    However, Rose does not pronounce the Norwegian word for Bad Wolf Bay correctly, so it might be that the TARDIS did not recognise the language.

  • This is the first episode in the new series where Daleks have names.

  • Why wasn't Pete Tyler pulled into the Void when he appeared? He had loads of voidstuff on him, and he was hit by the full force of Rose Tyler, and yet he managed to stand totally still. A possible explanation is that Pete had only gone through the void twice in a quick flash, while the Doctor and Rose went through in the TARDIS, accumulating far more void stuff.

  • Season 2 Episode 12: Army of Ghosts (1)

  • When Rose presents her mother with the weather-predicting device, she's holding it in her left hand. When the view switches to look at Jackie, it shifts to Rose's right hand and then immediately back to her left when the view restores to the original vantage point.

  • A musical theme played quite frequently throughout this episode was also used as the theme music to the Doctor Who spin-off show, Torchwood.

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